Syphon Filter 3 Mini-Games FAQ v1.0
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Syphon Filter 3 Mini-Games FAQ

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-Syphon Filter 3 Minigames-
1)BASIC STUFF                                                   





                      1) BASIC FAQ STUFF

Written by: Aaron Baker                     Version: 1.0            
Gamefaqs name: ABaker                       Last updated: October 
Board name: wayalla                         Game: Syphon Filter 3
Email:                 System: Playstation
Created on: Wordpad                         Posted on: gamefaqs
What: My in-depth minigames FAQ for Syphon Filter 3
I hope to update this minigames FAQ as much as possible. I will update 
it probably once every month. Everytime I find a new bit of information 
that can help you, I will add it in here.

Version 1.0
First release to gamefaqs


This FAQ is copyright Aaron Baker and can not be used on anyones site 
apart from gamefaqs. It can't be sold or published in a magazine or be 
used on anyone's site apart from gamefaqs. It can only be used for 
personal and private use only. 

Please, if you find this FAQ on any site apart from gamefaqs, please 
email me! It will be delt with harshly.

This minigames FAQ (C) 2002 ABaker

                          2) THE GAME

OK, a new feature to the Syphon Filter series is the minigames. Here you 
can practice all you want and get better on your skills at playing the 
real game. The minigames have a mixture of levels, characters, 
difficulty and objectives for you to play. This means hours of fun for 
you. The minigames can be slected from the main menu by pressing X on 
new game, and then go to minigames and press X once again. Here you can 
choose your level, objective, difficulty and character.

Donn't worry, the controls are the same for the the minigames, except if 
you changed them in the story mode.


In the minigames, there are different rankings which determines the 
hardness of the game, E.G: Trainee is the easiest and commander is the 
hardest, once you complete the first, you can now move on to the next 
difficulty if you want. Here are the difficulties.

Trainee: The starting difficulty, this is just for you to get what the 
level and the game is.

Rookie: Next type, still very easy but a step up from the last 
difficulty, just have a bit more practice at the level.

Agent: Now, it starts to get harder, more enemies, more bombs and harder 
things. Be careful.

Special Agent: 2nd hardest, enemies are smarter and come in packs of 3 
and 4. Don't hesitate.

Commander: No fooling around, the hardest. Watch out for headshots. If 
you complete it, you are a master of Syphon Filter. 

                       AVAILABLE WEAPONS

All the possible weapons to get in the Minigames:
Starting: you posses as a starting item at least once

enemies: enemies carry weapon and you can pick it up once their dead

Small handgun, not very powerful using the Auto target or the normal 
aiming, takes about 4 bullets to kill a normal enemy on Auto target mode 
at the body.        

A very powerful weapon, kills every enemy in 1 shot. The only fault qith 
this weapon is that it takes to long to reload which is really bad if 
your facing alot of enemies at one time. 
enemies only

A pistol that has the power as a shotgun. A normal auto aim will kill 
the enemy in 1 shot.
Starting only

The only machine gun, each time you press fire, it fires 3 bullets. A 
normal Auto target will kill an enemy with 4 bullets.

Sniper Rifle
Good for long range kills. Anywhere from the groin above will kill the 
enemy in 1 shot in Manual aim.
Starting only

Well, if you have finished the game and got the End level and Super 
agent mode, this makes the minigames easy,

Put it on for a one shot kill on all enemies, even on your least 
powerful weapon.

This really takes the fun out of it, accept to end the level and go onto 
the next difficulty. Good if your a cheater, but not for me.


Now, here is all the playable characters that you can use to play all 
these magnificent minigames.

