Swingerz Golf Cheats

Swingerz Golf cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Glitch-Fix Robo
If Robo malfunctions in summer, quit the game (it will automatically save). Re-enter the game game and Robo will be mysteriously fixed!


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Blessed Clubs
Score lots of birdies (or better) with the dead clubs in tour mode. Dead clubs will turn into blessed clubs at level 10.
Dead Clubs
Play a poor round (18 holes) in tour mode with a bad score (above +5) and make lots of poor shots.
Fire Clubs
Complete all missions in "Mini Game" section.
Just a LIttle More Ball
Get 100 consecutive wins in Survival Mode.
Complete 40 survival matches in a row.
Rain Pendant
Complete Missions A: 1 through 10 in "Mini games".