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Feb 1, 13 7:23am

As most of you Nintenfags out there will know, the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation was jam packed with surprise announcements, but perhaps none more so than the revelation of the 2003 Gamecube classic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker getting the HD treatment and being ported to the Wii U this Fall. We were also teased that the game will receive some gameplay tweaks as well, such as interaction with the GamePad controller. But how far will these tweaks take us? Time to speculate!


The handful of screenshots we were provided with were no less than jaw-dropping. It's actually quite admirable of Nintendo to take the decision to completely upgrade all the graphics, rather than just make the original look "HD", as is the case with all the PS3's HD ports of classic PS2 games. Even if Nintendo had used the quicky-HD method, no doubt the game would still look beautiful, as Wind Waker has aged by far the best out of all of the 3D Zelda games, and it still looks lovely today thanks to it's unique cel-shading.

Not everyone is united in the appreciation of the new graphics however. I've seen plenty of people on Neoseeker or IGN etc feeling unimpressed. So let's do a comparison between the Reborn's screenshots and ones from the original. The remake may have lost some of that "living cartoon" look at first glance, but that's not necessarily a terrible direction. It's easy to simply assume Nintendo just chose this style as a tester experiment for the next brand new Zelda Wii U game (but that's a story for another blog entry) but the lighting compliments the character designs really well, which remain at their heart as cartoonish as the original that fans fell in love with.

Something to keep in mind was that Wind Waker received massive criticism for it's non-realistic graphic style up until it's launch. The problem is that no matter how pretty the screenshots were it was a totally different ballgame seeing the game in motion before your very eyes, destroying all the naysayer opinions, and that is exactly what is going to happen here. Sure, there'll still be people who'll prefer the look of the original, and their intitled to that opinion, but I appreciate this evolution. This is the kind of look Nintendo fans have been dying to see for years so it shouldn't just be a step back because it's been applied to the already gorgeous Wind Waker. I for one cannot wait to explore all the nooks and crannys of the remake and I keep imagining just how stunning everything is gonna look - from the Moblins, to the Great Deku Tree, to the glorious final boss battle. Is your body ready?


I don't know about you guys, but I often struggle to imagine how the GamePad will revolutionise some of Nintendo's biggest franchises - while it was easy to see how the WiiMote would evolve Metroid and Zelda. So what can we hope to see from Reborn other than just a boring map and inventory screen?

Conducting the wind should be the immediate thought. With the Gamecube controller of course you would simply press the analogue stick in the direction you want to conduct, as you play the song. Replacing this method with the WiiMote seems like a genious thought (seriously, imagine conducting the wind with your WiiMote!) but I don't see the developers taking that step. Using the WiiMote would mean using a control method other than the GamePad, which would certainly be a wasted opportunity for this next-gen console. Not only that but it has been confirmed that Reborn will be completely playable on the GamePad's screen without use of the TV, so you wouldn't be able to use the WiiMote in that mode anyway.

I predict that when you activate the Wind Waker, the GamePad screen will change in such a way that you can drag your finger in a wavey line to conduct the song in that fashion. Keeping your finger on the screen for the duration of the song, you would swipe your finger up, then left, and finally to the right to play the Wind's Requiem song.

Then there's the Tingle Tuner (does anyone even remember that?). A rather redundant item in the game, it's purpose was you to connect your GameBoy Advance to the Gamecube using a special cable, and then use the GBA's screen to control Tingle, dropping bombs to reveal secret Ruppee locations. I bought that cable specifically to get the most out of Wind Waker, but the Tingle Tuner was a pretty pointless addition that didn't add anything exciting to the gameplay or offer anything essential.

This could all change with the GamePad. If the Tingle Tuner had been used to reveal secret enemies areas, items, or even mini-dungeons, the original game would have been hit with so much criticism for effectively forcing the player to own a GameBoy Advance and special connecting link cable to see everything in the game. For Reborn however, the GamePad can act as your GBA and connector, making the features of the Tingle Tuner accessable to everybody playing the remake. Therefore, I hope Nintendo decide to include some of those possibilities I mentioned like secret areas etc that require the Tingle Tuner, because on this occasion there will be no player missing out from the experience.

Lastly there's Link telescope, which is used a couple of times at the beginning of the game to give a zoom-in look at things far away to progress the story. It would be really cool to use the GamePad itself as your telescope while the TV screen remained a fully zoomed-out view of whatever you're looking at.


