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Super Smash Bros. FAQ/Walkthrough

by Yoshi   Updated to vFinal on
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FAQ/Walkthrough by Yoshi (
Super Smash Brothers
For the Nintendo 64
Version FINAL
Last Update: 04/18/02

The FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright (c)2002 Yoshi.  All Rights Reserved.

I do not want email about sections for you to help me with.  I am
perfectly capable of writing a full complete FAQ by myself and I do
not want any help at all.  If you send email in giving me help to add
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This FAQ may only appear on the following sites without my

Copying this FAQ in any form will get me to sue you and easily win.
Places you may take are the Gameshark Codes, Hints, Tips, Glitches,
whatever, and that is it, other than that, I wrote it all and it's all

Name: Super Smash Brothers
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hal Laboratories
System: Nintendo 64
Genre: Fighting
Rating: K-A
Controllers- 1-4 Simultaneously
Release: April 27, 1999

Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. My Review
3. The Basics
     Game Options
     Performing The Moves
4. Weapons and Power-Ups
5. Basic Moves
6. Advanced Moves
7. Tactics
8. Pokeball Stuff
9. The Characters Biographies
     Donkey Kong
     Fox McCloud
     Captain Falcon
10. The Characters Moves
     Donkey Kong
     Fox McCloud
     Captain Falcon
11. The Characters Bonus Stage Strategies
     Donkey Kong
     Fox McCloud
     Captain Falcon
12. Individual Stage Strategies
     Peach's Castle
     Congo Jungle
     Hyrule Castle
     Planet Zebes
     Yoshi's Island
     Dream Land
     Sector Z
     Saffron City
     Mushroom Kingdom
13. Cheap Combos
     Item Cheapness
     Character Cheapness
     All purpose cheapness
     Edge Guarding
     Stage Cheapness
     Non-cheap Fun Stuff
     Other Survival Tactics
     Miscellaneous Imformation
14. One-Player Mode
15. Bonus Awards
16. Secrets/Glitches/Hints
17. Sound Test
18. Gameshark Codes
19. Credits
20. Contact

What's New
Version FINAL - 04/18/02
This is happy

My Review
To start off, I would just like to say that this is one of the best
games that I have ever played in my life. After reading this review,
it should convince you whether to buy Super Smash Brothers or not :P.

Score: 10
This game is ultra super fun and cool. There are many modes to play
from. One is the story mode that will send you through 14 levels while
you try to conquer and beat each and every enemy.

There is also a Multiplayer Mode which will let you fight with 4
humans, 3 humans, 2 humans, or 1 human, with optional computer players
if you want them. You can choose from many different stages, so this
is a very fun mode.

You can also practice the Bonus games to try to get the highest score.
Very fun to master and practice.

Score: 10
In this mode, you will get to select one of the 12 characters (Mario,
Luigi, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Samus,
Captain Falcon, Ness). Then you will go through many stages.

The first stage that you will go to is fighting Link at Hyrule Castle.
This is a very easy match because Link sits there at the start of the
match for 30 seconds, if not more. It is probably the easiest match of
all, so you shouldn't have too much fun playing this level.

The second stage is fighting to 16 man Yoshi Team at there hometown of
Yoshi's Island. In this, you will fight 16 Yoshi's (3 at a time) and
try to become superior. This is another very easy match because the
Yoshi's sometimes kill each other and it is very easy for you to kill
them. It usually takes only one or two hits. But overall you should
get some laughs at of the Yoshi's killing each other and sometimes
even jumping off a cliff. A pretty fun and easy match.

The Third Stage is a very fun one. You will be set up on the Great Fox
(main ship from star fox) to fight the one and only Fox McCloud. It is
a very fun match because the stage is very lengthy. You will be set up
battling on the ship while many obstacles come in your way. One of
them is one of the Star Fox fighter jets.

The Fourth Stage is The Break the Targets Bonus Round. In this, you
will have to Break the targets with 1 of the characters that you have
chosen. The break the targets can range in difficulty depending on
what character you have chosen, because they all have separate stages.

The Fifth Stage is against the famous Mario Brothers. Both Mario and
Luigi team up on you at the Peach's Castle stage, but your not alone.
You're given a random friend to fight by your side. Thanks to the tiny
size of the areana, this place gets a little crowded, so it isn't as
easy as it seems.

The Sixth Stage will match you up against the famous yellow pokemon by
the name of ''Pikachu''. You will be playing on Saffron City, which
has many contraptions. One is the Pokemon Center type place that sends
out one of a few pokemon to attack you. They can all range from
different attacks, so be warned. Some are good, and some are bad. A
very challenging stage. Pikachu himself is pretty easy though.

The Seventh Stage will put you up against the biggest character in the
game, ''Giant Donkey Kong''. This is a very challenging stage that is
played on Congo Jungle
My, how Donkey Kong has grown. Luckily, you're not alone because you
are given two random team mates to help you.

The Eighth Stage is the Famous Board the Platforms. In this, you will
be set up with the character you have chosen to do his board the
platforms. Each character has a different one, and they all range from
easy and hard. A very fun stage nonetheless.

The Ninth Stage is against the 8 man Kirby Team. You will face 8
Kirby's (2 at a time), and they all wear hats of characters in the
game (Kirby with a Mario hat). This is a pretty challenging stage,
since they get back one pretty easily. A very fun one though.

The Tenth Stage is against Samus at Planet Zebes. This is one of the
hardest stages because of it's rising lava. It is a very fun one
though because you are trying to avoid the rising lava. A great stage.

The Eleventh Stage is against Metal Mario. You are put on a small
stage, to fight Mario, with Metal Powers. Its a boring stage since
your attacks hardly do anything, hehe :)

The 12th stage is Race to the Finish. In this, your character will
have to go through an obstacle course and try to get to the finish
with the best time possible. Very Fun.

The Thirteenth stage is Fighting the Polygon Team. In this, you will
fight 30 polygons that are replicas of the Characters in the game. A
very fun stage, because you can smash these guys out easy.

The Final Stage is for you to find out! Go buy the game :P

Score: 10

The sound for each level is alternative/pop type. Its all cool, and
what is even better about the audio is that there is a sound test in
this game. It lets you listen to every track available in that game.

Score: 10

For a 2D game, the graphics are excellent.

Peach's Castle is a place Ripped right out of Super Mario 64, so if
you have ever seen the graphics in that game, you will know that the
graphics in this one are good.

Congo Jungle is based on the world of Donkey Kong Country on the SNES,
complete with a music riff ripped straight out of the original game.
And because its Donkey Kong, expect a lot of barrels to drop into the
fight :).

Hyrule Castle is Link's stage, and features the familiar Hyrule
Overture theme song from the original Zelda games of the NES and Super
Nintendo systems. The graphics look like they were ripped right out of
Zelda 3 (A Link to the Past).

Planet Zebes is Samus stage. For those who missed out on the graphics
of Metriod for the SNES, which that's what it looks like, the graphics
are smooth with much detail, rock and lava all over the place.

Yoshi's island is a stage taken straight out of the Nintendo 64 game
Yoshi's story, sugar coating and all :). The stage looks exactly like
the storybook from Yoshi's Story, which has good graphics.

Dream Land is a stage taken straight from Kirby Super Star on the
SNES, if you remember that game, one that had excellent graphics. The
Woody Tree is still there, and still blowing hard trying to knock you

Sector Z is Fox's stage. You will be placed on the Great Fox, which
was the ship that deployed the team of Star Fox into battle fields. It
is a big, long place indeed, which makes it all the more fun, great
graphics included.

Saffron City is a stage ripped straight out of the Kid's Hit,
''Pokemon''. Even though it's ripped out of a gameboy game, they have
enhanced the graphics and they look better than ever! The pokemon look
very realistic also.

There is one more stage to find, you'll have to buy the game to find
it though! :P

Re Playability
Score: 10
Why would you not replay this game, after all, it has the best
multiplayer action on any system in my opinion.

It's great replaying all sorts of matches, and there are many
combinations, since you can do 4 player, 3 player, and even 2 player
matches with a combination of 12 characters.

