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You have been playing this franchise for years. Remembering when the first Tekken was announced and thinking; "Not another Street Fighter rip-off". But to your surprise, When you got it you was amazed and instantly fell in love with the franchise. Or if you were like me and your parents brought you the second installment Tekken 2 because you were unsatisfied with the "Street Fighter" Series(It did not deserve an italicization (Yes it is a word, Google it (Okay last one I promise.)))

Anyway I picked up Tekken 6 for the hell of it. Thinking "Namco better have a perfect game". I popped it in your console and greeted with an overly extended download session and opening title screen. But I didn't mind because lately every other game has it (I'm talking to you Devil May cry 4 & Ninja Gaiden 2). "Left or Right?" I thought to myself. What a dumb question. Give me one fighting started you out on the right side? None, Lets move on.

Arcade Mode

I saw "Scenario Campaign" and it interested me. I went to offline mode and say many old features. Like Team battle & Survival. But I did what everyone else did, Jumped straight into arcade mode. I hoped that was the story mode I was used too. It was. Holy *bleep* I thought to myself. I thought Tekken 5 had a big roster. I skimmed over new characters, including the pink haired she-devil I'll hate later.


I chose the best fighter in the game, King. He wrestles! Yay!. My game loads. and loads, and loads. I should not be able to wait this long! But while waiting I saw a slight graphics boost since T5. That was probably only me that actually noticed that though. Also a bar at the top that says; Wins:0 Losses:0". That was cool I thought. But I shouldn't be given enough time to see these things. The battle starts and it s with Anna. I immediately go for a kick combo, but I do a goddamn spin instead. "Wtf" I thought but there was no time to blunder. But one by one all of my controls were replaced with another function. They weren't bad controls but I was not used to them.

Anyway I blasted through her and the next 5 levels. Earning "fight money" which can be used later. Then Battle #7. It is with a giant robot. Nancy lol. I still have fear though. I charge and get a hit in. But it doesn't budge and a small fraction of health comes off his health bar. He quickly spins and knocks me down. I try to go for a juggle but he is injugglabble(Most likely not a word). Throughout the next 20 seconds I am being shot several times & bombarded by bullets. So I die. FML. he is a challenge, but it seems like you get a Trophy/Achievement for defeating him. So its all good.

Next sub-boss is Jin! I expected Fun. The battle loads and yes the difficulty is great, but at an exceptional level. I lose some battles then I finally win. Hell yeah, I Win the game!

Or do I?

No, I am forced to fight A giant crystal monster named Azazel. Another Jinpachi. But this is worse. He uses his giant tail and can appear & Dissappear out of *bleeping* Existence! Oh and he has Lazer vision. and can freeze you like jinpachi. And can make crystals out of the ground. Or he can just stomp on you. Oh , and spams the shit out of these moves. But luckily you can juggle him so I defeated him in several tries. But then I realised I would have to go through this EVERY TIME. Well good thing there is...

Ghost Mode

Basically it is exactly like arcade mode in Tekken 5. Exactly the same premise. You battle many characters played by the CPU to rank up. You earn fight money in this & everything else except online. They naturally get harder as you rank up. Especially when you play that *bleep* Alisa. But when you reach the "1st dan" rank, you would have to go to online mode to rank up some more. Speaking of this.....


What is a great game without the multi-player feature? I went to it and you can play ranked & Non-ranked matches. Great! Time to have fun! But when you usually get into a match it will always have lag. You try to jump? you jump a second later. You can still have fun though, but only with honest and non-spamming people. But hey, at least this is not as bad as WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010's online mode.

Scenario Campaign

This is the new story mode. You play as Lars(Or anyone you choose), Someguy in the Japanese military or whatever because I really did not care much about him. Yeah go read the back story of him somewhere else. Anyway when I chose King and decided to jump into gameplay. The format reminded me of Tekken Force. Which was a good thing since I absolutely loved that feature in T4. You have all the moves you would regularly have which makes it awesome. You fight a different boss on each level. Bosses from the game. Like Steve, Bryan, Jin and all that shit. You get items to customize and upgrade your character. I like this mode.


I love this mode. You customize your characters in different clothes! Change the mask on King or just change the color of Nina's hair. But you have to buy things with all the fight money you earned The customization power is yours.


Gamplay: They could of added a few more new features. But good job anyway
Graphics: Outdated Graphics in my opinion.
Plot: It is a Tekken game. The lot must be original & Memorable. Great!
Audio: The voice acting is a bit iffy at times. Not too much though. The Music always sticks in my head.
Controls: Easy to get used too even if you are a newcomer.
Lasting Value:This game will last you for years because in the end we all love Tekken.


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DarshD Jul 1, 10
Awesome, Trey. Tekken6 needed a review like yours .
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