Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0 - Tarrun
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project FAQ/Walkthrough

by Tarrun   Updated to v1.0 on
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project  

Table of Contents

I - Introduction 
Legal Information
Version History

II - Miscellaneous

01.0 - Cast of Characters 
02.0 - Controls 
03.0 - Codes

III - Walkthrough 

000.0 - Basic Strategies 
001.0 - Scene 1 - The Beach
002.0 - Scene 2 - The Ocean/The Battleship
003.0 - Scene 3 - The Bridge
004.0 - Scene 4 - New York
005.0 - Scene 5 - The Sewers
006.0 - Scene 6 - The Technodrome 
007.0 - Scene 7 - The Rooftops 
008.0 - Scene 8 - Krang's Spaceship

Welcome to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
TMNT3 in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what game you're 
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the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything sent to me 
that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me only if 
it's something really important, something that will clearly confuse anyone 

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2005.
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Version History:

First Submission: Version 1.0

II - Miscellaneous

01.0 - Cast of Characters

01.1 - The Good Guys

Note: These are the names that I will be using during the game, whether 
they are the correct ones or not. While this doesn't mean much for the 
main characters, I did my best to differentiate between the varieties 
of Foot Soldiers and the like. Most of them are fairly obvious, though.

- Leonardo - Clearly the leader of the four, Leo's main weapons are a 
pair of katanas. His special attack is the Turtle Tornado, which 
involves holding out his swords and spinning around. As a general 
statement, Leonardo is the best character for the beginning of the 

- Raphael - The rebel of the turtles, the theme song says it all: 
Raphael is cool but crude. He uses a pair of sais and his special 
attack is the Power Drill. He flies across the screen, obliterating 
everything in his path. Raph is a good choice later in the game. 

- Donatello - Don is the Shemp of the turtles, a lighter version of 
Leonardo. His weapon is the bo, a long, wooden staff that has the 
farthest reach of any of the other turtles' arsenal. Unfortunately, 
Don's special, the Staff Spin, doesn't really help during the game. He 
does two somersaults while holding out his bo. I personally don't use 
Don simply because Leo and Raph are always a better choice. 

- Michelangelo - Even though Mike is everyone's favorite turtle in the 
TV shows and movies, he doesn't quite live up in the game. His 
nunchucks are short range, but unlike Raph, he doesn't make up for it 
with his special. The Kangaroo Kick involves him standing on his hands 
and pushing off, kicking everything behind him. 

Splinter - The turtles' mentor, Splinter trained them in the ways of 
ninjitsu that he learned himself from his old master. Although he 
doesn't actually appear in the game, he's still worth mentioning.  

April O'Neil - A reporter that befriended the turtles; April often 
takes the role of the maiden in distress, being kidnapped by the 
Shredder and having the turtles rescue her. 

01.2 - The Bad Guys

The Shredder - The leader of the Foot Clan, Shredder's two main goals 
in life are to create chaos and defeat the turtles. His latest scheme 
involves destroying New York City and raising Manhattan Island miles 
above the ground. Only the turtles are capable of stopping him.  

Krang - Shredder's ally, Krang is a living, floating brain that 
protects himself by controlling a robotic body. Krang is most likely 
involved in Shredder's plot to steal Manhattan, and you won't be able 
to save the city without getting past him first. 

Rocksteady - One of Shredder's henchmen, the walking, talking rhino is 
the first boss in almost every single classic Teenage Mutant Ninja 
Turtles game, and this is no exception.

Bebop - Another of Shredder's henchmen, Bebop is another enemy that you 
encounter in almost every TMNT game. 

01.3 - Foot Soldiers

Foot Soldier - These are the main enemies in the game, expect to fight 
more of these guys than any other enemy. They only have basic attacks 
like punching, grabbing you, and the jump-kick, and they are 
distinguished by their purple uniforms. Note that all of the spin-off 
Foot Soldiers have these attacks as well. 

Upgraded Foot Soldier - There's no difference in appearance, but around 
level five you'll start to notice the Foot Soldiers getting a little 
boost of intelligence. They jump around more to avoid you as well as 
adding attacks like sliding. 

Shuriken Soldier - The name is pretty self-explanatory; these enemies 
throw shurikens at you and wear red uniforms. There are three ways to 
avoid their attacks: hit them away with your weapon, jump over them, or 
simply walk up or down out of their range. 

Sand Throwing Soldier - Found only in the first level (considering it's 
the only level with sand), these orange/yellow soldiers pick up sand 
and throw it at your eyes. It's best to jump over their attack and jump 
kick them.

Surfing Soldier - When you first see them, you'll probably mistake them 
for a Shuriken Soldier since their uniforms are the same color. 
However, these soldiers only appear on screen when they're attacking; a 
quick punch before disappearing again. 

Boomerang Soldier - One of the more annoying versions of the Soldier 
series, the Boomerang Soldiers do a pretty good job of staying away 
from you and letting their boomerangs attack for them. Since they don't 
move while the boomerang's in motion, though, you can either attack 
them after it returns to them or when it's on the other side of the 
room. These soldiers wear orange uniforms.

Knife Soldier - Dressed in teal uniforms, these enemies throw a pair of 
knives, one high and one low, in your direction. They usually only come 
in pairs, and conform with the other throwing soldiers by trying to 
keep their distance from you.

Whip Soldier - They attack you with whips, expecting something 
different? You don't see these white-uniformed enemies very often; just 
guessing I'd say you only have to fight about twenty of them in the 
entire game. 

Spear Soldier - They come in two varieties, the kind that throws spears 
and the kind that jabs with their spears. 

Sword Soldier - Also wearing white uniforms, the Sword Soldiers are one 
of the first enemies that will give you a hard time. They jump around 
the screen a lot, making it difficult to attack them. Try standing 
where they're about to land and throwing them.  

