Surf's Up (PSP) Cheats

Surf's Up cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for PSP.


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Menu Passwords
You need to go Main Menu > Extras > Cheat Codes. You may then enter one of the below codes for the desired effect.
PasswordWhat it does
IMTHEBESTPlay As Tank Evans.
KOBAYASHIPlay As Tatsuhi Kobayashi.
THELEGENDPlay As Zeke Topanga.
ASTRALRide the Astral Board.
MONSOONRide the Monsoon Board.
TINYSHOCKWAVERide the Tiny Shockwave Board.
TOPFASHIONCustomisation options for all characters.
MULTIPASSAll Multiplayer levels.
GOINGDOWNAll Leaf Sliding locations.
BIGZSUCKSto beat big z ever time you challenge him
COCAINto beat anyone and everyone in every track
MAVRICKunlock the hidden mavrick board
SPEEDYmakes you go faster than big z
TAKASHIunlock everything including the secret character Takashi
BABYBOTTLEunlock eliot
TOOLAZYunlock Takashi the surf legend
MILANLOVESLANNIunlock surf legend mode + the games secret producing character... Milan
BLUBADUDCHOBKill big z to clock the game and get 101% complete
TAKASHIANDMILANAREINLOVEbeat the game and get everything and all charachters! you name it!


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Back AccessoriesObtain 30,000 points from Shiverpool 1.
Wrist AccessoriesObtain 40,000 points from Pen Gu South 3.
Unlockable Characters
How to unlock various characters.
UnlockableHow to unlock
RoryCome 1st in Jungle Circuit.
ArnoldObtain 30,000 points from Shiverpool 2.
TankObtain 40,000 points from Boneyards.
TatsuhiObtain 15,000 points from Pen Gu South 2.
ElliotObtain 40,000 points from Pen Gu North 3.
GeekObtain 60,000 points from Pen Gu South 4.


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Unlock "surf legend" mode
To unlock the surf legend,you need to complete hard mode on championship and be the 1st place on elimination mode to get the golden medal.
Unlock all boards
Complete hard mode on championship.
Unlock all characters except "Big Z"
To unlock all character except big z,complete championship mode at any mode.
Unlock Big Z(Zeke)
To unlock the big z,you must unlock all stages by complete the championship.after you unlock the stages,play the free surf the "big z challenge".finish at 1st place in all stages.congratulations,you unlock zeke.