Surgeon Simulator 2013 FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Surgeon Simulator 2013 FAQ/Walkthrough

by Humanvegetableonline   Updated to v1.0 on
Here's the steam version. It has pictures!

Surgeon Simulator 2013: for PC
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Copyright 2013 Humanvegetableonline
Version 1.0 - 4/21/13
Me, Myself and I

About this game
A fun game with wacky controls.

Copyright Stuff
Do not use this guide unless you ask me. If you wish use it then you
know what to do. My Email and AIM are up there. These websites are
allowed to use this guide.

Version 1.0
Guide Complete.

Table of Contents
1.0 - Basics
2.0 - Heart Surgery
3.0 - Kidney Surgery
4.0 - Brain Surgery
5.0 - Ambulance Surgery
6.0 - Achievements
7.0 - FAQ
8.0 - Credits

1.0 - Introduction
A,W,E,R, Space = Fingers
Move Mouse = move hand
Mouse Click 1 = move hand down toward the floor
Mouse Click 2 + Move Mouse = rotate hand left or right

You can move the hand or turn the hand. You can't do both! This may be a
pain in the ass when you need to remove that left (from your view point)
kidney! Whenever I say left or right, it is from your view point.

The default position for your hand should be: hand is parallel to the
floor, no fingers are curled, and hand is high in the air.

Picking up an object: To pick up something as large or larger than your
hand, make sure the object is below the center of your hand, hold down
mouse 1 until you are touching the object, and then press and hold

Picking up a Knife: To pick up a knife, make sure the object is between
the fore finger and the thumb, hold down mouse 1 until you are touching
the object, and then press and hold AWERSpace.

Manipulating objects easier: It may help to pick up objects when your
hand is slightly rotated to the left from the default position. For
example, the hand circular saw may be easier to use when it is at an
angle. Same thing goes for the laser.

Stabilizing blood loss: If your patient is bleeding a lot, pick up the
green needle and stab him with it. If you pick up the green needle with
your hand directly above the needle, you will prick yourself and start
to hallucinate. To stop the hallucinations, you must prick yourself with
the blue needle. The blue needle is poisonous to the patient.

Preparing for an easier time: The patient doesn't start bleeding until
you start hacking away at him. Before you begin, you can clean up your
table a little by throwing unnecessary tools on the floor, if you want.

A++: It's all about speed, accuracy of cutting (to prevent unnecessary
blood loss), and blood remaining. I don't recommend you try going for
these until you've beaten the game.

My Record
Heart  - 5211ml 3:17 A++
Kidney - 5313ml 2:38 A++
Brain  - 5065ml 1:36 A++

Ambulance Heart  - 4867ml 2:16 A++
Ambulance Kidney - 5400ml 4:24 A++
Ambulance Brain  - 5076ml 0:32 A++

100% Achievements

2.0 - Heart Surgery
1. Detach the ribcage by using the hand circular saw. Pick up the hand
circular saw and touch the outer portion of the ribcage with your tool.

2. Pick up and remove the ribcage with your hand

3. Pick up and remove the left lung. Grab it and violently move your hand
left and right.

4. Pick up and remove the right lung. Grab it and violently move your
hand left and right.

5. Pick up a knife and cut the upper portion of the pink organ and the
bottom portion of the pink tubular organ. Remove it.

6. Cut the hell out of the upper heart valves until it stops beating.

7. Remove old heart.

8. Open the heart container on the right side of the table.

9. Throw new heart into the area where the old heart was.

A++ Method: Do everything listed above but more accurately and more
quickly. Try not to hit anything you don't need to hit. With the saw,
you want to just touch a little of bit of everything on one rib. Try
to cut only what you need to cut. Before you place the new heart,
stabilize the patient.

3.0 - Kidney Surgery
1. Cut the dark, large intestine on the lower right side and then the
less obvious left-middle side. Remove.

2. Cut the stomach from the top tube and the bottom tube.

3. Cut the light, pink intestine on the bottom left crimp. Remove the
stomach and the intestine.

4. Remove all the organs (possibly by grabbing and violently moving your
hand left and right) blocking the kidneys with your hands.

5. Cut the tubes connecting both kidneys. Remove kidneys.

6. Open the new kidney box and place the new kidneys in the old kidney's

Note: The left kidney is a pain in the ass to get out just by grabbing
it. It is possible. You just need to have your hand rotated and in the
correct area.

