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: : : : Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers FAQ/Walkthrough

Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers FAQ/Walkthrough

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                   Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers (SMD)
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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
    2.....Walkthrough [02.00]
            - Domestic Devils [02.01]
            - Domestic Devils 2 [02.02]
            - Mayhem Express [02.03]
            - Back Alley Blues [02.04]
            - Hyde and Shriek [02.05]
            - Hyde and Shriek 2 [02.06]
            - Oceans of Trouble [02.07]
    3.....Frequently Asked Questions [03.00]
    4.....Credits and Outro [04.00]

      Introduction                                                   01.00

     Cagey Capers wasn't only the first game to star Sylvester and Tweety, it's
still quite possibly their best offering, even after all this time.  What it
lacks in finesse, it makes up for in originality and solid platform/puzzle-
based gameplay.  There hasn't been a guide for it yet, which I find odd
considering how good the game is.

      Walkthrough                                                    02.00

     While catching Tweety is the main focus of each level, you'll find chasing
him to be a relatively easy affair.  Pressing the A button will activate the
Tweety Scope, scrolling the screen over to his current location.  This doesn't
pause the action, so putting yourself somewhere safe first can always be
categorised as a good idea.

To get Tweety to move from his position, simply get close to him or attack him.
Attacking Tweety will do wonders for your score as well as moving him along
quicker.  Once you've chased Tweety to the final point in the level, he'll be
encircled by blue arrows, indicating that if you attack him one more time,
you'll catch him and end the level.  You can't lose track of Tweety, and we've
established that chasing him is the easiest part of the game, so my focus will
be on getting you through the levels intact while you occasionally smack Tweety
about the head.  I'll do the planning, you do the acts of animal cruelty.

Before we get to that, mind you, make sure the difficulty is set to 100%.
Any lower than that and you won't be able to play the full game.  There are
seven levels, but the default difficulty setting only allows access to five.
On easier settings, some items may appear in slightly different locations and
there may be more of them.  Enemies such as Hector and Granny will appear less,
while certain hazards may not appear at all.  This guide, as you probably
figured out, deals with the game set to 100% difficulty.

      Domestic Devils                                                02.01

     The bed can be used to bounce up to the platforms above, allowing you to
nab some easy points, a Fish Bowl (health), and a Bone.  That Bone can be used
as a distraction for Hector, should you encounter him (and you will, as he's
patrolling this very area, amongst others).  Once you've finished with that,
drop back down (using the same bed to break your fall).  When you reach the
chair over to the right, firstly use it to reach the Boxing Gloves (a sure fire
way to stun Hector if you find yourself sans Bones), then carry it over to the
right (just walk into it).  Drop it under the picture frame, from which, you
can jump to the top of the wall.

From the top of the wall, you can reach your first Umbrella.  Equipping the
Umbrella will allow you to slow your fall for a limited time (to get rid of an
item early, press the Start button).  Granny patrols this area, and will quite
happily smack Sylvester about the head with a broom should she catch him.
She's invulnerable, so all you can hope to do is avoid her.  If you press up
when standing in front of the basket after the fireplace, you'll hide in it for
a few seconds.  Speaking of the fireplace, those flames will harm you, despite
them being in the fireplace and you, well, not.  By attacking the switch to the
left of the fireplace, you'll turn it off.

Halfway up the stairs, you can jump over to either the left or right for some
bonuses, including a Fish Bowl and a Clock (knocks three minutes off the
timer).  At the top of the stairs, the bed can be used to again get you some
bonuses, including a Pogo Stick.  A Pogo Stick, providing you time your jumps
with the depression of the spring, will allow you to jump higher for a time as
well as preventing fall damage.  The lamp, can be used as a hiding place in a
similar manner to the bed, if Granny should show up again.

When you reach the fireplace, avoid jumping as you pass it, as you'll fall down
to the bottom floor.  This isn't damaging (unless you forgot to turn the fire
off), just time-consuming.  To get over the wall, stack the chair onto the
table.  If you use the Pogo Stick from the top of the stack, you'll be able to
reach the light fittings and some more points.

Over at the other side, carry the present over to the left and stack it atop
the other one.  Use the stack of presents to reach the picture frame to the
right, then jump to the balloon.  Hector will probably show up before then, so
be sure to grab the Bone.  From there, you can jump up to the platform on the
left and make your way over two further balloons (jump from the first one as
it's going down to avoid hitting the ceiling).  At the other side, you'll find
a Clock and a 1-Up.