The re playability is great.

To buy or to rent
Don't bother renting this game, as you will rent it over and over
again because it's so much fun. Just get your money together and go
out and buy this game, you won't regret it!

Gameplay- 10/10
Story- 10/10
Audio- 10/10
Video- 10/10

Overall: 50/50
Multiplied by 2 to get final score


Best game ever!!

Game Basics: Introduction
Super Smash Bros. doesn't follow the traditional fighting game
formula; the idea isn't to punch your opponent's senseless.  Instead,
the object is to score points by knocking the other players out of the
fight.  By hitting, punching, and generally nailing your opponents
with attacks, you increase their damage meter.  As the meter
percentage increases, so do the intensity of your attacks.  The higher
the percentage, the easier it is to knock your opponents out of the

Whenever you knock someone out of the playing field, you score a
point, and your opponent loses one.  It doesn't matter who inflicted
the most damage; whoever gets the final blow gets the point tackled
onto his or her score.  If you simply slip off the edge by accident,
nobody gets the point, but you still get penalized.

Games you will find the characters in
Mario: Super Mario Brothers
Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong
Samus: Metroid
Fox: Star Fox
Pikachu: Pokemon
Link: Zelda
Kirby: Kirby's Adventure
Yoshi: Super Mario Land
Jigglypuff: Pokemon
Captain Falcon: F-Zero
Ness: Earthbound
Luigi: Super Mario Brothers

Game Basics: Control
The controls in Super Smash Brothers are simple but they're not
exactly normal fare for a fighting game.  The controller has been
broken down into five handy commands: jump, grab, block, attack, and
special moves when you combine the buttons with specific control stick
movements.  Almost every direction of the control stick used with one
if the two attack buttons (A or B) will result in a different move
with every character.

All four yellow C Buttons have the same function: jump.  Each
character can jump once off a platform, and jump a second time in the
air.  Tapping Up quickly on the control stick performs the same
function, so take care when maneuvering yourself in the air-you don't
want to accidentally waste your second jump.  Some characters, like
Kirby and Jigglypuff, float for short times when the jump button is
pressed a second time and help down.  Also, some characters have a
saving maneuver, equivalent to a third jump to save themselves from
falling off a stage if their second jump is spent.  Mario's Jumping
Uppercut, for example, can be executed if he is falling off the stage
and does not have any jumps left to reach a ledge.  These abilities
can come in handy, so check you're characters section to find out if
he or she has them.

Grabbing and Throwing
When you grab opponents, you can throw them with a choice of two
different styles.  If done properly, throwing opponents off the stage
is as lethal as smashing them [hitting an opponent with enough damage
to cause them to fly off the stage].  Sometimes it is more effective.

You can grab opponents while facing them and standing close either by
pressing the R Button or by pressing the A button if your shield is up

Once you've grabbed an opponent, you need only to tap the control
stick away from your opponent.  If you grab an opponent and do
nothing, the regular throw is executed automatically a second later.

You can block attacks for a bit by pressing the Z button.  This puts
up a shield around you that diminishes as you're attacked.  But watch
it, if your opponent destroys your shield, you'll be knocked dizzy and
vulnerable for a good five seconds.  While your shields are up, you
can roll to the left or right by simply tapping left or right on the
control stick.

Other Useful Tips
On most platforms, you can tap down quickly to roll off, onto the
platform below.  Use this maneuver as an escape, for an ambush, or

Randomly, items will drop from the sky.  You can pick up weapons by
walking over to them and pressing the A button.  You can throw an item
in any direction by pressing the R button in a conjunction with a
control stick movement.  This is a good maneuver, as the item will
damage the fighter it hits.

While you're in the air, you can increase the rate of descent by
tapping down on the control stick.  This can help you get back on the
battleground more quickly and can reduce your vulnerability when
you're airborne.

And if you're feeling cocky, each character has his/her own taunt.
Just push the L button the give your opponents a good ribbing.

Game Basics: Game Options
Vs. Mode
When in Vs. Mode, there are two ways to play the game: Time or Stock.

In Time Mode, you have a set amount of time to score as many points as
you can.  At the end of the round, each player's score is tallied, and
the player with the most points wins.  If there is a tie by two,
three, or all four players, then a sudden death round is initiated.
Each player is extremely weakened with 300% Damage, and the person
left on the playing field is the winner.

In Stock Mode, points don't count.  Instead, you designate a set
amount of lives for each player.  Every time you're knocked out or
fall out of the playing field, one of your lives is taken away.  Once
all lives are used up, you're out of the game.  The last person
standing wins the match.

Team Mode
Both Modes can also be played in team mode.  In this mode, players can
choose to be on one of the three teams: Red, Green, or Blue.  The
members of the same team cannot hurt each other; all attacks will
simply go through your teammates.  Hint: In Team Stock Mode, if you
run out of lives, you can "borrow" from your teammate's stock by
pressing Start on the controller.

One-Player Mode
But you don't have to have all your friends over to enjoy Super Smash
Bros.  That's where the one-player mode comes into play.  In fact,
you'll have to do a lot of single player gaming if you want to uncover
many of the secrets in the game.

First is the 1P Mode, where you'll select one character and take him
or her on a 13-level challenge, after which you'll square off against
the mysterious and evil master hand.  But to master this option,
you'll need to practice.  Good thing the game has a handy training
mode where you can try out everything from basic moves to handling all
the weapons in the game.

Also, in the quest to the master hand, you'll be faced off with two
special bonus stages specific to the character you've chosen.  These
skills aren't easy, so hone you're skills in the Bonus Practice
options.  You're sure to be rewarded when you've conquered them.

Performing the Moves
The moves in this guide are written so that your character is
positioned to the left of your opponent.  When a move code specifies a
control stick motion to the right, you should interpret this as a
control stick movement toward your opponent.  So, if your character
were actually positioned to the right of your opponent on the screen,
you would move the control stick to the left, or toward your opponent.

As it happens, moving the control stick either toward or away from
your opponent can perform many of the moves in Super Smash Brothers.
This guide specifies such cases by noting toward or away within the
code.  Certain moves performed are performed in the air and most throw
moves specifically require one or the other (i.e., toward only or away
only).  In such cases, the codes in this guide will conform to the
convention described in the previous paragraph.

Finally, the controller commands shown in the move codes should be
performed consecutively unless they are separated by a + symbol.  In
those cases, the commands should be performed at the same time.

Weapons and Power Ups
Throughout matches, power-ups will fall from the sky at random and
litter the floor of the arena. Quickly pick up these special items
before the competition can swoop in and use them against you. Some
items are offensive, like the Beam Sword or the Ray Gun. Others are
defensive, such as the Star or the Maximum Tomato.

Each special item appears in a container that you must break open.
Even if you open the item's box, another player has time to dash in
and collect the power-up. Hey, all's fair in love war and Super Smash

Wind him up and let him go! Upon colliding with another player, the
Bomb Soldier will detonate and send him skyward.

Place the Bumper in the corner of the arena and toss your opponents
onto it to send them flying.

Beam Sword
Pick up this blade and become Darth Mario. The beam Sword can tag
players before they can get close enough to damage you.

Fire Flower
Mario's fireball power-up made it into Super Smash Bros. as a
flamethrower that puts the hurt on your opponents.

Green Shell
When you break the Green Shell out of its box, kick it in the
direction of the other fighters to knock 'em out.

Remember Mario's hammer from Donkey Kong? Here it is, and it works on
more than barrels this time.

Heart Container
Link's Heart Containers make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. If you
pick one up, all of your damage will be healed.

Home Run Bat
Make like Sammy Sosa and knock the other players out of the park. The
bat has more range than the Star Wand.

Maximum Tomato
If you've taken a lot of hits, pick up the Maximum Tomato and recover
100% from your damage.

Motion Sensor Bomb
When you set the mine on the ground, it will activate itself. It
explodes when another character comes near it.

When your opponents step too close, use the fan to give them a paper
cut they won't soon forget.