Suggestion by Grent. "Pencils don't cause blood loss; you can use one to
move the kidney around until you can pick it up. That's how I managed

A++ Method: Do everything above but accurately and quickly. When the
cutting points are cut accurately, you should suffer zero to little
blood loss. Stabilize the patient with the green needle if their rate
of blood loss is 5ml/second and before you place the new kidneys.

4.0 - Brain Surgery
1. Use the hand circular saw to cut around the skull to break it up. The
cap should fall off and the patient's head should now be limp. You can
use the black, hand laser (all the way to the right) to break up the
skull with no bleeding (that is if you can avoid hitting the brain or

2. Remove the skull cap with your hands.

3. Pull out the brain with your hands and expose the one big nerve.

4. Stab the crap out of the nerve with a knife until the brain becomes

5. Remove brain. Grab it and violently move your hand left and right.

6. Open the brain jar, pick up new brain, and place it in the hole. You
do not need to let go.

A++ Method: You need to use the laser. Grab the laser with your hand
slightly rotated from the default position. While the laser is warming
up, knock open the brain jar's lid. The laser, if used accurately, will
allow the patient to suffer zero (or close to none) blood loss from the
skull cap removal. You need to laser half of the cap off with one angle
and then flip your hand around and do the other side of the skull. If you
need to flip your hand, do so behind the patient's skull to prevent any
misfiring. The laser box has a big, red emergency shut off button, which
you can hit as you go grab the green needle.

At most, you should suffer a blood rate loss of 9ml per second. After you
are done removing the skull cap, use the green needle to stop blood loss.
Stab the patient in the face with it. Pull out the brain and give a few
quick jabs with the kidney knife (the big saw thing in the center table).
Quickly install the new brain.

Do this fast.

5.0 - Ambulance Missions
It's the same exact missions as before except everything is flying around.

Sometimes, victory is sometimes purely luck based. The ambulance bumps can
help you out in some cases, like getting out the stupid left kidney.

A++ Tip: Whenever the ambulance is swaying left and right, stop moving for
a moment. If you stab a patient, you may have increased blood loss. When
you're done using a tool, and you don't need it anymore, throw it out
the ambulance. You should suffer minimum blood loss to the point where
you may not need the green needle.

Heart A++: Do everything as you would on a normal surgery but do it
carefully. Use the hacksaw carefully. Take out the organs. Cut out the
stomach carefully. Cut out the heart carefully. Take out the heart and
replace it.

Kidney A: Everything must be accurate and quick. Cut out the large
intestine. First the right side, since it's more visible, and then the
left side. Remove it quickly. Cut all three points to get the stomach
and small intestine out. Remove them quickly. Remove the Brown Organ
quickly. Your hand must approach it at a slight angle downward from
the default position. Stabilize if you're able to. Cut out the kidneys.
Stabilize the patient since these next few steps are going to take a
while. Remove the right kidney. Removing the left kidney is a pain in
the ass and requires a lot of patience. At this point, your new kidneys
may or may not have flown out. It's not worth the time to keep them in
the ambulance.

Brain A++: Crack open the patient's skull with the bottom of the fire
extinguisher. Cock your arm to the left and then swing it hard over the
patient's skull. 1-2 swipes is needed. Pull out the brain and expose the
nerve. Cut it, remove the old brain, and put in the new brain. There is
no need to let go of the new brain when you're installing it.

6.0 - Achievements
Doctor Doctor, Give me the News - You literally pick up the phone at the
main menu.

Flipping the Bird - Give your patient the middle finger.

Surgery Horns - Give your patient the "W,E,Space."

It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It - Beat the heart transplant mission.

Pinky Spear - Stick your pinky out and touch the patient's ribcage during
the heart mission.

Shh I Doctor Now - Stick only your forefinger out and touch the patient's
face during the heart mission. (A Robbaz, a famous and amazing youtuber,

Vworrp Vworrp - (Thanks to Remy. Doctor Who reference) Place the new 
heart in the chest cavity while the old heart is still there. A timelord
has two hearts.

I Think I've Got this - Beat the brain mission.

You've Got To Be Kid'n'ey! - Beat the kidney mission.

Nigel The Secretary - Answer the phone, and pick up the pen and write on
the stationary.

Nine Nine Nine! - Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance

When You Have No Choice But To Operate - Perform a double kidney
transplant in an ambulance.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Perform a brain transplant in an

10 Megabytes Of Raw Data - Collect all floppy disks by completing all

Spaaaaaace - Go where no surgeon has gone before. Insert the last floppy
disk received. You get the last floppy disk by completing all missions.

Practically Licensed - Complete all procedures.