So what gameplay tweaks in terms of the game itself? What will change? Well it is true that if something isn't broken it shouldn't be fixed, but there are a couple of things that would improve Wind Waker. The most popular element people across the Internet love to complain about in terms of Wind Waker's gameplay is the Great Sea. Setting out to sea and raising your sail, you would sit tight in your boat for about 5 minutes or so (depending on how far you're going) until you would reach your destination.

I am personally a fan of the Great Sea. The theme music was grand, there were occasional exploding barrels or enemy look-out posts to add challenge on the way, and I know for a fact I may not have discovered a lot of the game's secret islands if not being left to explore the Great Sea. For that reason I hope Nintendo don't try to bend to pressure from the loud fraction of the fanbase who hate the Great Sea by including some sort of option to "skip" the journey once it begins. I do however see them perhaps doubling the speed your boat travels at for example, as that should be enough to calm the haters while staying true to the original at the same time.

Finally, were you aware that Wind Waker was originally supposed to contain two extra dungeons? Maybe you did, as it's not a closely guarded secret, but it's not the most wide-known thing either. Due to a combination of time constraints and running out of space to fit everything on the 'lil Gamecube disc, two planned dungeons were scrapped. One of them was replaced with the fetchquest for the Triforce parts, sending you trawling across the sea to find them instead.

The other is a bit more obvious when you think about it. With Wind Waker you play a fire-type dungeon to get one mysterious fire red artifact (in this case Din's Pearl), then a forest-type dungeon to claim the grass green artifact in the form of Farore's Pearl, and're just given the water blue artifact, Naryu's Pearl. Jabun the Water God just hands it over. Whut? Obviously a water-type dungeon was supposed to be included here.

So will Nintendo use this opportunity to include these two dungeons for Reborn? That's the question I most want an answer to, and there is certainly a possibility I may get that wish. Who knows if an addition of that much effort would actually be thrown into the mix, but it's an exciting thought nonetheless.

So do you agree with the points I've raised? I think all these additions/changes are possible, but if there is anything I may have overseen I would love to hear your opinions and comments. Reborn is certainly going to be an instant buy when it releases later this year, and I cannot wait to see the extent of it's evolution.

Finally I want to say thanks for reading! And stay tuned for more blog entries in different categories of speculation, opinion, and news concerning both upcoming and classic Nintendo titles.

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Hmszelda blogged
Feb 26, 13 1:58pm

Tuesday, Tuesday, gotta post a blog on Tuesday!

Well, since I did a blog about my favorite game/forum, I'll make this one all about different forums. And Thursdays about games. :D

Forums I am new in:
It's still a small community, but this game really does look interesting.
We are all speculating away, so join us maybe? ;)

Basically the same as Dream Team...
But there is one difference...
This one has golf.

Forums I am "old" in:
The perfect combination of writing and roleplaying, this welcoming group is always looking for new members to duel with!

Like pokemon? Trading, battling, talking?
So do we! So come join a clan, we all like new guys, I swear!

Like writing? Like roleplaying? Like blogging? Like comicing?*
Want to let others see your work and get feedback? Everyone here loves to be entertained, by all skill levels!
*about pokemon

Forums I am a "middle man" in:
Whether it be a general question, wanting a read, or wanting someone to read your work, this is your place!
Writer's are welcome!

The LoL forum is for everything from discussion, to asking for matches/due partners, to bragging!
With a vast amount of things to do, it's hard to be bored there.

My special forum:
I know I made a whole post about it but, this is such a nice forum!
The mod doesn't even bite!
With the game fast approaching, it is your source for the news and speculation, and soon for Q&A and match making!
Stop by today!
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Feb 7, 13 6:33am

Controversial title, right? I can imagine there are a fair few people only reading this entry now out of disbelief and yelling "are you insane!?" at their screens, but allow me to explain my thoughts. Much observation over the past number of years has brought me to the conclusion that the Metroid fanbase is split into two main camps of views (with alternative opinions being in a small minority). There are those who think Metroid Prime is one of the best games of all time, that Prime3 is pretty good, and Prime2 is average/poor. And there are those (like myself) who see Prime2 are the best installment, followed by Prime and Prime3 coming last. You'll still find people who like Prime3 the most, but not that many when you look at the big picture.

