TearRing Saga Cheats

TearRing Saga cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Absolve the sacrament "Never Kill Human" of Raquel

- Before Map 2, just select Luke.
- Let him join Map 4, n' talk to Raquel BEFORE recruit her!
- Henceforth, put Luke n' Raquel in Runan's team (recommended).
- Let them join Map 26a.
- After clear this map, an event will occur. You'll have 2 options. Just select the SECOND! The sacrament will be absolved afterward!

* NOTE: Luke will sacrifice!


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Recruit Super Krisheena
- First, you must recruit Krisheena!
- Let her die BEFORE enter the Morse Tower (Map 29 is recommended)!
- Revive her, then back to Morse Tower again.
- Put her in your team at 5th floor. Let Holmes and Shigen talk to her. HER BODY WILL FLASH! Exit the tower.
- Now, check the Unit Boards, you'll see 2 Krisheena. The first (above) is real Krisheena, the second (below) is her clone.

* Use her Extreme Skill
After you've completed these steps, just access Inventory Boards. Equip some items and weapons which you want to multiply (e.g: Lunar Sword, MOV Plus, Knight Proof) to Krisheena (clone). After that, escape the board, then access again. Check Krisheena (real), you'll see these objects in her inventory. Get them out of her, escape, and access again... Repeat this until you have all objects that you need!