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I've recently gotten more interests in wanting to edit the wiki's again. I counted up all my wiki edits and they added up to be over 400,000 bytes. I was thinking, "Well, I got this far. Why not go further."

Unlike most others, I only edited wiki's (after losing the interest in getting the tags) for 2 things. (1. To have fun. and (2. To get a large number of bytes. I don't know why, but the large byte size kind of felt like an accomplishment to me, while not to others.

I got to thinking last night, "Well, I could try to shove some more info into the wiki's I now vasts amounts about." Though with the changing times and the lost time since I actually did some mass editing I lost the knowledge of how to properly use the category tags, the infoboxs, and stubs, and ect.

Though, all that against me I think I'll try again. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have over 1,000,000 bytes in edits!

That is my main goal, I hope I can accomplish it!

Off to the Golden Sun Neo Wiki!


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