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When Microsoft first launched the Xbox in 2001, the gaming industry was changed forever. No longer... posted 2 days ago

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog franchise celebrates 25 years of helping it do what Nintendon't today... posted 3 days ago

Jun 22, 16 1:10pm
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Fans of the Chaos Rings series may have something new to look forward to. The mobile RPG series... posted Jun 22, 16 10:48am

Featured above is the New Nintendo 3DS XL. That should probably go without saying, but if you look... posted Jun 22, 16 9:44am

C Falcon
Jun 22, 16 6:37am
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fans have something to look forward to this week. If Super Mystery... posted Jun 21, 16 9:00am

Jun 21, 16 1:44pm
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Jun 21, 16 9:47am
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