Make your way back up to where you were, but continue straight up this time.
The spring will lead up to an Umbrella and a Pogo Stick.  Over to the right,
use the barrel to reach the platforms.  Granny is quite likely to be here
already, so eyes open.  When you reach the fan, don't be tempted to use the
Pogo Stick, as both this fan and the next one can be jumped over without harm.

Drop down to the right and stack the crates atop one another.  The crates don't
quite reach where Tweety is perched, so you'll have to use the Pogo Stick to
reach him.  If you accidentally stacked the crates in the wrong place, don't
worry, as you can break a stack down by attacking it.

      Domestic Devils 2                                              02.02

     There's a Bone in the dish near the doghouse at the far side of the level.
Hector often wanders about at ground level, so you may need it.  About halfway 
along, you'll find a trash can that can be hidden in.  If you don't deal with
Hector when you see him, he can cause far more trouble for you than just
concussion, as he, just like you, can knock over a stack of items by attacking

Before you set about chasing Tweety down, stack both crates (the first of which
is to the left of your starting position) in front of the pole behind the
doghouse (it saves effort later).  Those crates can be used to get onto the
fence, where you should immediately head back the way you came.  The parts of
the fence with the trellis can't be walked on, just in case you're thinking of
trying it.

When you come to the barrel, use it to reach the one above it before you go
pushing it down.  With both barrels on the ground, push them over to the
stacked crates.  To the left of where Tweety is initially sitting, you can
climb the telegraph pole for some goodies in the shape of points, a Fish Bowl,
and a Clock.  The balloons, if you can muster the courage to jump across them,
will reward you with another Clock and a 1-Up.

Not the most dangerous but certainly the most irritating part of chasing Tweety
is crossing the wires along the top of the screen.  The sparks don't do a great
deal of damage, but they travel fast and are plentiful in number, and while
you're stunned from a spark, you can quite easily lose your footing.
Tweety's final perch, conveniently enough, is on the bird house sitting just
above the stack you made earlier.

      Mayhem Express                                                 02.03

     There's a Mallet over to the right - you can reach it by jumping from the
crate.  Think of it as a stronger version of the Boxing Gloves.  Hector may or
may not decide to appear here, so you may or may not have to beat him around
the head with it.  With that said,  stack the barrel, crate, and suitcase next
to the door near the start, and use them to reach the luggage rack above you.
To get to the roof, you only need to use one of the objects.

Making your way across the roof is a bit of a struggle, as the wind is
endeavouring to send you off the back of the train.  Walking won't see you get
anywhere - either run/sneak or jump your way along.  If you want a moment to
catch your breath, ducking will keep you rooted to the spot

In the next carriage (the next large hole along), you can grab some Boxing
Gloves to the right of where you drop down from the luggage rack.  Tweety is
more than likely sitting above the door in the main area.  Drop down from the
luggage rack on left side, and use the platform you land on to reach the top of
the door.  Make sure you grab the Pogo Stick while you're here.  To get back
out, you'll need to push the bag back to the right so that you can reach the
small ledge you used to reach the top of the door.  In the spirit of fun, this
is around the time Hector will show up.

Back out on the roof, use the Pogo Stick to reach the balcony of the next
carriage, then bounce your way to the roof.  Granny can and will show up in
this carriage, but you'll find a basket to hide in as always.  Before you
continue further down, stack the crates near the hat stand to the left, so you
can get back to the roof.

Down there, you'll again have to stack the objects to get back out.
You shouldn't need to stack them to reach Tweety, though, as one should
suffice.  If you want the Boxing Gloves above the door, which isn't really
worth it, you'll need to stack them.  Oh, and don't get too close to that open
door, as you'll be sucked out of the train and sent back to the start.

On the roof, you shouldn't drop down the next gap, but the one after.  If you
want a Mallet, continue to the right before heading back to drop down into the
carriage.  Stack the objects next to the wall to the right and use the Umbrella
you find there to slow your fall into the next area.  Granny has managed to
teleport to this carriage, so be mindful when stacking those objects.  To get
out of this carriage, let yourself get sucked out of the train.  Rather than
heading backwards, you'll be dropped off in the next carriage along.  Granny
has probably managed to teleport again, but you can ignore her, unless you want
the Pogo Stick found there.

