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Hmszelda blogged
Feb 26, 13 1:58pm

Tuesday, Tuesday, gotta post a blog on Tuesday!

Well, since I did a blog about my favorite game/forum, I'll make this one all about different forums. And Thursdays about games. :D

Forums I am new in:
It's still a small community, but this game really does look interesting.
We are all speculating away, so join us maybe? ;)

Basically the same as Dream Team...
But there is one difference...
This one has golf.

Forums I am "old" in:
The perfect combination of writing and roleplaying, this welcoming group is always looking for new members to duel with!

Like pokemon? Trading, battling, talking?
So do we! So come join a clan, we all like new guys, I swear!

Like writing? Like roleplaying? Like blogging? Like comicing?*
Want to let others see your work and get feedback? Everyone here loves to be entertained, by all skill levels!
*about pokemon

Forums I am a "middle man" in:
Whether it be a general question, wanting a read, or wanting someone to read your work, this is your place!
Writer's are welcome!

The LoL forum is for everything from discussion, to asking for matches/due partners, to bragging!
With a vast amount of things to do, it's hard to be bored there.

My special forum:
I know I made a whole post about it but, this is such a nice forum!
The mod doesn't even bite!
With the game fast approaching, it is your source for the news and speculation, and soon for Q&A and match making!
Stop by today!
Marooned Chic blogged
May 10, 13 11:03am

It's 2am, I need to sleep. Adam and I know, and he's fast asleep. I was so tired before but my scumbag eyes decided to stay open a little longer.

Haven't gone online on Neo for a bit. Haven't posted much. Haven't started a thread since, when, a year ago? I feel like a stranger tbh, like how I once felt waaaay back in 2009 when I was sort of a noob who didnt care about constructing a proper sentence so long as i put in what i want to say i wanted to have some sort of a home and a neoofamily like what every1 had before especially in the harvest moon forums when i thought getting neomarried was true love a sacntity between 2 ppl and i postes on the thred and askd ppl to help me wit taking care of my cows

I was a nursing student back then when I first received my first console, a battered white Gameboy Advance that once fell into a toilet bowl. My cousin got an XP and a DS and had no need for good 'ole GB that once swam along with someone else's shit...

My first game was Breathe of Fire 2. But what led me to become a neo-member was Harvest Moon: More Friends in Mineral Town. But after three months or so, I didn't care about posting about the game (especially since my *bleep*ing game *bleep*ing got corrupted just when I reached my *bleep*ing fifth year where I *bleep*ing dug out all the cursed tools and I *bleep*ing don't want to do it all over again! :RAGE:); I cared about finding a neo-husband who is a moderator and a seeketh maximus and building a neo-family with him with lots of adorable neo-babies. HOW SWEET!!

I didn't have a boyfriend and it sucks being around nursing boys who don't know how to speak or write proper English. They were like, "waats up yo mah mens?!!" I hated nursing too so I hated all my classmates' guts. In short, I have no friends; Just my mom, our dog, and my shitty (literally) GBA, [My two younger sisters didn't count as they were both living in a dormitory, in a land far, far away].

So, I spent my lunch breaks being online on Neo every single day, flirting with guys half the world away. I pretty much got into all sorts of relationships, except the full-fledged boob-flashing thingamajiggie. Until I got tired and moved on along with how I moved on to a new college, leaving away the nightmare of yesterday.

Once I got into Journalism, I got two awesome best friends who I am still best friends with even though we rarely see each other due to work demands. I didn't bother about online boys anymore; I matured and I also got an IRL crush :3 But then some online guy who is a moderator and more than a seeketh maximus started talking to me. And my, what a flirt!

We talked monthly, then weekly, then every three days, then every one point five days, then every single day until he got down into one knee to pick up the cookie I dropped. The cookie passed the five-second rule so I ate it.

Though still pessimistic about online relationships, we got together after a year of being *bleep*-buddies, I mean, good friends.