Crack open a Pok饕all and let a Pok駑on do your dirty work for you. A
random Pok駑on will emerge from the ball and wreak havoc on the other

Ray Gun
Yoshi holding a gun? It hardly seems right! The Ray Gun allows you to
fire at your opponents from a distance, easily giving you a tactical

Red Shell
The Red Shell works in the same fashion as the Green Shell, except it
chases other characters.

Just like in Super Mario Bros., if you pick up a Star, you will be
invincible for a limited time.

Star Rod
This blunt object will leave your opponents seeing stars--if you can
get in close enough to bop them with it.

Basic Moves
Ledge Grab
Never give up hope. If you find yourself falling, always try to grab
onto a ledge. Each character has a unique grabbing range, which is
often larger than you might think.
Try not to perform special attacks while recovering from a fall,
because usually it is impossible to grab a ledge while attacking. Even
though your character becomes invincible just after grabbing a ledge,
you will run out of strength and fall if you wait too long before
climbing back into the fight.
The A Button commands your basic attacks. If you press Down and tap A,
your character will perform a Low Attack.
High Attack
Press Up and the A Button together to smack your competitors with a
devastating High Attack that will send them flying.
Press the R Button while pushing the Control Stick toward the other
players to pick them up and toss them, hopefully over the edge.
Special Abilities
Every character has their own patented special moves. Unleash your
fighter's wild side with the B Button.
While jumping, press back on the Control Stick to execute a backflip.
This won't change the height of your jump, but it will give you some
extra fighting room in a pinch.
Basic Jump
While stationary, press the C Button to jump. You can jump to the left
or to the right, but your character can jump highest when leaping
straight up.
While standing still, press down on the Control Stick to crouch. This
allows you to duck projectile weapons, but it also makes it more
difficult for opponents to push you around. Use a crouch attack against
enemies who are in a crouched position.
While standing, tap the Control Stick twice in the same direction to
begin a running dash. Your character can perform special attacks and
throw items harder while running at an opponent.
Free Fallin'
There are three basic ways to fall while playing Super Smash Bros. The
first is the Normal Fall, which is what happens when your character
jumps normally. If you don't do anything in mid-air, you'll land
smoothly and be ready to attack.
If your character has just performed a triple jump, you'll experience a
Forced Fall and you won't be able to attack for a brief moment just
after landing.
If you're unable to jump after performing a special attack in mid-air,
you'll experience a Danger Fall. After landing from a Danger Fall it
takes a while for your character to recuperate. Kirby and Jigglypuff
never experience Danger Falls because of their unique types of special
A Splat occurs when your character is knocked down from a high
position. You'll be momentarily stunned when you hit the ground, but
you can break your fall by pressing the Z Button immediately before
landing. If you're attacked after a Splat, the damage will be reduced
by half.
Trap Doors
Although some platforms may appear solid, occasionally you'll be able
to drop straight through the floor by pressing down on the Control
Stick. Be careful not to accidentally pass through the floor while
attempting to perform a Smash Attack.
Rapid Fall
The speed of your fall can be increased by tapping down on the Control
Stick. Use this technique when you're in a hurry to grab an item, or if
you want to execute a sneak attack. The speed of the fall will vary
depending on which character you've chosen.
When your character is knocked down, you can simultaneously get up and
attack by pushing the A Button. If you're feeling vulnerable, simply
hold the Control Stick to the right or left after a fall to get up and
evade an attack. These moves will vary slightly depending on whether
you landed face up or face down.

You can execute a jump by pressing the C Buttons or by tapping up on
the Control Stick. The height of the jump is determined by the size of
the input on the Control Stick, so diagonal jumps will not be as high
as straight vertical jumps. Using the Control Stick to jump allows you
to jump much higher than using the C Buttons.
Tapping the C Buttons is the only way to perform a short jump, which is
crucial for earning good times in the Bonus Stages. Before executing
either type of jump, players are vulnerable for a brief moment as they
crouch in preparation.
Landing on the ground from the air.

After landing there is a little vulnerability, but it is possible to
cancel it out with the controls.
Landings that take place during an air attack or free fall sometimes
have a larger vulnerability or the character may assume a particular
Dizzy Spell
If you use your shield so much that it breaks, your character will
become lightheaded and dizzy. Even though you won't be able to attack
while dizzy, you'll be temporarily invincible. The more damage you've
accumulated, the faster you'll recover. You can speed up your recovery
rate by rapidly tapping buttons, but the best strategy is to make sure
that your shield does not run out of power.
Move your character close to the edge of the cliff.
This is a stunt that wouldn't seem to have any particular value, but
when you want to do it on purpose, tilt (easy does it!) the Control
Stick slowly in the direction of the cliff.  At this point, if the
Control Stick is moved beyond a certain point toward the cliff your
character will fall over the edge. If it is facing the wrong direction,
use Reverse Direction.
Picking Up Items
When standing near an item, press the A Button to pick it up. Items
that are automatically used, like the Maximum Tomato, have a slight
delay before they take effect. If an opponent grabs a Maximum Tomato,
try to punch it out before the energy can be absorbed. Other items
which are not immediately used can be knocked out of your opponents'
hands at any time. The harder you hit a foe, the more likely the weapon
will be dropped.
Reversing Direction
After tapping the Control Stick twice to begin a dash, you can run in
the opposite direction by quickly changing the direction of the Control
Stick. Your character will maintain speed, but will be momentarily
vulnerable to attack while turning.
Dash Attack
Tap the Control Stick twice in the same direction, and hold the stick
in that position to maintain a dash. Press the A Button while running
to perform a Dash Attack.
To turn on the brakes after dashing, simply return the Control Stick to
the neutral position. Other players will be able to attack while you
slip to a stop, but you can activate your shield while stopping to
eliminate this threat. Be extra careful while using Luigi, because he
slips more than the other characters.
Short Jump