The next carriage along is the last one.  It's quite a way down, so use an
Umbrella or Pogo Stick to break your fall.  If you drop off the right side of
this carriage, you can get a 1-Up.  You'll only be taken back to the last
carriage, so it's worth the effort.  Hippety Hopper makes an appearance here,
booting you but dealing no damage, if you get too close.  Handily enough,
Hippety's attacks will knock you high enough to reach Tweety.

      Back Alley Blues                                               02.04

     As you chase Tweety along the bottom of the level, be mindful of
flowerpots falling from windows.  Sam, an overly-aggressive tomcat, lives here
also.  Treat him as a more agile version of Hector.  In fact, he even shares a
similar weakness; any Fish you find can be used just like you would a Bone.

If you want the 1-Up that's sitting above you at the start, you're going to
need to head back that way once you're on the fence (which you can do by
jumping from the crate all the way over to the right).  On the way there, you
can also nab a Clock.  On the subject of the fence, you can walk on the parts
that are missing planks.  You can't, however, walk from a section with planks
to a section without planks without falling (and visa versa).

In the middle of the fence, you'll find a spring, which is, of course, your
ticket to the buildings.  Buildings pose their own hazards, primarily
unattended barbecues, cacti, and steam-spewing flues.  Most windows, while it
may not look like it, consist of three separate ledges, and serve as your
primary means of getting further up a building.  The building on the right,
amongst the usual smattering of health and bonus items, holds several Mallets.
Down the right side of the building, there happens to be a garbage chute, which
will drop you unceremoniously onto the street should you get too close to it.

While the building on the left is mostly the same, there is the added hazard of
falling pies.  Frankly, they're infrequent and rather hard to actually get hit
by.  The top part of the building houses an electric sign, offering up the
chance to be electrocuted by the errant sparks that run along the bottom of it.

If you climb the sign, you can reach the roof, where some nice bonuses await.
This is also where Tweety will come once you've chased him sufficiently.
The right side of this building also hosts a chute, but it won't quite drop you
onto the street.  On the clotheslines between the buildings, you'll find an
Umbrella, an Invincibility power-up, and a Clock.  You can use the flagpoles
here to quickly move between floors.

      Hyde and Shriek                                                02.05

     Turn about is fair play and all that.  Tweety is over to the right, eating
lord knows what from a container marked 'Hyde.'  The result being that Tweety
will periodically transform into the Tweety Monster, a very large and very
angry freak of a bird.  While in this form, Tweety will actively chase you
around, eating you if you let him get too close.

If Tweety happens to start chewing on you, pressing the attack button will get
you out of his mouth, greatly minimising any damage you'll sustain.
When cornered, bear in mind that you cannot jump over the Tweety Monster
without being eaten.  If you attack him, he'll be stunned (though you'll hardly
be able to tell) long enough for you to walk past him.  One of the ways to
return Tweety, albeit temporarily, to normal, is to find the Antidote (a bottle
with a large 'A' on it) and pelt him with it.  The other way is to let him kill
you.  Once he's reverted, it's business as usual.

You can grab your first Antidote from the top of the door frame to the right of
the 'Hyde' jar.  Just hop up onto the jar to reach it.  You can get a second
one from atop another door frame by doubling back along the pictures and light
fittings.  You can also find a Mallet along the way, but that has little use
against Big Bird there.   And because the game loves you like a brother from
another mother, there's another Antidote simply lying on the ground to the far
right.  While these three aren't enough to see you finish the level, they'll
get you a good way there.

You have a couple of ways to the first floor, but we'll start over to the left.
If you wait there for a bit, you'll be greeted by an elevator.  On the way up,
you can grab another Antidote, but that's not the best bit.  If you jump into
the air vent to the right, you'll be taken to a secret area where you can find
a 1-Up, a Clock, and some more Antidote, along with some points.  To get out,
just jump into the vent again.

Getting off the elevator on the second floor and heading right for a bit will
see you brought out where your second choice would have brought you.  On the
ground floor, to the right, there's an air vent that will suck you in and spit
you out.  It's very to-the-point and will see you have to head back down to
reach the bonus area.

If you chose to ride the elevator all the way to its conclusion, you'd have
been able to grab a Pogo Stick and an Umbrella.  You really don't need either,
and the latter is simply to stop you smashing your brains out after grabbing
the former.  The second floor introduces you to Robot Dogs.  Robot Dogs are
small, weak, and can easily be distracted by Bones.  On the subject of Bones,
there's one at the far right of the floor.  If you choose to destroy a Robot
Dog, consider that it's only a temporary solution, as they'll put themselves
back together in a few seconds.

