Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

  • Released on Jan 26, 2010
  • By Eighting for Wii

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars review
Let the Games BEGIN!

The good:

Great Gameplay.

Beautiful graphics.

Finally wi-fi!

The bad:

Laggy wi fi

several characters are unbalanced.


Tatsunoko vs capcom is a vs game, similar to previous Vs games (Marvels vs capcom, or capcom vs SNK2 EO) this kind of games are usually know for several things being a 2 vs 2 match, even taking some ideas from KOF.

To start my review ill go onto the gameplay:

This game is based on 2 vs 2 matches, this means a straight beat em up, the first character you select is the one who makes the fight and the other remains as a supporter, that's it until you press the tag button or combination, then you switch characters.

this game has a nice feature known as hyper combo and baroque, ill go with the HC:

Hyper combos are the special moves of every character, all of them have 3 HCM (Hyper combo moves), pulling them off requires a sequences, for example Zero's time stop move requires something like Foward, down, down forward Ryu needs Quarter circle and button press, alex 3rd move requires a 280 ( you start turning the stick slightly lower than the up direction the top left direction if you are facing right), and so on, you can add this in the middle of a combo to spice up the damage you do.

Baroque (nice reference there): its done by pressing the B button after an attack, what happens is that you will lose a little of your red health bar cancel your move, stun for a sec the opponent, allowing you to start a combo without losing the previous one, this can turn the tide of a battle.

To close on the gameplay aspect this is not played as your run of the mill 2D fighting game, its a 2.5 D fighter, meaning there are some new options on gameplay, like aerial rave, or even hyper switch.

Sadly as it shines it also has some murky and ugly sections, quite of the roster is somewhat unbalanced in comparation of what it could be expected, Gold ligthan and PTX are of the most unbalanced characters of the whole roster, both are fast hit hard, and can spam an extremley damaging move with little effort, an other is zero , has great room for comobs yet the programmers took the whole power of him, in other words he can rack up combos but in exchange for little damage, this little details tend to let down, the biggest example is KAras from CGOH, he was godly there but was nerfed so much that is practically useless.


The style of graphics chosen for this are cell shaded, this do forces the wii to a whole new level of looks, this game is absolutely beautiful, and every character is perfectly delineated in when we see past examples of for example morrigan who since darkstalkers came out hadn't been given a new sprite making her the ugliest fighting game character.

Closing comments:

Tatsunoko vs capcom is one of those jewels that pops out in the middle of nowhere and that you cannot lose, you will regret if you do.

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