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Lyonnais blogged
Jan 8, 10 6:45am

Why do people always think I'm high, and crap? :'<

Since middle school people have always said I'm high, or stoned, but It's kinda hard to be high/stoned at school when I've never been that.

I think it's due to me having long hair, and spacing out a lot. However I don't see why they would confuse me with even getting stoned as I don't even hang around the stoner's. Another question why would you even get stoned/high by yourself? Isin't it supposed to help you feel more outgoing, or some shit?

Ah well I think I'll be stuck with that until I'm out of High School, but still it's kinda frustrating to be confused with something you're not. Then again most people go through that, and apparently I'm not an exception.

Whatever I was able to abuse the blog function again so at least I get a minor plus...

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