There are two staircases and an elevator that will take you to the next floor
up, the main draw of which being two more Antidotes.  If you want to get atop
the furniture for the points, ride the elevator to the vent and hop in.
You'll be taken to another vent just to the left of the top of the first

On the very top floor, the very first thing you should do is jump onto the
pipes and turn the steam off (there's a Fish Bowl there, so don't worry about
getting hurt during the process).  There's another Robot Dog here, but there
also happens to be a Mallet and a Bone.  Towards the end, you'll find an
Invincibility power-up and one last Antidote.  Tweety will perch nearby when
he's ready to be caught.

      Hyde and Shriek 2                                              02.06

     Shrinking hasn't affected Tweety's ability to transform into the Tweety
Monster in the slightest.  What has changed, though, is the availability of
Antidote, it being somewhat rare and nearly always somewhere dangerous.
And speaking of dangers, there are a good many of those.  Both sparks and acid
will instantly cost you a life, while Bunsen burners and fans will just settle
for dealing massive damage very quickly.  As a saving grace, sparks, burners,
and fans can be turned off via nearby switches.  It's safe to say that if you
see a switch and it isn't down, make it happen.

The level is divided into various parts, each accessible via a teleport
chamber.  Jump into the teleporter over to the left, then head right.  From the
books all the way over to the right, you can reach a draw handle.  From the
second such handle, found further left, you can reach a 1-Up.  Return to the
teleporter and head right now.  Climb the zigzag pipework and jump over to the
container on the right and make your way up.

From the lower part of the counter, jumping left will see you reach another
pipe, and from there, walking further to the left will see you land on a draw
handle, from which you can grab some points and a Clock.  Return to where you
were previously and keep heading up.  At the top, you'll find an Antidote far
too far above you to reach.  To get it, wait for the Tweety Monster to come
for you, then jump for the Antidote, allowing yourself to be eaten.
Upon breaking free, you'll gain just enough height to reach it.

Heading all the way to the left will see you reach another Antidote and a
teleporter.  The teleporter can be reached by riding the cork up and jumping
over to the left.  Jump early, though, as there's a spark waiting for you at
the top.  Using the first spring to reach the moving platform above you will
take you to a 1-Up.  Other than that 1-Up, there's no real reason to be over
there, as there are more rewards to be gained by heading to the left and taking
the teleporter.  From the teleporter, you'll have to enter a small glass
chamber.  The floor is covered in acid, but there are platforms and bubbles to
help you cross.  There's an Antidote at the other side.

You can grab another Antidote from the glass chamber just down from the exit.
From where you enter, heading left will see you find it (don't fall down the
hole).  It's situated above a bubble that's situated above acid, so watch
yourself.  All the way to the right is a Bone, which is less exciting.  On the
next level down, you can find an Umbrella and a 1-Up in a similar set up to the
Antidote on the floor above.  Over to the right, an Umbrella and a Bone, the
former being used to break your fall to the floor below and the latter being
used to get rid of the Robot Dog when you get there.

So, on the third level down, if you choose to head left and navigate a tricky
section of bubble-jumping, you can find a 1-Up and an Invincibility power-up.
When heading back down, you're given the choice of heading back exactly the way
you came or dropping down a pipe.  It doesn't really matter much each way, as
you'll end up in the same place.  If you go right, though, you'll be able to
grab another Invincibility power-up before dropping down.

The acid-filled room is obviously of no consequence in your current state, and
neither is the Robot Dog that comes after that, despite the game giving you a
Bone as soon as you drop down for that very occasion.  The exit comes just
after the dog (use an Umbrella), and is in the same area as where you'd have
ended up (much quicker) if you had not elected to go left and jump in the
teleporter.  There's another Antidote near the fan that can be found up and to
the right.  The fan itself can be ignored rather than turned off, as you'll
still be invincible.

To the right, you'll find another teleporter.  Before you use it, make sure to
trip the switch behind it.  The teleporter will take you to the top of the
level, where you'll find very many conveyor belts.  As you make your way down,
be careful of the current, as there's an awful lot of opportunities to lose
lives.  There's an Antidote in the lower-right corner of the section.  There is
another one in the lower-left corner as well, on the platform with the scales.
A Clock can be found up and to the right of that Antidote, and a Pogo Stick can
be found towards the bottom.  When Tweety is done for the day, he'll settle on
a platform in the middle of the area.

