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anshul13792 blogged
Feb 16, 15 1:26am

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VeGiTAX2 blogged
Apr 6, 11 9:47am

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... is what I yelled a few days ago, plugging my phone in for a data sync so I could add some new songs to my phone I got the dreaded SD card empty notice from the phone. Having 6.8GB of data on my 8GB card meant I was about to lose my mind.

Fortunately I stuck it to Seagate a year or so ago when I recovered a drive with a firmware error instead of paying them like $400.

The problem: Micro SD Card is giving RAW format error

The solution:
*WARNING - Do not format the card at all until it's noted in the instructions, Windows and Android will keep asking you to during this process.
  • Download a force mount / unmount SD widget for the phone
  • Force mount the card so that Windows can read it over USB
  • Depending on situation, force mount may require a few tries or reboots
  • Check first to see if the card can be read once mounted, usually it'll still be RAW in Windows
  • Start up Power Data Recovery - [link]
  • Run advanced recovery and select the drive letter for your phone off the list
  • Once selected choose full scan and let it roll, given the damage you will end up possibly spending hours here as it goes through error messages and finding files.
  • Once complete, select the files you need to recover at the highest priority and click save files / save to recover them to your hard drive.
  • After you get your higher priority files / folders you can attempt to recover the rest of the card, beware that this process can take much longer with larger files or possibly freeze on those larger files if they are damaged.
  • Once you complete the recovery of your files the SD card is pretty much done with. At this point you can install a new card or you can format it.
  • To format I recommend using the Panasonic SD Card formatter - [link]
  • Once formatted unmount the card and let Android read it, there should be a damaged SD card error that comes up again.
  • Open the tray and select the error, Android should ask you if you wish to format, now that the file system has been restored by the Panasonic formatter you can actually attempt this.
  • Android should now be able to format the card and it should be fully functional for now. I would suggest contacting the SD card maker about the issue to see if they might replace it anyway.
That's it. I spent about 24hrs on this issue but I can now pass this along to others so maybe they don't have to lose their data as well. In total I lost a few dozen large PDF's and some PSD files I had stored for transport on the card.

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