To understand why Prime2 is better than Prime you have to understand how it is feasible for sequels to be better than originals. Taking graphics out of the equation, a lot of folks will claim that a first game in a new series / sub-series will always be superior to its descendants, mainly because if it wasn't for that first effort, the sequels wouldn't even exist. There are plenty of people on the web who hate (and I mean hate) Super Mario Galaxy 2 because it's "too similar" to the original Galaxy, which I can't help but feel is a bit bogus. If a sequel uses the same foundations such as gameplay and control, why should it branded as unoriginal? Sequels don't need to reinvent the wheel; they just need to add to the experience that it's inspiration founded, as well as resolve any glaring flaws. Link to the Past isn't just better than The Legend of Zelda just because it has better graphics for example.

So how can one of the best games ever made have any flaws I hear you cry? Prime was considered a masterpiece when it was originally released for good reason, but gamers do need to keep an open mind that it's possible to take an idea and drive it further, without damaging the ideals of the original material or your fond memories of it. If you still feel Prime is a far better game than Prime2 then that’s fine and you won’t get any disrespect from this blogger – but here is why I honestly believe this sequel has surpassed its original.

All three Metroid Prime games have been criticised for backtracking. Prime probably got the most that criticism when it was first released, although in a lot of cases it was just from people trying to find one reason if any why this game wasn't THE greatest of all time. Years on, and Prime2 gets the most flack for backtracking, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

The best example of bad backtracking in Metroid Prime is when you receive the Ice Beam. You are given the ability to open White Doors, which is all well and good, but the White Door that will allow you to progress to the next part of the game is about 30 minutes+ of playtime away through areas you've already explored multiple times. Sure you can pick up a couple of Missile Expansions on the way if you keep an eye out, but the hindrance is pretty devastating.

In Prime2 the most backtracking you need to do through areas you've already fully explored will take 5 or so minutes tops. In the vast majority of cases, when you find a new item it will open a passage right next to you containing an elevator or something that will take you to the room where you need that item to progress to the next section of the game (the Power Bomb for example). The only reason why I think Prime gets away with it is people suffering from bad nostalgia that will cause them to oversee the faults of something that brought them such joy. That's all well and good, and I'm not going to criticise people for things very close to their heart, but the backtracking in Prime is incredibly inconvenient at the worst of times, whilst Prime2's isn't that noticeable in the grand scheme of things. Both games suffer from an annoying fetchquest near the end, but one doesn't require any more pointless scavenging over the other.

Prime2 also managed to reimagine one of the more perplexing elements of the Metroid franchise in point perfect fashion; collecting upgrade items. In Prime, equipment you've lost such as the Morph Ball is just lying around waiting to be re-collected, with an occasional mini boss standing in the way. Why are these creatures even guarding your suit parts at all and how did they even get there in the first place? Prime2 starts off in the same fashion as Prime whereby you lose all your suit parts, and have to spend the game collecting them. But this time the enemies use them against you.

It was a genuinely genius move to have the Ing creatures of Dark Aether use your own weapons against you, and result in a game that contains triple the number of bosses of Prime (if not more) and a lot of which were incredibly challenging. There was something quite exciting about a creature that would normally be killed with a single Morph Ball bomb, suddenly given the Spider Ball ability and resulting in one of the most difficult boss fights in the game. In that case the Spider Ball Guardian boss fight was actually made easier in the Metroid Prime Trilogy set for Wii by allowing you to jump in Morph Ball mode with an instant flick of the WiiMote, rather than press a button and wait 3 seconds for the jump to work. Any upgrade items that weren't used against you by a boss were new ones that weren't included in Prime.

The bosses in Prime were fine as they were, but the bosses in Prime2 were bigger and better, with the Quadraxis boss fight being an absolutely glorious showdown. A lot of Nintendo games get shtick these days but being too easy, so it's good to not be contradictory by knocking just how hard some of the bosses in Prime2 are. Sure, the Boost Guardian is guaranteed to make me throw the controller at the screen during every replay, but I still appreciate the extra challenge I am being given.

Dark Aether's world is a polarizing matter of taste. "Too purple" is a popular opinion. "Too unoriginal and similar to Light Aether" is another. The first statement is fair but the latter certainly shouldn't be. Dark Aether is crawling with very alien nature at every turn, from florescent plant-life to ominous eye-ball like things attached to walls, leaving a very spooky atmosphere as you step out into this land where hidden creatures could jump out of the shadows at any moment, and where your exploration will slowly eat into your health bar like a slow disease. Everyone knows that the best thing about Metroid games is the feeling of solitude - that you're alone in an extremely dangerous land, and Prime2 achieved this ideal perfectly with Dark Aether in my opinion. That's not to say Prime didn't have that atmosphere, because it did mostly thanks to the Chozo Ghosts (a lot more atmosphere than Prime3 anyway, which lost almost all of that crucial factor thanks to being able to pop into your spaceship and leave the planet if you feel like it, or getting assistance from Space Federation troopers if the situation allows it).