Jumping Soldier - Another orange soldier, think Konami was running out 
of colors? These enemies hide off-screen and jump out at you. The best 
way to kill them is to use your throw just before they land on the 

Blue Soldier - The Blue Soldiers are basically Foot Soldiers, except 
they carry cannonballs, weights, or barrels around with them. When you 
get in front of them, they'll throw them at you and then attack like a 
normal Foot. Use the jump kick to make them drop whatever items is 
being carried without being injured. Oh, and did you know that the 
uniforms they wear are blue?

Blue Roller - A Blue Soldier rolling across the screen on a cannonball. 
You can try to kick them off for some extra points, but if you miss 
them they won't reappear. 

Hover Soldier - These soldiers fly around the screen, trying to get 
directly above you. When they do, they drop down and crush you. Use the 
jump kick to knock them off their hover boards. 

Electric Soldier - A pair of them run across the screen holding a 
stream of electricity between them. Attack one of them to break up the 
party; afterwards they attack like normal Foot. If you miss them, they 
will reappear without their electric stream anyway.

Somersault Soldier - Usually coming in groups of three, the Somersaults 
will start at one end of the screen and roll across to the other. Jump 
over them to avoid being hit; don't worry about attacking since they 
don't reappear. 

01.4 - Other Common Enemies

Stone Warrior - These guys carry around steel beams and will take 
batting practice with your head if you get too close. Not only that, 
but they take either five hits or three throws to die. Wait for them to 
swing before getting close enough to counter-attack. Like Foot 
Soldiers, Stone Warriors have a few spin-offs (although not nearly as 

Stone Gunner - Stone Warriors with machine guns. The positive is that 
they only fire into the ground about two feet in front of them. Use the 
jump kick while they're firing to take them down.

Stone Rocket - This version of the Stone Warriors comes with a rocket 
launcher. While they can move around like their counterparts, the real 
danger is when four or five of them are lines up in a straight line, 
firing a constant barrage of rockets. Use your special to kill groups 
of them quickly. 

Bionic Soldier - Sort of like the Stone Warriors, but they're blue and 
they prefer punching. Because of this, you can get closer to them 
without being hit; just make sure to back up before they attack.

Bionic Gunner - It's a Bionic Soldier with an over-sized ray gun. Use 
the jump kick while they're attacking.

01.5 - Robots

Electric Mine - Found only in the first part of the second level, there 
are fields of these things that you have to avoid while fighting 

Mouser - These menaces appear in large numbers and jump erratically 
around the room. 

Kamikaze Robot - They're only found in the sewers, thankfully. After 
flying around for a few seconds, they dive at you and explode. Don't 
bother fighting them.

Egg - An egg drops down and splits into two small, four-legged things 
that walk around firing lasers. Usually comes in pairs. Use jump kicks 
to defeat them.

Robot Insect - You only find these things in the Technodrome, and they 
really aren't too difficult. A single Robot Insect appears and splits 
into four separate ones; each one flies around the room shooting 
lasers. Four jump kicks are enough to take them down.

Robot Bouncer - Fine, I'll admit it. I can't think of a name to call 
these things. But you have to give credit where it's due, that's a 
pretty fitting name. These things basically bounce around the room, 
pausing only to fire a laser. A jump kick will take care of them. 

Super Soldiers - They're supposedly the newer version of the Foot 
Soldier, but for the longest time I had them nicknamed Marvin. 
Everything in their performance has been upgraded; they have more 
defense (six normal hits), are much more mobile, and are equipped with 
guns. They mainly try to stay on the other side of the screen and shoot 
you from there, and often will jump backwards if you get too close. 
However, once you throw them it's easy to snag them again while they're 
getting back up.

01.6 - Other Bosses

Groundchuck - He's sort of a mix between Bebop and Rocksteady; he looks 
like a hog but his attacks resemble Rocksteady, charging around the 
room and swinging a pipe. 

Slash - A mutated turtle that spins around the ground to attack. As his 
name suggests, he attacks with a sword.

Dirtbag - A rat with a pickaxe. He also has a laser attached to his 
hard hat. 

Mother Mouser - A Foot Soldier controlling a large mouser, it shoots 
fireballs and releases regular mousers as a distraction. 

Leatherhead - This big croc is the first tough enemy you'll encounter. 
His shotgun will keep you on your toes and he swings his tail to 
prevent you from getting too close. 

Rahzer - Another of Shredder's mutated creations. Rahzer swipes at you 
with his claws and can freeze you with his ice attack.

Tokka - The second mutant turtle you have to fight. Tokka is more of a 
hand-to-hand fighter; his attacks involve punching or throwing, and he 
has a shield to protect him from any of your aerial attacks.

Super Shredder - The Shredder voluntarily mutates himself to become 
more powerful; his attacks take off three points of your life with each 
hit, and he has the ability to transform you back into a regular 
turtle. He's one of the toughest bosses in the game, as he should be. 

02.0 - Controls 

D-Pad - Moves your character around the screen.

A Button - Jump

B Button - Attack

B while jumping - Jump Kick

Down + B - Throw

A + B - Special Attack (see Cast of Characters for details)

03.0 - Codes

Special Options Menu - At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, 
Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start to enter the special options 
menu. From here, you can select which stage you want to start at, how 
many lives you have (three, five, or seven), and how many continues you 
have (three, five, or seven). 

Ten Lives (One Player) - At the title screen, press Up, Right, Right, 
Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Left, B, A, Start. 

Ten Lives (Two Players) - At the title screen, press B, A, Up, Down, B, 
A, Left, Right, B, A, Start.

Special Options Menu and Ten Lives - At the title menu, press B, A, B, 
A, Up, Down, B, A, Left, Right, B, A, Start.  

III - Walkthrough 

000.0 - Basic Strategies 

- Every 50,000 points you acquire, you gain an extra life. You receive 
different amounts of points depending on how you defeat an enemy: 
regular attacks give you 600 points, jump kicks are 400, throws are 
also 400, and the special attacks gets you 200. 