Tap the C Button to perform a Short Jump.
Characters with a high falling speed will find this effective in sneak
When getting serious about a Time Attack at the Bonus Stage, it becomes
a very important technique.
When using Jigglypuff, press up on the Control Stick and the B Button
to make other players take a nap. If you're hit with Jigglypuff's Sleep
attack, the symptoms are about the same as a dizzy spell caused by your
shield running out.
The Standby pose is the natural position of your character when you're
not controlling it.
To get the competition riled up, try pressing the L Button to pull off
a humiliating taunt. This has no effect on your opponents, but it can
get under their skin!
Reverse Direction
In standby, if you tip the Control Stick in the opposite direction your
character is facing (but not so much that it moves).
The purpose of this is to turn from left to right, or from right to
The time it takes to reverse directions depends on the character.
The settings of the internal direction of your body are set so that the
first half of the reversal time is spent facing the original direction
and the second half in the new direction.
During attacks and such, it happens that when moving back without
inserting a reverse direction command, the character will sometimes
change directions.
Each character can walk at three different speeds: slow, medium and
fast. Barely push the Control Stick to the left or right to walk
slowly, and push it all the way to walk at the maximum speed.
Advanced Moves
Double Jump
If you get tossed from the ring, a well-timed Double Jump will save
your day. Press the top C Button to start the first jump, and at the
apex, press top C again.
Power Ups
From time to time, power-ups will appear on the playing field. They are
special weapons that pack a mighty punch, so use them wisely.
Upward Sneak Attack
Press Up on the Control Stick while pressing the B Button to whip out a
powerful Upward Super Attack that will knock your opponent's lights
Downward Sneak Attack
While near an opponent, press Down on the Control Stick while hitting B
to perform a Downward Super Attack that sends other players flying.
Triple Jump
The Triple Jump may save your bacon during match play after you've been
chucked out of the arena, but it's really useful during the Bonus
Rounds. While at the height of a Double Jump, press Up and the B Button
to catch an extra bit of air.
Smooth Landing
After performing a Mid-Air Attack, each character has a special landing
pose. Even though the attack may have been successful, your character
can become vulnerable while recovering from the landing. If you push
the Z Button just before you hit the ground after a Mid-Air Attack,
you'll land normally and immediately be ready for action.
Barrel Cannon
If you find yourself flying off the ledge in the Congo Jungle, try to
land in the barrel cannon at the bottom of the screen. Wait until the
cannon is pointing upward, then press the A or B Button to blast back
into the fight. If you've beefed up the damage percentage in the VS
Options Menu, the cannon will sometimes shoot you into oblivion.
Big Boxes
Even though Donkey Kong is the only character that can walk while
holding a large item like a crate or barrel, any character can use
these items as weapons. Once you're holding an item, you can change
direction by pressing left or right. Press the A Button to hurl the
heavy object at an unsuspecting enemy.
When two or more characters push against each other, sometimes it
becomes difficult to land an attack. When this happens, energy builds
which can send your character flying in the opposite direction. This
bouncy phenomenon is called a Boing. During team play, two characters
can push against one enemy for a double-powered Boing attack.
When an opponent knocks you into the air, it can take a while to
recuperate once you hit the ground. Press the Z Button just before
impact to perform a Breakfall, which will make your character
temporarily invincible. To regain your composure even more quickly, try
holding left or right while pressing the Z Button to execute a Forward
or Backward Rolling Breakfall.
Warp Pipe
In the Mushroom Kingdom level, the green Warp Pipes can be used as
emergency escape routes in tight situations. Position yourself on top
of the Warp Pipe, and hold down on the Control Stick. Normally the Warp
Pipes will spit your character out on the opposite side of the stage,
but occasionally you'll be ejected into the pit in the center of the
area. If you're quick enough, you can double jump back to the ledge
from this dangerous area.
Clobbering Items
Successful smashers make use of the many items that fall from the sky.
A specific weapon will do the same amount of damage regardless of who's
holding it, but sometimes two characters will use the same weapon
differently. You'll be able to swing a Paper Fan more quickly than the
Homerun Bat, so be sure to choose a weapon which suits your fighting
style. When using Clobbering Items, experiment with different attacks
to find the most efficient use of each weapon. The Star Rod, for
example, shoots star-shaped bullets when a sideways Strong Attack or
Smash Attack is used.
Emergency Evasion
While using the shield, you can perform an Emergency Evasion by
pressing left or right on the Control Stick. This move will make your
character roll past an opponent to a safe position. After a Forward
Emergency Evasion you'll automatically turn around so that you can
attack the foe from behind.
If you find yourself falling too frequently, you may want to try
playing as either Kirby or Jigglypuff. Both of these characters are
equipped with the ability to fly. Continually press the C Buttons or up
on the Control Stick to make these spherical soldiers fly through the
sky, but keep in mind that they are limited to about five jumps in a
Item Hurling
Nothing beats smacking an opponent with a clobbering item, but don't
forget that these items can also be thrown at your enemies. Hold the
Control Stick toward your opponent, and either press the R Button or
the A and Z Buttons simultaneously to throw the item. You can throw an
item straight down while in mid-air, or throw the item while dashing
for a more powerful attack. The faster the throw, the farther your foe
will fly. This technique will come in handy during Link's first Bonus
Round, where you'll have to throw bombs to succeed.
Item Throw/Throwing an Item
This is performed while holding the item and pressing the Z Button + A
Button + Direction.
If you tilt the Control Stick forward while you throw the item, it
results in a Forward Throw, and backward in a Backward Throw. These are
basically the same in the air.
A "Dash Throw" is also possible by inputting a throw while the
character is running or dashing. When you are holding "Thrown Items"
(Bombs and stuff), a single-shot on the A Button is treated like a
throw. However, "throwing away in place" will be the same as a Forward
If you don't use the Control Stick when throwing Clobbering Items, they
will be "thrown away in place."
Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. Press and hold the Z
Button to activate a powerful shield, which blocks the attacks of your
enemies. Your shield gradually loses power when activated, and it loses
energy more rapidly when it is blocking blows. If you completely drain
the resources of the shield, your character will momentarily be stunned
with a dizzy spell. Avoid this by releasing the shield periodically to
rebuild its power.
Shooting Items
Some items, like the Fire Flower and the Ray Gun, allow you to fire
projectiles at enemy players from a safe striking distance. Rapidly
fire the weapon until it is about to run out of ammunition, then milk
it for all it's worth by flinging it at your enemy with the R Button
(dash before throwing the weapon to maximize the effect).
Smash Attack
A Smash Attack is any time you use the Control Stick in combination
with the A or B Buttons to pull off powerful attacks. Use a smooth,
light touch while moving the Control Stick for a Smash Attack.
Don't Give Up!
When you get knocked off the playing field, never give up the fight.
Unless your character is blown into oblivion, you can almost always
make it back to the platform.
Start off by pressing the Control Stick toward the playing field, and
try to get back into the game by using a Mid-Air Jump. You can only do
this once before you land (five times if you're using Kirby or
Jigglypuff), even if you are damaged in the air.
If this doesn't work, some characters can use an ultra-powerful Special
Attack to gain an extra boost. You will be vulnerable for a moment
after you land, but if you take damage while in the air you'll be able
to try the Special Attack again. The better you get at returning to the
battlefield, the more fun you'll have playing Super Smash Bros.
Automatic Handicap
As you and your friends battle, you automatically receive a handicap
based on whether you win or lose. Winners get weaker and losers get
stronger. You can tell what your current handicap is by looking at the
numbers on the bottom of the character select screen.
When the game is paused, the camera zooms in to give you a close-up
view of your character in action. By moving the Control Stick, you can
rotate the camera to get a better view.
Item Smash Attack!
Items that you pick up can be smashed against opponents by tapping
while pressing the Z and A button (or R button).
The Smash is not just a faster version of the throw, but also more
destructive when it hits!
It's a good rule of thumb to use a Smash when throwing items.
Challenge Yourself
There's much more to the single-player game than just working your way
through the tournament ladder. Once you've seen the ending to the game
and cleared all of the bonus rounds, the challenge lies in beating your
best scores and times. Compare your scores with your friends to see
who's the best single-player smash artist.
Keep Smashing!
When you knock an opponent off the platform, most of the time the foe
is able jump back into the fight. Try to block opponents from returning
to the platform by throwing items at them or by hitting them as they're
jumping back.
If you can hit a character after all of its jumps have been used, it
will have no way to return to the fight. During multi-player action,
always try to pick on a player who's struggling to jump back to the
Counter Attack
If you want to recover from a fall, you'll have to have a counter
attack ready for other players trying knock you down. As you get to
know your opponents' strategies you'll gradually begin to refine your
battle skills to suit your competition. Here are some ways to get back
to safety while someone is trying to keep you down:
Hurl items while you fall