Gabe                      Lian                         Chance in armour
Desert Gabe               Elsa Weissinger              Formal Lian
Jungle Gabe               Lawrence Mujari              Bag Lady
London Gabe               Teresa Lipan                 Ninja Gabe

                          3) THE MINIGAMES

All the playable minigames:

All you have to do in this mission is eliminate all enemies. There is 
about 2-6 of them. in trainee, there is only 2. But, there is 2 catches, 
it has to be done in stealth which means you can't be seen at all 
otherwise the mission will end in failure. To use stealth, you are given 
a Sniper rifle (Great for stealth), 9mm (O.K for stealth but not 
targeting) and a knife (Great up close). The other catch is that you 
have to do it in a certain time limit, in trainee it's 9 minutes and in 
agent it's 4 minutes. Time limits are big and the last 2 levels, you 
don't have a sniper rifle and there is no time limit. The last level on 
assasinate is the hardest, you have to kill every enemy with just a 
knife, this is extremly hard because you have to get right up close to 
them and sneak (crawl) and roll and use hte knife. You have to be 
crawling to do the stealth knife kill otherwise the enemy will hear your 
footsteps. If you arn't close enough to the enemy This minigame inproves 
your stealth, thats why I play it. It helps me save ammo in the real 
game by just killing most enemies in 1 shot, but you don't always have 
the sniper rifle and lots of ammo for it.

My Rating: 9/10
One of my favourite types. The objective for it is the name of the 
minigame, all you have to do is eliminate enemies, there are 10 enemies 
in trainne and 25 in Commander. Most enmies come in flocks from 2-6, but 
alot of the time guys come single, which is easy. enemies only carry 
certain guns such as: 9MMs, Shotguns, M16s. The most common is shotgun. 
But you get to start off with a M16 and a falcon, I always use the 
falcon first, and then finish with the M16 or if iv'e got full shotgun 
ammo that I picked up, I maybe will use this. There is no time limit so 
go wild. No stealth is required, but if you want to try with stealth, 
you will find it impossible because you have to be in direct combat. The 
enemy runs until he has located you then starts firing at you, fire back 
and kill him. Always the lasat mission is very hard, you only have a 
pistol with 6 bullets. You have to scavenge for more ammo. In the first 
3 difficulty's (Trainee, Rooke, Agent) you have to seek out the enemies, 
but in the last two, they are looking for you and are mad!

My Rating: 8/10
I don't really like this objective. When you start, you will notice that 
you will have a guy next to you, he usually says 'Kick Ass'. What you 
have to do is give him cover fire while he disarmes the bombs. He wont 
help you fight if he is in the middle of disarming a bomb, so it's just 
you against everyone that comes. He is the only guy with expirience to 
disarm the bombs. They got this idea from Syphon Filter 1 level 2, where 
you have to blow open the door on the subway to let through the bomb 
expert to disarm the bomb and you have to protect him. Bombs just look 
like a briefcase like on the 'steal' objective. It doesn't take long to 
disarm all the bombs. Guys come from all directions and most come for 
you first, so this is the one time that you need to get their attention 
and divert all the bullets to you, because you can take them, but he 
doesn't have any armour. As like all levels, rankings and objectives, it 
gets harder as you go along, so as you progress, there is more bombs and 
way more enemies. The first 3 ranking are very easy but then they start 
to get very hard. Remember, protect that guy with your character's life. 
This gets boring after awhile after you have to circle your defuser in 
the middle because guys come from evrywhere around him.

My Rating: 7/10
All you have to do is steal a briefcase and return that briefcase to the 
starting place. The briefcase is usually surrounded by alot of enemies, 
but sometimes the computer tricks you, puts it in a place where no 
enemies are. this is tricky because your likely to go for a spot where 
enemies are guarding and that fools you when the briefcase isn't there. 
Also you have to do it in stealth, which means you can't be seen while 
stealing it or geting back to the starting position. Also, you have a 
time limit to do the level in. These 2 aspects make it hard to complete. 
But, thief is challenging, think of it as Terrorist's have planted a 
bomb somewhere in the district and you must find it and bring it back to 
the bomb experts, the bomb is scheduled to go off in ___ Minutes and if 
you are seen, they will detonate it, so you must hurry. Anyway, thief is 
challenging and if perfects the skill off sneaking quietly around 
people, these tecniques come in handy for 1st level with Teresa Lipan. 
Enjoy the challenge. I think it is fun.