- If you're playing with a second player, try and work together rather 
than killing everything to get the most points. For example, when 
fighting the Mother Mouser, get one person to fight the small mousers 
and the other to attack the Mother. 

- Throwing enemies into the enemy behind you is a good way to kill two 
birds with one stone. You also get extra points, but I'm not sure how 

- Normally, the special attacks takes away one of your life bars to 
discourage you from over using it. However, you can't actually kill 
yourself from using it, meaning that if you only have one life bar 
left, you can use your special without any loss. Naturally you'll want 
to stretch each of your lives as much as you can, so once you reach 
that one life bar mark, use the special constantly. 

001.0 - Scene 1 - The Beach

Recommended Turtle: Leonardo

001.1 - The beach and docks

Almost immediately after beginning the game, three Foot Soldiers 
attack. Get used to the controls, and try techniques like throwing 
enemies into each other. When the three of them are dead, another set 
of three Foot attack, and a third after them. Continue to the next 
screen, a pair of Sand Throwers will appear. Wait for them to bend 
down, and then jump over their sand attacks and kick them. When they 
die, three Foot Soldiers attack.

Continue onwards until you reach an ice cream stand and a flag poll. A 
Foot slides down the poll and is joined by a pair of his comrades. 
Defeat them, and five more Foot Soldiers will slide down the flag poll. 
Just past the poll, two Foot jump out of the ice cream stand, and after 
that you get your first introduction to the Shuriken Soldiers. Avoid 
their shurikens and throw them to end it quickly, two more join in when 
the others dies.

Keep going and fight the five Foot that enter the screen. Afterwards, 
three Sand Throwers appear by jumping up out of the sand. Stay away 
from them before they jump out, and then attack. Once they're taken 
care of, three Foot attack, followed by three more Sand Throwers. Head 
to the end of the beach and jump onto the docks; another three Foot 
come at you from the left, so defeat them and walk down the docks. 

In the next screen over, there are three signs that say "Beach" in bold 
red letters. We'll worry about those later, because at the moment there 
are three Shuriken Soldiers coming at you from different directions, as 
well as two pairs of Foot Soldiers right after. When they're dead, the 
"Beach" signs will fall onto the dock, revealing three Foot Soldiers. 
Avoid the signs and defeat them, and then the next seven Foot that come 
in sets of three and two. 

Head down the dock and stay on the right side. Three Foot break through 
the dock and jump out; fight them, but make sure not to fall into the 
holes they created. Continue on and walk into the next screen about a 
third of the way from the bottom. Six holes are created in the dock, 
but the path near the middle of the screen is safe. Twelve Foot attack 
in increments of three, four, three, and two; use throws to keep them 
from crowding you, and then head to the end of the dock.

001.2 - Boss: Rocksteady

If you've ever had any exposure to anything Turtles, this face should 
be a familiar one. True to its predecessors, Rocksteady is the first 
boss in the game, and his attacks are similar to previous games as 
well. More often than not, he'll be charging across the screen; he's 
basically invincible at this point so don't bother attacking him. He 
also has a spear gun that fires either straight or at an angle, so jump 
kicks will be rendered pretty useless.

The one positive is that Rocksteady doesn't have a whole lot of life 
points, meaning that a few good specials should knock him out of 
action. If you're Leo, hang around one side of the screen and wait for 
him to charge at you. Jump or sidestep his attack and then unleash your 
special; if you have less than a quarter of your life or don't want to 
lose life points, jump over his attack and quickly hit him in the back 
before Rocksteady turns around. If you're using any other turtle, use 
your special as he's charging at you so that you cross each other in 
the middle of the screen.

Either way, Rock should be out of action within a short amount of time. 
You get 12,000 points for your efforts.  

002.0 - Scene 2 - The Ocean/The Battleship

Recommended Turtle: Leonardo

You're basically playing the same game as you were before, just because 
there's a surfboard involved doesn't mean the gameplay has changed at 
all; you don't move with the current or anything like that.

002.1 - The Ocean

As before, the first enemies to greet you are three Foot Soldiers. 
Dispatch them like you've done before, and then the next trio of Foot 
that follow. Surf right and a group of Surfing Soldiers will attack 
you. These enemies hang around on screen for a few seconds before 
disappearing to one side, and then randomly appear on and off, punching 
the entire time. However, since they only surf out a quarter of the 
screen, simply hang back near the middle and wait for them. When they 
appear, use the throw to take them out. 

Now here's where the Foot clan shows off their synchronized swimming 
talents. Beginning from the top left corner and ending in the bottom 
right, five Foot jump out of the water one at a time. Stay in the 
bottom left area to avoid being hit, and stay there for the next batch, 
which should be coming shortly after. After the second round of Foot 
dive back in, move up to the middle of the screen, but stay against the 
left side of the screen.

There are three more water attacks from the Foot, but this time it's 
better to attack them rather than avoid. Staying on the left side of 
the screen, wait for clusters of them to jump out and then jump kick a 
few to clear a path. Return to the left side and repeat twice more.

The next seven Foot Soldiers you fight (only three on the screen at a 
time), you'll have to deal with Electric Mines appearing from the 
water. Even though it's tempting to get rid of those first and then 
deal with the Foot, don't. There are an infinite number of Mines, so 
when you defeat the Foot you defeat them. Try to move out of the way as 
they fly towards you, but you can use the throw to hopefully knock one 
out if you don't have the time to move away. Also, if you're playing 
with a second person, designate one to fend off the Mines while the 
other fights the Foot. 

Two more sets of Foot jumping out of the water, but again, if you stay 
in the bottom left corner and jump as they're getting in that area, 
you'll be safe. After that is a long field of Mines scattered around 
the area. They don't move, but there are so many that fighting them is 
nearly impossible. So how can you get through without being injured? 
Well, the very bottom of the screen just happens to not have a single 
Mine on it, so if you stay down there you can surf right through. 

Again, a few more jumping Foot Soldiers, so jump kick them the same way 
before. After them is another group of Foot with random Mines, so 
defeat the Foot and avoid the Mines. 

