Tales of the Abyss Glitch Guide v1.21
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Tales of the Abyss Glitch Guide

by Hikari62   Updated to v1.21 on
Tales of the Abyss
Glitches and Tricks Guide
Version 1.21
Written by: Hikari62
email: hikari6246[at]yahoo[dot]com

If you see I've made a mistake somewhere in this guide or if you know of any 
glitches or tricks I haven't already mentioned then please contact me. I 
haven't encountered/attempted all of these glitches/tricks so some 
information may be off.

I'm warning you all now, there are spoilers in this guide, and I'm not going 
to mark them. Not major spoilers really, but remember, you have been warned. 

Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Glitches/Tricks Explanations
   2a. World Map Music Glitch
   2b. Mystic Arte/Freezing Glitch
   2c. Mystic Arte Spell Lock Glitch 
   2d. Flying Golem?! Glitch
   2e. Keterberg/Silverware Gald Trick (getting gald fast) 
   2f. World Map Trick
   2g. 2nd playthrough Mystic Artes/System Data Glitch
   2h. Loading/Getting Stuck Glitch
   2i. Albiore-Yulia City Glitch
   2j. I can't find the Albiore! Glitch
   2k. Reid's Cut-In Glitch
   2l. Berserker Title Glitch
   2m. Super Jump Glitch
3. Random Facts to Know
   3a. Battles against Asch
   3b. You already casted Resurrection!!!
   3c. Why can't you just sit there and cast spells?!
   3d. No more hourglass cheapness?
   3e. More than Once for Mystic Artes?
   3f. Tactical Leader?
4. Credits
5. Legal Stuff
6. Version History

1. Intro
I made this guide so hopefully people can at least be aware of some of the 
glitches in this game and hopefully avoid them if possible. Also, some of the
tricks can be beneficial to you. The Keterberg trick allows you to make money 
really fast and the World Map trick allows you access to things you shouldn't
have access to as early as before you go to the first town. To be honest I 
find it kind of sad that a guide like this even exists for such a recent game.
I feel like this game has as many glitches as Ocarina of Time! (well, not 
quite that many). Hopefully Namco will do a better job debugging the next game. 

2. Glitches
2a. World Map Music Glitch
Activation - For some reason after you exit the Abandoned Factory the normal 
World Map music stops playing. Instead it will be the music from the last 
place you exited onto the World Map (town or dungeon), or if you save your 
game on the World Map, shut off the system, and then load again no music will 
be playing until you enter and exit some place. Though listening to the Zao 
Ruins theme on the world map is kinda cool.

How to fix - The glitch thankfully fixes itself not too much later in the game.
Just after Akzeriuth the World Map music will change and it will start 
functioning normally again.

2b. Mystic Arte Glitch
Activation - Sometimes the game will just freeze after Mystic Artes are
performed. The screen will freeze and sometimes your controller will start
vibrating. It happens when an enemy kills all remaining party members with
their Mystic Arte or when killing enemies using Anise's Dying Moon extension 
or Luke's Ion extension (you won't hear the sound effects for Dying Moon if 
it's going to happen), and once the game even froze when Anise tried to use 
X-Buster just as the battle ended (if any other mystic artes/techs have ever 
frozen your game please tell me about it). Keep in mind that auto-revive 
effects (like Angel's Tear) do not prevent it from freezing if everyone gets 
hit and "dies" by the Mystic Arte.

How to fix - There's no way to fix it, you just have to reset the game. Keep 
in mind that it is random and doesn't happen every time you use the extensions.
They're too good not to use because of some dumb glitch, so just make sure you
save at every opportunity.

2c. Mystic Arte Spell Lock Glitch
Activation - This happens by first performing Anise or Luke's extensions in 
battle (I don't believe Tear's extension does this). After if you try to use 
any spell casting Mystic Arte after that (Innocent Shine or Mystic Cage) the 
character will be stuck in a "spell lock" meaning they'll just keep casting 
forever (even after overlimit ends) and the Mystic Arte will never go off. 
If you're manually controlling them you can't even press guard to cancel out. 
Also, this glitch does in fact work on bosses (including Nebilim and the cameo
team), so you could in essence use it to your advantage. Though for bosses it 
seems to work even on Mystic Artes that aren't casted (though Reid's Burning 
Phoenix will still go off, and I think Time Stop still happens too, but I'm 
not sure).

