Tecmo Stackers FAQ v1.2
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Tecmo Stackers FAQ

by mike tru   Updated to v1.2 on
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            TECMO STACKERS FAQ            Version 1.2

Table Of Contents
1. Copyright Notes
2. Version History
3. Controls
4. Game Basics
5. Character Bios
6. Arcade Mode
7. Insane Mode
8. Time Trial Mode
9. Chain Reaction Mode
10. Options Menu
11. Tips & Tricks
12. Strategy
13. Notes & Thanks

Copyright Notes

This FAQ is copyrighted work of Mike Truitt (e-mail mat2810@cs.com AOLIM 
mat2810) any unauthorized usage of this FAQ is prohibited. If you would 
like to use this FAQ in any way on your website, feel free to have it 
posted. I would hawever like an e-mail asking me if you would be able to 
use it, no matter what, you MUST GIVE ME CREDIT.

Version History

1.0 - Just started, all of FAQ written
1.1 - Added a couple of strategies, not too much change overall
1.2 - Added a few more strategies. Added Tip's & Tricks section and Art 
      at the top

Last Updated: Tuesday July 10, 2001 


Here are the controls for all Modes except Chain Reaction Mode....

Button:                   What it does:
Start                     Pause
Start + Select            Quick Reset
X Button                  Confirm / Stop Roulette / Flip Piece
Triangle                  Back
Circle                    Flip / Stop Roulette
Square                    Use Bomb (Arcade Mode)

Here are the controls for Chain Reaction Mode....

Start                     Pause
Start + Select            Quick Reset
X Button                  Rotate Counterclockwise
Square                    Change Piece Into Obstacle Block
Triangle                  Shifts Camera View
Circle                    Rotate Clockwise
R1                        Scale Up Screen
R2                        Scale Down Screen
R1 + R2                   Follow Piece Down Screen 
L1                        Zoom In
L2                        Zoom Out
L1 + L2                   Resize Field Of View

Game Basics

In order for you to beat this game you will need to try to keep your 
screen clear of pieces that fall from the sky. These pieces (Quads) have 
characteristics of their own. Each piece has its own color (Blue, Red, 
Yellow, Pink, and Green) They come down in groups of two, sometimes they 
are the same color, often times they are not. Whenever two pieces of the 
same color touch, they will come together as one. In order for you to 
clear blocks you will need to connect a set of four blocks of the same 
color. To add a bit a difficulty to the game some pieces will reach out 
and try to connect with other pieces. If this happens you can create a 
chain (group of four quads), this can lead to some huge series of 
chains. There is also a block that is only used as an obstacle. These 
blocks are clear. If you want to remove these blocks you must do one of 
the following things: Have one of the four pieces of a quad touch that 
piece, or have a piece reach out and touch that piece. 

Character Bio's

Along the way, you will meet many different characters.

Nurse Rena:
Nurse Rena is a sexy nurse that tries to help you along your way. She 
"gives you your prescription for a fun puzzle game."

This hot headed, south of the boarder guitarist will turn up the heat on 
his competitor faster than a red hot chili pepper. If your not in the 
mood for salsa, he'll be having you say "No mas!" pronto.

With all of the knowledge in the universe, this guy plays like he is 
from another planet. His unknown origin and tactics make him well beyond 
the grasp of opponents. He is quite possibly the best puzzle player this 
side of Area 51.

This bulb boy, born the illegitimate son of Edison, is strictly high 
wattage. Needless to say, he is a "bright" boy with a degree in 
electricity. If an opponent is not cautious he is liable to get lit up 
by this guy.

Devilin and Angela
These two make a rather odd duo since they come from very different 
sides of the tracks. Devilin will bring you down with his frustrations 
to heavenly heights. Their lazy teamwork will lell an opponent into a 
false sense of security. Lose to these two enough, and you will be 
praying to be able to play as "good" (and as "bad") as they do.

As a boy who loves to play childish pranks, this brat is not very well 
liked. What makes him more hated by his opponents is this snot can beat 
you  with ease. When you manage to defeat him though, you will see just 
what a spoiled-sport, crybaby this boy really is.

This internationally renowned feline has all of the moves of a cat, 
including purr-fectly fast moves to claw her way to victory. Just when 
you think you have this kitty cornered, she'll escape by using one of 
her nine lives.

Arcade Mode

There are two options once you go into this menu:

1 Player Vs. CPU

Practice Course

Here, you will practice for three matches against random opponents. 
There is nothing to do here except just play and practice up on your 
competition skills.

