Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (PSP) Cheats

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, and Codes for PSP.


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Upgrading/Getting things
In order to obtain the Dual Wield, you need to get a 3 on the Combat Sharp Shooting. To get increased health, you need to get a 2 on the Survival Specialist. To obtain Max Darts (MB150), you need to get a 3 on Elite Weapons Expert.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dual WieldGet a 3 on the Combat Sharp Shooting.
Increased healthGet a 2 on the Survival Specialist.
Max Darts (MB150)Get a 3 on Elite Weapons Expert.
Space suitbeat the game 10 times on hard, i think around ten


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the two boxes by the tower go into the corner and press up to climb you should fall though now your invisable...bu you cant plant mines or stab people or climb that will make you visable.
This glitch is in "ALOT" of maps and works on all RTL first i recomend either flashbang or m67 or m61 grenade.EMP works to but its a pain when it hits the wall and disables it.So use those grenades insted first find a RTL and take out your grenade.Press up and toss a grenade at the same time if it says NEED RTL at the bottom of your screen then your invisable,but the best thing about this glitch is,you can stb plant mines and climb without becoming visable,but on the enemys screen your going back and forth on the RTL but on your screen your walkin around,there is a funny thing to if you get on a gun turret when doing the RTL glitch and shoot on every ones screen,the gun turret is shooting and moving but no ones ther so its a ghost turret,have fun and its a great way to rank up xp and its best for RET or SAB and somwhat good for TDM. =)
Shanty town glitch online
Ok,first this glitch will only work with "TARGET LOCK" this also will only work on TDM or DM.Ok now go and get a sticky mine go were the 3 window things are go to the last one were the shack is across,throw one sticky mine on or by the window seal and shoot it you should go flying on top of the shack now go on the lower one behind it.then walk on top of the roof you should fall and be out of the map.then go were the island thing is run up it then run across it then hold target lock button and get kills you can shoot through the walls. =D