At the end of the minefield are two parahawks. They either fire their 
machine guns or dive at you. They can be a little annoying to attack, 
but one special will take them down, so use that when they dive and 
continue to the battleship.

002.2 - The Battleship

The main enemies you're going to be fighting on the battleship are Foot 
Soldiers and the ship's turret defenses. There are two varieties of 
weapons, a small turret in the middle of the deck and a large red 
cannon that fires three fireballs, which is at the top of the screen. 
If you're using a turtle with a long-range weapon (Leo or Don) you can 
stay on one side of it and attack without getting hit. If you have two 
players, let one focus on the weapons while the other fights the Foot.

In the first screen, destroy the heavy gun and the small turret before 
taking on the three Foot that jump out of the hatch on the left. After 
defeating them, three more appear through the other hatch. Stand where 
the land and throw them as they come out one at a time to make short 
work out of it. Enter the next screen and immediately destroy the two 
heavy guns at the top, and then the turret. Three more Foot Soldiers 
climb out of each hatch, so repeat the same thing you did before.

Head right and fight the three Foot that jump out of the door, defeat 
them, as well as the next three that appear through the next door. 
Farther up, three Sword Soldiers enter the screen; they jump around 
more to avoid you, but there's not much of a difference between them 
and the Foot Soldiers. Another new enemy, the Knife Soldiers, appear, 
so jump in between their two knives and throw them. Kill them, and a 
final pair of Foot attack. Defeat them and then continue to the end of 
the level and fight the boss.

002.3 - Boss: Groundchuck

Groundchuck is basically an upgraded version of Rocksteady, without the 
spear gun of course. When he raises his arms, he charges across the 
area three times and then runs into the end of the screen for a few 
seconds. Jump over him each time and attack his back while he's stuck 
against the wall. You can get four hits in before he regains control, 
or you can use Leo's special to drain his life points quicker. 

After taking enough damage, Groundchuck rips off a pipe and begins 
swinging at you. However, since you never actually have to fight up 
close, this shouldn't be a problem. Simply wait for him to charge again 
and attack his back while he's left defenseless. Repeat this a few 
times and he'll go down for the count, earning you a quick 15,000 

003.0 - Scene 3 - The Bridge

Recommended Turtle: Leonardo

003.1 - The Bridge

Walk forward to where part of the bridge collapsed; four Foot Soldiers try to 
attack you from behind, throw them over the side of the bridge to end it 
quickly. Head past the break by walking along the top of the screen, but 
watch out for the two Blue Soldiers that are about to roll past you on cannon 
balls; you can either avoid them or jump kick them. On the other side of the 
broken section of the bridge and fight the three Foot Soldiers, past them are 
three Stone Gunners. Wait for the Gunners to fire at you before jump kicking 
into them. 

Continue down the bridge along the bottom of the screen. Bebop will drive by 
in a truck and throw grenades; you should be somewhere around the middle of 
the screen, so return to the left side of the screen to avoid being hit. Wait 
there for a moment; Bebop will return and throw more grenades, so walk around 
the truck to the top portion of the screen.

Head right and jump down onto the partially broken section. Three Spear 
Soldiers attack you from the left, wait for them to drop down onto the lower 
part and throw them as they come. Two Foot appear right after, and in the 
next screen, three more Spears attack by jumping onto the bridge. Two Blue 
Soldiers attack holding cannon balls; use the jump kick to make them drop 
their weapons. After they're dead, a pair of Stone Warriors attack you; wait 
for them to attack, and then get close and counter while their guard is down. 

Three Sword Soldiers enter the screen afterwards, so kill them and jump onto 
the street again. Stay on the bottom of the screen and head forward. Bebop 
will drive by once again, but this time he'll drop off a mini-boss to fight 

003.2 - Boss: Slash

This mutated turtle, while looking pretty interesting, isn't much of a 
challenge. The only two attacks that he has is stabbing with his sword while 
jumping around, and crawling into his shell and spinning around the room. The 
latter is the best time to attack; use the special to inflict damage while 
using its invulnerability to keep from getting injured yourself. Continue 
attacking during the shell spins and avoid him while he's stabbing at you to 
defeat him. You get a nice 10,000-point reward and some pizza. 

003.3 - The Bridge (continued)

Pick up the pizza to refill your life and drop down into the partially broken 
part of the bridge. Three Shuriken Soldiers attack, followed by three 
Boomerang Soldiers, wait for them to throw their boomerangs before attacking, 
but make sure to get out of the way when the boomerang returns. 

Continue right and fight the four Foot Soldiers, after they're taken care of 
another three Boomerang Soldiers appear. In the next screen, two Blue 
Soldiers on cannon balls roll by, and another set come by after them. In the 
next screen, four Stone Warriors attack, followed by two Blue Soldiers with 
heavy weights. Treat them the same way you did when they were carrying the 
cannon balls, and then head to the end of the level to fight Bebop. 

003.4 - Boss: Bebop

This is possibly one of the easiest boss fights in the game. Immediately head 
over to the grill of the truck and wait there for Bebop to appear. He can 
only attack in front of him, either by kicking or throwing the mace attached 
to his head. However, he'll stop just before the end of the truck since 
you're right next to it. Use Leo's special to attack him from above, and 
Bebop will go down pretty quickly, earning you 20,000 points. 

004.0 - Scene 4 - New York

Recommended Turtle: Leonardo

004.1 - New York

Three Foot Soldiers jump onto the sidewalk right out of the gate. Defeat them 
and walk right to the street. Four Spear Soldiers come at you, get on their 
right to avoid being knocked over the side and loser a life bar. Continue 
forward until you reach a covered manhole; a Foot jumps out and throws the 
cover at you. Hit it back at him and earn 800 points. Two Foot Soldiers 
follow after him, and in the next screen a group of Boomerang Soldiers sneak 
up behind you. When they die, the garage door in the top right corner opens, 
and three Foot Soldiers appear. Slice them up and walk down the screen, after 
going a half-screen down, three Foot jump over the wall on the right, 
followed by three Spears. 