My Rating: 7/10
Mah, I don't like this minigame, all it is is targets that you have to 
shoot with a sniper rifle, just follow the trail to the firing position 
and use L1 to aim, Triangle to zoom in, O to zoom out, and fire at the 
target and if you successfully hit a target it will break. There is a 
certain number of targets in 1 firing position and there is 4 firing 
positions. on Trainee, none of the targets move, but as you progress, 
targets start to move slowly and very fast, on the commander difficulty, 
you have little ammo and just about all the targets move, which makes 
this very hard to complete, I could never do it. here are the rules. 
1)Only shoot from Firing positions, all firing positions are marked by 
the end of the trail and a status callout (A thing that says a 
characters name, points to something E.G). 2) Save ammo for use on all 
targets, this means: Just say you are on the last set of targets, there 
is 5 of them and you only have 6 bullets, then you fire 2 bullets and 
miss on both of them, now you only have 4 bullets, and there is 5 
targets left, it is impossible to finish a level if there is 5 targets 
left any only 4 ammo left, get it.

                        4) THE LEVELS

Now, here is all the levels that are playable. Half of them you have to 
unlock though. I have written a big description for each level and after 
that how you obtain a secret minigame level:


Whispering Woods Mortuary

The burial place of Teresa Lipan, or was it (sp). A dark cemetary 
situated in a town called whispering woods. It looks spooky when playing 
because you are at a cemetery at night. People might rise from the grave 
and become MONSTERS, sorry, of subject again. there is a path right down 
the middle of the cemetery, I advise that you don't use it, this path 
leaves you very open to head shots on the harder difficulty. On the 
harder difficulty, I think you should use the high graves as a barrier 
and a hiding place. But remember, it's dark so you can't always see the 
enemy. Watch out for the walls in the corner on the minigame Demolition, 
some guys jump over it without you knowing and kill your mate if you are 
unaware. Also in whispering woods there is an underground section, there 
is a shoot to get down there, kind of like a slippery dip. This time you 
can jump down from a tall place and land and live. The underground 
section leads to 2 rooms, 1 room has a bookcase and a strecher and the 
other way is a corridor that leads to steps where you can get out, you 
can also acces the secret area like this. The stairs puts you out next 
to a house. This level is from the ening movie of Syphon filter 2 and 
the starting movie of Syphon Filter 3. I tried to read the names on the 
plaques but it's too hard to read. A nice, spooky level to play, the 
first level I ever played in the minigames and it was fun.

New York Slums

The poor district, too bad there is no poor guys around. This level is 
also dark, it's like your trying to be robbed because your rich and poor 
people wamt your money, but you pull out a gun and you show them who is 
boss around here. Excpet your fighting hitman who want you dead, and 
then maybe they will steal your gun, and then maybe your money, of sub 
again. You can get acces to a shop, it doesn't have much space in there, 
but just somewhere to hide if you need to catch your breath after being 
chased by hitman around the block. In elimination, guys come from behind 
and in front of you so watch out for the guys behind the most. there is 
also secret rooms, well not secret at all actually, in fact a starting 
position is in 2 of them.  Find the entrance to one of them near a pile 
of wooden boxes. I can remember when I first played this level and I 
started in a room with a big glass window, and i went past the window 
looking for the way out and I couldn't find it. I turned out it was 
hidden behind a few boxes and I was trying to get out through the roller 
door. Thief is very hard due to the open paths with enemies circling the 
block. The level isn't as big as some but still good to explore fully. 
They got the minigame level off Syphon Filter 2, where gabe has to 
Rendevous with Teresa at the helepad. It happened after Gabe escaped 
Stevens's Death Lab where Logan was Double crossed after trying to get 
Lians vaccine, which he done successfully.

