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Deathsythe blogged
Dec 15, 08 1:34pm

Stemming from my Previous todo list - of which I did get quite a bit done, albeit more of the miscellaneous stuff, but still... Here's my intended todo list for the end of the year.
    Advance Wars Wiki
  • Finish several CO pages from the original Advance Wars
  • Properly categorize the COs into their proper subcategories.
    Fable Wiki
  • Develop Several Fable II Templates ({{Misc Items}} - to be used for Misc, Books & Docs, Augments, Furniture, {{Food}}, {{Potions}}, {{Gifts}}, {{Trophy}}, {{Dye}}.
  • Make/Modify Weapon Template for Fable II Melee Weapons
  • Develop Weapon Template for Fable II Ranged Weapons
    Digimon Wiki
  • Meet with Galacticdramon and go over priority list for Digimon Profile Pages, and create/work on said pages

Those are my specific goals for now, I'm sure more things will come into the pipe, and I will have my hands full else where with other miscellaneous tasks as well as day-to-day activity, but regardless...

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Deathsythe blogged
Dec 2, 08 2:51pm

The work I intend on getting done hopefully this week on the wikis.
    Advance Wars Wiki
  • Upload CO Avatars for the original Advance Wars
  • Finish several CO pages from the original Advance Wars
  • Comission help from previous members of the AW community here on Neoseeker (skythelegend, jondog, dbzmaster, etc...)
  • Properly categorize the COs into their proper subcategories.
    Fable Wiki
  • Reinstall Fable: The Lost Chapters on my desktop - play a bit and get weapon stats/info, clothing stats/info, a bit more mission info.
  • Develop a Weapon/Clothing Stats Template
  • Create the Bowerstone Market
  • Create a list of Quests in Fable II
    Digimon Wiki
  • Try to knock out as many Digimon Profile Pages off of the wanted list as possible.
  • Commission GalacticDramon to take some time away from Sonic to assist me :P
    Guitar Hero Wiki
  • Give it some LONG overdue attention.
  • Contact my previous staff members- commission their assistance - if not start removing members for inactivity.

And then the work I would like to see accomplished on other wikis I am less involved with.
  • Meet with Rome to go over the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, see what needs to be done, and where I can help.
  • Properly categorize the James Bond Wiki - take a pulse on it - see the direction it is going.
  • Get all the game pages created on the Suikoden Wiki. Set them up properly with infoboxes and neotabs.
  • Get all the game pages created and set up on the Tales Wiki, include neotabs, and infobox (the latter depending on the staff's opinion.
  • Add achievement avatars to the Gears of War 2 Achievements

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