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A game in the Abyss? NAH!

The good:

The music is great. This game would not be the same without the music. It seems like the game would not be a game without the priceless music. An Arrow is Shot is a great piece of music, which flows greatly with the game. The combat system is really good as well. Free Run is a great feature in this game, which at times makes it harder, but at other times makes it easier. This fixes the game up with anything it has that is bad about it. The story is really good as well. With a mix of species, and a Plot Twist system, this game is ALMOST perfect.

The bad:

Major Loading Time Flaw. It needs to be faster.


This game is almost flawless. With the new Free Run added into the game, and the story being thought out so well, nothing is truly wrong with this game. The Graphics are great, the controls are easy, and everything is perfect. Free Run is a new concept which was added into this game, which allows you to run around the battlefield, instead of the old straight line battle system. This gives you more room to sneak up on your enemies, and will help you in battles. You must get to a certain level to obtain this amazing feature though. Here is an example of Free Run.

Of course, you can't forget t...


Perfect Way To Celebrate The Anniversary.

The good:

- Perfect Story.
- Perfect Music.
- Perfect Graphics.
- Perfect Gameplay.
- Perfect Battle System.
- "Skit" System.
- Anime Cutscenes and Normal Cutscenes.
- Voice Acted.
- Multiplayer.
- Long Game.
- Interesting Sidequests.
- A Lot Of Replay Value.


Tales Of The Abyss has marked a memorable in the Tales Series' anniversary (this game was released on 2005, marking 10 years of tales), and this game has marked my life as well. This one of Namco's best games out for the PS2, and it definitely worth the money. Don't miss this game, not even if you are an RPG hater. If you are like me, you will love every single character and the story will go on in with your own life, and you may even cry at some parts.

First of all, I have to start mentioning the story; the element that caugh me on this game since the first time I played it. The story can b...


10 years in the making, 10 years worth the wait.


The Tales of series has been around for 10 years now. Tales of the Abyss marks the 10th anniversary of this long standing series in Japan, which started out with Tales of Phantasia for the Super Nintendo. However, the Tales of series really wasn't in the spotlight in the US for awhile. Tales of Symphonia, like many others, was my first Tales of game, and it just blew me away. A few years after Symphonia, the "black sheep" of the series, Tales of Legendia, was released, and there was a lot of negative feedback towards it from players. Then a year later, Tales of the Abyss was released. Abyss...

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