I Immediately Regret This Decision - Electrocute and drug yourself at the
same time. During the heart surgery, pick up a scalpel and prod the
outlets on the left side. Movement is inversed. To drug yourself, pick up
the green needle from needle side, not the handle side.

What Have I Done?? - Lose the patient within 15 seconds. During the brain
surgery, pick up the drill and jam it into the patient's skull and brain.
Lobotomize them.

Hammer Time - Lose 50,000ml of blood using the hammer. Go nuts with the
hammer on the patient.

Keyhole Surgery - Completely remove the rib cage. Use the hand circular

Socialised Medicine! - Perform a heart transplant losing less than 1500ml
of blood. If your patient is losing too much blood, stop stabbing him in
random areas and use the green needle on him.

I Should Never Have Doubted Myself - Get an A++ rating on a procedure.

Kali Mah! - Perform a heart transplant in under 2 minutes. Do everything
I said in the guide except really fast.

At Least He Won't Be Peeing Blood - Perform a double kidney transplant in
an ambulance losing less than 600ml of blood.

About As Politically Correct As Fur - Give the patient a... scarf. During
the kidney transplant, take the patient's long red intestine and place it
on their neck. Wait a minute until the achievement unlocks. If it doesn't
unlock, try replacing it again.

Brainstorm - Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute
15 seconds.

Life's Too Short - Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance in under 2
minutes 30 seconds.

Don't Be Such A Baby, Ribs Grow Back! - Completely smash up the rib cage.
You can use the circular hand saw for this. (A Team Fortress 2 Reference.
"Meet the Medic" is the video. Thanks Xograph.)

Performance Anxiety - Perform a double kidney transplant losing less than
500ml of blood

Like A Wet Paper Towel - Throw the new heart away (Rooster Teeth Rage
Quit Reference. Thanks ModestLaw)

Go For The Optics! - Perform "laser eye surgery". During the brain
surgery, pick up the laser tool on the upper right side of the right
table. It's the black thing. Shoot the laser on both of the patient's

How Long Can You Live Without A Brain? - Perform a brain transplant in
under 1 minute. Use the hacksaw and be sloppy.

Sweet Blasphemy - Perform a brain transplant losing less than 600ml of

One With The Speed Bumps - Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance
losing less than 2000ml of blood.

Don't In-Test My Patience - Perform a double kidney transplant in under
2 minutes 50 seconds.

The Beat Of Your Heart - Replace the heart with something else. Replace
the heart with the radio.

Mother Hen - Don't lose any tools out of the back of the ambulance. Beat
the heart ambulance mission as fast as you can. Use the hammer to mess up
the rib cage. Rip everything out. Knife the crap out of the stomach and
then immediately knife the crap out of the heart. Replace the heart. I
have beaten the brain mission in 32 seconds and it seems to me that
either the achievement is broken for this mission or the ambulance floor
is considered "out."

A Surgeon's Merit Is Based On Speed - Perform a double kidney transplant
in an ambulance in under 3 minutes.

Nigel You Bloody Hero - Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance losing
less than 1200ml of blood.

Performance Enhancer? - Complete a procedure after being drugged. (Must
be drugged within 10 secs). Pick up the green needle from the needle side
within the first 10 seconds of your surgery.

Like An Animal - Throw everything on the floor in the brain transplant
surgery. Literal.

Best Surgeon In The World - Get an A++ rating on all procedures.

Surgetricity - Complete a procedure after being electrocuted. (Must be
electrocuted within 10 secs). Within the first ten seconds of surgery,
pick up a knife and stab the outlet in the upper left corner on the left
table (heart surgery).

There Is Nothing More To Teach... - Completed every achievement. Now go
save lives!

And They Said It Was Impossible! - Complete a procedure after being
drugged and electrocuted. (Must be afflicted within 20 secs). Pick up the
green needle by the needle side and then stab the outlet with a knife.

Butter Fingers - Lose every organ out of the back of the ambulance during
the heart transplant.

Frikkin' Lasers - Complete a procedure using only the surgical laser.
Brain surgery is the easiest.

I'm Sure He'll Live - Complete a procedure with less than 10ml of blood
remaining. Just before you are about to complete a procedure, let a
patient bleed out until he's at 100ml. Then stab him with the green
needle to stabilize him. Wait or wound the patient until they're below
10ml. Then complete the last step of your procedure.

7.0 - FAQ

8.0 - Credits
Credits to...
CjayC for Gamefaqs.
And you people for supporting my guide.