Supremacy MMA (PS3) Cheats

Supremacy MMA cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Apply Yourself (Bronze)Complete 10 challenges.
Diversity (Bronze)Attain Level 5 with all fighters.
Getting the Hang of This (Bronze)Attain Level 5 with any fighter.
I Let You Win (Bronze)Win 1 Final Fight match.
In the Zone (Bronze)Complete 30 challenges
Keep'em Coming (Bronze)Complete 20 challenges.
Relentless (Bronze)Complete 40 challenges.
Rematch! (Bronze)Win 1 Revenge match.
Rookie (Bronze)Win 1 ranked match.
Adrenaline Rush (Silver)Complete 50 challenges
Contender (Silver)Win 5 ranked matches.
Domination (Silver)Complete 80 challenges.
Last Laugh (Silver)Win 5 Final Fight matches.
Multitalented (Silver)Attain Level 10 with all fighters.
Rampage (Silver)Complete 70 challenges.
Run It Back (Silver)Win 5 Revenge matches.
Unstoppable (Silver)Complete 60 challenges
Blood. Sweat. Fear. (Gold)Complete 90 challenges.
Double or Nothing (Gold)Win 10 Revenge matches.
Every Fighter has a Story (Gold)Complete all fighter stories.
Future Champ (Gold)Win 10 ranked matches.
Legend (Gold)Complete 100 challenges.
Master (Gold)Attain Level 15 with any fighter.
Sandbagger (Gold)Win 10 Final Fight matches.
Supremacy (Platinum)Obtain all Trophies.