And I'm sleepy now, time to zzz. Sorry baby, I'll continue writing some other time! I love you, Adam :* :* :*

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Gryzor blogged
Feb 7, 13 12:27am

Taking aside Ninja Theory's increasing amount of arrogance (which boils down to "if you don't like this game, then you're a clinically depressed misanthropic jobless friendless unloved sack of shit, your mother's a whore and your dad has a herniate ballsack"), this really isn't a great game or even a good one for that matter. Perhaps I'm expecting too much, but nothing about this game even remotely lived up to Ninja Theory's claims. It takes Heavenly Sword's battle engine (swift weapon, medium weapon and slow, strong weapon), adds two different chains and tries to be all edgy and whatnot. Surprisingly though, the combat isn't half bad. When it gives you the opportunity to combine all three of your weapons to make a super combo of sorts, it's a ton of fun. When it arbitrarily limits you to a certain weapon (and at times, it really loves to do this), it feels like a homeless man's God Of War without the brutal finishers. Suffice it to say, combat is only really good when you get to mix it up. Sadly, it makes up for the mediocre enemies and lame bosses.

I'll admit that I wasn't a big fan of the new Dante because he seemed like he'd be a whiny little shit who tried to be edgier than new Dante. In fact, I thought he'd be worse than Nero from DMC 4. While that's how he was for a while, he does eventually become a bit more relateable as the story progresses as he's more down to earth than his overpowered old self. Mind you, he's never truly relateable as the writers try to make him all hardcore and edgy with the rock and dubstep music that looms in the background while Dante swears more than Revy from Black Lagoon. Throughout the game, I was conflicted - should I like him for being kind of relateable, or should I hate him for being a *bleep*ing dickhead? The story does about the same thing - it wants to be taken seriously, but with a grade school level of understanding of conspiracies like the media brainwashing the populace and how we should stop them or some *bleep*ing dog shit like that. It's also worth pointing out that Vergil Ties would hate to see what they've done to him in this game...

The platforming, which was Capcom's DMC's biggest weakness, is at least better here. Oh, and it's leagues ahead of Enslaved's, but that's because DmC wasn't trying to suck Uncharted's dick.

Summary - A good combat engined and good platforming marred by mediocre combat scenarios
Rating - 6/10

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Gryzor blogged
Feb 7, 13 12:01am

#16 - The Warriors

The idea of doing a licensed game is very common, but what about doing one based on a movie that's older than most Playstation 2/Xbox owners? It's a bit out of left field, but it's a risk that worked so *bleep*ing well, I not only played through this game, but also bought the movie and watched it to see how faithful it was. Yep, even when I was about 13, I gave a *bleep* about this kind of shit. You know what, this game was about as authentic as it gets. It was gritty and felt like you were in the streets with these warring street gangs back in the 1970s. You'll not only fight other street gangs, but you'll also be required to tag parts of town and steal shit in order to get money to stay alive.

Besides atmosphere, the part where The Warriors *bleep*s your shit up is in the combat. While it mostly feels like a traditional beat em up ala God Hand, The Warriors' combat has more weight to it. There aren't any over the top combos; they're what you'd expect from real life street gangs. But here's the thing - each hit feels satisfying. There's a lot of oomph in each hit you land and inevitably take, whether it's with your fists or a baseball bat.

If anything hurts this game, it's the *bleep*ing camera! Whether it's the bad fixed angles or unwieldy controls, it's bullshit how something like this can hurt a game.

Summary - A licensed game with plenty of authenticity, not to mention excellent gameplay
Rating - 9/10

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Gryzor blogged
Feb 5, 13 2:53am

Round 69 of the Articles Of Excellence unfortunately doesn't end with a hentai game review, although the bafflingly attractive Polarity was the one to snag the win, so deal with it. Anyway, his review of Sleeping Dogs was what netted him the win. He describes the game as one that nails the underground cop in a triad gang aesthetic with a portrayal of Hong Kong as a city that never sleeps with some very well executed hand to hand combat to boot.

Sleeping Dogs Score: 8/10
Genre: Sandbox

Sleeping Dogs is a game that knows exactly what it wants and gives you what it knows you want

quote Polarity
What was once the third instalment in the True Crime series, Sleeping Dogs is like a breath of fresh air in the sea of banality that is the summer of 2012's video gaming line up. Even when that's not considered, Sleeping Dogs is a game that knows exactly what it wants and gives you what it knows you want - a compelling storyline and a host of things to do when you want a break from said story. Perhaps it won't set your world alight as at a cursory glance, the only truly special things about it are the parkour elements and the story, but it's easy to get engrossed in this game and see it as it is, which is a pretty damn good game marred by some ill conceived elements here and there.

