Tekken: Dark Resurrection review
Better then Tekken 5 on PS2.


I've always loved Tekken. I've had every Tekken so far. However when I heard it was coming to the PSP I was sceptical to say the least. I just didn't think they'd be able to cram everything we love from the console version onto a handheld. I was dead wrong.

Not only did Namco match Tekken 5 on the PS2 they actually made it much better. Yes, it's true. Tekken Dark Resurrection is even better then Tekken 5.

As with every game the first thing you notice are the graphics. Well I'm happy to say that they are exactly the same as on the PS2. Occasionally they actually seem better for some reason.
Backgrounds are colorfull and ripe with motion. They seem 'smoother' and more fluid too. There are also a few new arenas to fight in. Most noticeably the stage with the wolves. Similiar to the penguin stage but this time you're fighting with wolves in a forest.
The characters look beautiful and seamless with some new animations added too.

Then there's the gameplay.
Moves are executed even faster then before. I don't mean the moves themselves are faster I just mean the response time feels faster.
The controls themselves are the same as in Tekken 5 but some characters have different moves then before, the same amount of moves but some have been replaced with better moves.
This game would've gotten the maximum 5 if it wasn't for the annoying Juggling that AI characters do in excess. Personally I don't mind it too much but my brother played it a few times and he kept screaming 'ah cmon let me play for once!!'.
It can indeed become annoying sometimes and perhaps they should've toned it down a bit.

Onto the new features:
3 New characters grace the screen this time round. Well 2 are truly new. The other one is Armour King. Fans of the series would remember him from Tekken Tag and Tekken 3.
The 2 brand new characters are Dragonov and Lili.
Both characters are actually very good. I haven't used them much but from what I've seen from fighting against them their moves are pretty impressive and fresh.

Then there's the new modes:
The 'Tekken Devil Within' mode from Tekken 5 has thankfully been removed. Yes I hated it too.
Taking it's place is the popular and loved Tekken Bowl from Tekken Tag. It comes with new modes within Tekken Bowl too including Striker which is very addictive. (especially when you're trying to get into the Top 25 in the world, more on that in a minute).
More new modes are Gold Rush and Tekken Dojo.
Gold Rush is nothing special however it's an easy way to earn money for customising. You fight a 30 second round against an AI opponent. The stronger you hit the more gold you earn. If you get hit you lose gold depending on how strong the hit was. Fun but nothing special.
Tekken Dojo is very similar to Tekken Arcade (which is also available). You compete within a tournament trying to get to number 1 in the dojo. A nice new mode and an easy way to get your ranking up.
Tekken Arcade is back of course but this time it's been improved. The same rules apply as before. Fight an endless amount of battles in an attempt to increase your ranking. The nice addition however is your stats. The game keeps track of how many games you've won and lost. There are also more Rankings to achieve this time round.

Custimising your character returns too with even more options. However some items are absolutely ridiculous while others are pretty cool. I never really pay too much attention to customising my character though. If I see I have a lot of money I go in and blow it all on one character. It's silly that you can only equip one item from each category. Customising is a nice addition and I might do it occasionally but it's nothing really special.

Last but not least is the World Rankings. If you have access to the Internet from your PSP you can update your scores from various modes to see your world ranking. At the same time you Download the current best times set by others from around the world. This is excellent for the replay value as you end up trying to get into the Top 25 just to see your name out there. I've yet to get there but I'm working on it.
You can also Download Ghosts and upload your own, however I still have no idea what that does.

One bad thing however that I found about Tekken DR is something that I cannot blame on the game therefor it did not effect the score. The buttons on the PSP are not in the exact same position as on the PS2 controller. Pressing 2 buttons at ones is sometimes awkward especially pressing Diagonal. But of course that's Sony's fault not Namcos so it wouldn't be fair to judge the game on that fault.


I've yet to see a perfect game but Tekken DR comes very close to it. The only fault I can think of is the annoying juggling but that's just a minor fault. No biggy.

An extremely brilliant game. The game I play the most. I play it every day. I just can't get enough of it. With great graphics, great gameplay and excellent replay value you just can't go wrong with this game.
If you have even the slightest interest in Fighting Games then this is one you should not miss.

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