Tales of Phantasia (Import) (PSX) Cheats

Tales of Phantasia (Import) cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Tales of Phantasia (Import) cheat codes.


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Maniac Mode
In order to unlock this special difficulty setting finish the game once in either normal or hard and make sure you save your clear data after the game credits.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Maniac ModeFinish the game once and save the clear data


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Chester's Training
Once Chester re-joins your party, he'll have a low level when compared with your party, it order to increase it without having to grind, sleep in the inn of the city of Miguel, you'll trigger a cut-scene and Chester's level will increase. Next when you obtain the Rhea-Birds, use them to fly to Freezekiel, sleep in the inn, another cut-scene will trigger and Chester level will increase even more.
Dhaos' Castle (Future) & Derris Emblem
In Dhaos' Castle (Future) you'll find a weird light in the 3rd floor that will teleport your party members to a dungeon whenever you cross it. In order to avoid this from happening, go back to Early, to the bar, as soon as you enter you'll see an inspector by the table, talk to him, he'll give you 1 Derris Emblem. Back to Dhaos' Castle (Future), to the light, equip Cless with the accessory, all besides him will be sent to the dungeon, so use a holy bottle to minimize the random battles, explore the area you'll find 5 chests guarded by ninjas (only one is not guarded by ninjas), inside of this chests there will be 5 Derris Emblems. Once you have them all, remove the Derris emblem from Cless and enter the light, you'll appear in the dungeon, use the Eternal Sword to pry the jail doors and rescue all your party members. Since you have 6 Derris Emblems you can go back to the light and equip one to each party members so that everybody can go trough it and you keep advancing in Dhaos' Castle (Future).
Elven Bow
Remember the first time that Cless traveled to time, Chester's bow appeared next to him, broken? Well once you go to the Future later in the game, go to the Elven Village and enter the weapon shop, talk to the owner who will fix the bow for 20000 gald, pay him and sleep at the inn, the next day go back to the weapon shop and obtain the Elven Bow for Chester.
God Breath, Maelstrom & Tempest Spells
To get these spells for Arche you must:

1)God Breath: In the underwater city of Thor, when your party is looking for the time machine, go to the basement room where you need to get the "Common Key" in order to open any of the doors. The doors are random, keep trying until you find a small room with a chest containing the spell. (Make sure you grab it before entering the control center room.)

2)Maelstrom: Once you obtain the flying machines go to Undine's cavern, to the screen where you fought here in the past, you'll find it there.

3)Tempest: Once you obtain the flying machines go to Demitel's castle, the spell will be in a chest in the place where you fought Demitel in the past..
Meteor Swarm
In Dhaos' Castle (Future) go to the 2nd floor, from the stairs go up trough two doors, you should be in a small room with two statues and a chest. Open the chest in contains the Meteor Swarm spellbook for Arche. This spell is simply devastating, makes Arche a very powerful magical attacker.
Miso Oden
Miso Oden is a special food, that by eating it all your party HP and TP will be fully healed, and any dead character will be revived.
To learn how to cook it, go to the Ninja Village, next enter the "Mashed potatoes" item shop there, inside the shop, you'll notice an NPC that is alone in a small room to the right of the entrance of the shop, go to that room and talk to him. He'll teach you how to cook Miso Oden.
Ougi: Ascension Blade for Cless
In order to obtain this skill, enter Dhaos' Castle (Future), now exit it and go to Miguel, sleep at the inn, you'll see a cut-scene. Cless will obtain the skill and a new title. Equip this new title.
You'll notice that this skill does NOT appear in the skill list of Cless, the thing is that in order to use it, Cless HP has to be low and the word "Power" must appear in his TP, then you have to press SQUARE, X, O at the same time. It's very powerful, but keep in mind you can only use it when you are in critical condition.
Red Spider Lily and Thunderbolt skills for Suzu
In order to get these skills for her, once you make her join your party go to the following places:

1)Red Spider Lily: Go to the cavern where you obtain Efreet, in the place where he was you'll find a chest containing this particular skill.

