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The bad:

needs more weapons and larger levels, also needs customizeable features for multiplayer


this game rocks, the multiplayer is the best part. my friends and i play this game all the time

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Terrorists are down sir!

The good:

Your a SWAT member
Plenty of extra modes and levels.
Realistic weapons.
Good graphics.
It's good but I can't think any more!

The bad:

Early missions are too easy.
Not enough weapons.
Linear levels.
The story's does not hang together.
Arresting people can be tricky.


SWAT: Global Strike Team is a pretty good game that is worth playing. But the game does have it own fair share of flaws. But if you are excited about the idea of going through levels, arresting people and order your squad to do cool actions, then you should give this game a look.

In SWAT: Global Strike Team, you play as Commander Kincaid who is the leader of this small SWAT made up of only three people all together. The other two are Jackson and Lee. Jackson is the bomb disposal expert and Lee is the team sniper. You also get to play as her on a few missions.

SWAT: Global Strike Team's gamepl...


HunterKiller Review

The good:


The bad:

-Weapons & Gadgets


In the game S.W.A.T. the storyline goes all over the place. One time you killing the DRAGON CLAN is china the next your killing RUSSIANS in Vancouver. its kinda lame. This dropped the score down 1.8%. Trying to not notice the storyline you see that the graphics of inside or even outside of compouds in quite great and that the regular gameplay is pretty ok. One thing you can't help but notice and the small amount of weapons and gadgets. Its really *bleep*ed. Every mission the same bomb, gun and takedown. this lost about .5%. The most annoying thing in a level is that every time you die you m...

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