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Chad blogged
Nov 30, 08 7:26am

There seems to be a bit of a controversy as to what NeoBlogs should be used for. Some say that they should be used specifically for gaming and hardware since this is a gaming/hardware site (it is officially a hardware site, but the gaming aspects of it seem to be more popular). Others say that NeoBlogs should be used like regular blogs, but to a reasonable extent. I'm here to try to say the pro's and con's for both, and decide myself. Who knows, maybe by the time I finish this entry I would have persuaded not only myself, but others to have a similar to view to what my conclusion says is best.

For starters, the arguement stating that NeoBlogs should be used strictly for gaming and hardware related things. I do think that personal game diaries and even hardware diaries would be a good and fun read. Also things about upcoming games, such as members thoughts on games and hardware, prior to or post-release would be a good way to express your opinions on such things. One thing that I find kind of funny with this arguement is that the current set of categories includes things that don't always relate to gaming/hardware such as Books, Movies, Anime, Musings/Thoughts, Web Development, TV and Shows, and the Other category. Now yes, some of these can pertain to gaming/hardware such as movies/books/anime that were turned into a game, and the same with tv shows. Just as well, musings/thoughts could be about games/hardware. Web Development.....well, I'll get back to you on that one as to how people are linking that to gaming/hardware.

Now, for the group who generally agree on having the NeoBlogs used just like regular blogs. Now yeah, almost all of the members from this group do agree that you shouldn't use it for trivial matters such as your dating life, or something like that. I mean, not many people want to know about someone's thoughts on why somebody they don't even know doesn't like them, or that someone looked at them funny today. But, I do like how it doesn't have to be about gaming. This allows the other use for the categories mentioned above that aren't always linked to gaming/hardware. If someone wants to talk about his/her favorite anime/movies/books and give their recommendations on them, then by all means do it. We do have a Movies and Books section, and Anime is a very popular entity that has a popular forum, and has many DVD's of anime series/movies in the Movies section. Same thing with the TV and Shows category, as well as the Other category and Musings/Thoughts. Maybe someone begins to think about something that has to do with the mind and how certain things aid it, like I did here, shouldn't they be allowed to talk about it?

There have been a couple of official announcements for NeoBlogs, one found here, in the News articles section, the other here, in the Site News and Announcements forum. In that first source, kspiess mentions:

With the NeoBlogs, any Neoseeker who has more than 50 forum posts can start blogging about whatever they'd like to talk about. You can talk about the games you are playing. You can talk about the weather. You can even talk about sandwiches -- or technology! -- using our NeoBlogging system.
Whether he literally meant that, or was just saying that, is up for you to decide (until he steps in and tells us), but regardless, he does mention things other than gaming/hardware (barring sandwiches, if you thought he was joking) such as weather. In the second source, Redemption says:

Now you can blog about your adventures and challenges in gaming, your favourite movies, your favourite cake, life, the universe, and just about anything.
Again, we see things that have a small chance of pertaining to gaming/hardware, such as your favorite cake (which I'm guessing he slid that in there since it was promised in that first source for blogging), the universe. Now, out of context, you could say the gaming/hardware universe and all things in the universe pertaining to gaming/hardware, but it seems as though not only did he already mention gaming things, but as the sentence progresses he was moving away from the normal stuff you see on Neo. This leads me to believe that when he mentions life, the universe, and just about anything, he means you can blog about anything (within reason), whether it is about gaming/hardware or not. This is just my interpretation of these two official sources. Now if kspiess or Red want to clarify and say that it meant something else, then I guess I was wrong with how I perceived it.

When it all comes down to it, which direction we take NeoBlogs in will better benefit Neo, I'm really not sure. If we blog about anything (within reason), then it benefits Neo's community because we learn more about each other beyond just their gaming/hardware experiences. Which will better benefit Neo's professionalism? Hands down having it strictly gaming/hardware because outside visitors that may stumble upon it would be more attracted to seeing members opinions/experiences with games/hardware than they would be if they saw someone ranting about an epiphany they had that day. Still, do we really need that strict of a professional look? I think it would turn a lot of the members off NeoBlogging which could make NeoBlogging be a failed feature.

At the end of the day, I side with the group that is in a general agreement that we use NeoBlogs for things other than gaming/hardware. I would like to see many gaming journals and the like, but having it strictly that wouldn't be a very good thing. Thoughts? Arguements I missed (there are quite a few)? Am I an idiot because of my opinion on this? :)

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