Continue down until you reach an alley. A series of cannonballs will roll 
past you, and the sewer lid next to the building flies off, allowing a pair 
of Boomerang Soldiers to climb up. Throw them as they come out to make it 
easy. Head down the screen some more, and two Knife Soldiers jump through the 
window and onto the street. When they're dead, two Spears jump out from the 
sewer, and two Blue Soldiers with weights appear after them. 

Head right and wait for the three Foot Soldiers to attack. Another Foot jumps 
out of the sewer and throws the manhole cover at you, followed by a pair of 
Spears when he dies. Continue along the street and use your special against 
the Stone Rockets that appear. 

Past the Rockets is a park, and immediately after entering the statue at the 
top of the screen comes to life. Defeat him and the Boomerang that appears, 
and get ready for the ten Foot to slide down the two lampposts. Stand by one 
of them and throw each one as it comes down, and then handle the rest. 

Walk right afterwards, and the statue comes to life yet again, this time in 
the form of a regular Foot. He's joined by five more of his comrades, and a 
manhole lid-thrower attacks after they're killed. A pair of Whip Soldiers 
jump out of the sewer, and three Jumping Soldiers follow after them. Wait in 
the middle of the screen until they jump at you, and then use the throw 
before they make contact. 

Seven more Foot, coming in three at a time, attack in the next screen, and a 
statue transforms into a Whip Soldier. There's another manhole lid-thrower as 
well. Continue to the next area and fight the two Foot carrying barrels, 
despite the color they're basically the Blue Soldiers. 

After this, a series of barrels roll by; the first set comes at you in a 
pyramid shape, you can jump over the first and third rows. The next set is a 
little trickier, three barrels roll in from the right and two from the left 
fill in the gaps. Jump over the barrels on the left and wait by the end of 
the screen for the others to get close, and then hop over them as well. 

Three Boomerang Soldiers attack after the barrel puzzles, and a group of Foot 
jump out of the van. Another manhole lid-thrower also appears, and another 
three Foot Soldiers attack you after jumping out of the second van. When they 
die, five Stone Warriors appear, followed by three Knife Soldiers and five 
Shurikens. Lastly, two Blue Soldiers with weights try to stop you from 
continuing, but they shouldn't cause too much trouble. When the last of the 
enemies are dead, head down to the subway.

In the subway, there are two Electric Soldiers. The pair carry an electric 
beam and run across the screen; avoid them or attack one of them to drop 
their electric beam, and then attack them like you would a regular Foot. Five 
Jumping Soldiers appear next, so stay in the middle of the screen and wait 
for them to come to you. Afterwards, a subway car pulls up and three Foot 
Soldiers exit the train. When they die, Dirtbag rolls by in a mine cart, but 
returns on screen and jumps onto the platform.

004.2 - Boss: Dirtbag 

While most of the previous boss fights have been offensive, this one requires 
you to stay on your guard. Dirtbag fires a laser from his hardhat, making it 
difficult to get close enough to attack. Walk up and down the screen, jumping 
when you cross Dirtbag's line of fire to avoid his laser. 

Eventually, Dirtbag will take his pickaxe and attack you. However, he gets it 
stuck in the ground and it momentarily vulnerable to any attack you choose to 
use. Leo's special works wonders, but any regular attack is just as good. 
Continue to jump away from his laser attacks and only counter when his axe is 
caught in the platform. When he dies, you're rewarded 25,000 points.  

005.0 - Scene 5 - The Sewers

Recommended Turtle: Raphael 

Even though Raph is the suggested turtle, it really doesn't matter until the 
end of the level. Don't intentionally die, but should you lose a life, switch 
to Raphael. 

005.1 - The Sewers

The gate at the top of the screen opens up, and three Foot Soldiers enter the 
main area of the sewers. Another set appear through the next gate, and three 
Shurikens attack when both of those groups have been dealt with. When they've 
been dealt with, two Electric Soldiers run across the screen. Fight them off 
and continue to the next area. Six Spears attack at the corner, stay in the 
water and wait for them to jump down the same way you did back on the bridge. 
Walk up the waterway and fight the next three groups of enemies: three Foot, 
three Shurikens, and three Boomerangs. When you reach the top of the area, 
three Foot Soldiers attack from three different directions, and three more 
appear in the water on the right as well as a constant attack from Kamikaze 
Robots. Similar to the Mines in the second level, the Kamikaze Robots will 
only stop after all of the other enemies are defeated. 

After all of the Foot Soldiers are dead, continue right and fight the four 
Foot Soldiers at the corner of the sewers. Head up and fight the six Foot 
that enter the area through the two doors. Avoid their slide attacks and take 
a right when the sewer ends, three Foot jump over the large gate, followed by 
two Knife Soldiers and eight mousers. Stand just above the middle of the 
screen and a little to the side of the hole where the mousers come out. Wait 
for them to jump out and throw each one as they appear to avoid ending up 
fighting groups of them. After destroying them, three Whips appear, so defeat 
them and continue. 

005.2 - Boss: Mother Mouser

The Mother Mouser is a large Mouser with a Foot Soldier controlling it. It 
releases up to three small Mousers to chip away at your life, as well as 
shooting fireballs at you. The jump kick should be the only attack you use; 
try getting it stuck in a corner and jump over its fireballs, kicking it as 
you come back down. Destroying it earns you 12,000 points and allows you to 

005.3 - The Sewers (continued)

After the Mother Mouser is destroyed, continue to the right and fight the 
five Foot Soldiers. Three more appear through the gate farther down the road, 
and three more sets of three attack you in that screen. 

The final screen before the boss is a sort of speed round; a group of Foot 
Soldiers attack first, followed by another three Foot, three Shurikens, a 
third group of Foot, three Spears, and a fourth and final three Foot. Feel 
free to end it quickly with your special since there's a slice of pizza in 
the next area before the boss. 