How to fix - To get out of the lock you must have either Luke, Anise, Guy, or 
Natalia use their Mystic Artes (no extensions of course), or let Tear/Jade 
get killed, or go into the menu and give them a command. Though the only way 
to use Innocent Shine or Mystic Cage (if you try again after they get out of 
the lock) is if you've used one of the non-spell casting Mystic Artes (without
extensions). Otherwise they'll just keep getting in a spell lock again and 

2d. Flying Golem?! Glitch
Activation - Well, this isn't really a glitch that affects you much, but
I'm listing it anyway. In Mt. Zaleho there's this golem that appears to be
flying/walking in mid-air as if it were programmed as a bat. I've also heard
about a bat that behaves like a golem in that place. The golem always notices
your party as you walk by, and occasionally comes down to encounter you. The
battle you fight is against 3 bats, as the golem was supposed to be a bat in 
the first place. 

How to fix - Nothing really, I don't see why you'd want/need to fix it anyway.

2e. Keterberg/Silverware Gald Trick (getting gald fast)
Activation - This is the most efficient way to earn lots of gald in this game.
The weapons are cheapest at the end of the game. Equip Jade's "Emperor's Best 
Friend" and buy as many silverware weapons (Knife, Spoon, and Fork) in 
Keterberg as you can, then equip Anise's Cat costume and sell the weapons in 
Engeve. Lather, rinse, repeat (auto-pilot shortens the time considerably). You
might need to have done some sidequests that affect Keterberg's TLP to get the
weapons low enough to make a profit, though I'm not sure. You should be able 
to buy the silverware weapons for 43650 gald and sell them for 50124 gald. If 
you buy and sell 16 of each (which runs you about 2.1 million gald) and sell 
them all you'll make 310752 gald each trip. If you can buy 20 of each weapon 
(which costs 2.6 million gald) you'll be making 388440 gald each trip.

2f. World Map Trick (this is a helpful glitch/bug/trick)
Activation - While on the World Map (with nothing loading) open up your PS2's 
tray and remove the disc. Now close the tray and wait a few seconds and you 
should be able to move again. Do NOT do anything that forces the game to load 
such as battles or trying to open the menu because the game will freeze 
(you can unfreeze it by reinserting the disc). Anyway the little map in the 
corner should still be up once you can move again so now you're free to walk 
anywhere on the world map you want. Use the map to tell where you are (you 
won't be able to see most of the world map except for the parts that initially
were loaded, mostly you'll be walking on sky) and when you get to your 
destination just open the tray back up and reinsert the disc and close the 
tray and the game should be back to normal. Make sure you're not in mountains 
or on the ocean when you reinsert the disc because you will be stuck.

Why is this useful? - This trick allows you to go to cities and places before 
you're supposed to, thus giving you a good range of things you can do before 
you even enter Engeve for the first time. Some common things people do are go 
to the Casino, get the Vorpal Sword on Mt. Roneal, and make anything they want
at Din's Shop. You also have access to shops in all the towns you can access. 
Also, this glitch can be used to keep Asch near the end of the game instead 
of Luke. This is done by going to Mushroom Road (you can access Mushroom Road 
after the Absorption Gate and just before entering Eldrant is the cut-off for 
this), getting Asch in your party, and using the map trick in the part of the 
world map where you get the greater flightstone (the other exit of Mushroom 
Road). Though keep in mind you won't have Mieu anymore (I believe there's a 
trick to getting Mieu and Asch, but I don't know it). Also, if you want Luke 
back you can just go back to Mushroom Road and he'll be waiting for you (I'm 
not sure if there's a cut-off point for this). If you do get Asch Luke will 
still appear in the scenes, but in battle you'll have Asch.

2g. 2nd playthrough Mystic Artes/System Data Glitch
Activation - Basically what happened to me was a file from a memory card that 
hadn't beaten the game yet was loaded, and to load my game I just switched out
the memory card for my card (which had beaten the game) and loaded my file. 
This somehow tricked my system data into forgetting I had ever beaten the game 
and thus I couldn't perform any 2nd playthrough Mystic Artes, not even in a 
file with a star by it (though I could still access the optional dungeon and 
the skit viewer). The way to tell if this has happened to you is just to look 
at the game's title screen and see if the sound test and game records have 
disappeared. If they have then you've encountered this glitch.