I also think the ammo system in Prime2 changed things in such a way to add enough new challenge to the formula without altering things too drastically. Similar to how Majora's Mask wasn't simply an Ocarina of Time clone thanks to the time system, the ammo for your Dark and Light Beams in Prime2 just make you have to think about how you're going to tackle a problem for that split second longer, rather than just going crazy with the fire button. Keeping the Power Beam with unlimited ammo was a crucial and correct choice as it doesn't force you to rely on the limitations of your new weaponry, creating a gameplay change that stays true to the original while adding this slight tweak to add a new dimension. It took me a long time to adjust to how the Hyper Mode in Prime3 was forced upon you to defeat a huge majority of enemies you encountered despite the fact it decimated your health bar. The Light and Dark Beams in Prime2 don't punish you for using them too much despite having ammo limitations as you end up using the Power Beam far more. Taking that risk for Prime2 was a brave choice, and it was interesting enough to make me think it would have made Prime better if it was included there with its additional beams.

There are a couple of other points to my opinion as well. The worlds of Prime2 didn't have to suffer from "Super Mario syndrome" by having a fire world, ice world etc which Prime had already used. The Sanctuary Fortress is my favourite world of all the Prime games. Then there are the Dark and Light suits that Samus wears; stunning redesigns that put to shame the suit upgrades from the original Prime where Samus simply changed colour.

I admit it is a fact that Prime2 wouldn't have been anywhere near as good, or even exist at all, if it weren't for Prime being such a revelation of awesome first-person adventure gameplay. But it's not fair for that to be the be all and end all. A lot of movie sequels suck compared to their original because they bring nothing new to the franchise, and are simply there are money making opportunities trying to do the same thing the original did and in the same fashion. The same is not true for Metroid Prime 2 which is a game that resolves and improves the unfortunate elements that Metroid Prime couldn't succeed in, while adding enough excitement and intrigue with its new features to add to the original experience without ruining it or taking things too far. Yes, it is possible for sequels to be better than their original, and that is why I am in no doubt that Metroid Prime 2 is better than Metroid Prime.

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Maximus 3 blogged
May 11, 13 8:38pm

Victory Rush

An Analysis on Why Victini-EX isn't
Completely Terrible

Leading up to and continuing past the release of Plasma Storm, I've found that a lot of people have been dismissing Victini-EX out of hand, mostly due to it's lack of HP.

Matching Celebi and Shaymin at a low 110 Hit Points, Victini finds itself blitzed by quite alot and just absolutely crushed by even a Turn 2 DCE'd Keldeo-EX, the variants of which are some of the most common and powerful decks currently in format.

Even Lugia-EX, who is kind of terrible in and of itself, can one shot a Victini for 3 prizes with ease.

But what people seem to be forgetting is that's sort of the point. Sure Lugia, Keldeo, Articuno and a slew of others can blitz Victini with ease, all 3 take time to set up. Keldeo takes at least 2 turns to set up, barring a miracle Ether, and most all other EX's are just as Energy Hungry.

Only Cobalion, Landorus, Mewtwo, Mew and Tornadus have any kind of chance to hit Victini Turn One and even then, none of them can go for the One Shot KO without additional cards like Pluspower to help out.

So that being said, Victini EX has to put on just a bit of fantastic to really serve any kind of competitive edge, 3 energy for 50 and a possible 100 seems kind of terrible, and although Turbo Energize offers a nice little charge for whatever you might have benched, the sad fact is that you still can't attack till at least Turn 2 (If you have DCE's) and unless it's an EX you're attacking, a paltry 50 really isn't worth the charge.

Of course, 50 and a possible 100 for no energy whatsoever is considerably better.

Okay, downsides of Victory Piece first. It takes up your Ace Spec slot, so you lose the opportunity to use Computor Search, Gold Potion, Dowsing Machine and Scramble Switch. (Although the loss of Gold Potion isn't too bad)

Two, being an Ace Spec, you can only have one in your deck, giving you a 1 in 59 chance of drawing it into your first hand and then if you prize it, your entire engine becomes bogged down and entirely luck based.

Also, if it ends up in the discard pile, unless your engine runs with Sableye, it's there for good.

Now, why is it so good? Because really, unless you pull it first turn it really is just kind of sitting there taking up space. But really, if you're building any kind of Victini deck, you pretty much need to stack the deck into pulling your Victory Piece turn 1.