You play as Wei Shen, a police officer who is sent deep undercover into a Triad gang known as the Sun On Yee. His objective is to take them down from the inside, though to do so, he must earn the trust and loyalty of the triad gang, least of all his childhood friend and lackey of the Triad, Jackie; and its feared leader Winston Chu. Over the course of the game, Wei earns their loyalty and gets closer to achieving his true objective, but the police superintendent Thomas Pendrew fears that he is becoming one of them. Given the way that the story's told, it would appear that he is getting closer to the Sun On Yee for real, as opposed for the express purpose of infiltration. Throughout the game, Wei will be conflicted by his decisions - he is against committing crimes and he is a police officer, yet he must instigate street brawls and essentially *bleep* shit up in order to gain the trust of the Sun On Yee. It especially hits home whenever Wei and any of his fellow officers interact with one another, and then the last third of the main story drives it further home with its plot twist. In essence, it's easy to get sucked into the overarching narrative.
Read the rest of this review and leave feedback

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Gryzor blogged
Jun 4, 13 9:38am

Round 77 of the Articles Of Excellence ends with Hell Fire coming back to the winner's circle, this time with a review of Ni No Kuni. He describes the game as one where you'll fall in love with the world around you and the critters (or Familiars, if you will) that you can capture, although capturing them is a bit tricky and getting captured by the plot via the main three characters is about as hard. Nevertheless, there are some grand villains, an awesome sidekick with a Welsh accent and a bunch of NPCs with good enough dialogue to compel you to do the myriad of sidequests on offer.

Ni No Kuni Score: 8.7/10
Genre: Role Playing Game

Even with the few flaws, NNK stands to be one of the most enjoyable JRPGs of the decade and I can confidently recommend it anyone who enjoys a role-playing experience.

quote Hell Fire
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. To be honest, it’s not the most appealing name for a game. It sounds like something a five year old would watch after a stressful day of finger painting at kindergarten. Couple this with the cutesy looking characters and you would have something that I would certainly flick past at my local game store. Fortunately, I closely follow RPG releases and the amount of hype that this game got was unbelievable. I would put this down to the collaboration with the famous Studio Ghibli…. You know; the guys who made Princess Mononoki, Spirited away and all those other masterpieces? I can happily say that the quality of their films certainly carried over to this game. Ni No Kuni (NNK) has not spared any expense. It is a beautiful, huge game and one of the best JRPGs released this decade. All those things that we loved in the RPGs of the 90s are back, and this is what made NNK so enjoyable for me.

The story begins in the town of Motorville, where Oliver and his friend are busy working on a motorcar. Just like any teenager, Oliver decides to disobey his mother and sneak out at night in order to give the car a test run. Stupid idea, as this kid clearly can’t drive. Within seconds, the car crashes nose first in a lake. Fortunately, Oliver is saved by his mother…..buuuutttt she later dies as a result of saving her son. Oliver is a mess, and tries to shut himself off from the world. Then the magic happens! Upon crying over the unfortunate events, Olivers tears hit his favourite doll, Drippy, which results in it springing to life. Drippy soon introduces Oliver to a parallel world in which only can save from the evil wizard, Shadar. This plot is quite a simple one and cruises in third gear until the final third of the game when the plater is hit with a load twists and turns that are actually quite well written. The majority of the story is far from revolutionary and in my opinion, a little too childish at times, but it’s easily enough to drive this amazing game without creating a hint of boredom.
Read the rest of this review and leave feedback

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Gryzor blogged
Dec 23, 12 8:35pm

