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Rebelling Against The Trend


Star Wars - a franchise so popular that you would need be have been living in a galaxy far, far away to not know of it. Combining the concepts of sci-fi with the more unreal ideals of magic lore, it is a tale of where even a simple farmboy can become a great hero over time. The games associated with the franchise have the distinction of mostly evading the curse of game tie-ins by not majorly sucking everytime they come out.

Rogue Squandron is based on the time period where Luke was a pilot for the rebel forces of the game's name and offers command of the famous jedi himself to you. Your feet...


Old Skool


Well since this is an old game I won't make fun of the outdated N64 graphics, but i really don't need to, it's a great game.<br><br>Graphics: What you'd come to expect from N64; lots and lots of pointy things.<br><br>Sound: Great Star Warsy sound effects, but sometimes sounds stop playing if there are a lot of others playing at the same time.<br><br>Gameplay: Lots of missions and not just the same thing everytime. Yes there is the standard kill all enemies, protect this, destroy that, but it doesn't feel like it.<br><br>Level Design: Pretty plain and empty levels, except for the Sand Crawle...


Great Star Wars game.

The good:

Detailed graphics
It is Star Wars!
Lots of ships to fly
Lots of great codes

The bad:

Much fogging and pop-ups


Graphics: Well, on the good side it looks very realistic and is highly detailed, the downside is that it is pretty foggy and features lots of pop-ups.

Sound: Great sound-effects, and even though the music sounds pretty electronic there are tons of great Star Wars tunes here, making the soundtrack excellent.

Gameplay: Lots of varied missions were you get to fly lots of cool Star Wars-ships, that all handle differently. Many great dog-fights are guaranteed.

Lifespan: A cool medal-system keeps you cooming back for more and more, and then it is the many codes that are fun try out.

Overall: A great ...


Great Game

The good:

Variety of ships
Good controls
Variety of missions

The bad:

Some bugs can mess up a mission


This is an all around good game. You fly in ships from Star Wars. The missions vary from defending cities, to attack enemy bases, to rescue missions. I had a lot of fun with this game. Unfortunately, some bugs can make it so the mission doesn't end, so you have to quit and lose any medal that you could've gotten. There is some replay value to it because to get the secret levels, you must get all gold medals in all of the levels. I would recommend this game to anyone who owns a N64.

Bottom Line:

A must have


fly me to the moon

The good:

-a great flight sim
-star wars sounds
-lots of fun again and again

The bad:

-some of the ships are weak and bad to play as


well this is probally the best star wars game for the n64. it is well done in every way.

the graphics work well except you will find yourself flying into the mist alot. but what you can see looks like a nice a pleasent repeat of the same textures in different ways. the ships are done well and have there own little logos and markings. each ship type is different.

the sounds are great. they are ture star wars ship sounds. the TIE fighter makes the TIE fighter sound, you know it sounds like a car hitting the break when it was racing down the street at 100mph. each nd every ship has the sounds f...


Star wars Rogue Squadren

The good:

The frantic gameplay, the variety of ships, the difficulty level

The bad:

Dated graphics, N64 controler


Since the only review you have for this game seems to be for the Game cubes sequal I am forced to post this review for an ageing classic game.

When it was released the graphics were fantastic and if you only have an N64 are still among the best you will find. Unfortunately though graphics have dated since this time, and we now have the PS2 and game cube. Do the dated graphics spoil the gameplay though, no way. It still has some of the most frantic gameplay available on any system.

The only real problem comes from the N64 controller. While I liked this joypad on the first levek of Goldeneye it...

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