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mrmikkancs blogged
Feb 23, 14 3:46am

I want to sell my character. Base level 102,town hall level 9. More info and if you are interested write an e-mail: ClashOfClans
Dimion blogged
Sep 16, 13 3:05am

Hey any new or returning players!

(This is for iOS players)


Use this code (FR33701) when you start playing the game. As you complete the tutorial, we'll both get invitational cards. As a bonus, I'll also gift you some 4* cards to get a head start. On top of that, I'll help answer any questions you might have.

Feel free to PM me here or add me as a friend in game (Dimion).

Invitation: 1x 4* card + additional 4*s (Pm me here or in-game).
Comeback gift: 10 SHT, 20 recovery potions and 5 Gold slimes.

Thanks in advance! iPad GuardianCross iPhone GuardianCross
Redemption blogged
Jun 27, 10 9:28am

I was in San Francisco last week for a "publisher summit" and met some great people and learned amazing things. Outside of that, I observed some pretty cool things too.

Here's a list of some takeaways purely based on loose observations, don't take them too seriously, some are meant to be tongue in cheek, and most have more to do with humourous things I saw than the summit ;)
  1. During the entire trip, when I was counting, I saw 2 netbooks, and 9 iPads. Hmmm (analysts, and I, believe that Netbooks will dramatically lose sales to tablets).
  2. Some people I saw with iPads also had a laptop. Hmm x 2 (so much for an iPad being good enough for work and play, for now anyway).
  3. A surprising number of people carry massive 17" laptops on their trips.
  4. Macs still have a small marketshare, but you wouldn't know it by counting the number of Macbooks that publishers (and PHP developers) use.
  5. If you've encountered a problem in your work, chances are alot of other people have had that problem too, but like you, few of them realize how common the problem might be.
  6. Note to Apple and other tablet manufacturers: apparently a kickstand on a tablet is very high on the list for most professionals who know what they're talking about.
  7. Most common complaints I heard about the iPad: weight, screen glare, and smudges.
  8. I love tech, Skype, IM, "desktop sharing" and email, but face to face is still the King in bringing out ideas amongst people (people who've known me long know I'm old fashioned about telecommuting)
  9. Weather delay going into SF, and weather delay coming out. The weather delays caused all flights into and out of SF to be delayed, including connecting flights hundreds of miles away, so... there's a chance a flight delay anywhere in the world at anytime could have been caused by SF weather :|
  10. Taxi drivers rarely offer to give you change, sometimes even pretending they got exact fare.
  11. Even stressed out airline staff have a sense of humour -> Overheard in an SF airport announcement: "Flight ____ to Miami, sorry for the continued delay. We have good news and bad news. The good news is your plane has finally arrived. The bad news is that your flight crew is still in L.A."
  12. Verizon Wireless retail sales staff are so professional they not only leave you alone in their stores, they make it a point not to stare at you or follow you around, and subtly move away from you to give you personal space when exploring their offerings! Compare that to a car showroom customer experience >_<
  13. Canada Customs at YVR now has checkin Kiosks that handle customs declaration automatically for Canadian residents returning home, complete with OCR! This is super fast and convenient. Yay technology! (yes, these have been around, I haven't gone through YVR in ages)
  14. People always complain about airplane food, but airport food is just as bad (or worse!)
  15. Laughing and smiling at someone while pointing at them is an effective way for marketers to catch your attention (yes, someone trying to sell me something did this to me on a busy street and it almost worked, haha).
  16. Who has time to use the flatscreen TVs they install now in hotel rooms?
  17. True irony: Hotels give free wifi in their lobby, where many people probably aren't even paying guests, but they charge money for wifi in their rooms, which are occupied almost always by paying guests. (yes, I understand the economics of this, but its still funny).
  18. Even though the industry is focussed on mobile, and most mobile platforms do not support Flash, alot of rich ad media development is done in flash.
  19. Blackberries are famous for being addictive, but comparing 1:1 ratios I saw more people staring at their iPhones than at their Blackberries. (an annecdotal, potentially wrong observation that encapsulates Blackberry's loss of mindshare)
  20. Purely non-objective observation: When asked how many people used Wordpress to power their sites, I thought I saw fewer than 25-35% of the publishers present put up their hands. (most people I tell this to are surprised, considering Wordpress is the most used blog software in the world.)

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