#22 - Perfect Dark

What Doom 64, Turok and Goldeneye started, Perfect Dark tooled to near perfection. I mean, one must take the Nintendo 64's limits into consideration and admittedly, Halo and Halo 2 for the original Xbox did more justice by adding online multiplayer, but nevertheless, Perfect Dark takes Goldeneye and expands on it in a way that makes it kick more ass. It has a similar gameplay structure in that you have to complete objectives in semi linear levels, but there are some significant improvements. First off, the enemies aren't pants shittingly retarded; they can actually fight smartly by chasing you down, shooting you at the right places and just generally kick your ass. So if you ever thought Goldeneye was too easy, well, Perfect Dark is your mother*bleep*ing savior! Secondly, the levels are bigger and better, with more to explore and more level specific objectives to give them an identity outside of their songs. Finally, the multiplayer is even better if that could be believed. More bigger and complex maps await you, a ton of weapon packs to choose from and each character actually has specific properties outside of their looks, meaning that selection requires thought. The only thing holding this game back is that some of the later levels are pretty flat and uninspired, but most of the levels are so well done that the crappy ones just stand out more.

Summary - A boost that console first person shooters really needed.
Rating - 9/10

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Gryzor blogged
Dec 27, 12 8:29pm

#21 - Soul Calibur 2

While some would prefer Soul Calibur 1 for the Dreamcast, I thought the series was perfected with the second game - with a reasonably balanced mixture of fighters (okay, Link is cheap if you bait people to the edge and throw them off of it, but that's about it), a long lasting and fun arcade mode and plenty of shit to do with your mates, Soul Calibur 2 is pretty much one of the best fighting games ever made. The only thing missing here is fatalities. Come on, don't tell me Cervantes wouldn't cut Maxi's head off, or that Maxi wouldn't bludgeon Cervantes to death with his nun chucks, or that Nightmare wouldn't rip out your soul and show it to you before you die!

Okay, that aside, it all felt right. Each fighter had their own styles with their pros and cons to learn and master, and while some were easier to learn than others, getting them to work just feels so satisfying when you're able to kick some ass with them! Sure sure, some are clearly better than others - Astaroth benefits more from the guard impact (where you press a direction and guard at the same time just as you're about to get hit) than anybody else and... well, let's just say that this will be Link's most difficult quest to save Zelda as Nightmare could *bleep* him harder than Ganon ever could and Link isn't exactly easy to use nor satisfying to master (unless you use his cheap throw - you guys know what I'm talking about), but other than that, no, it's very, very well balanced. Some of the conditions during the Weapon Master mode are silly (hit them against walls? only use guard impact? is this a tutorial?), but for the most part, they actually add a fair amount of challenge that pisses you off just enough to make you want to beat it. Overall, it's one of the most enjoyable fighting games. Doesn't help that the fighting engine itself is balanced to be inviting to newbies whilst making things technical enough for all but the biggest elitist shitheels to keep coming back to.

Soul Calibur 1 is also a great game, no doubt about it. I simply prefer this because it feels more balanced and a lot more fun. Speaking of balance, the later games give balance the middle finger as although Soul Calibur 3 has even more single player content, god, the AI is atrociously unbalanced - weak as a kitten one minute and stronger than the *bleep*ing gods the next. Soul Calibur 4 took it up the ass even worse and that's not even mentioning the prison style anal *bleep* Soul Calibur 5 received... I mean, holy *bleep*, most of these new characters are unbalanced as *bleep*, especially when controlled by pros or the AI! Not to mention that the button inputs to execute combos KEEP *bleep*ING CHANGING! No Namco, I don't want to keep relearning how to use Cervantes's combos! It just keeps throwing me off my game! ARGH! If you stopped at Soul Calibur 2, congratulations, you had more foresight than I did *bleep*ing wasting my money with inferior products!

Summary - An excellent fighting game that's great for both single and multi players.
Rating - 9/10

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Polarity blogged
Jan 1, 13 8:34am

6. Dragon's Dogma
5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
4. Far Cry 3
3. Sleeping Dogs
2. Silent Hill: Downpour
1. Mark Of The Ninja

2012 was a year full of underwhelming released, but the hits at least encompass what makes gaming still worth your time. Far Cry 3 is like that hand reaching into your still beating heart and showing it to you before putting it back in - it came out late, but it's a very good game. Perhaps the story isn't very good, but the sheer amount of things to do in that game - all of which are fun - is more than enough to keep you coming back. Same deal for Dragon's Dogma, which has a fantastic combat engine and even better bosses, but it's pretty mediocre in terms of story. XCOM: Enemy Unknown.. well, I've made it clear that I haven't played the old school games by even remotely praising this, but hey, I enjoyed this a lot so I'll want to play the old school games. Sleeping Dogs and Silent Hill: Downpour had great stories that not only keep your interest due to some deep themes (Sleeping Dogs is all about loyalty whereas Silent Hill: Downpour is more about a prisoner's journey for enlightenment and true freedom), but also give context to the gameplay, whether it relates to their structures or their "flaws".