How to fix - There's quite a simple fix to this problem thankfully. All you 
have to do is load up an old file and go beat the game again and everything 
will go back to normal. To prevent it from happening again just make sure to 
shut off the game before switching any memory cards.

2h. Loading/Getting Stuck Glitch
Activation - The game randomly freezes on occasion while attempting to load 
story scenes and such, or you can get stuck somewhere. You can get stuck 
while going down the Ice Slide in Mt. Roneal. You'll still be able to move 
the character's direction, but you can't budge from that spot. If you try to 
use Mieu Wing to get out the game will freeze. There's also been a case of 
falling through a ladder when attempting to get Natalia's catalyst weapon in 
the Abandoned Factory. You can also fall through a different ladder in the 
second screen of the factory and get stuck. This happens by going to the spot 
where you get the Orange Gel from a chest. With Guy as the on-screen 
character go near the chest and then turn and run into the ladder. Next climb
the ladder without moving the Analog Stick. Let Guy reach the top of the 
ladder and don't move the analog stick and he will fall down through the 
ladder into darkness. 

How to fix - Reset the game... I hope you've saved recently.

2i. Albiore-Yulia City Glitch
Activation - Obtain all flightstones through use of the world map trick and 
go to Yulia City and try to go out through the main exit. If you try, the 
Albiore will no longer be there and the character you're controlling will say 
they can't go outside on foot. This forces you to go through the teleporter 
(Yulia Road) and back to the Daath Bay where you will see the Albiore floating
in mid air before falling back down into the water.

How to fix - It fixes itself (most likely after the whole world goes into the
Qliphoth, because you can't use Yulia Road).

2j. I can't find the Albiore! Glitch
Activation - The most common occurrence of this is after the Mieu Fire 2 
sidequest. Since you're taken to Mt. Zaleho directly the Albiore isn't 
anywhere on the world map. Many people, like myself, took the Daath exit from 
Mt. Zaleho because it's closer and then couldn't find the Albiore anywhere on 
the map. Since the Daath warp to Mt. Zaleho is (for some reason) one way 
people begin to panic.

How to fix - There's a simple solution to this problem. If you ever can't find
the Albiore on the map just head to the nearest port and talk to the guy that 
says "depart". This will always automatically put you back on the Albiore.

2k. Reid cut-in Glitch
Activation - This glitch doesn't work in the English version because of the 
Mystic Arte Spell Lock Glitch (thanks to MasterLL for figuring this out). It 
was also discovered that the Spell Lock glitch takes effect as soon as you 
activate the extensions. Anyway, Reid didn't have a cut-in for Aurora Wall in 
the Japanese version like he does in the English Version, but there was a 
glitch to make one appear. You do it by using Satsugeki Bukouken (Final Fury) 
against Reid and getting his HP down below the 1/4 mark (Satsugeki Bukouken 
must get his HP below 1/4 otherwise it won't work). Then as soon as you 
activate Izayoi Tenbu (Dying Moon) Reid will activate his Kyokkouheki (Aurora 
Wall). Izayoi Tenbu (Dying Moon) will still be going off and when Tokunaga's 
cut-in is supposed to appear Reid's will instead.

How to fix - Nothing really to fix.

2l. Berserker Title Glitch
Activation - There's been a number of people having trouble getting this title
in a new game+. I believe it's some kind of glitch related to carrying over 
battle data from the grade shop, but I'm not sure exactly how it works. 

How to fix - If you've fought over 256 battles on hard and the guy at the 
coliseum still isn't giving it to you, then there's really nothing you can 
do except try again on your next playthrough. If you do get this title in 
your first playthrough just remember to carry over titles in your next game. 

2m. Super Jump Glitch
Activation - If you have Glory equipped and get auto-revived while performing
an attack you can get stuck in the animation's direction (I'm not sure how 
this works with any other techs besides severing wind, but I believe it's the 
same concept). So if you're performing Severing Wind and get auto-revived 
during it you'll get "stuck" in an upwards motion and keep going up and out 
of the screen. 

How to fix - Just try to jump and you'll fall back down...

3. Random Facts to Know
3a. Battles against Asch
Do NOT attempt to use any of Luke's Mystic Artes during the Asch battles. The 
game doesn't allow you unless you knock him down with overlimit first and 
activate Radiant Howl before he gets up (this worked in the first battle at 
least). Otherwise he'll always activate Rending Saber when you attempt to use 
Radiant Howl. If Rending Saber kills you, you're game will most likely freeze.