005.4 - Boss: Leatherhead 

This is the first boss that might actually cause you problems. Like the 
previous boss fight, Leatherhead has a shotgun that he fires whenever you get 
in his line of fire. The difference here is that you never get any free hits; 
and not only that, but if you decide to crowd him, Leatherhead spins his tail 
around, sending you flying across the screen. And if that weren't enough, he 
has an attack where he grabs your character by the throat and begins choking 
them, reducing your life bar by three or four points. 

So how do you go about fighting an enemy that seemingly has the perfect blend 
of offensive and defense? Easy, copy him; you need to offensive enough to get 
close and attack, but quickly retreat to avoid taking damage. 

The first thing to do is cancel out however many of his attacks that you can. 
Staying out of his line of fire will prevent him from firing his shotgun, and 
you should be able to avoid his chokehold if you jump around the screen 
enough (he doesn't use this attack often, maybe once or twice in a fight). 
This leaves his tailspin as the main attack you need to deal with. The best 
way to attack him is to stay below or above him about a fifth of the way 
across the screen. Move directly in front of Leatherhead and jump kick him, 
immediately jumping again to avoid his tail. Although it might seem natural 
to jump over him to the side of the screen you were just on, don't. You can 
also use Raphael's special to knock down his life points, just make sure to 
get far enough away from his tailspin. Defeating Leatherhead earns you a nice 
30,000 bonus, and you continue onto the Technodrome. 

006.0 - Scene 6 - The Technodrome 

Recommended Turtle: Raphael

006.1 - The Technodrome

This is one of the few times that the first enemy in the level isn't a Foot 
Soldier. Pretty exciting, right? Fight the three Shurikens that attack, and 
then the three Foot. After them, you're introduced to a new enemy, the Super 
Soldier. The best way to fight them is to get close enough and throw him, and 
then turn around and throw him just after he gets up (but not enough time to 
move anywhere). Repeat this three times to destroy it; with any luck you'll 
be able to hit another one behind you, killing two birds with one stone.

When the Super Soldiers are destroyed, six Foot Soldiers attack; defeat them 
and prepare yourself for a pair of Eggs. Wait for each of them to break apart 
into two small, four-legged robots and jump kick them. Another pair of Eggs 
drop down from the ceiling after the first set is destroyed, and two Spear 
Soldiers on platforms attack when those are destroyed. Wait for them to 
charge at you, and then use the jump kick to knock them off of the platforms. 

Three more Super Soldiers attack you, followed by two Blue Soldiers with 
weights and five Knife Soldiers. When they've been defeated, a group of three 
Foot Soldiers jump out of each of the four hatches on the floor (one at a 
time of course). Wait by the hatches and throw them before they touch the 
ground. If you've taken some damage in this first half of the level, you're 
in luck; there's some pizza in the next screen, except you'll have to get 
past the Stone Rockets first. Use your special to kill them and then collect 
the slice of pizza. 

Continue on and dodge the Blue Soldiers that roll by on cannon balls. Four 
Robot Insects appear from the monitor at the top of the screen, and they fly 
around the room firing their lasers. It's not so much the problem of getting 
hit, but those suckers are too difficult to make contact with for my taste. 
Try jump kicking, or climb onto the higher platform near the top of the 
screen and use the throw. Stick with whatever works the best for you, because 
another group of four appear from the monitor on the right. 

Moving right along, fight the three Spears and get ready for yet another new 
enemy: the Bionic Soldier. They're basically a Stone Warrior, but with less 
range. Use the same counter attack that you've been using to fight the 
Warriors, but you'll notice that it's a lot easier. When you defeat them, 
three Super Soldiers attack, followed by four Foot coming right out of the 
production line. Throw them as they walk out of the assembly unit, and then 
fight the pair of Foot Soldiers and three Stone Warriors that come after. 
Before being able to continue, five more Foot put up a last defense, so throw 
them as they leave the unit like before and continue to the conveyor belt. 

Fight the three Super Soldiers and then walk onto the belt, immediately when 
it begins moving, two sets of lasers fly past you. Not only do you have to 
worry about avoiding those, but you have to do it while fighting four Spears 
and two Foot. Focus on jumping over the lower laser and let the Soldiers come 
to you, fighting them when you have the chance. After getting off of the 
conveyor belt, three Super Soldiers attack. Destroy them and fight the boss. 

006.2 - Boss: Rahzer

Although it looks threatening, Rahzer is a real pushover. He has two 
different attacks, firing ice from his mouth or slashing with his claws. 
However, if you get right next to him while he's firing his ice, it misses 
you, leaving Rahzer defenseless. The best time to attack is when he stops and 
fires a series of ice particles rather than when he moves around the screen.

When he tries to attack with his claws, jump back and use Raph's special. Not 
only does this inflict damage, but it keeps you far enough away from Rahzer's 
slash attack. 

Repeat this to defeat the wolf and collect your 35,000 points. Don't think 
you'll be getting a break though, continue through the door and fight the 

006.3 - Boss: The Shredder

The big boss himself. You'll want to fight the Shredder the same way you 
fought Leatherhead, offensive enough to inflict a lot of damage but with a 
strong defense to keep you from losing too much life. Remember, the Shredder 
take off a nice chunk of your life with each hit; one too many slipups and 
you'll find yourself down to a pair of life bars.

He only has three attacks, but unlike some of the previous bosses, the 
Shredder doesn't stand around waiting for you to attack him. More often than 
not he'll be jumping across the room, kicking as he's coming down to the 
middle of the room. Occasionally the Shredder pauses when he lands to slash 
at you with his sword, and he has his own more powerful version of the throw 
that sends you flying across the room.  