Normal Course

Here, you will go through a rigorous competition against a seemingly 
endless amount of enemies. There is nothing to do except build your 
skills even better than in practice mode.

Hard Course

This is the same as normal course, except with harder enemies.

1 Player Vs. Two Player 

The first menu here is how many matches you want to compete in 1-3-5 are 
your options. From here you will go into your difficulty screen. There 
are 5 different levels Easy - Normal - Tough - Hard - Insane. You should 
also be able to choose how many bombs you will want in your competition. 
A bomb will enable you to clear Obsticle Blocks without making a chain 
of four quads.

Insane Mode

In Insane Mode you will start out with your screen partially filled up 
with quads. The object of insane mode is to clear as many blocks as 
possible without getting your pile to reach the top of screen. This is a 
very good way to learn how to get your way out of a jam and quickly.

Time Trial Mode

In Time Trial Mode, you will have a split screen. You will want to fill 
up the blank screen on the right with obstacle blocks by creating 
chains. This is some good practice on just about everything about this 

Chain Reaction Mode

In the Chain Reaction Mode you will start out with a giant pit. You 
whole goal is to make as many chains in one turn as possible. One good 
thing about this is the fact that you can create a perfect situation for 
a huge chain. All around, I think that this is the most fun option of 
the game.

Options Menu

There are two menus in this one Menu.


You can change two options here, Sound Effects and Back Ground Music. To 
change the level use left and right on the D-Pad. To switch to the other 
option use up or down on the D-Pad.


The only thing that you will be able to change here is your controller 

Tips & Tricks

The Do's
1. Never try to create an overly perfect chain, somewhere along the 
   line you will make a mistake or your opponent will drop some 
   obsticle blocks, completly ending your whole series.

2. Whenever you get your screen mostly filled up, do not try to clear
   it in one turn. Just take your time and slowly clear it away by 
   creating SINGLE chain series. In no time you should gain your ground 

3. Just have fun when playing, nothing is worse than playing with a 
   friend that throws his controller around.

The Don'ts

1. Do not show fear. It is a little known fact that some games, like 
   bears can smell fear. If you are afraid, the CPU will eat you alive.

2. Do not get frustrated, you will loose your cool and you most likely 
   skrew something up and loosing.


There are a couple different strategies you can use.....
Note: You don't need a great advanced strategy to win, if you are able 
to string a couple of easy strategies into one advance strategy, that is 
equally effective. If you would like to send me a chain that you use, no 
matter what level it is please do, my email is (mat2810@cs.com)


[R]       As you can tell here, the four blues will get blocked off 
[R]       leaving the three reds to fall on the one creating another 
[R]               chain, and just leaving the one yellow quad left.
[B]       [R]
[B]       [R]
[B][B]    [R]
[R][Y]    [R][Y]    [Y]  

               Here, the four red quads will make a chain, and the two
         [R]          blues will meet to create another leaving just 
[B]      [R]    [B]   the yellow quad left.
[B]      [R]    [B]
[B]      [R]    [B]~~~
[Y]      [B]    [Y]~~~[B]    [Y]

[R]   Here the four blue ones will meet to make a chain, and then the       
[B]                red one will fall to make another chain with the 
[B][R]       [R]   other red pieces
[B][R]       [R]
[B][R]    [R][R]

                                         You will start our getting a 
      [B][Y]                             red chain, the blue and the
[R][R][R][R]               [B][Y]        yellow quads will fall making 
[B][B][B][Y][Y][Y]   [B][B][B][Y][Y][Y]  two more chains.

         [Y][R]                Here you will start out by getting the 
[B][B]   [R]       [B][B]                   red chain. The yellow quad
[B][Y]   [Y][R]    [B][Y]~~~[Y]    [B]               will fall. Then
[Y][Y]   [B][R]    [Y][Y]   [B]    [B][B]~~~[B]      it will reach out 
                                            the other yellows and then 
make a chain. Finally, the blues will fall and you should get this third 
and final chain.

