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[edit] Background

Climb aboard your ship in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire! The games starts out with you on a desert plain, but once you find your ship, don't believe that things will quiet down. From shooting TIE fighters to battling AT-STs, you have to be on your toes every second! At times there will be side missions that will put you in a position to drive a "Swoop Bike" to fending off the leaders who try to create a dangerous plan is all what you are set out to do. Once you are done completing a level, you can go back to any level you have already beaten and good access miscellanous hidden challenges. Because of that, you can also find each challenge on a different difficulty level, whether it would be on Easy, Medium, or the Jedi level. Once you succeed each mission on all of the difficulty levels, you can also access different surprises along the way!

[edit] Features

  • Storyline is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi!
  • Ten action-packed levels!
  • Several game modes!
  • Fly a snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth or ride a hovertrain through the junkyards of Ord Mantell!!
  • Game progress stored in memory.

This game is also known as Star Wars: Teikoku no Kage in Japan.

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Freewind Rider
Dec 17, 15 3:21pm

You want to know a perfect way to start off a Star Wars game? Why, with the mother*bleep*ing...

Dec 13, 09 12:24pm
brilliant game! StarWarsShadowsOfTheEmpire
Terranigma Fan
Jan 21, 09 8:17pm
Not that good StarWarsShadowsOfTheEmpire
Jun 7, 07 12:11am
Mar 25, 05 8:44pm
One of the best SW games for N64 ever!! 10 out of 5 stars!!! StarWarsShadowsOfTheEmpire
Master of the VG
Aug 23, 03 7:57am

This game was really fun for me. Some of the levels were really long. Some levels...

Jun 18, 03 9:43am

Graphics: Not too good, with pretty greyish colors and not too much details....

Jim Raynor
Mar 15, 03 3:50pm

I really like the game but then got so bored of it I just forgot about it. Its really...

Feb 22, 01 6:41pm

This game has stunning grahics and a compeling storyline. It is also challenging but...

Feb 2, 01 1:26am

I found the game overall very fun, entertaining, and well worth the money. I liked it...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Aug 31, 1997 (PC)
    • Dec 3, 1996 (N64)
  • Japan: Jun 14, 1997
  • Europe: Mar 1, 1997
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