A Supporter list that includes 4 Skyla's gives you a good chance of pulling it in your first hand and a couple of Random Recievers and maybe even an Xtransceiver to increase your odds of getting Skyla Turn One.

Now I've already talked about what tramples Victini, but what exactly does Victini dominate?

Well for one, Cobalion-EX variants may as well just accept their eventual defeat, Cobalion knocked out in 1 attack due to weakness and any and all Klinks and Klangs tackled before they can make the jump to Klinklang and throwing up that ever useful EX wall it supplies to all Steel Type Pokemon.

A Celebi on the bench makes for easy Catcher Bait, as does Shaymin and even the ever unstoppable Mewtwo needs, at a minimum, 6 energies to One Shot a Victory Pieced Victini, which is at least 3 turns by attachment.

Of course, Victini-EX is obviously an Early Game card, should the match start dragging you're going to find yourself fighting uphill more and more.

So what do you pair Vicitini with? You could pair it with Landorus-EX or the stock standard Mewtwo, sitting on the bench being charged while Victini leads the way.

Personally, I love it with Tornadus-EX.

Like Mewtwo, you can get Tornadus up and running while Victini runs ahead, and again it's energy costs are purely Colorless and with a retreat cost of one, running it with Skyarrow gives it free retreat, and an attack that hits for 60 with a single DCE.

But that Skyarrow also gives Victini-EX free retreat, allowing you to chop and change as the going gets tough (although not quite as freely as Keldeo) getting Tornadus out without the need for a Super Scoop Up, a Switch or a wasted energy attach. Running like that just makes Tornadus the obvious choice, of course things like Mewtwo, Mew and, oddly enough, even Darkrai tech into Victini rather well.

What about Trainers then? Well we've already talked about why Skyla is essential and how a teched in Random Receiver or Xtransceiver can be handy, but what else is there?

Well your standard Catchers of course, and although I'd personally run Colress over N that's left up to personal choice and as far as I'm concerned if you aren't running Hypnotoxic Lasers, you should be shot.

But what Victini really benefits from is chop and change game play, bringing it back to the hand, keeping Victory Piece and, most importantly, keeping your Victini's damage free.

Super Scoop Ups and Max Potions are Staple here, hell, Max Potions are made for Victini, a pokemon needing no energy at all, a Max Potion played with no drawbacks in return. It's a match made in card game heaven, not to mention the Super Scoop Ups, which help in keeping the Victory Piece safe in case of a lack of Potions.

So maybe Victini might not make the greatest impact on the Metagame, being a lot more frail and a good deal riskier than a lot of it's peers, but at the same time there's definitely some merit to be found in it, enough at least for Victini to not just be cast to the side and forgotten.

Now Moltres-EX and Zapdos-EX, those are some forgettable cards.

Written By Jordan Briggs For PokemonAus
Copyright Jordan Briggs and Shifty Hippo Media 2013

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Marooned Chic blogged
May 10, 13 11:03am

It's 2am, I need to sleep. Adam and I know, and he's fast asleep. I was so tired before but my scumbag eyes decided to stay open a little longer.

Haven't gone online on Neo for a bit. Haven't posted much. Haven't started a thread since, when, a year ago? I feel like a stranger tbh, like how I once felt waaaay back in 2009 when I was sort of a noob who didnt care about constructing a proper sentence so long as i put in what i want to say i wanted to have some sort of a home and a neoofamily like what every1 had before especially in the harvest moon forums when i thought getting neomarried was true love a sacntity between 2 ppl and i postes on the thred and askd ppl to help me wit taking care of my cows

I was a nursing student back then when I first received my first console, a battered white Gameboy Advance that once fell into a toilet bowl. My cousin got an XP and a DS and had no need for good 'ole GB that once swam along with someone else's shit...

My first game was Breathe of Fire 2. But what led me to become a neo-member was Harvest Moon: More Friends in Mineral Town. But after three months or so, I didn't care about posting about the game (especially since my *bleep*ing game *bleep*ing got corrupted just when I reached my *bleep*ing fifth year where I *bleep*ing dug out all the cursed tools and I *bleep*ing don't want to do it all over again! :RAGE:); I cared about finding a neo-husband who is a moderator and a seeketh maximus and building a neo-family with him with lots of adorable neo-babies. HOW SWEET!!

