Tales of Legendia review
Not Really Legendary...

The good:

-Chibi, if you like that
-Fairly long gameplay
-Nice Graphics
-8 Characters with colorful personalities
-Battle System
-Voice Dialog

The bad:

-A few stealth missions that get rather annoying
-Some Childish Parts
-The Story is...alright
-You can pretty much button mash X and win


Tales of Legendia. One of the many games from the Tales Series, such as Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. Another one of the many Tales games released for the PS2. Gamecube only got One.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are nice, I'll give it that. Colorful world with these awesome Chibi characters that have a mind of their own. The personality traits are quite nice. The world is fairly large and there are some beautiful cut-scenes.

Gameplay 8/10

It's alright. You've got a few people to start with, and eventually get up to 8. Each character looks really nice with the Chibi style and Cell Shaded Graphics. It's really a vibrant anime world of sorts. There's several places to go, though you're usually pretty bound to the story. There's times when you can go wherever you want. As for the battling, you'll walk around on an actual map. When you get into a random battle, it will take you to another screen. Here, you'll fight in 2D, and it's pretty hard to miss your opponent. You get some special moves and you can even combine them to make other cool moves. Using a move enough times unlocks even more moves. It's hard to have them all mastered. You can also only have so many moves on the Quick Ability Shoulder Buttons, but you can freely switch these via the pause menu in battle. This style of battling is fun for anyone who likes action RPG's that isn't afraid to go 2D this time around. Everything else is in colorful 3D, anyways.

Music 10/10

It's hard to put down the music in any way. There's not really much to say about it, other then that there's plenty of it and it's nice background noise when you're fighting, or just wandering around the towns and talking to people or buying items in the shops.

Story 7/10

The story isn't so bad, but it's nothing special, I suppose. Senel Coolidge, the main character with a cool name, needs to find his sister Shirley. She gets kidnapped several times when you are just with-in reach, so the story is a bit repetitive. Still, there's lots of colorful places to go along the way, which almost makes it worth it. But the story isn't bad, it's just redundant. The game is still a great game and worth playing.

Overall 35/40

Out of all the Reviews I've done, this game scored the lowest. It's definitely a good game, and any RPG/Tales fan shouldn't be dissapointed by it's large Landscape, the parts of the storyline that go deeper than just Senel's sister being kidnapped, and the colorful world with the amazing Chibi characters. If anything, it's a vibrant quest that will last a while, with plenty of humor, fun, and characters with a colorful personality that makes listening to the cut-scenes enjoyable. It's not a top-listed game or anything, but it's still a good game if you ever find yourselves out of games to play.

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