My #1 may come as a big surprise when most people would either pick Dishonored, Far Cry 3, Journey or Hitman: Absolution (derogatory name pending as I have yet to play that game), but trust me when I say that Mark Of The Ninja, whilst not being as heavy handed as the likes of Sleeping Dogs, Silent Hill: Downpour or Spec Ops: The Line (the latter isn't on the list due to mediocre gameplay), is an intriguing tale that's backed up by excellent stealth gameplay (something Dishonored lacks, giving you plenty of tools and powers to compensate for its lackluster stealth gameplay) and fantastic level designs. Like Far Cry 3 and Dragon's Dogma, this was a lot of *bleep*ing fun to play through. Truth be told though, there are only two A's and three A-'s with Dragon's Dogma receiving a B+, which I feel sums up the year - underwhelming. Other years would have all six of my picks receiving A-'s at the very least and 2 A's and 4 A+'s at best (if you want me to do other years, just give me the word and I'll see what I can do).

Is this the beginning of the end? Maybe not - Anarchy Reigns, Ni No Kuni, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Bioshock: Infinite and The Last Of Us are shaping up to be pretty sweet games, and it's only a matter of time before more good games come out. Mark Of The Ninja, my #1 pick, literally came out of nowhere - I just stumbled upon it on Steam. Far Cry 3, my #4 pick, came out pretty damn late in the year. The rest had hype, but only amongst smaller communities whilst games I found merely found good like Dishonored and Journey got jerked off like Ron Jeremy during a filming session. So there you have it, my picks for 2012. If you have any comments or queries or you want my opinion on other games released this year, please comment in the comment section down below, and I'll see you later.

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Clief blogged
Jan 4, 13 3:11am

Hello people reading this Blog, which probably isn't too many.

It's been over a year, close to 2 years since i put up a blog and i didn't get too many people looking at them. But oh well, even if one person would like to read about my life, that's one person who's experiencing something :).

I think I'll reveal who i am in little parts as i continue to do these blogs, so without further a do, i shall reveal something small about my online self as opposed to who i am in real life this time around.

Basically I'm known as Clief, or Clief101, depending where i am. I frequent the FF, NDL, COD, DB forums around here, probably not too well known as a member but have been around for close to 3 years, racking up my post count. In fact i am the third highest poster in the NDL, or Neo-Duelist League, so i do try to talk a fair bit, with a bit of up beat personality added into those posts of course. That's not all i am though. I also, if you look at my signature, have a Youtube channel. I upload commentaries over gameplays, or i used to. It's been some time since i actually did it consistently until a few weeks ago when i started uploading for frequently. Unfortunately, a lot of my subs don't watch my videos anymore, so my views have gone from over a hundred to below ten, but never the less, i shall push on to build my sub base once more. Maybe some people reading this will go check it out.

I make my own signatures too, not very good ones mind you, but good enough so people don;t laugh at them. To be fair, some of the ones i've made deserve laughing at...i laughed at them :). I also do creative writing in the NDL, with some of my work posted in the Chronicles thread, you should go check some of it out if you're interested. I've nothing but good feedback in terms of the story, i know it needs to be polished, but they are merely drafts for a much larger piece of work. That's mostly my online life right there. You will find other footprints around of me, but mostly in forums that are dead now, or dont have much activity, which is why it's left to pretty much the two sites i've mentioned.

If anyone does read this, please leave a comment for me, or a like, so i know at least one person is interested in reading more. It wont make a difference as to whether i continue or not, but it would be nice knowing people at reading :)

Clief signing off, have a good day :D

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