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[edit] Background

Set in between Ogre Battle 64 (Chapter 6) and Tactics Ogre (Chapter 7) of the Ogre Battle saga, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis sees you as a knight of an oppressed country. Take command of squads of warriors you train and promote as you battle all sorts of foes over terrain and weather you can use to your advantage. Link up with a friend's GBA and train your troops against their's!

[edit] Gameplay

Gamers select a party up to 10 characters, each who has his own class (whether generic or special). Each characters has thier own set of equipment including a weapon and 3 accessories of various sorts. With over 20 classes available, several tactical combinations are possible for battle.

[edit] Features

  • Over 20 classes to choose from, including special classes.
  • 2 different paths early in the game determine which characters will join you, and will determine 2 of the ending at the game.
  • 4 different endings to the game.
  • New emblem system allows players to customize their characters with different abilities and statstics.
  • Extra boards can be accessed through completion of certain tasks, allowing the player to experience new places of the game.

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Alphonse is a fifteen year old Knight of the Holy Lodis Empire(yes, Ogre Battle fans...

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This game is an excellent "tactics" strategy RPG, and it has everything to keep both...

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Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis is an incredible strategy RPG/Sim mixing in key...

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Overall the best game boy advance game thats came out so far. Also I could'nt help but...

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  • North America: May 6, 2002
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