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Tales of Legendia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Difference Between Treasure Chests
The difference between the red and blue treasure chests are:

Red- contains items that will disappear after use suce as Gumi(or Gels, as they were called in ToS) and bottles
Blue - contains items for equipping, such as Weapons and Armors

Note: If you have 15 of the same item, you will not be able to acquire another one from the treasure chests. Also, you will not be able to throw away any items.

Note2: You are also able to discover items from the background in towns. Constantly tap on the circle button if you want to make sure that you acquire each of them.
Easy EXP
To get easy exp equip the blue sephira or you can purchase the easy exp thing at the grade shop (you must beat the game to use this shop).
Easy Gald
To get easy Gald equip the Sephira on any character, or you can inheritit your gald in the grade shop so you can use your inheritit your old gald to buy things like moon crystal or some other expensive thingys.
Title : Punching Bag Man
Achieved when Will beats up Moses for Wildin' out.
Title : Sandor Boss
You must get your character to level 20 !
Title : Senel Baker
You must bake every bread at least once
Title :Mosos Mischievous Boss
You must get your character to level 40 ^^


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Damage for Climax Combo
You will be able to perform a climax combo if you have the following requirements:

- All 4 party members are able to move(meaning, not KOed or petrified)
- The opponent is still alive before you press the L1 button again to perform it

The amount of damage you will inflict on the opponent for the Climax Combo is effected by the amount of gauge left:
100%~75% - 20% of Opponent's Maximum HP
74%~50% - 15% of Opponent's Maximum HP
49%~25% - 10% of Opponent's Maximum HP
24%~1% - 5% of Opponent's Maximum HP

If you perform a Climax Combo during battle, the gauge would be empty by the time the battle ends.
Title : Senel Battle God
Gained when Senel reaches level 80 !
Good Luck ^^
Title : Senel Bread Master
You must gain all the recipes in the game ^^