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tekmosis blogged
Jan 25, 11 8:46pm

If you have a group of wikis running off of a single code base (aka wiki farm), this tip is for you.

The way mediawiki sets its cookies is by using $wgDBprefix to append to all the cookies. Chances are you either have different databases or use a single db with a prefix for each table.

This is fine for a single install but on a wiki farm this means you're creating three cookies per wiki; this is bad as every request sent to the server will also be sending all of those cookies as well. To avoid this add the following to your LocalSettings.php

php code

$wgCookiePrefix = 'foobar'; 

you may change the value to suit your needs.

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VeGiTAX2 blogged
Jun 7, 10 11:08pm

We have a ton of contests this month I just wanted to bring some of them to light for users who don't frequent the site announcements forum.

Create a comic and win Sam & Max Season 3 (PC/Mac)

FIFA World up South Africa (PS3)

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/360)

We also have a few more contests coming this month, some which may make MW2 fans happy, or maybe even some fans of Spy games or people who like large random giveaways of games and merchandise.

Keep an eye out though in site news and announcements for the latest on these. We want to give everyone lots of free stuff, but you have to make the effort to actually take it off of our hands.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jun 9, 09 11:18pm

So I couldn't think of an overly awesome title, leave me be. ;__; Anyway the relation of it to this is that in Australia it's currently going into winter. Now because of poor global warming who keeps copping all the blame around the place, today is actually cold for where I live. I'm barely dressed though since I'm inside in my warm house. :) Reasoning is that it's exams week and I had to do no less than THREE yesterday, yes three on one day. So now I have two days off to myself before a final one on Friday which is even funnier by the fact it will be the easiest.

So as you know I've been a little better with stuff lately. Managed to get back into GameGrep a bit as homework has died down. After exams I'm hoping things will be a bit better though I'll be making loads of notes because as soon as I go back it's trials blah blah. :(

So what am I doing at the moment? Well at the moment I'm watching a movie while eating and drinking all sorts of good stuff. Listening to some newly acquired music being Fleshgod Apocalypse and Anata. Also laughing at all the suckers at school today.

I've also done some work on the Pokemon Wiki with a couple of episode guides done. Feedback would be much appreciated if you have the time.

That's about it. I'll just leave this on the note I did add some new photos of myself to my gallery recently so if you're interested take a look and yeah.

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Deathsythe blogged
Nov 26, 08 3:50pm

I've been kicking around different ideas to try to help gain some more popularity and exposure outside of Neoseeker for our wikis, and so far this is one of the better ones.

I think it would be a good idea if everyone added their respective wikis to StumbleUpon. (about) If you are currently not part of a wiki team, then feel free to float around and see what you can add on your own ;)

In FireFox, it is as simple as using the StumbleUpon Toolbar Extension [Firefox|IE (IE Alt)], and selecting the "I like it!" thumbs up icon () when you are on the wiki page.

You should then be asked to fill out a brief description/review which would be something to the extent of "A Comprehensive wiki dedicated to the SERIES NAME series on Neoseeker that anyone can edit!"

Then categorize as Video Games (or TV for some) and throw on a bunch of tags.

If the wiki has already been added, you will just rate the page and not be required to fill out anything. (How simple is that?!)

Eventually I would like to try to get some more of the content pages added to SU, but for now just a direct link to the main page should suffice. But in the near future (or now for some) I feel we should be ready to unleash some of the more hefty pages onto the net as well.

By doing this - any of the 6.5 Million or so users will be able to navigate randomly to our pages with the click of a button (a little less than random if tagged properly and they share a common interest)

So get out there guys, and increase our exposure! Soon we shall rule the world! (well maybe not, but a guy can dream right?)

Your friendly neighborhood Wiki Admin,

PS- I am listed as deathsythe212 on there, feel free to add me, if you like - make a mention of neoseeker or your username so I don't get confused though :P.

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