Create a diversion with projectiles

Cancel out their attack with one of your own

Use an Upward Attack

Allow yourself to drop so you grab the ledge

Absorb the attack and hope for the best
Ledge Grabbing
Sometimes the best way to return to the playing field is to
intentionally try to grab the ledge. You'll be invincible while you're
hanging from the ledge, and there are a number of ways you can escape
this precarious position. Here are some things to try while you're
hanging from a ledge:
Push up on the Control Stick to simply climb back into the battle
Push the A Button to climb over the ledge and attack
Push the Z Button to climb over the ledge and retreat
Push the Control Stick away from the ledge to jump back into the air
and reset your jumps
If you've accumulated over 100 % damage, your character will be a bit
clumsy while trying to execute these moves.
When you perform certain special attacks, your opponent will be knocked
straight up into the air. If you learn to anticipate which direction an
enemy flies after you execute an attack, you can quickly perform
another attack before the opponent hits the ground.
Unlike other fighting games, Super Smash Bros. does not have any set
combos to memorize. The reaction of your enemies will vary depending on
how much damage they've absorbed, so you'll have to react to constantly
changing variables.
Avoid the Juggle!
Just as you try to juggle your foes, your foes will try to juggle you.
If you find yourself exposed in the air, try to execute a Mid-Air Jump
to put a little distance between you and your attacker.
Sometimes simply moving to the side or executing a special attack can
move you into a safe position. The Training Mode is an excellent place
to perfect your timing.
Costume Change
Once you've chosen your fighter on the Character Select Screen, press
the C Buttons to change the color and appearance of your fighter. This
feature is not available during team play.
Character Select Screen
The Character Select Screen does much more than allow you to choose
your fighter. In the upper-left corner you can change the game mode
from Free-For-All to Team Battle, and Time and Stock can be adjusted by
clicking on the yellow bar at the top of the screen. Tons of options
are found on one super-convenient screen!
Random Character Select
Once you master every fighter in Super Smash Bros., you can show off
your skill by using the Random Character Select feature. To prove that
you can win no matter which character you're using, switch from "HMN"
to "CP" before choosing a character. The computer will randomly select
a character, and then all you have to do is switch back to "HMN" to use
the potluck player.
Taking Aim
While performing sideways attacks like the Smash Attack, you can adjust
the aim of your attack by slightly angling the Control Stick up or
down. An upward angle will result in a more powerful attack, and a
downward angle will result in a weaker attack. As you master this
technique you'll be able to develop more effective ways to wallop the
Tapping is the Main Way to Jump
There are two ways to jump: One which is performed by tapping the
Control Stick upward, and the other which uses the C Button.
Since they are fundamentally different types of jumps, there are
differences in how much jumping power they have.
The subtle differences are mentioned briefly below. There is no need to
change the button position. Tapping the Control Stick for jumps is
generally better, since upward jump explosions are less likely from
Mid-Air High Attacks after a jump, and because little power is lost in
a jump from a sideways walk.
However, the C Jump has special tactics of its own and it is advisable
to learn to use both. This will be covered later.
Tapping the Control Stick
The higher the Y input value of the Control Stick, the higher you can
jump. That is, jumping straight up in the air gives you the most
height, while jumping at an angle results in a lower jump, since you
cannot get the Control Stick up high.
When the Control Stick is moved sideways, the jump becomes extremely
low. Jumps which go straight up also tend to be slightly lower than
tapping jumps. However, you could use short jumps.
Occasionally during a match your character will become invincible.
Sometimes enemy attacks will simply pass through your fighter, and
other times the attacks will bounce off. Invincibility occurs when you
perform an Emergency Evasion, grab a ledge, touch a Star, or after
performing certain special attacks. Learn to anticipate when you will
become invincible, and use it to your advantage.
Ever hear the crowd begin to chant the name of your fighter? This ego-
boosting behavior may appear to happen at random, but there are
actually only two scenarios which call for the crowd to begin a chant.
The first scenario is if you're within one second of knocking off two
or more players who have accumulated damage of 100 % or more. The
second is when you get knocked off, but masterfully manage to knock off
another character by the time you land. Chants won't last for longer
than 20 seconds for either scenario.
Winning the Fight for Items
Items are powerful. All players want to get their hands on the most
destructive weapons, but usually there aren't enough items to go
around. Some players try to rush toward an item and snatch it up as
quickly as possible, but this is not always the best tactic.
Sometimes it is better to wait for other players to fight for the item,
and then knock it out of the winner's hand with a sneak attack.
Normally it's the smartest -- not the fastest -- player who wins.
Vary your Attack
Everyone has their own favorite attack, but if you use the same attack
over and over it will gradually lose its power. To get the most out of
your offense, use a wide variety of moves to overcome the competition.
Low Attacks
Don't underestimate the power of the Low Attack. When you knock off an
opponent with a Low Attack, they do not get thrown very high into the
air. Since they automatically begin in a lower position, it is less
likely that they will be able to recover and return to the battle. Low
Attacks are very effective when turning around after an Emergency
If two players try to attack each other with moves that are about the
same strength, sometimes these attacks will cancel each other out.
The best way to take advantage of this is to use one projectile weapon
to block another. Also, a fireball from Mario or Luigi could be
canceled with a Low Attack. Be careful, though, because most mid-air
attacks cannot be canceled out.
Mid-Air Strikes
A great deal of the action in Super Smash Bros. takes place in the air.
To be successful, you'll have to master the use of Mid-Air Strikes.
Try to surprise the competition by using these attacks when an opponent
is on a trap door above you. If you attack an enemy from below a trap
door, there is little chance that you'll be counter-attacked before you
make your move. If you find yourself on a trap door and someone is
attacking you from below, activate your shield and point it downward to
be sure that you block the attack.
Mid-Air Strikes can also be used if you're falling straight down onto
an enemy. Downward Mid-Air Strikes are especially effective when you
are above an area where this no floor.
Meteor Smash!
Some of the Mid-Air Attacks knock the opponent down and away.
If you can set these up where there is no floor, you can knock off your
opponents in one go!
It's a scary technique for those coming back, but exchanging Mid-Air
Attacks is another way of battling. Be bold and try getting one off
over your shoulder!
Sharing Lives in Team Battle
If you run out of lives during a Stock Mode Team Battle, you can steal
a life from your partner by pressing the Start Button. Your teammate
must have at least two lives for this to work, and when you have more
than one teammate the lives are taken from the player with the greatest
amount of lives remaining. It's up to you whether or not you ask
permission first!
Mole Tactics
In the Congo Jungle and on the Planet Zebes, you can pass from the
lowest level up to the top. By making use of that and doing a Mid-Air
Jump you can burrow beneath the floor and attack using special "Mole
One feature is that there is little risk of a counter attack before you
make your move.
Frankly speaking, it's a sneaky technique. But if you are under attack
from underground and you have a shield and you can get away using an
Emergency Evasion or Jumps, you should have sufficient chance to get
back at someone.
When you have a shield and you're being attacked, you should point the
shield down, just to make sure.
Combining Techniques for Returning to the Arena
To return to the field after you've been knocked off, the general idea
is to use Mid-Air Jumps (flying) and Special Attack Techniques. (There
are some exceptions among the characters, however.)
But, if you really stop to analyze them closely, you discover quite a
Mid-Air Jumps
You can only do this once before you land (five times when flying).
Once you do a Mid-Air Jump, you cannot do another one even if you
are damaged in the air until you land.
Special Attacks
When you finish, you take a pratfall.
You have large vulnerability after you land.
You can do another one if you take damage in the air.
First, when you have to use both to get back, you have to do the Mid-
Air Jump first and then the Special Attack or it won't even work. The
problem is when you can get back by doing just one or the other.
Once you do a Mid-Air Jump you cannot do another one until you land,
but after that you are free to do Mid-Air Attacks.
Special Attack Techniques have less freedom, but it's encouraging to
know that not only can you counterattack with the techniques
themselves, but if you are knocked off again by the time you land, you
can use your Special Attack Techniques again (as long as you still have
Mid-Air Jumps left).
If you also take into account the timing and feinting that you use with
these, together with invincibility, item throwing and the rest, you can
probably see considerable scope for battle.
Moving the Shield
Pressing the Z Button activates the shield. You can change the
direction of the shield by gently moving the Control Stick, which is
most important when the shield's power begins to diminish. If you press
the Control Stick too hard, you'll perform an Emergency Evasion instead
of moving the shield.
Team Up with Pok駑on
When you release a Pok駑on by tossing a Pok饕all, do your best to make
the most of the situation. If a Snorlax appears, try to knock off an
opponent where the large Pok駑on lands. If a Charizard pops out, try to
hold your opponent in front of the flames. If you're competing in a
Team Battle, work together with your friends to make the most of the
Pok駑on presence.
Turtle Shells
In Time Mode, it is to your advantage to knock off as many players as
possible. A great way to rack up the points is to use the Turtle Shell
to send foes flying.
When a Turtle Shell knocks a player off, the last character who touched
the shell is credited with the point. For example, if Link throws the
Turtle Shell and Mario hits it with a fire ball, Mario would earn the
points if anyone is knocked off.
Land With Style
After a Mid-Air Attack, your character will be vulnerable for a brief
moment after landing. You can avoid this by pressing the Z Button just
before you land. A more risky way to avoid vulnerability is to make
sure that the Mid-Air Attack has been completed before your character
hits the ground.
As you've probably observed, Giant Donkey Kong and Metal Mario have a
strong resistance to being knocked off of the fighting platform. Yoshi
shares the same resistance, but only while performing a Mid-Air Jump.
For example, Yoshi has a resistance strength of 120 during the Mid-Air
Jump. Any attacks weaker than 120 are brushed off, and an attack with a
power rating of 140 would be the same as a normal 20-point attack.
Damage still accumulates as usual, though, so eventually even the
weakest attack could be dangerous.
Item Switch Menu
After fighting 100 battles, you'll earn a new feature on the VS Options
Menu called Item Switch. This feature allows you to choose which items
will appear during a fight, and at what frequency they will pop up.
Experimenting with this feature can create some unusual battles!
Efficient Attacks
Many attacks require you to press up on the Control Stick at the same
time that you're pressing the A or the B Button. To ensure that you
don't accidentally jump or perform the wrong type of attack, moderately
tilt the Control Stick rather than holding it down all the way. This is
particularly useful when you want to pull off a Mid-Air Attack without
doing a Mid-Air Jump.
The Last Word
Even if you figure out that there is no possible way that you're going
to be able to jump back to the battlefield, don't pass up the
opportunity to dish out a final blow. Throw items, shoot projectiles,
or simply try to grab a nearby opponent who's also falling to be sure
that you get the last word.
The Gift of Grab
When you use the R Button to grab an opponent, you can hold your enemy
perfectly still for a moment before deciding which direction to make
your throw. Take advantage of this time by having a team member beat up
on the captured fighter, or hold your enemy in the path of an agitated
Dash and Throw
Tap the Control Stick twice in the same direction to begin a dash, and
then press the R Button (or Z Button and A Button) as you approach an
opponent. Not only will this take the competition by surprise, but your
grabbing range is extended while dashing.
Outwitting the Computer Player
The computer players are pretty smart, but they don't know everything!
The computer players respond very well to projectile attacks, but more
aggressive techniques will catch them with their guard down. Mario's
Super Jump Punch, Samus's Screw Attack, Yoshi's Hip Drop and Kirby's
Rock Drop are examples of effective attacks.
Computer Players make split-second decisions well, but they do not
recognize when you are setting up an attack. Also, remember that just
because you find a character that works well against the computer
doesn't guarantee that it will work well against another human.
Shield and Throw
While using your shield to block a close-range attack, try to sneak in
a throw when your opponent least expects it. This sneaky move usually
works, but the damage inflicted by your throw is cut in half after
blocking a blow with your shield.
Point Distribution
The last person to attack a fallen competitor earns credit for the
knock-off. To be sure that you don't get cheated out of potential
points, relentlessly attack your victim until you're sure that there is
no possibility for a recovery. Also, try to steal points from the
competition by hitting a character who's already doomed with a
This move only works with Donkey Kong. If you've accumulated a ton of
damage, grab an opponent who hasn't suffered much damage at all. While
you're holding the character, simply walk off the ledge! Sure you'll
lose a life, but you were about to be knocked out anyway. If you're
going to go out, don't go out alone!
If you use your shield to block a projectile, sometimes it will bounce
off in a different direction and hit another player. You can move your
shield to change the direction of the ricochet, but you won't get
credit for a knock-off if the shot pushes someone over the edge.
Percentage Power
When you attack other players, their damage percentages gradually rise.
As these percentages grow, your attacks become more powerful and the
other players will fly farther away from the field of battle with each
blow. When the damage percentage gets very high, players can be knocked
completely out of play and have no chance of jumping back into the
On the VS Options Menu, you can adjust the damage percentage. If you
make it very low, it will take a long time to build up the damage
percentage. If you make it very high, the percentage will grow quickly
and result in a more fast-paced game.
Pokeball Stuff
The Pokemon in the Pokeballs have the following powers:
Flies off to get the rest of its hive to attack the opponent.

