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As far as Season Pass content goes, there isn't a single AAA game these days that doesn't put... posted 17 hours ago

Dwarf, qunari, human or elf, each player will make their very own Inquisitor protagonist at the... posted 6 hours ago

All anyone has to say to me these days to get me excited are the words "co-op" and "beat 'em... posted Sep 26, 14 7:14pm

In case anyone wasn't sure about it, The Evil Within is a survival horror game. That doesn't... posted 17 hours ago

Sometimes all it takes is a single trailer to persuade you that a previously unknown game... posted Sep 25, 14 2:10pm

After the surprising success of 2D skating game OlliOlli, it only makes sense that roll7 would... posted Sep 25, 14 2:08pm