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The PlayStation 4 is Sony's fastest selling console, but even The Flash needs to stop and catch... posted Jul 30, 15 11:18am

Series fans were upset when Nintendo confirmed The Legend of Zelda Wii U was no longer expected to... posted Jul 29, 15 10:16pm

At this point, a majority of the gamers have heard of Playtonic Games' spiritual successor to posted Jul 30, 15 7:53am

Western gamers can look forward to another 4-player cooperative RPG, as developer Square Enix... posted Jul 30, 15 6:56am

It's been a bumpy road, but the Wii U has finally sold over ten million systems since it first... posted Jul 29, 15 6:07pm

Jul 30, 15 5:43am
started a discussion titled "Sadly, another bunch of mii costumes." in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U
Jul 30, 15 3:41am
started a discussion titled "Most adorable Happy Home Designer 3DS theme!" in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Jul 30, 15 2:04am
started a discussion titled "Square Enix has "no concrete plans" to localize DQ XI" in Dragon Quest XI

LEGO Dimensions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's crazy amalgam of film and media... posted Jul 29, 15 2:57pm

Update: Clarified that all character skins can be unlocked through regular play. Amiibo are the... posted Jul 29, 15 9:58am