Blasts opponent with water spray.

Pops out and give you an item.

Starts to breath fire in each direction.

Just blows fire in one direction (only in Silphco stage).

Arrives and mimics one of the other available Pokemon's attacks.

Flops around trying to hurt opponent.

Comes out and flies at the opponent doing a kick attack.

Arrives and starts blasting foul smoke in the air.

Pops out and showers out coins that hurt opponent.

The special secret 151st Pokemon makes his appearance and flies away.

Shows up, flies up top, and then boulders drop from the ceiling.

Rams you or the opponent (only in Silphco stage).

Pops out, flies up, and then comes down huge, hurting your opponent.

Finds opponent and blasts them with rays.

Razor Leaf attack; leaves from this Pokemon fly at opponents (only in
Silphco stage).
Mario: Biography
The birth
Sometime around 1980, Shigeru Miyamoto was developing his first video
game. Based on Popeye, this game was intended to make Nintendo popular
in America. The game was scripted, but shortly thereafter Nintendo lost
the rights to the Popeye character. Miyamoto was then asked to design a
new game based on his own ideas. The result was a game entitled Donkey
Kong, starring "Jumpman." Later on, someone at Nintendo noticed Jumpman
beared a striking resemblance to Mario Segali, the Italian landlord of
Nintendo's office in New York. That was all it took to change Jumpman's
name to "Mario." Miyamoto's next game, Donkey Kong Jr. starred "Mario"
for the first time, but was technically the character's second
appearance in a game.
The look
Mario looks the way he does today because of 1981's immature graphics
There wasn't enough pixels to depict the movement of hairs while Mario
was jumping, so Miyamoto gave Mario a cap to cover the hairs.
Again, because of the limited amount of pixels alloted for the
character, Mario has a big nose and a moustache because Miyamoto wanted
people to notice that Mario had a nose.
In order to see Mario's arms moving, his arms needed to be a different
color from his body. Miyamoto gave Mario red overalls to solve this
problem. Mario had the blue shirt and red overalls outfit for Donkey
Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. The color scheme was switched to red shirt and
blue overalls when Mario Bros. hit the arcades. When Super Mario Bros.
came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Mario had his original
red overalls, but his shirt was a brownish color. In Super Mario Bros.
2, Mario was back to his secondary outfit of red shirt and blue
overalls, and that color scheme has not changed since.
The games
There are many more games starring Mario, but these are the more
important ones that built up his popularity.

1981: Donkey Kong (Arcade)
Mario (or technically, "Jumpman") the carpenter battles through crazy
construction sites to save Pauline from the clutches of a giant monkey
named Donkey Kong.
1982: Donkey Kong Jr. (Arcade)
This was Mario's next appearance, and first appearance as an enemy.
Mario sics enemies at D.K. Jr., who is trying to free his caged father.
1983: Mario Bros. (Arcade)
Mario is now a plumber. He teams up with (or fights against) brother
Luigi (in 2-Player mode) to kill an infinite supply of turtles, crabs,
and flies that came out of pipes.
1985: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Mario explores The Mushroom Kingdom in search of Bowser, who has
kidnapped Princess Toadstool. Mario mania grasps the nation.
1986: Donkey Kong (NES) and Mario Bros. (NES)
The NES versions of the two arcade games are released, exposing the
greatness of these games to players who may have missed the arcade
versions. Because of limited space on early NES Game Paks, the fourth
level (A.K.A. "Pie Factory") of Donkey Kong was omitted.
1988: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES; USA version)
Nintendo takes a game developed and released in Japan called "Doki Doki
Panic" and replaces the four characters with Mario characters,
resulting in perhaps the most unique game of the Mario series.
1989: Super Mario Land (GB)
Mario's first appearance on the Game Boy was apparently not supervised
by Miyamoto. This game had really strange enemy names, most of which
were not translated into English.
1989: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
The best-selling game of all time. Mario again searches for Bowser who
has kidnapped Princess Toadstool.
1991: Super Mario World (SNES)
Mario's first appearance on the Super NES. Bowser has kidnapped
Princess Toadstool (sound familiar?) and Mario travels through Dinosaur
Land to rescue her. Super Mario World introduces us to Yoshi, which
spawns a zillion games riding on his popularity.
1995: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES)
This game takes place in Mario's past. A gang of Yoshis helps baby
Mario find his brother Luigi, who was kidnapped by baby Bowser's
henchmen. Powered by the FXイ chip, this was arguably the best platform
game ever made.
1996: Super Mario 64 (N64)
Mario frolics through a 3-D Mushroom Kingdom to save the kidnapped
Peach. Arguably the best game ever made.