Colorado Bridge

Not a very big level at all, the only main place where you can freely 
explore without climing, jumping is on the bridge. the bridge isn't very 
long anyway, it only has 3 trucks to protect you from enemies. There is 
only 2 starting positions on this level, one at the beginning of the 
bridge and the other is on the scaffolding. The scaffolding is small 
rails holding the bridge up from below, if you drop, you will die. Get 
on to the bridge or side of the bridge from here by climbing up as far 
as you can and try to get as close as possible to the bridge and then 
pull yourself up by pressing Triangle and then Up on the D-Pad. Doing 
this on Eliminate at commander ranking is hard because of the time it 
takes to get up and you can't hide behind the barrier, well you can but 
your head and part of your body is still showing so the enemy can get a 
head shot so easily. I like doing assasinate because I see an enemy, 
hang from the bridge, and once there past be, I get up and crawl right 
next to them and kill them with my knife or pick them off from where I 
stood up. Try to explore the scaffolding espicially on Thief mode as 
sometimes the briefcase is there, but not often. This level came from 
Syphon Filter 2, as most of them did. Gabe was going through Colorado 
when he came across this bridge that these tterrorists and the agency 
where trying to demolish the bridge so Logan couldn't get past, he had 
to eliminate the commander in stealth with a 2 min time limit and then 
had to diffuse 4 bombs.

Washington Park

A Huuuuuuuuge level and it is very well designed. It is the second 
biggest level in the whole minigames. It ahs alot of features in this 
level, from A statue of honour to tenniscourts and built up areas near 
the start with tress on them, that looks cool. At one stage, there is 2 
ways to go, to left is a path twisting around trees and if you go the 
other way, you will come to a Jungle jim, this looks cool. You can climb 
up it and be the king of the world, and no one can stop you because you 
have a gun. Ahahahahah. Sorry, anyway, explore the jungle gym a while, 
it is fun climing up and down it. keep on going and now you will come to 
a hedge maze, this maze isn't hard and note that you can't use climb 
(triangle) to climb on to the hedge, so this makes it harder, actually 
this is easy, just follow the concrete path around, past lights and all 
other ways leading off the track, if you want, you can explore the whole 
maze. After a while you will come to the end of the maze, and come to a 
building called 'Freedom Memorial'. You can't get acces to this 
building. If you have played Syphon Filter 1, the freedom memorial was 
one of the boss fights which was really fun and challenging, it took me 
ages to kill Anton Girdeaux, but I liked him, espicially his French 
Accent, 'Gabriel Logan'. Anyway, as you can tell this park level cam 
from the original Syphon filter and is the length of the whole level 
from Syphon Filter 1.

D.C Subway

A normal sized level thats looks cool. All it is is two train tracks and 
a big station in the middle with signs and information on it. Next two 
both tracks is a little walkway where enemies love to walk, so look here 
for enemies, they come out of back rooms. Bialthlon on this level is a 
very simple track, start on once side of the middle section and follow 
it and do a turn to the other side and go foward, like a U turn, but it 
 |    ^         
 |    ^
 |    ^
 |    ^
 |    ^
 |    ^
Biathlon track:
^ = walk up
< = walk left
| = Walk down

In assasin, watch out for enemies in back rooms popping out to the 
little walking track, they come out the side tracks. In elimination, 
when enemies come from the little side walways next to the track, use 
something for cover because the enemies can't come straight for you 
because they can't cross the tracks. Note that no trains go by like in 
Syphon filter 1. As you just picked up, this level came from syphon 
filter 1, in fact, it is the first level in the whole 62 levels in the 
syphon filter series. The original, and a great and fun level to play, 
enjoy it. 

Rhomers Fortress

here we come to the longest level in all of the minigames, it beats at 
least 2 levels from the real Syphon Filter 3 story mode, those 2 levels 
are the Galaxy transport plane and the level called The Beast. You start 
off on a hill inside what looks like a church, go left and left again to 
see two missing windows and on eliminate, 2 guys jump down from there. 
Explore every possible route, as you can get to alot of places. enemies 
love having the shotgun on this level, I've only ever played it on 
eliminate, so thats all I know, but I have played the level on Syphon 
Filter 1. Watch out when you get on the beams about 3/4 of the way 
through the level, It's easy to fall, trust me. Below you now is where 
you have to go, yep. But how do you get down there, you can't jump 
because it will be too far and you will die and have to start the whole 
level again. that spiral thing that looks like a window is where you 
have to go through, shoot it. Now you take the long, exhausting back 
road to the end of the level. The end of the level  is the path going 
down into a door that you can't go in. During this level, you encounter 
lots of different things, including a library, once again, it is the 
same length as the Syphon Filter level 'Catacombs Lower level'. This 
mission in Syphon comprised of 3 different levels, the first 2 are about 
exactly the same which is boaring.

