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Tales of Destiny cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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First Tech Ring on the game
The first tech ring you can find in the the game is the one inside a chest in the top floor of the tower in Straylize temple. First you must destroy all the crystals in order to open the door guarded by the giant skull, once you did it, enter it and talk with the high priest; then use the stairs to go up until you reach the top floor, the blue chest there contains the tech ring.

For those that don't know, the tech ring allows manual control of the character that has it equipped, unlike in semi-auto where the computer doesn't allow you free movement in a lot of things, here you will be in complete control of that character. Press SELECT during battle to change the CONTROL SETTINGS, MANUAL will now appear if you equipped the tech ring.
Have Mary in your party later in the game
Mary will leave you party because of story events in Heidelberg. You'll be able to get her back later in the game according to what you do:

If you enter Cyril (South of Heidelberg) before entering Heidelberg for the first time, and enter Mary's house you'll see a special cut-scene. If you do see it, you won't be able to have Mary back into your party until after completing Belcrant. If you miss this cut-scene, you can make her join you as soon as you have Bernardo.
How to recruit Bruiser Khang
To acquire the services of Bruiser Khang as a party member, you must win all nine battles in Neuestadt's arena (including defeating Kang himself in the final match) before the Aethersphere covers the world completely.
Password for the Secret Oberon's Factory
On the second floor of the secret oberon's factory you'll find a room with a terminal that requires you to input a password. If you fail to input the correct password you'll have to fight enemies; interact with the terminal and select 3rd choice and then 4th choice. Enter the door above the terminal that was previously closed, kill the oberon employee inside of the room, you'll obtain a new security card. Now go back to the previous room, and then go right until you find a door that can be unlocked with the recently obtained security card. Now you'll be able to proceed further in the dungeon.
Piano puzzle in Moreau Castle
In Moreau caste you'll reach a room where Karyl and another character will have to stay behind; Karyl will use a piano in order to open the next door. Go trough it, in the next screen go up. You'll find yourself in a room with 8 switches, counting them from left to right, push them in the following order: 1, 8, 2, 7, 3, 6, 4, 5. The next door will open, and you'll find a valve inside of it. Go back to Kayril. Now you'll be able to proceed further in the dungeon, go to the floor below and use the valve where it is missing (from the screen where the save point is, go up once.)


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Blue Dragon Summon Disc
Here's how to get the Blue Dragon summon disc:
1. In Cloudius, once you've beaten Baruk, search his chair before you leave to find an Egg.

2. Once the Aethersphere covers the whole world, take the egg to Lilith in Linea. She will beg for Stahn to give it to her. Being the kind-hearted soul you are, Stahn will give it to her.

3. After a certain amount of time has passed, when you enter Stahn's house an event will occur in which a baby blue dragon will hatch from the egg.

4. Feed the baby dragon all 4 Goumets (A-D) and it will become an adult dragon and give you the Blue Dragon Disc!

Get the BC Rod
To get the BC Rod, go to Walt's house late in the game. (The guy you sold the Old Cane to.) Go into Walt's room, and search the dresser. You will find the Old Cane. Use a R. Bottle or Philia's ability "Identify" and you will get the BC Rod.
Helios Passwords
For items, use GIFT or OGRE.

To get through the door, use FATE.
Infinite Gold
To do this trick you need Philia to be at a high enough level to have the special that acts as a R.Bottle. Go to a place that sells apples, buy as many as you can, then use that special to turn them into W.apples then to jams that are WORTH TEN TIMES AS MUCH as much as apples. Sell those off and buy more apples. Repeat as desired.
Kid's Treasure 1st Visiting Armeida
There's a kid in Armeida who offer you his treasure
when you first visit Armeida. It's only an Orange Gel, but the kid will stole ALL of the Galds you have at that moment! But there is a simple trick to get the
Orange Gel without giving the kid a lotta money. What I did was use
all my money to buy healing stuffs, foods and all (not
weapon/equipment). I didn't have much but around 1300 gald or so, but
after I bought all those items to a max 15 each, all left in my
inventory was 3 gald. And I didn't even really buy ALL the items.
Anyway, I didn't exchange my lens also. I get the treasure and pay the
kid the lousy 3 gald left in my inventory, I got a full stock on
healing items, the Orange Gel was the only item I didn't get full
stock of since that what the treasure is (did I mentioned that the
price was far over 3 galds?? ^^ AND I keep exiting-entering the town
till I got a decend 10 gald per lens and I got the galds again in
Stahn's pocket.

I think it's not really quite a 'loss' since afterward you can save
the money for buying healing items at Darilsheid (and got a cheaper
Orange Gel too) and instead I could bought weapons, equipment,
accessories and all for the gang. But it's jut my opinion.
Secret Ending
To see the concluding dialogue, defeat Leon in Harmentz village.
Secret Lens Shop
The secret lens shop is located on a small white island just south from Hermez village. Just walk to the forest and you will find it.
Secret Seed Shop
On the coast west of Junkland, there's hidden seed shop. You can use Draconis to go there
Tower of Druaga Info
When the world is completely dark, go to the cave near Janos (first you meet Rutee). Put down all the crystal rods on each pedestal. The door will open. Before you enter the tower you must know this:
1.The tower has 60 floor and each floor has secret items.

2.The tower has strongest normal enemies and you can't escape from battles.

3.Druaga is hardest boss in this game.

Two-Player Mode
In the early part of the game the seemingly worthless Channeling Ring can actually turn out to be pretty cool. Equip it on the character below Stahn, and then press SELECT on the second controller and the computer will give the character up (you may have to press it a couple of times) and if you have more Channeling Rings you can play up to FOUR PLAYERS via the Multi-Tap!