I didn't have a boyfriend and it sucks being around nursing boys who don't know how to speak or write proper English. They were like, "waats up yo mah mens?!!" I hated nursing too so I hated all my classmates' guts. In short, I have no friends; Just my mom, our dog, and my shitty (literally) GBA, [My two younger sisters didn't count as they were both living in a dormitory, in a land far, far away].

So, I spent my lunch breaks being online on Neo every single day, flirting with guys half the world away. I pretty much got into all sorts of relationships, except the full-fledged boob-flashing thingamajiggie. Until I got tired and moved on along with how I moved on to a new college, leaving away the nightmare of yesterday.

Once I got into Journalism, I got two awesome best friends who I am still best friends with even though we rarely see each other due to work demands. I didn't bother about online boys anymore; I matured and I also got an IRL crush :3 But then some online guy who is a moderator and more than a seeketh maximus started talking to me. And my, what a flirt!

We talked monthly, then weekly, then every three days, then every one point five days, then every single day until he got down into one knee to pick up the cookie I dropped. The cookie passed the five-second rule so I ate it.

Though still pessimistic about online relationships, we got together after a year of being *bleep*-buddies, I mean, good friends.

And I'm sleepy now, time to zzz. Sorry baby, I'll continue writing some other time! I love you, Adam :* :* :*

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Mouldy Cheese blogged
May 19, 13 10:46pm

Woah, it's been over a year since I posted in here :S

ANYWAY Eurovision was on over the weekend! This is an event that I look forward to and have been watching for about 8 years now without fail. If you've never seen it, you should definitely get onto that Euro-train. For an example of what Eurovision is all about, try this video out for size:

I'll give you a minute to recover from the awesomeness of what you just watched.




We good?
Okay ^^ So, here's a bit of a rundown of semi final 1 (like...3 days late!) with the others to follow in a separate posting.

1. Austria- Shine
Her hair is freakin' cool and suits her so well. I like the little "ohoh" in the background and the song is actually pretty cool overall. The thing annoying me about this act is her pants. Are they denim? Are they silver? I just don't know what's real any more!

2. Estonia - Et Uus Saaks Alguse
At first I thought my tv had lost its colour, but apparently they put special effects in the video feed now (well, it worked out well for Loreen last year). Song is pretty dull; I like that she's singing in her own language - there's too little of that in Eurovision. Her dress is freakin' ginormous and apparently she's pregnant. All I want to know is HOW pregnant but it's impossible to tell with that gown.

3. Slovenia - Straight Into Love
All black leather, a classic Eurovision look! I like her fish-scale like thing across the shoulders- if only it was possible to pull that stuff off on a day to day basis, because I would be all over it. The dancers are alright but are they really so bad that they have to hide all their faces at the start? Her singing is a little flat at some points which is a bit uncomfortable to listen to.

4. Croatia- Mizerja
A whole bunch of men of various profession singing a lovely song. Not a standout, but by no means bad.

5. Denmark - Only Teardrops
It's easy to see why this is the favourite, it's so catchy and she's so cute looking; I love it when she smiles at the camera. The first time I heard it I wasn't really a fan but every time I've listened to it since it has really grown on me. Plus tin whistles in songs are my weak spot so there's massive points for that!

6. Russia - What if
Meh, another "why can't we all get along?" song. One of those is nice every now and then and I respect that they have good intent, but can't it be a little happier sounding? She looks like an older selena gomez and her dress is pretty meh.

So many power ballads in this semi final and it was really wearing on me as I watched it. They should at least try and break it up with something dancey every now and then.

7. Ukraine - Gravity
Thought it was very dull during the first watch. I like what they did with the set up of the set and the giant (hodor, hodor) bringing her on, but they didn't use that at all afterwards. Should've been goblins coming out of the mist or SOMETHING. Very gimmicky feeling overall, and she looks longing at her hand too often.

8. The Netherlands - Birds
I completely forgot that this song was even in the contest. Very forgettable amongst all the other ballads.

9. Montenegro - Igranka
Rapping astronauts and a screechy female singer interlude. This is what Eurovision is about and I love it. Devastated that they didn't get through to the grand final! You would have thought that amongst mostly ballads this would've stood out and given it a bit more variety but apparently Europe disagrees :<

10. Lithuania - Something
Ha, this guy looks so very high on some sort of drug throughout the entire performance. It seems ironic that one of the lines is "because of my shoes" and yet he doesn't move his feet through the entire thing. Unfortunately, he was probably one of the best looking male performers this year.