Phagans Warehouse

You start outside and around you are warehouses containing boxes. This 
level is a reasonable size and there is thousands of places to hide, 
place to hide are inside warehouses, in rooms, Behind barricks and many 
other places, never hide behind those drums, because they contain fire, 
if it is is shot, everyone with in a certain distance of the barrels 
will die. This is good for elimination, stay way back from the barrels 
but still so you can see them, and when enemies come in flocks, shoot it 
and all will die, this makes it easier to achieve your goal. In 
assasinate, never fire at the barrels unless you are trying to kill the 
last guy that is next to the drums, in that case you can shoot them, but 
other times don't as it attracts the attention of the enemies and you 
will be spotted and mission will fail, so avoid making noise at all, 
same with the objective thief on this level. Another great tip for 
assasinate is: Get up high in a warehouse that you can easily duck and 
hide in, while your up high you should be able to see a fair bit of the 
level, so be a true sniper and fire. Once again, this level was in the 
original syphon filter, it is the 7th to last level, I never could find 
the viral samples, so I gave up trying. Anyway, you are dropped here and 
you have to get to warehouse 71 and find the elevator in the burning 
wreck leading down to the Missile silo.

China Exhibit

You are in part of the Pharcom exhibition centere, in the Ancient china 
exhibit. A normal sized level, not huge like some, but not short like 
others. This exhibits back ways is like a major maze, each statue you 
come to you are given either 3 or 2 or 1 more ways to go, also note that 
you can walk through the glass and it doesn't hurt you at all, buit this 
can create noise in Assasinate and also thief modes, so be careful that 
no one is around before smashing it. In no mission you really have to 
smash the glass, but I do it anyway. Eliminate is also hard because if 
your at a statue, tuns of guys can come from all different directions 
and target you in head shots (only on the hardest eliminate difficulty). 
Due to all the back wasy, thief can also be hard, because once again, 
it's like a maze, just look at your radar if your having trouble, it 
picks up the briefcase as a blue flashing dot, thats where you have to 
go. If you need to, you can hide behind the pharcom boxes and when 
enemies come past, usually they don't see you. This is a good method. 
This level came form the second Syphon Filter, it is a exhibition in the 
Pharcom centre. In this exhibit, Gabe has to eliminate Dillion Morgan, 
an agency boss, Gabe has help from diffusing the bombs that Morgan has 
armed, if Gabe and Teresa pop Morgan before all the bombs are disarmed, 
the whole place will go up in flames because Morgan has a dead man 
switch, which will set off all the bombs if that hits the floor.

Military Base

A great level, there is actually two types of this level, one is the 
normal outside snow stuff and there is also a little underground bunker 
with 2 paths leading out into the fresh air. The bunker is the main 
starting place. Once out into the cold snow, you will see a truck, 
usually guys come and hide behind it, also there is drums which contain 
fire. If you keep going around, you will meet some more enemies and come 
to power lines and a power relay, watch out for an ambush on eliminate 
as you approach the relay, about 4 guys come, most with shotgun, just 
hide or kill them, I always die here, in fact, that is the only place I 
have died on this level. It's not a very big level, about a 1/10 th of 
the real level in Syphon Filter. Mabe they had to cut it short because 
they where running short on disc space, anyway, this is a easy level but 
not alot of ggod places to hide, except for the bunker. As I mentioned, 
this level originates from Syphon Filter 1, where it is kind of a 
stealth level, but if your seen, thousands of men come at you, so the 
mission doesn't fail if you seen, it's just that if your seen, men come 
towards you and you reach a checkpoint and die, when you are brought 
back to the last checkpoint, you will still be counted as spotted and 
the enemies will be flooding in, there is nothing to stop this, except 
if you reset and play this level again. You also have to play this level 
again as an escape level in 3 minutes but everyone is alerted so you 
just have to kill them.


