Tales of Symphonia (PS2) Cheats

Tales of Symphonia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Colette's Individual Outfit
Go to Meltokio and speak to everyone in the Kitchen, then leave the Kitchen. Walk up the stairs, while Playing as Colette and speak to the 2 women.
A scene will play and afterwards you will receive Colettes Individual Outfit !
Title : " Maid "
Game Unlockables !
This are features that are Unlockable in the game :

  • 'Mania' Difficulty :
    To unlock the 'Mania' difficulty, simply beat the game once.

  • Game Record :
    To unlock 'Game Record' at the title, simply beat the game once.

  • Grade Shop :
    After clearing the game once, load the clear data, then you will be able to buy stuff such as Max HP Increase, Exp*10, Exp*2 with Grade.
  • Genis' Individual Outfit
    Head to the slums in Meltokio. You will see a Katz being chased by a boy. Watch the Scene and them proceed to the Item shop.
    To to the Katz there and he will tell you to speak with the Elder.

    Now go to Sylvarant. The Katz Village is on the most northern Island.
    roceed in and talk to the Elder.
    Now go back to Tethe'alla and back to the slums in Meltokio.
    Watch the Scene and Genis will recieve the title : " Katz Katz Katz "
    (( His Individual Outfit ))
    Lloyds Individual Outfit
    After Luin has been rebuilt, talk to the man on the dock (( Next to the boat )).
    Speak to him and pay him 3000 Gald.
    You'll realise that you've been tricked as the man runs off.
    Leave Luin and then Re-enter. Speak the with man again and you'll receive Lloyd's bonus costume.
    Title : " Arrgh, me Hearties "
    Presea's Individual Outfit
    Your destination is the Lezareno Company in Altimira.
    Head to the Presidents office while playing as Presea to witness a scene.
    Now proceed to the Hotel to receive your new costume !
    Title : " Dream Traveler "
    Raine's Individual Outfit
    Visit Asgrad while playing as Raine.
    Proceed up to the large stone slab to view a scene.
    Its as easy as that !
    Raine will receive the title : " Maiden " (( Her Individual costume ))

    Regal's Individual Outfit
    While Playing as Regal head to Meltokio. Find the Wonderchef (( Left of the stairs up to the castle )).
    View the scene and at the end you will gain Regals Bonus Costume.
    Title : " God of the Kitchen "
    See Corrines True form !
    After Corrine has already died and you have defeated the Dark Dragon and walked through the doors in Mitho's Castle, go all the way back to Iselia.
    Once there you should see a skit involving Sheena hearing Corrine talking to her.
    After that go to the Temple Of Martel.
    Once there go to the place where you first met the angel (( Remiel )). When you enter the area you should see a secret scene with Corrine in his true form !

    Enjoy ! - This is the last time you'll ever see Corrine ...
    Sheena's Individual Outfit
    While playing as Sheena, return to Mizuho Village and speak with the man outside of the Cheifs hut.
    After the Scene proceed inside and talk to the man named Tiga.
    Now head to the Temple of Lightning (( Where you faced Volt )).
    When you reach the temple, walk to the place were you battled Volt - The middle part of the map.
    Talk to the man there to witness a scene. Talk to everyone at the campsite to gain Sheena's new Title : " Successor ", which also unlocks her new Outfit !
    Unlock Formal Costumes ^^
    At any Point late in the game, go to Zelos' house and speak to the Butler.
    He will tell you that the King needs your attention.
    Go to the King and events will un-fold.
    Go to the Tethe'alla bridge now and watch the following scenes.
    After this you must go to Tethe'alla forest. Be prepared for an Easy Battle !
    After the scenes there journey back to the king and he will tell you that he was sent your formal costumes to Zelos' house.

    The New Scenes will NOT occor unless you have spoken to the Doctor in Flanoir !

    Talk to the Butler and he will tell you that Lloyds costume did not arrive.
    Talk to the Kings assistant and Lloyd will receive the Title " Nobleman " (( His formal Costume title )).
    Proceed to the party. Once inside talk to the 3 people whom you want to get formal costumes for and they will receive their Formal Costume titles.
    You will then view a scene in which the person who most likes Lloyd also gets their formal costume.
    You will end up with 5 formal costumes overall, so choose wisely !
    Enjoy the Banquet !
    Unlock Swimsuit Costumes ^^
    After seeing the doctor in Flanoir, fly to Altamira and speak to the woman outside the hotel.
    She will ask you to find her 4 Daughters. They are in the following locations :
    (( In this order ))

    1. On the Beach
    2. At the Amusement park ticket booth
    3. On the Second floor of the Hotel
    4. On the Beach again.

    Talk to the woman after finding her children and she will leave you a reward in the hotel. Talk to the Hotel Manager and you will recieve 4 Swimsuit costumes.
    (( 1 goes to Lloyd, 2 go to the people with the highest friendship, and the last one goes to a person of your choice ^^ ))
    Enjoy your new costumes !
    Zelos' Individual Outfit
    Beat any level at the arena, then proceed to Zelos' House.
    Outside you will be pounced upon by a group of women. Your group will decide that Zelos needs to hide his Identity, thus gaining him his new Costume !
    Title : " Masked Swordsman "


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    Free Kendama
    If you begin the Devil's Arm Quest, After a few Devil's Arm's, go to Altimira and sleep at the inn.
    Say " yes " that you want to go out at night. Head to the Casino Area.
    Go on the bridge and you will see a young man. He says he will sell you a Kendama for 1,000 Gald.
    Say " yes " and then check your Gald. You actually spent 0 Gald ^^
    Katz Village Glitch - Free Inn !
    Once you have the Rheairds and can use them anytime, go to the Katz Village.
    If you talk to the Katz who asks you if you want to sleep say " Yes ".
    He says it's only 50 Gald a night, but if you look at your Gald afterwards, you didn't spend any money.
    This is really good if you want to be fully healed with no cost ^^