11. Belarus- Solayoh
Someone coming out of a giant disco ball? Drink! Song was pretty average and poppy sounding, but you've got to give her props for wearing a dress like that. I spent most of the time wondering how it was possible that I couldn't see her underwear when she was wearing it.

How come all of the female performers have flawless legs? Do they wear stockings or put makeup on them or something?

12. Moldova - O Mie
My first favourite of this year. Love the dress, the funky hair, love that Parsha Parfeny is back again and I'll be damned if she doesn't miss a single note in the entire song despite them being so powerful. Something about the chorus grips me every time. Love it.

13. Ireland- Only Love Survives
He looks like a member of Jersey Shore. The tattooed drummers are a nice touch and give it a lot of energy - they do some chicken dance thing during the chorus xD It really irks me when people do that stupid hand-heart thing. Ugh. I honestly think that Jedward should be back, I can't believe I'm saying this, but they were more entertaining.

14. Cyprus- An me thimasai
Her dress is pretty amazing although it'd be better if it wasn't a nude colour. It's a tad like lingerie without the middle bit. Another ballad for the song. Eh. Entirely forgettable, if I'm honest.

15. Belgium- Love Kills
Why are the dancers wearing evening/club dresses? Their costumes should better reflect their dance style. The singer has quite a creepy stare on him. Eesh.

16. Serbia- Ljubav je svuda
I think they're supposed to be some angel/devil on the shoulder thing? Their costumes look like...I don't even know...a fairy floss nightmare?

And that wraps up the acts in semi final 1!

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MrGrimm blogged
Jun 1, 13 12:15pm

i have started the next one.

its about crazaak and he is the best forever and for all times.

are u askin now "wats goin on here" well ok i get that, and u can just read here to find out

the short story is that this is amazing. the long story is you should read it. i started this out a loonnng time ago probably about 5 years ago. It just started with me and a friend posting on a forum and were kinda taking a playful jab at roleplaying? we kinda got carried away.

we used to roleplay seriously at one point, and it's kinda fascinating. Just setting up some characters, setting some parameters, and just going with the flow. what this does is kinda recognize it for what it is, goofy and fun.

yes these are all done on gaiaonline just because that's where we started it.

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VeGiTAX2 blogged
Jun 27, 13 2:03pm

This year going into E3 I wanted to break away from the sore feet, tired shoulders and general physical dismay that follows the show. Aside from the fact that sleep and food are essentials (Scotch, Whiskey, Vodka and other spirits don’t count) there’s a reality that working out a bit more on specific areas and building up higher endurance for the miles I’ll walk each day can greatly help and make me less of a sweating mess at the next appointment. Also with a lot more in the planning for how our show was to go down I was burning that candle at both ends and regular energy and coffee were cutting it, into my stomach. :P

When I set out to start this goal, I was knee deep in appointments, design and developing projects and even a special site for our industry friends. Needless to say my diet consisted of Monster / Red Bull / Rockstar and basically anything I was able to cook between those periods. As anyone will note, after a while and especially as you age these are not great staples of living.

I started looking into a few things toward E3 to increase my endurance and start getting my diet back in check. I started working with free weights throughout the day, also taking about an hour to cycle as well. Putting in my miles and my reps I was able to start building toward that goal, unfortunately living in Southern California, sometimes a nice day turns to death valley because the Sun loves doing that and your endurance crashes with it. After some heavy defeats I decided to step it up a bit with my timetable to E3 closing in.

Even with downshifting and water there’s only so much I can do against stiff elevation changes, I started using EO2 Edge from MRI to help optimize how I was working out, following the general advice of pre-workout and how to sustain mid-workout I was able to actually start pushing toward doubling my ride range. I was able to increase leg strength and stamina as a whole, with my refined diet I pushed to help that accelerated exercise schedule with amino’s from them to focus on the muscle development, while they are basically massive pills they helped immensely with the recovery periods and got me where I needed to be.

As a result of that focused workout, at E3 I was incredibly snappy to move around, it’s a given you’ll get warm but I wasn’t dropping buckets going from end to end at the show and that was a relief because despite the AC it’s often not enough and you don’t want to be the odd guy carrying a towel to dry off before you meet up with people. I can say that pushing for that 40 days or so of straight up cardio was a massive factor in it and using the E02 Edge was monumental because the uphill areas around where I live can just flat out kill after a while. It’s a cocktail of vitamins and supplements that let me keep pushing to the next tier in a hurry and it probably kept me out of what seemed to be a post E3 bug for a lot of people online.