In an offense to defense ratio, you'll want to be about 5:2. Mirror the 
Shredder as he jump kicks; as long as you're above his attack you won't take 
damage, while he will. You can also stay just off center in the room and use 
the throw when he lands, just make sure to get out of the way if he tries to 
take you down with a throw. Also, when you reach the end of your life, use 
Raphael's special while the Shredder's jumping to rapidly drain his life 

When the Shredder goes down for the count, you're rewarded 50,000 points and 
can rescue April. But just when you think the game is ending, the Shredder 
picks himself up and runs off. The turtles would be a pretty bad group of 
crime-fighters to allow the villain to escape, so they go and chase after him 
on the rooftops.  

007.0 - Scene 7 - The Rooftops 

Recommended Turtle: Raphael

007.1 - The Platform

The first half of the level takes place on a large scaffold. Even 
though you're limited to about half of the space you normally have, 
this makes it a little easier to knock multiple enemies out of the 
picture with one hit (the throw works wonders here). 

Three Spear Soldiers jump onto the platform, defeat them and move away 
from the center of the area. A large orb drops down and explodes, and a 
half-dozen mousers jump out. Rather than fighting each one 
individually, use Raph's special just as the orb releases the mousers. 
You should be able to destroy most, if not all, of them, leaving any 
stragglers to be dealt with. Two more of these orbs drops down, 
followed by seven Foot on platforms. These are the Soldiers that try to 
crush you, so lure them down and kick them off of their platforms to 
make it easier. After the seven of them are defeated, three of Foot 
Soldiers attack, followed by a puzzle.

For about fifteen to twenty seconds, large weights are randomly dropped 
down onto the platform. I've found that the best place to hide is the 
bottom right corner; you won't be able to avoid all of them, but it 
should be enough that you have enough time to see its shadow and move 
out of the way before it comes down on you. I wouldn't suggest dropping 
off of the platform and holding on simply because if you try to jump 
back up (since you lose your grip after a few seconds), there's the 
chance that a weight will be coming down on you. 

After the weight puzzle ends, four Spear Soldiers attack you from 
hovering platforms. Defeat them and jump onto the rooftops. 

007.2 - The Rooftops

Three Foot attack, with three more soon after, defeat all six of them 
as well as the three Bionic Soldiers that follow. Two Blue Soldiers 
with cannon balls enter the fray next, and two Foot, three Shurikens, 
and three Boomerang Soldiers after them. When they're defeated, a pair 
of Stone Rockets appear, use your special to take them down. As soon as 
they're destroyed, two Electric Soldiers run across the screen, jump 
kick them to knock away their electric attack. The last pair of enemies 
to attack in this area are a pair three Stone Warriors, but by now they 
should be easy to get rid of. 

A group of Foot Soldiers attack in the next screen, and after the set 
of four Sword Soldiers, three more appear as well. Continue to the next 
area and fight the group of Spears, followed by three pairs of Electric 

In the next area, a helicopter flies up to the roof and unloads a few 
sets of Soldiers. First are three Foot, and then three Shurikens, three 
Boomerangs, three Knives, three Shurikens, and ending with a final 
three Foot. Defeat them all, and six more Boomerangs attack, followed 
by three Stone Rockets. 

In the final area before the boss, six Knife Soldiers appear in two 
groups of six. Next, a set of Bionic Gunners take up the fight when 
their comrades go down; unlike its Stone counterpart, the Bionic Gunner 
is easy to jump kick without being injured, so use it to defeat them. 
When they're destroyed, three Stone Warriors attack, and a group of 
Shuriken Soldiers put up a final defense after them. 

007.3 - Boss: Tokka 

Can't fight Rahzer without expecting to fight Tokka. The big mutant 
turtle is unique in the sense that his attacks involve hand-to-hand 
(with the occasional biting) combat. Like most of the bosses, he can 
charge at you and attack, but also jump across the screen and bite. 
Another one of his attacks involve rapidly punching for a few seconds, 
as well as picking your character up and throwing him into the sign at 
the top of the screen (which electrocutes you). 

The jump kick would be a great attack to use against Tokka, but it 
seems that the developers realized that. To prevent you from winning 
too easily, Tokka has a shield with him that blocks aerial attacks nine 
times out of ten, leaving you with regular hack and slash fighting and 

Referring back to Leatherhead, the best way to attack Tokka is to use 
your throw and quickly back away to avoid being injured. Also, it's 
worth mentioning that Raph's special works amazingly well here due to 
Tokka's low maneuverability.

When you defeat him, you pick up 50,000 points and there's a short 
scene where you see the Shredder being beamed up to Krang's spaceship. 
You've come this far, so it'd be a real waste to stop now. The turtles 
jump into the beam and enter the spaceship to finish off Krang and the 
Shredder once and for all. 

008.0 - Scene 8 - Krang's Spaceship

Recommended Turtle: Raphael or Leonardo

The reason both Raphael and Leonardo are put down as the recommended 
turtle is that each one does better against one of the final two 
bosses, Leo fighting Krang and Raph and Super Shredder. In case you die 
during the level, switch to Leo to fight Krang, and use him to fight 
Super Shredder until you lose another life. 

008.1 - Krang's Spaceship

The level begins with three Spears, followed by a group of Foot. When 
they're destroyed, three Bionic Gunners enter the screen, and three 
Blue Soldiers roll across the screen on cannon balls. Three Sword 
Soldiers attack after they exit, followed by another cannon ball 
puzzle. When it's finished, a pair of Electric Soldiers run by, 
followed by six Foot, seven Knife Soldiers, three Shurikens, and three 

In the next screen, two parahawks appear and begin firing their guns at 
you. Repeat the same strategy from the second level and use your 
special to knock them out of the air and continue on. A group of Foot 
Soldiers attack, followed by a pair of Stone Gunners, with a set of 
three Whip Soldiers afterwards. They jump around a lot, so get under 
them and use the throw to defeat them. 

Continue on and wait for the four Eggs to drop, two at a time like 
before in the Technodrome. Two Foot Soldiers teleport in when the Eggs 
are destroyed, soon followed by two Spears and four Jumping Soldiers. 
Afterwards, three Foot Soldiers line up along the floor and roll 
across, trying to trip you. Two Blue Soldiers with barrels appear next, 
and finally five Foot enter at the end. 

