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I've recently gotten more interests in wanting to edit the wiki's again. I counted up all my wiki edits and they added up to be over 400,000 bytes. I was thinking, "Well, I got this far. Why not go further."

Unlike most others, I only edited wiki's (after losing the interest in getting the tags) for 2 things. (1. To have fun. and (2. To get a large number of bytes. I don't know why, but the large byte size kind of felt like an accomplishment to me, while not to others.

I got to thinking last night, "Well, I could try to shove some more info into the wiki's I now vasts amounts about." Though with the changing times and the lost time since I actually did some mass editing I lost the knowledge of how to properly use the category tags, the infoboxs, and stubs, and ect.

Though, all that against me I think I'll try again. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have over 1,000,000 bytes in edits!

That is my main goal, I hope I can accomplish it!

Off to the Golden Sun Neo Wiki!


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A more personal post should be coming soon, but I'm on my PDA at the moment.
    Skate.neoseeker (Skate 2)
  • Trophy/Achievement lists
  • Character Pages
  • Mission Pages
  • Location Pages
  • Super Mario World - custom level hacking
  • Show off your gear photo shoot (gallery.neo)
That's all for now, I really should be paying attention in circuits lecture. :(

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I figured I'd post this up for a bit of fun to see what kind of things you guys come up with about what you think fills up most of my day (and consequently my slave lover Deathsythe). I'll start this off at midnight and go part way through a little bit of the day and leave it up to you guys to use your imagination before I post what my typical day really is like. Your ideas can be funny, realistic, or just plain stupid. It's as much for me to get a laugh as it is you guys, so feel free to debate to your heart's content. Yes, some of this is censored. Don't want to spoil all the fun for you now. :P

Deathsythe, don't spoil this with my real schedule just yet :(

12 AM: Log in after work, checck PMs, wiki forums, etc.
1 AM: Wonder why *top secret* hasn't been done or why we're still waiting on *wiki admin* for a simple *answer*
2 AM: Check MSN, ponder why Vermillion is using another loli image as his display pic...
3 AM: Sleep.

Ready? GO!

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Stemming from my Previous todo list - of which I did get quite a bit done, albeit more of the miscellaneous stuff, but still... Here's my intended todo list for the end of the year.
    Advance Wars Wiki
  • Finish several CO pages from the original Advance Wars
  • Properly categorize the COs into their proper subcategories.
    Fable Wiki
  • Develop Several Fable II Templates ({{Misc Items}} - to be used for Misc, Books & Docs, Augments, Furniture, {{Food}}, {{Potions}}, {{Gifts}}, {{Trophy}}, {{Dye}}.
  • Make/Modify Weapon Template for Fable II Melee Weapons
  • Develop Weapon Template for Fable II Ranged Weapons
    Digimon Wiki
  • Meet with Galacticdramon and go over priority list for Digimon Profile Pages, and create/work on said pages

Those are my specific goals for now, I'm sure more things will come into the pipe, and I will have my hands full else where with other miscellaneous tasks as well as day-to-day activity, but regardless...

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Neoforums might feel a little lonely now-a-days, especially with the NeoWikis and NeoBlogs getting all the attention. (Sucks when you aren't the baby in the family anymore and have to grow up) What better way to cheer them up than to include them in the wikis!

You might not all be familiar with the < neoforum > tag, but it is an extremely useful bit of code.

By utilizing it in such a manner as:

(Where FORUMID is the number after /forums/, for example this forum is 39502) can display the 10 most recent threads in a games respective forum.

Now this may not be a big deal for the older games, but for games from the current generation and their predecessors who have active communities and discussions certainly would benefit from such implementation.

There are a few ways to do this. If you look here, you will note that I opted to add another field to the game's infobox to include the "Recent Forum Threads".

This method could become problematic for games that are multiplatform, but I'm sure you can all think of something.

You are not limited to adding it to the infobox, that was just a suggestion. Be creative. Float another table underneath the infobox, or box art, add a separate heading section for them if you like, however you and your team feel like incorporating it, and further integrating your game pages with their respective neoseeker profiles.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood Wiki Admin,

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