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So adorable! I wish they were Real!!!

The good:

The small variety of choice at the beginning of which Tama you wish to work with is great, though only two of them I found to be very cute. And the huge variety in shops to open once you've completed part of another shop such as the dentist is great. And there's so much to do in it. Drilling and cleaning teeth, washing and sewing people's clothes, decorating cakes, making flower arrangements and much more, it really has kept me going for a long time.

The 2D graphics gives it the best appearance as it gives you not only the cartoon feeling, but the tamagotchi feeling as well. With the incredibly simple designs of characters and shops and bright colours, it gives it a creative stroke. The music makes it sound fun and adventurous to start your business with your little pet.

The goals is what keep you hooked on the game, getting the little princess or the little Tama's dad to come around and praise your work is really something to work for. Not only that, but trying to gather up money to buy some real cool stuff for your Tama's little home to make it more beautiful and decorative for them to be happy.

The codes are a lovely feature to it too, trying to hunt down new and secret codes to find new items for your tama's home was a very nice touch indeed. ^^

The bad:

It was too easy, when the goals were finished, the game actually began to get boring after a while really, which I didn't want to be disappointed by, but unfortunately did. If anything, they should give you much more to do after the building up of your shops.


Overall, this game was a wonderful experience. Working along side with one of those three tamas was fun filling and very cute. Cooking was one of my favourites when working in one of the business's and probably one of the most challenging along with the singing one. lol

Though it was quite a game to grow hooked on to after finishing the goals, there really wasn't much to do after that except gather codes, which grew more boring after getting all the fun items for your little Tama. But in general, I think it a adorable and fun game to play. ^^

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