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The Journey to Seperate the Worlds

The good:

-A small cast of characters that allow for better growth and development. All the characters are fully fleshed out with a background, and voice acting to compliment their character persona.
-Linear-dynamic battle system with breath taking, visually tantalizing battle effects that keeps the player interested.
-Over 50 hours of gaming.
-Various mini-games from Chamballoon, to Craymel Ball.
-Cooking! Find the mysterious Wonder Chef in all the town locales to become a Master Chef!
-Master your skills and special moves to create new ones.
-Develop your Craymel relationships to establish stronger ties and gain new abilities.

The bad:

-The voice acting can overlap at times, and also be a little boring.


Sitting high atop a large wooden watch tower, watching the sky, the protagonists of the quaint village of Rasheans-Reid and Farah-discuss the recent changes to the sky. Little do they know that this day will mark the start of a gigantic adventure that spans over two worlds as the aircraft of the Celestian Meredy, crashes into the surrounding forest. With the intent of assisting the foreign speaking individual, the group set out to find Keele, a scholar who may be able to assist in translating what the strange, mysterious girl is saying. Also joining the cast will be Ras, a knight of the kin...

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