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Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is the PSP port of the SNES and PlayStation strategy RPG, and aims to be the definitive version of the game. To realize this vision, Let Us Cling Together reunites much of the original development team including: Hiroshi Minagawa as director, original character designer Akihiko Yoshida, game designer Yasumi Matsuno, and Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata serving as sound composers.

Tactics Ogre featured many mechanics used in later strategy RPGs including Final Fantasy Tactics (the game which popularized the genre worldwide), including isometric grid-based battlefields with varying terrain and height, and order of action based on unit initiative each turn.

The player experiences the story a Walister youth and his sister as they seek to build a nation for their downtrodden people, but where their destiny lead and the impact it will have on the war-torn continent of Valeria will depend on the choices the player makes throughout the game. This is determined through "alignment" which diverts the player down one of three paths: Lawful, Chaotic, and Neutral. This will determine the characters which will join the player's cause, and what ending awaits them.

Players employ multiple class-changing units to command in turn-based battles. The battlefields in Let Us Cling Together are now 3D and can be rotated like in FFT, and graphics and sound have been also been updated to take advantage of the PSP hardware.

New to Let Us Cling Together is the "W.O.R.L.D" system which allows players to return to key points in the main storyline and replay these sections to see what effect different decisions can have. This is especially useful in unlocking new side-quests for the endgame.

[edit] Features

• Uncover the truth in a gripping tale of intrigue, betrayal and heroism.
• Near-endless customization and hundreds of abilities to choose from.
• New characters not included in the original game
• New Battle Skill ability, adds to the range of play beyond Magic and Special abilities
• New graphics, music, gameplay and much more make this the definitive version of TACTICS OGRE.
• New and improved visuals that create a TACTICS OGRE experience with more detail than ever before.
• Re-arranged soundtrack from the original composers including 15 new compositions.

This game is also known as Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune in Japan.

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