Donkey Kong: BIOGRAPHY
Nintendo released Donkey Kong at the arcades in 1981. Arcades were big
at the time, gas stations, fast food places and other resturants were
sure to have one of the many one-quarter arcades that had been
produced. Players controlled a construction worker (or carpenter) known
as Jumpman (Mario, who later became a plumber), who tried to get back
his girlfriend Pauline (who only knows one word "heLP") by jumping over
several obstacles and climbing up ladders, from a huge gorilla, known
as Donkey Kong (which means "Stupid Monkey"). The single-screen game
was a big hit, and in 1982 Donkey Kong Jr. hit the scene. Mario(who
finally got a decent name) had trapped and caged the Barrel-rolling
babboon and it was up to DK Jr to save his dad. Instead of more barrel-
jumping action, the game consisted of climbing vines and dropping fruit
on psycho-traps.
In 1984, Nintendo released Donkey Kong 3, in which Stanley the Bugman
(armed with unlimited bug-repellant), tried to keep the bugs from
taking his flowers, while making sure the Giant Monkey didn't come down
from the vines.
In 1994 Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Hit Donkey Kong Country.
Along with its smart release dates (for the DKC series), around
Thanksgiving-close to the holiday season. The game used ACM (Advanced
Computer Modeling) for the graphics produced. A wireframe of the
characters was used to build the characters, then they were filled and
textured. Next, the characters would be animated by moving the limbs
and so forth. ACM was way better than digitizing film, as was done in
early Mortal Kombat games. Producing the best 2D game graphics ever (at
the time). Graphics weren't the only high marks of this 3D-rendered
game, complete with a variety of moves, bonus levels, animals to ride,
a nice soundtrack ,good game control and challenge.
 "The making of Donkey Kong Country isn't only about technology. It is
partially a matter of luck, perseverance and a ton of creative effort.
In the summer of 1993, Tony Harman, Product Acquisitions and
Development Manager at Nintendo of America, was visiting Rare during
one of his globe-spanning journeys to find the best games in
development. He saw a simple project in the works showing a boxer with
about ten frames of animations that utilized computer modeling
techniques. He realized that the Stampers were on the something
revolutionary when Rare was able to convert that boxer to the Super
NES, but to make the dream come alive Rare needed help. When Tony
returned to the U.S., he championed the cause and with the backing of
Mr. Takeda and Mr. Miyamoto of Nintendo in Japan obtained the go-ahead
to allocate funds to apply the new technique to a Nintendo game. It was
decided to return to Nintendo's roots by using Donkey Kong as the hero
because he had less background than the other Nintendo characters, and
that meant that Rare could have greater freedom in creating a new DK
world. Mr. Miyamoto, Nintendo's ace game creator, designed a modernized
DK and Tim Stamper put him into the SGI system. The other pieces of the
puzzle began coming together during the fall of '93 and winter of '94.
The legion of Kremlings, the crocodile-like enemies of DK Country, had
been created for another game in development, but they turned out to be
perfect for DK. As of August, Tim Stamper estimated that the
development team had logged 18 man-years of effort, probably the most
time ever spent on a single game."
 "Once it had been decided that the arcade gorilla who Nintendo put on
the map more than a decade ago would break ground again with this new
game, Nintendo and Rare had to invest heavily in equipment and talent.
The first step was to create the ultimate game studio. As luck would
have it, Nintendo had already been moving in the right direction by
forging a relationship with Silicon Graphics for the Ultra 64. This
partnership paid off for Rare when more than a truckload of Silicon
Graphics equipment worth millions arrived.  
Even so there were practical problems. Before the computers could even
come on-line, Rare had to make further investment by providing more raw
electrical power to the building. And not only did the SGI behemoths
suck energy, they also produced so much heat that the during the summer
months the studio building's temperature would soar to over 90 degrees
inside, requiring an army of huge fans to cool both the equipment and
the programmers. Although the computers had been envisioned for
developmental use for the Ultra 64, the computer modeling techniques
also worked for the Super NES. The conversion to 16-bit graphics,
according to Tim Stamper was the single biggest problem, because it was
pushing the Super NES far beyond what anyone thought it could do, sort
of like building an engine that could propel a Chevy to the moon."
Nintendo Power Vol. 64 September 1994.
Nintendo's top developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, floored millions of gamers
around the world with his Super Mario Bros. for the Famicom in 1985 and
the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. Gone was the openended
"highest score" criterion of previous titles, and in its place was a
more concrete goal: "Complete" the game. Games had evolved from just-
for-fun endurance tests to simple narratives with (in the best Socratic
tradition) a beginning, middle, and end. Gamers had a reason to play
beyond simple continued survival.
With Zelda, Miyamoto wanted to take the idea of a game "world" even
further. In his own words, the intent of the original Zelda game (and
every Zelda title since) was to give players a "miniature garden that
they can put inside their drawer." His inspiration came from the
fields, woods, and caves outside Kyoto that he had explored as a boy,
and he has always tried to impart this sense of exploration and
limitless wonder to players through his Zelda titles.
But even the longest journey begins with a single step - for Miyamoto,
that first step was the Legend of Zelda.
Metroid started out as a game for the Nintendo Family Computer
("Famicom," for short), a popular Japanese 8-bit video game system--
actually the original Japanese version of the American Nintendo
Entertainment System (NES). The Famicom had a huge user base in Japan,
and therefore it also had more cool accessories--like the Famicom Disk
System, a floppy disk drive on which games could be saved and played.
While the Disk system was quite popular, there was one quietly-released
game that didn't quite take off: a journey through a labryinthian world
with a lone bounty hunter named Samus Aran... METROID.

...Although the game was enjoyed in Japan, it wasn't nearly as popular
as it was when it was released in the U.S. in August of 1986. One of
the first "Password Paks" (along with Kid Icarus), it was advertised
along with Nintendo's Ice Hockey on television commercials. The silver-
boxed game became a fan favorite among the Nintendo Fun Club members
and a few tricks and hints, such as the wall-jump and the "secret
world" (see the Tips and Tricks section of this site...) found their
way into the pages of its newsletter.

