Tales of Eternia Tips

getting the aibird
After returning to Inferia, go to Aifread's Tomb (88,63); complete the puzzles to get the Sphere of Light. Then at Shizel's Castle, when you find the elevator, go up and locate the Sphere of Darkness. Return to the Relay Point, and inside the Conversion Dock put both Spheres next to the Aifread Statue to get the Aibird.

Once you get the Aibird, talk to Keele and he will tell you that there is an island south of Morle (Inferia). The Glimmer Spire (107,22) is located on this island. You must reach the top floor and defeat Valkyrie in order to get the S.D. Sword at Celestia Pirate's Hideout #1 (55,11). The S.D. is certainly not a common sword -- it cannot be equipped but summons Destiny every 30 minutes of game play. The Craymel Hot Spring(208,108) can be reached to complete the Rasheans's Elder side quest. Also at Celestia, you can find the Katz Village(120,109).