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Test Drive 4 review
Test Drive 4


Some sequals only seem to be an exact replica off the game or games that came out before it, Test Drive 4 seems to be one of those games. Driving around in the car of your choice, you race fellow competitors to try to get to the finish line first. If you are good enough, you will go onto another one, then another one, and continue in a seemingly endless round of racing excitement. Much like other Test Drive games, the graphics are very good and is pleasing to the eye, no matter how jaded you are by Playstation 2's graphics. The controls, which have plagued Test Drive games, are once again not very good and it can be hard to keep your racer on the road that you need. If you are a fan of racing games, Test Drive 4 is a very fun game and you will enjoy playing it. Test Drive 4 is not as challenging as some of the newer racing games and not quite as easy as some of the earlier racing games. Racing games have been a dime a dozen for many years now because there are so many games like this one. If you are a fan of racing games, you might want to rent it, but it is not a needed game for anybody.

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