At the start of the whole game, 5 minigame levels are already available 
for you to play, but 5 are hidden through out story mode. Unlock a 
secret minigame area by doing what I say in each level:

Here is some special things that you can do to unlock a certain minigame 

Level 1: Hotel Fukushima

All you have to do is rescue the prisiner across the street, sound easy, 
well it's not. Try to eliminate 2 guys quickly and then everyone who 
comes in that same room, who cares if you lose health, your going for an 
extra level.

Type: Minigame
Level: Military base
Diff: very hard because of all the guys who come in and shoot st him, 
but once your good at aiming, you can get this very easy.

My diff rating: 7/10

Level 5: Pugari complex

Avoid putting a bullet in foreman jone's head, let him survive and this 
will make your whole next part of the mission very easy, kill him and 
you don't get the minigame and the truck smahes into the building 
blowing it up and thousand of guys come. If you avoid killing, you get 
the game and none of the truck + guys happen.

Type: Minigame
Level: Colorado bridge
diff: very easy, did it the first time I played the level without any 
help from any walkthrough FAQ or anything like that. But most people 
like putting a bullet in peoples' heads, but I left him alone.

My diff rating: 2/10

Level 9: Waterfront

All you have to do Is blast through the level as quickly as you can, I 
think you have to complete it in under 9 minutes to get the extra level. 

Type: Minigame
Level: Warehouses
Diff: not very hard to do, but just run, ahoot and don't stop, look at 
your map so you know whereto go and what path to go to quickly and 
cutscenes take up time so just skip them.

My diff rating: 6/10

Level 14: St george Australia

At the start of this level, get the sniper rifle in the back of the 
truck next to the start, now kill all the enemies with it without bieng 
seen. You must rescue everyone of the aborigines before you can be seen. 
The only guys you can be seen by is the guy on the tower when your going 
to the truck at the end of the level, and the guys surrounding the 
helecopter for escape.

Type: Minigame
Level: Rhomers fortress
Diff: Hard to do, use all your training and snipe from far back as 
possible if you can.

My diff rating: 6/10

Level 19: DC Subway

Finish the level as fast as possible and you will likely unlock a new 
arena. I think the time to beat it in is about 8 minutes.

Type: Minigame
level: Mesa Verde Exhibit
Diff: Easy, done it the first time around without even knowing how to 
get the Minigame. Very Easy if I can get it so quick.


Bonus minigame

In level 1, when fighting Shi Hao and luitennants, kill all the 
luitennants with the Air Taser (but make sure you save the prisinor as 
well, other wise I found it didn't work).

                      5) TIPS

- When assasinating with a knife, always crawl and use roll to get 
closer instead of running. The enemy can hear your footsteps when 
running but not when your crawling and rolling.

- With the sniper rifle, anywhere above the groin will kill an enemy in 
1 shot, so you don't always have to do a head shot.

- With the 9MM, you have to use a head shot to kill the enemy, 1 shot at 
the body will alert the enemy.


- Try to use a one shot kill weapon as enemies usually come in groups, 
the falcon is probably the best weapon.

- When people come in flocks, try to use a few head shots while coming 
towards you to only face a few guys.

- Hide behind a wall and use the quick peek method and then fire to kill 
enemies with a head shot.


- Use Triangle to zoom in to get a better look and aim on the target, I 
always do this.

- Take short cuts on the red track, E.G cut corners on it if there are 
no firing positions, do this if you now the track well.

- You can come a bit fowarder than the firing position and shoot, but 
not to far otherwise parameter failed.


- Mainly use the R1 aim to get a good idea of where the enemy is and 
where he is coming from.

- Use your radar to see how close the enemies are to the guy and there 
chance of hitting the bomb squad member.

- Act quickly as soon as the enemy comes and preserve your best weapons 
ammo for the harder parts.


- Enemies are mostly blind, they can only see straight ahead of them, 
use this to your advantage.

- Don't get real close to any enemy unless you need to to get to the 

- The briefcase shows up as a Blue flashing dot on your radar if your 
close to it.