Team Buddies Cheats

Team Buddies cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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Team Buddies Cheats

Cheat Codes
To use these codes, pause during a game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, and enter any of the following codes:

All crates powered-upCircle, X (x2), Circle
Animals do not attackCircle, Square (x2), Circle
Base indestructibleX, Triangle (x2), X
Big feetTriangle, Square (x2), X
Big gunsTriangle, Circle (x2), Triangle
Easy buddy buildCircle (x2), X, Circle
Easy gun buildCircle (x2), X (x2)
First special weaponTriangle, X (x3)
Heavy weaponTriangle, X, Square (x2)
Infinite ammunitionCircle, Square, Triangle, X
Instant shape buildingSquare (x2), Circle (x2)
InvincibilityX, Triangle, Square, Circle
JetpackSquare (x2), Triangle (x2)
Level skipCircle, Square, X (x2)
Refill team ammunitionX (x2), Triangle (x2)
Refill team healthTriangle (x2), X (x2)
Rocket bootsTriangle, Square (x2), Triangle
Second special weaponX (x3), Triangle
Unlock all levels and worldsTriangle, Circle, Square (x2)