3b. You already casted Resurrection!!!
This isn't really a glitch, but more a flaw in programming that I felt like 
mentioning. When someone dies Tear and Anise will immediately start casting
Resurrection if they are free. After they cast it and the feather starts 
coming down (before you're revived) they'll start casting it again if they 
have the AD Skill Magic End. This happens because the AI reacts so fast to 
KOed characters and Resurrection takes too long to take effect, so they think 
you still need reviving while the spell is taking its time to do its effect. 
It's nice they can react so fast, but they should have made Resurrection a 
faster spell. You can simply give them another order, but this can be 
beneficial because (1) it gives you another light FOF circle, (2) if 
someone dies before the 2nd Resurrection goes off they'll get revived mere 
seconds later, and (3) it will heal the target that just got revived. 

3c. Why can't you just sit there and cast spells?!
Another programming flaw is characters like Jade running up and attacking when
they're supposed to be casting spells. Make sure they're on Use 100% TP and 
Fonic Artes, and are in the back row. If they still run up little can be done 
to stop it short of putting them on guard and using shortcuts to control them. 
You can also try putting them on "Artes Only" and cancelling all their melee 

3d. No more hourglass cheapness?
Something that existed in the Japanese version, but not in the English version,
 was the ability to access the menu during Mystic Artes like Big Bang and Time
Stop. This allowed you to use hourglasses during Time Stop so both you and 
you're enemies would freeze for its duration. A useful tactic for Symphonia's 
PS2 version as well. Unfortunately this can't be done in Abyss's English 

3e. More than Once for Mystic Artes?
Another thing to keep in mind. All the English exclusive Mystic Artes can be 
used more than once per battle. So, feel free to use Noble Roar and Brilliant 
Overlord to your heart's content. An exception to the rule is Tear's extension,
but that's only because Fortune's Arc is once per battle since it was in the 
Japanese version.

3f. Tactical Leader?
Just thought I'd mention this in case someone doesn't know yet. The way to 
get this title was slightly altered in the English version (for some stupid 
reason...). In the Japanese version you just had to beat Nebilim and then go 
talk to Peony, Tritheim and then Pere to get the title. In the English version
it's the same except you must defeat Nebilim on Very Hard or Unknown mode, 
meaning you can't get this title on your first playthrough.

10. Credits
From the Official Tales Forum:
drachemeister - for inspiring the creation of this guide as well as for 
helping me compile a lot of this information

MasterLL - For discovering the Mystic Arte Spell Lock Glitch and for 
discovering that Reid's cut-in glitch doesn't work in the English Version

Shinryu - For explaining the Super Jump Glitch to me

Dark Cloud Setho - For explaining to me how some glitches work

Tamad - For explaining to me how some glitches work

Kuroda - For explaining to me how some glitches work

lingks - For explaining the Berserker Title Glitch 

Ashe, pythonkid, etc. - Thanks to everyone who worked diligently a while back
to figure out how to get the Tactical Leader title in the English version. 

Me (Mana Phoenix) - For discovering the System Data Glitch 

From Gamefaqs:
DragoonClawz - For figuring out how the Abandoned factory ladder glitch 
(see Loading/Getting Stuck Glitch) works.

Tim K, Jason C and Brad D - For pointing out a mistake on the golem glitch.

Danielle W - Pointing out another benefit to the resurrection glitch

11. Legal Stuff
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Use of any part of this guide on any website (other than those listed below) 
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
copyright. If you want to use my guide on your website e-mail me and provide 
me a link to your website and I'll consider it. This guide may be not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. If you see 
this guide on any website other than the ones listed please contact me.

Websites authorized to host this guide
- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://tales.namco.com/forums/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/ 

12. Version History
Version 1.21 (9/6/07)
- Added Neoseeker to site list
- Fixed a few minor errors

Version 1.20 (9/3/07)
- Fixed Golem Glitch
- Fixed Resurrection glitch

Version 1.10 (12/20/06)
- Added the Berserker title and Super Jump Glitches
- Discovered Reid's cut-in glitch doesn't work in the English Version
- Added Tactical Leader to the random facts section

Version 1.00 (12/17/06)
-First version

Copyright 2006 Laura Heyeck/Hikari62