My feet weren’t sore at E3, my knees weren’t killing me, I wasn’t a soaked mess and I was able to reach my goal of 7-8 miles of riding to get it done. I might not be ready to run a marathon or cycle in a massive race but I can say that having some physical prep going on for even just shows in general helps a ton and if you really push it you’ll be thankful. For my time available I needed the boost and I'm glad for taking that plunge because I'm in better condition after doing it and the time to get there otherwise could have taken much longer with a harder toll on my health.

On the free weights, focused on shoulder exercises and some incline bench which helped immensely with heavy bags or equipment for the team. Stuck to using high reps of 15’s for the whole thing and it was clutch since I always feel like I’ve killed one side by the end of E3 with my laptop bag and backback.

The prep hasn’t stopped though, Comic-Con is coming up and I’m still going strong with a bottle of my endurance prep while I ride. I look forward to being able to power through the show this year with all the crazy events they’ll have going on across the Gas Lamp district and more.

Part 2 follows this, talks about passing out and moving from standard energy drinks to something more forgiving.

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Clief blogged
Jan 4, 13 3:11am

Hello people reading this Blog, which probably isn't too many.

It's been over a year, close to 2 years since i put up a blog and i didn't get too many people looking at them. But oh well, even if one person would like to read about my life, that's one person who's experiencing something :).

I think I'll reveal who i am in little parts as i continue to do these blogs, so without further a do, i shall reveal something small about my online self as opposed to who i am in real life this time around.

Basically I'm known as Clief, or Clief101, depending where i am. I frequent the FF, NDL, COD, DB forums around here, probably not too well known as a member but have been around for close to 3 years, racking up my post count. In fact i am the third highest poster in the NDL, or Neo-Duelist League, so i do try to talk a fair bit, with a bit of up beat personality added into those posts of course. That's not all i am though. I also, if you look at my signature, have a Youtube channel. I upload commentaries over gameplays, or i used to. It's been some time since i actually did it consistently until a few weeks ago when i started uploading for frequently. Unfortunately, a lot of my subs don't watch my videos anymore, so my views have gone from over a hundred to below ten, but never the less, i shall push on to build my sub base once more. Maybe some people reading this will go check it out.

I make my own signatures too, not very good ones mind you, but good enough so people don;t laugh at them. To be fair, some of the ones i've made deserve laughing at...i laughed at them :). I also do creative writing in the NDL, with some of my work posted in the Chronicles thread, you should go check some of it out if you're interested. I've nothing but good feedback in terms of the story, i know it needs to be polished, but they are merely drafts for a much larger piece of work. That's mostly my online life right there. You will find other footprints around of me, but mostly in forums that are dead now, or dont have much activity, which is why it's left to pretty much the two sites i've mentioned.

If anyone does read this, please leave a comment for me, or a like, so i know at least one person is interested in reading more. It wont make a difference as to whether i continue or not, but it would be nice knowing people at reading :)

Clief signing off, have a good day :D

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Clief blogged
Jan 5, 13 1:59am

Hello readers :)

So even though I'm quite sure there is no one reading this, I'm still going to share my day with everyone. Today, i thoroughly cleaned my car. The inside, even with a cloth, the outside, even washing all my windows. needless to say, it's the cleanest my car has been since i bought it a little over a year ago. But i wasn't finished with just cleaning my car, no, i also cleaned up a part of my house. It looks heaps tidier now, i even tidied up all my movies and games, instead of them lying all over the floor. Tomorrow I'll probably clean up my room a bit, I'm sick of looking at it's mess. Well, i kinda cant see the floor :D.

That's not all i did today though, I played a bit of Call of Duty: BO2, got a little annoyed at it, so instead switched it out for Tales of Graces: f. I'm actually playing it as i type this up. It has to be my favourite JRPG since FFX came out, or FF7: Crisis Core...or even KH2. They just dont make good JRPG's these days, which is a little annoying. I find companies are too focused on graphics these days in any sort of game, and sacrifice a good story for it, which sucks. I'd rather play a bad looking game with a good story than look at something pretty. But I suppose developers will eventually learn this...perhaps.

I also uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel. I'll leave a link for those that wish to watch it. I quite enjoy getting back into doing commentaries, I love entertaining people, which is why I'll continue to write a blog. I'll try to get one up every day, however hard it may be...lets hope i get some readers :)

I will continue to type up my thoughts on certain topics, r just let you all know what happened during my day, whichever i feel like writing at the time.

Here is the video as promised. If you could, check the actual video out and give it a like and a comment, it helps me out a lot.

Until next time,


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