Pick up the pizza in the next screen and destroy the Stone Rockets; if 
you have enough health, you should try to defeat them first with your 
special before picking up the pizza, but it's not that important. Past 
the Rockets is one of the three bosses in the game; starting out 
simple, it's a Mother Mouser. 

008.2 - Boss: Mother Mouser

Since it's the exact same fight, I'm going to sum this up really quick. 
Avoid the small mousers that the Mother releases, and avoid the 
fireball it shoots by jumping over it, using the jump kick to damage it 
on your way down. Try cornering it against the wall to make it easier. 

Destroying the Mother Mouser earns you 12,000 points and allows you to 

008.3 - Krang's Spaceship (continued) 

Through the door are three Foot Soldiers, along with three Boomerang 
Soldiers, three Spears, and two Blue Soldiers carrying weights. 
Defeating these enemies shouldn't be a problem this late in the game, 
so I'm not going to bother getting in-depth about it. Eight more Foot 
Soldiers attack in smaller groups, and there's another slice of pizza 
in the next screen being guarded by Stone Rockets. After refilling your 
health, two Electric Soldiers attack, and after them are three Stone 

This is one of the tougher parts of the level, simply because there are 
so many enemies to deal with at one time. About six or seven Blue 
Soldiers appear unarmed, as well as a dozen or so Robot Bouncers. 
Unlike previous encounters with other robots, there are a set number of 
these, meaning you don't have to kill the Soldiers first. I personally 
fight the Blues first, simply because there are less of them, and 
because the Bouncers are easier to defeat (a jump kick is enough). When 
you defeat all of them, continue to the next area, which is exactly the 
same as the one before it. Repeat whatever strategy worked the first 
time and keep going. 

Three Whip Soldiers appear after the Blues and Bouncers, followed by 
five Shurikens and three Bionic Gunners. Defeat them and jump out of 
the way of the Blue Soldiers rolling across the screen on cannon balls, 
and fight the three Whips that appear afterwards. The Super Soldiers 
make a return here in a group of four; when they've been destroyed, two 
Foot Soldiers on platforms enter the fight and attempt to crush you. 
Coax them into dropping down and kick them off their platforms, leaving 
you with the simple task of finishing them. Two more attack when their 
partners go down. 

Three Blue Soldiers roll on the floor three times, and more appear on 
cannon balls (six total). Continue to the next screen and fight the six 
Jumping Soldiers; a pair of Soldiers with barrels attack next, and two 
Spears and three Stone Warriors follow behind. Defeat them and head 
over to the next area, there are some more Blue Soldiers and Robot 
Bouncers that attack. Three Boomerang Soldiers appear next, followed by 
six Foot and a pair of Electric Soldiers. The last groups of enemies 
that you have to fight are six Shurikens, three Foot, and three Spears. 
Defeat them and get ready for a tough boss battle. 

008.4 - Boss: Krang

In my opinion, Krang is more difficult than the Super Shredder; he 
mainly walks around the area, pausing to kick you or fire six or seven 
homing missiles. Krang also has the ability to detach his arm and 
launch it across the screen, as well as fire a laser. Like most of the 
previous bosses, you'll want to attack while he's recovering and then 
quickly retreat to a safer spot. If you're using Leo, stand directly 
below Krang while he's releasing his missiles and use your special. 
It'll knock down his life points drastically as well as protect you 
with its invulnerability time. 

Eventually, Krang's torso will separate from his legs, and both will 
attack you from different directions. His upper body will mainly fire 
lasers when it's near you, but every once in a while it takes out a 
large mallet and tries to crush you. Krang's legs, on the other hand, 
will run across the screen kicking. By now you've probably figured out 
that aerial enemies are more difficult to fight than grounded ones, so 
focus your attention on his lower half, using either Raph or Leo's 
special to attack. 

When both halves of Krang reattach, he'll go back to his normal 
pattern, with one addition. While you're attacking him, Krang's robotic 
body will become electric, making it invincible as well as inflicting 
damage if you come into contact with it. Continue using your special 
when he leaves himself open until he's defeated. He manages to escape, 
but you pick up 70,000 points and continue to the last area.

008.5 - Boss: Super Shredder

You can tell the Shredder's getting pretty desperate when he 
voluntarily mutates himself to become more powerful. You have to 
extremely careful while fighting him; most of his attacks knock off 
three life bars each time, so don't be surprised if the Shredder 
manages to deplete your life to one or two bars in a short amount of 

His main attacks are pretty simple, he teleports around the room 
punching and kicking when the opportunity presents itself. The weapon 
that turned you into a regular turtle from the arcade game has made a 
return, but this time it only takes off half of your life instead of 
the entire thing. 

Obviously, you'll want to stay as far away from the Shredder when he's 
using his morphing weapon, but you can usually get a throw or two in 
when he teleports. When he's hit, there's a relatively long time when 
he can't attack, enough to bring some distance between the two of you 
at least. As long as you don't get stuck in a corner, you shouldn't be 
hit too many times.

The Shredder has one more attack, but this is more of a gift than 
anything. After charging up for a few seconds, he releases a bolt of 
lightning that moves across the screen. However, he's also completely 
defenseless before he attacks, allowing you to score plenty of hits 
without any fear of counter-attacks. To avoid the lightning, simply 
move to the other side of the screen and side step the attack when it 
begins to move (since it can't change direction). 

As long as you have at least two lives and use your special when you 
get down to one life bar, the Shredder shouldn't be much trouble. 
Defeating him earns you a nice round figure of 100,000 points, it's 
just a shame they're pointless by now. 

Krang's spaceship explodes, but not before the turtles escape. 
Manhattan Island is slowly lowered back into the ground, and afterwards 
there's a short list of the main characters. Congratulations on 
completing the game.