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VinnyVideo blogged
Dec 6, 10 11:38pm

After seeing the Jaguars play so horribly in some games earlier this season (like against the Chargers and in the first Titans matchup), it's almost incredulous that they'd be leading the division and quite comfortably in the playoff hunt. But if they can keep up that dominating rushing attack, who knows what could happen?

While Maurice Jones-Drew's career-high 186 rushing yards were laudable, don't overlook the offensive line - and guys like Greg Jones and Zach Miller - who had amazing games opening holes for MJD (and other runners).

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WikiLeaks, the rogue media organization, has been getting lots of attention by disseminating thousands of classified documents. I don't know all the details of this situation, considering I haven't personally studied the leaked documents, but I applaud what they're doing as long as they focus on the really juicy stuff and redact names of ordinary people who might be harmed by the release of certain information.

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I don't feel like writing too much today - it's just too cold to type particularly fast. If the weather stays as cold as it was last winter, that would be truly unprecedented in Jacksonville's recorded history - having a very warm summer followed by a very cold summer - and would either make me believe Al Gore or else buy a 1960's muscle car to get our carbon back into whack!

Maybe I'll start posting more often - and longer - if people start reading this. Until next time, that's all folks.

- Vinny

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Machienzo blogged
May 19, 09 5:18am

So, another day has passed. Well, as fun as it was today, it was raining. I love the rain. Don't know why though. I've come to the decision that it is most likely because we get more shine than shower. I'm sure that those in the UK beg to differ with this lovely rain. However, one of the things that particularly annoyed me today was having to walk to school. My bag got completely soaked, and so did all my books and assignments. Don't you just hate that? All your good work gets ruined in a simply matter of minutes/seconds?

Chemistry was just a usual day. We're doing all this stuff about equations with exo and endothermic reactions.

This is my best and most favourite class. Partly due to the fact that I can get things done twice as fast as the rest of the class and have time left over to play Chinatown Wars on an Emulator. I still haven't been able to beat this one mission that involves saving these two Triads from this police truck and another accountant and safely delivering them to the Airport. They keep on catching on fire whenever I wreck my car. Oh well, at least Rockstar made is much easier to restart missions.

A kind of boring and slow class. We spent the class time going over a process of filling out a Cash Flow Statement with GST. Lol, Cash Flow Statement is CFS, my initials! =D

Although Kazakhstan a Glorious Country, It Have a Problem, Too: Economic, Social, and Jew. - Borat Sagdiyev
Economics was so-so. We just finished questions placed on the board. I spent most of the time looking up Fallout 3 guides and articles on interesting topics such as perks to consider, weapons and general tips.

Right, well now I'm off to try and finish that Chinatown Wars mission.

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