      Oceans of Trouble                                              02.07

     Sam is around here somewhere, hence the Fish above your head.  If you're
particularly daring, you can drop off the edge of the pier to the right and
make your way back to the left, over the posts and moving platforms, to grab
yourself two 1-Ups.  If you're not up to it, stack the crate on top of the
other one and jump up to the anchor.  Over to the right, you can find a Clock,
which is nice, but to progress, you need to jump up to the portholes.  From the
one furthest right, you'll be able to reach the deck.  You could get some
Boxing Gloves if you ventured all the way left, but it's not worth the effort.

Granny patrols the deck here (seriously, who takes a broom on holiday?).
If you didn't chase Tweety far enough up, you can jump into the pipe at the
left side of the screen to get back to the dock.  You'll have to stack the
crates to reach the mast that Tweety is sitting on.  After he's flown off, take
the biggest crate and use it to reach the first porthole back to the right.
From the second porthole along, just keep jumping up and down until Hippety
Hopper comes along and kicks you in the face, knocking you up to the deck he's
on.  Various bonuses can be had by letting Hippety kick you up to the portholes
on the right.

To continue, stand over to the left and let Hippety boot you towards the mast.
As you bounce your way up it, you'll be able to grab a 1-Up.  At the top, leap
to the right and deploy the Umbrella you couldn't have failed to miss on the
docks.  Sam hangs around this area, so be quick about riding the platforms up
the mast.  All you have to do now is make your way across the electric cables
and jump down the stack to end the game.  Congratulations, kitty.

      Frequently Asked Questions                                     03.00

 === General Questions ===

 Q: Why do you keep calling the bulldog Hector?  His name is Spike.

 A: They're both different characters.  Hector is the one without any clothes
    on, and Spike (not to be confused with the one in Tom and Jerry) is the
    one that's dressed in a jersey and bowler hat.  He can be seen in
    silhouette behind a window in 'Back Alley Blues.'  And yes, Hector's bowl
    in 'Domestic Devils 2' does have 'Spike' written on it for some odd reason.

 === Questions About Levels ===

 --- Mayhem Express ---

 Q: How do you get to the room at the bottom of the penultimate carriage?

 A: That's a very good question.  It's also one I don't really have an answer
    for.  The only way into that area is falling from the train/getting sucked
    out of the door in the adjoining carriage.  The air current that brings you
    into the carriage also prevents you from heading back down, though it
    probably shouldn't, as no other door on the train does that.  An oversight,
    is what I reckon it is.

 --- Back Alley Blues ---

 Q: The sign on top of the building says 'Fritz.'  What does it mean?

 A: It's a reference to Isadore 'Friz' Freleng, the man responsible for the
    success of Sylvester and Tweety, not to mention countless more.

 --- Hyde and Shriek ---

 Q: In the secret area, why is there a Fish?

 A: It can't be collected, as it's slightly out-of-bounds, and even if it
    wasn't, it'd have no use.  The Fish is used exclusively to distract Sam,
    but he doesn't make an appearance in the level.  I suspect Sam was supposed
    to be included in this level rather than the Robot Dogs, but was instead
    shifted to 'Oceans of Trouble,' where he seemingly replaced Hector.
    For the record, neither Sam nor the Robot Dogs appeared in 'Hyde and Go
    Tweet,' the episode on which this level is based.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
    that the number of sites that I'm allowing to host this guide is enough,
    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but
    you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, you'll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

      Credits and Outro                                              04.00

     Tweety Bird, Tweety Bird, fly away home, Sylvester's bones are broken and
his lives are all gone.  On the bright side, that island is really small, so
Sylvester may just end up winning.  I find it quite disconcerting that Granny
wasn't accounted for after the ship sank, well, I would if I liked her, which I
don't.  The game is done, the guide is done, and I've been, as ever, Mike
Penance.  Goodbye, and remember to turn the lights off as you leave.

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [].

     If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free
to pay me a visit and leave a comment [] and
pledge to serve as my vassal - too far?  Well, just sign it and leave out the
"serving me for all eternity" bit (if you like).

No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according to plan.  Shall I continue with the second phase of the
operation?  Yes, sir, understood.

     Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers (C) 1994 Time Warner Interactive
          Cagey Capers - FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2014 Mike Penance