2)Thunderbolt: Go to the Zodiac Tower, the skill will be in a chest in the screen where you saw Luna for the first time.
Searching for the Unicorn's Forest
If after completing Dhaos' Castle you are stuck and don't know what you are supposed to do in order to heal the Yggdrasil, read the following:

After visiting Edward's house and retrieving the documents from his study, go to the Yggdrasil and have Mint try to heal it, next you must sleep in an Inn (doesn't matter which) you'll trigger a cut-scene about Mint and her mother. Then take the boat in Venezia that takes you Alvanista. You'll trigger another cut-scene of Mint talking about the Unicorn and how this creature can help. In Alvanista make sure you talk with girl that walks around in the item shop, she'll tell you about a white horse only girls can see. Now go to Midgard, to the mayor's house (House in the Northwest corner) he is on the second floor, talk to him. Next stop the Valhalla plains, you need to find the northwest exit (NOT the northeast exit that you used to go to Dhaos' castle). Once you are out in the world map again, you'll see a forest in front of you, enter it. You'll control only Arche and Mint, you simple have to go Northeast and find the Unicorn, after a cut-scene you'll control Cless and Klarth, make haste to the Unicorn and defeat the enemies there. After another cut-scene the game will prompt you if you want to warp to Yggdrasil or go walking. Select the first option and watch the cut-scene, the tree will be healed now.

If when you enter the forest a cut-scene where Klarth says that Mind and Arche should go alone and find the unicorn DOES NOT trigger, then you must have missed one step from the previous directions, they are necessary to trigger the cut-scene and continue with the game.
Suzu is an optional character that you can make join your party. If you are interested on having her, do the following:

After you obtain the Rhea-birds in the future, use them to travel to "Early, city of darkness", there go to the coffee shop, as soon as you enter you'll see a robbed NPC, talk to him, he'll tell you about hot-springs in the ninja village that lies inside of the Ymir forest. Next stop the Ymir, go trough it until you reach the elven village, from there go north and enter the Treant Woods, from where you start go: UP,UP,UP,LEFT,LEFT,LEFT,UP,UP,UP you'll find Suzu, she will take you to the ninja village where you will see a long cut-scene, after it leave and go to the Euclid castle, and enter the competition of the coliseum, win the 8 rounds and either defeat the enemies of the extra 9th round or not, it doesn't matter, after another cut-scene, go back to the ninja village, there talk with Suzu's grandfather, she will join you party.
Tractor Beam & Thunder Blade
To get the Tractor Beam & Thunder Blade spell books for Arche, after defeating the boss at Alvanista Castle, go up to the 3F of the castle and then down the stairs to the laboratory, you'll see a female sorceress reading a book by a table. Talk to her and she'll sell you 4 spell books, but she only actually has the Tractor Beam & Thunder Blade spell books, if you ask for the other two spells she'll say she already sold it (option 3) and the other doesn't exists(option 4).
Undine, Eefret and Gnome
To get these three elemental spirits for Klath, after defeating the boss at Alvanista castle, do the following:

1)Eefret (Fire Elemental), close to the Moria Mines you'll find a port, use the ship there that takes you to a desert, go to the nearby city and from there you'll see a cave in a mountain, enter it and complete the dungeon and defeat Eefret so that Klarth can summon him in battle. You'll also get the Eruption spell for Arche.

2)Undine (Water Elemental), Go back to Venezia and use take the ship you previously used to go the solitary island, you can now go to another solitary island on the NORTH SEA. There you will find a dungeon with Undine inside, once again complete the dungeon and defeat her so that Klarth can summon her in battle.

3)Gnome (Earth Elemental), first go to the adventure guild (the bar that is below the item shop of Alvanista) and search for a NPC that sells you a Password. Now on Alvanista use the ship on the right (the one to the left takes you back to Venezia), this ship will leave you in a port that has a cave on a mountain nearby, enter it and complete the dungeon and defeat Gnome so that Klarth can summon him in battle. You'll also get a spell for Arche.