[B][G][R]      [B][G][R]    You start off getting a chain of yellow,  
[B][G][R]      [B][G][R]    once this happens, all of the other Quads  
[B][G][R]      [B][G][R]    will fall perfectly into place. Thank you 
[Y][Y][Y][Y]   [B][G][R]    very much to Graham Frederick for sending  
[B][G][R]      [B][G][R]    me this chain.  
[B][G][R]      [B][G][R] 
[B][G][R]      [B][G][R]    Here is what Graham had to say:
This will release all of the BGR blocks as a single chain. You won't get 
as many blocks falling on your opponents since the chain level isn't as 
high as in the first example. However, the blocks will clear much more 
quickly and probably cause many other blocks to reach out

      [R][G]          [R]
   [B][R][Y]       [B][R]          [B]
   [B][G][Y]       [B][G]          [B]
[B][R][G][Y]    [B][R][G]       [B][R][R]    [B][B]
[B][R][G][Y]    [B][R][G][G]    [B][R][R]    [B][B]

You will start out by getting the yellow chain. The green quad will fall 
down making another green chain. The red quads should fall down meeting 
the other two, which creates a third chain. Finally, the two blue quads 
will fall making a fourth chain.

   [G]                                          To start out with you
   [G]                                          will get the yellow 
[B][G][Y][Y]     [B][G]           [B]           chain. The chain should
[B][O][Y][B]     [B][G]   [B]     [B]           delete the two obsticle
[B][O][Y][G]     [B][G]~~~[G]     [B]~~~[B]     blocks. The three green
                                                blocks should fall, one 
of the green blocks should reach out creating a second chain. Once that 
happens, the blue block will reach out creating a third chain.


[R][G][Y][R]    [R][G]   [R]    
[G][G][Y][R]    [G][G]   [R]    [R][G]   [R]    
[B][B][Y][G]    [B][B]~~~[G]    [G][G]~~~[R]    [R]      [R]
[R][R][B][B]    [R][R][B][B]    [R][R]~~~[G]    [R][R]~~~[R]

This combo is quite complicated. First the yellow chain will break, 
leaving room for the blue to reach out and grab the blues on the bottom 
making another chain. This causes the rows to fall and leaves room for 
the greens to meet and make another chain. Finally, the reds will fall 
and make the last Chain.

[R][R][R]      [P][P][P]      
[G][G][G]      [R][R][R]         [P][P] 
[B][B][B]      [G][G][G]         [R][R]           [P] 
[Y][Y][Y][Y]   [B][B][B]         [G][G]           [R] 
[B][G][R][P]   [B][G][R][P]   [P][G][R][P]        [R][P]           [P] 
[B][G][R][P]   [B][G][R][P]   [R][G][R][P]  [P][P][R][P]           [P] 
[B][G][R][P]   [B][G][R][P]   [G][G][R][P]  [R][R][R][P]  [P][P][P][P] 

This is probably my favorite chain yet. You start out getting the yellow 
chain, once the yellow chain falls, all heck breaks loose. The three 
blues will fall on top of the stack of blues causing a second chain. 
Once the blues fall, the two left over greens will fall on the stack of 
greens which also causes a chain. The red quad will fall on the stack of 
red quads which connects to the fallen red quads to form a fourth chain. 
Finally, the pink forms a row on the bottom which connects to the row of 
pinks to form a FIFTH Chain! (Not too bad for a somewhat easy combo to 
set up) Thanks once again to Graham Fredrick.

Here is what he said about his chain....

This is usually an easy construction to make and will result in a three 
chain if completed. However, depending on what garbage is left to the 
sides of the tower, the chain series could get messed up with blocks 
reaching out. Once you create the setup with three yellow blocks, you 
can try to set up another chain that will clear the yellow blocks, 
creating an even higher chain.  

Note: I did change the chain a little bit from what Graham sent me, but 
it is still his idea.

   [B][P][P]          [B]   [R]          [B]
[R][R][R][P][Y]    [R][R][R][Y][Y]    [R][R][R]~~~       [B]
[B][B][B][Y][Y]    [B][B][B][Y][Y]    [B][B][B][R]    [B][B][B]

When you first start out you should get the pink chain. That should 
cause the yellow and the red to fall causing the yellow chain. Then you 
should get the red when the red piece reaches over, and creats the third 
chain. After the red chain is created, the blue quad should fall down on 
top of the other three creating the fourth chain in the series.

Notes & Thanks

This is a copyrighted work for  Mike Truitt ,  any usage of this faq not 
noted by its author is banned, if you want to have it on you site, just 
e-mail me at mat2810@cs.com and I'll be more than happy to allow you to 
have it on your site,  but you MUST ask. This Faq  should only have my 
name on it Mike Truitt, if you see it on any sit that doesn't give me 
credit please notify me. If you would like to submit your own strategy, 
just e-mail me and I should post it. Total Time - 1:54 
(c)2001 Mike Truitt