...Fast forward to July 1991, when a three-page fold-out poster in
Nintendo Power magazine caught the collective eye of Metroid fans...It
was a kinda lame image of Samus Aran, yet it displayed the words we had
been waiting so long to hear...:"METROID: THE UNIVERSE HAS EXPANDED".
On the bottom was the surprise: "COMING SOON FOR GAME BOY." A few
months later, METROID II: RETURN OF SAMUS was released and became an
instant hit. While the game didn't quite have the exploration and
creepiness of the original, and was a bit different in its gameplay
overall, the basic elements were there and who could complain?? It was
a new Metroid game!!
...We zip ahead again to late 1993...the Super Nintendo Entertainment
System (SNES) is in full swing and immensely popular. Rumors of a new
Metroid project float about in the various video game mags on the
stands...and finally, Nintendo Power itself clinches it by announcing
the impending release of the third installment of the Metroid series,
this time on the all-powerful Super NES!! NP runs a couple of so-so
pictures to tease everyone, and not long after that, a relese date is
announced, the game is shipped in April of 1994, and SUPER METROID had
made its mark on gamers everywhere...especially this one. The game was
everything that the original and the second were, and then some! The
huge worlds to explore were back, as were the cool new weapons from
Metroid II...not to mention villains that were bigger and more evil
than any seen before. And if that wasn't enough, the mission took place
on the same planet of Zebes that the original did--and the Mother
Brain's destroyed lair was still there from the first game!! A worthy
sequel that surpassed the originals yet stayed true to its roots.
Then in 1995 came the Nintendo 64. Fans spent five years wondering
where Samus was. Mario, Zelda, Starfox, Kirby, and all the other
regulars made one or more appearances on the 64-bit, cartridge-based
system, but Ms. Aran was seemingly MIA. Luckily, she did show up in one
game: Super Smash Brothers, a fighting game featuring an all-star
lineup of Nintendo's most famous mascots. The game featured the planet
Zebes among its fighting arenas, and eagle-eyed players will find cameo
appearances by a Waver and even Ridley himself. While the game is fun -
- and undoubtedly sold N64's to fans who were waiting for Samus to
appear (including myself, sucker that I am) -- it was not a Metroid
title, which is what we were really clamoring for.
Name: Yoshi
Born/Created: Between 1990-91, thus making Yoshi between 7 and 8 years
old. However, originally considered back after the original Mario
Brothers was made. In real terms Yoshi appears to be around 16-18 years
Race: Dragon/Dinosaur. Yoshi seems to be a combination of the two with
a few attributes of that of a frog.
Gender: The Yoshi commonly featured in the Mario games is MALE. Though
there are probably females out there somewhere.
Below are a few other bits of information about Yoshi that are, for the
most part, true. However, they are very arguable due to the many
changes that Nintendo has made to Yoshi over the years. The below items
have been checked in a number of books and magazines for trueness.
Yoshi's speak only one word when talking and that is "Yoshi". For that
matter, all of their names are Yoshi as well. The only way to
distinguish their words is to simply watch for hand motions and perhaps
tone of voice when they are speaking the word Yoshi.
Baby Yoshies have evolved a great deal since you first saw them back in
Super Mario World. Back in Mario World, they were born fairly small
without their scales or saddle on their back. Where in Yoshi's Story,
Baby Yoshies seem to be a bit taller, have bigger noses, can stand
easily straight up on two feet, have their scales, and their saddle.
Quite a change don't you think? Below are the examples of both cases...
The Yoshi Years
Yoshi first appeared back around 1991 in one of Nintendo's first Super
NES games, Super Mario World. In this game Mario could ride Yoshi and
Yoshi graciously munched on all of Mario's foes. Not to mention Yoshi
gave him a coin for each successful feast. Another neat feature this
first Yoshi had was that if he ate a red, yellow, blue, or flashing
shell, he could do some really cool stuff. Red let him breathe fire.
Blue gave him the ability to fly with a small set of wings. And yellow
let him cause earthquakes which caused massive damage when he jumped.
If you were lucky enough to eat a flashing shell you could do all of
these special abilities. An odd thing observed when this game came out
was that Yoshi was somewhat conceived as a dragon. Some final notes on
this are that throughout this game you could also feed Yoshi berries.
Red berries cause Yoshi to lay an egg which hatches into a mushroom if
he eats ten of them. When Yoshi consumes two pink berries he will lay
an egg that hatches into a coin-giving cloud. And finally, for every
green berry our little hero consumes, you will gain ten seconds on the
One year later during what I call Nintendo's PUZZLE CRAZE YEARS, Yoshi
returned in his first solo game conveniently titled Yoshi. In this
game, which was for your regular Nintendo and Game Boy, you helped
Mario put Yoshi's egg shell together to make Yoshi hatch and give you
points. Within' less than a period of a year or so another puzzler came
out. This one was for all the Nintendo systems and it was called
Yoshi's Cookie. In this game Mario and Yoshi needed your help in
organizing cookies for shipping. Some of the special features this game
brought to you were the unique two player vs. mode and also one of the
first ever puzzle modes was featured in it. In this mode you had a
limited amount of moves to clear a given area. Some final notes about
this game are that it had a funny cinema show after you completed each
Stage Clear level. Everytime you cleared a complete level you got to
see a different and more unique ending.
In the conclusion of 1992, Yoshi appeared in one of today's most
enjoyed games, Super Mario Kart. This game featured all of your friends
from the Mario games, except rather then battling it out in platform
action you raced in a unique mode 7 environment. This game for how
simple it was quickly became one of the best games ever made for Super
Just about the same time that Yoshi's Cookie and Mario Kart were making
puzzle and racing fans go nuts. Nintendo's new Super Scope 6, which was
for your Super NES, came out. With it came a small handful of games.
One of which was a neat game called Yoshi's Safari. In this you got a
second person perspective view, "Yoshi is in front of you", as you rode
on Yoshi's back and shot things with your gun. If you or Yoshi got
pegged, you lost life. Also you could damage Yoshi by shooting him in
the head. The main goal was to find Bowser at the end, who was in a
suit of armor, and blow him up. Not a very unique game. However you did
it to shoot and kill things. So I guess it was kind of fun.
Well, then both Yoshi and Mario went into a vacation of sorts. But then
that brilliant designer Shigeru Miyamato came up with what we now call
Yoshi's Island. This game brought in a few neat new features, one of
which was a new thing called Morphmation. This helped to make all the
huge bosses in which you fought really HUGE! Another neat thing Yoshi's
Island had was the FX 2 chip. Though, you probably couldn't tell
because they used the FX 2 chip in such a way that it actually looked
crisp and brilliant instead of shapey. Other things this great game
featured was a very unique coloring texture. This texture made it look
like you were playing inside of a story book. This really helped with
the effect of Yoshi carrying Baby Mario around. This game, which was
brought out on the tenth anniversary of the Mario Brothers series, was
a huge smash. And to this day, even though I own the new N 64, it is
still one of my favorite games to play. Some final notes on Yoshi's
Island are that it featured unique bonus games, hidden games and
levels, and a scoring system. This made the game so that a person just
trying to finish it would have fun. However if just beating it wasn't
enough for you, then you could shoot for a 100% in each level. This
accesses a secret level and opens a bonus game icon on the map. These
levels featured tricky puzzles and clever traps for people that were
looking for a challenge. If you are trying to get that perfect score,
you need to have 30 Stars. < 30 seconds on the brat meter >, you also
needed to find all 20 red coins and all five flowers.
Our hero also made an appearance in Mario's first Role Playing game,
Super Mario RPG, Legend of the Seven Stars. In this game Yoshi had a
VERY small plot of land to roam in which on it you had to help Yoshi
defeat the bully Yoshi, Boshi, in a race. If you succeeded, you earned
the ability to call Yoshi in battle with his Yoshi Cookies. < Wonder
where they got that one? > One of the neatest things about it was the
big fat baby, which, if fed enough, would give you goods like Red
Essence and Yoshi Aid.
The latest steps for our green dinosaur hero are he hosted the newest
installment in the Tetris series Tetris Attack. This game featured all
of the fun features of other puzzle games. However, it also had neat
detailed backgrounds and a much more fun style of play. Plus the
multiple game modes made it seem like more then just a block matcher.
The story mode, I would say, is the best. Also Yoshi did make a
surprise appearance in Mario 64. But, don't expect it to be a happy
one. You will simply receive 100 lives, star dust triple jumps, and the
privilege of watching Yoshi take a dive into the moat. Not so cool, but
I guess that's games eh?
Our next step up for Yoshi featured him in the sequel to Super Mario
Kart entitled Mario Kart 64. In this game Yoshi showed his own style as
having an awesome power-slide and a superb top speed! The Yo'ster in
many places that I visited has won the "BEST DRIVER" in SMK64 Award.
Also Yoshi has his own course. In this course you'll cruise through a
mountain-valley maze as you attempt to make your way through to the
giant egg and back to the finish line. And speaking of the giant egg,
what Yoshi do you think could've possibly laid that one??
About a month after the release of Mario Kart 64, another game by
Nintendo featuring Yoshi came into the market. This game which is
purely for the Game Boy is a collection of some of Nintendo's finest
first games. In this game entitled Game and Watch Gallery, you can play
four games in which in two, from what I've seen, you can either play as
or use Yoshi. These games are Manhole and Oil Panic. This game is
expected to sell at a very reasonable low price and is enhanced by the
super Game Boy.
Yoshi's Story is not only Yoshi's first big appearance on the N64, but
it is also the first whole game dedicated to just Yoshi. In this game
you control any of six differently colored baby Yoshies, (There are two
more hidden ones), in a quest to retrieve the Yoshi's beloved SUPER
HAPPY TREE. This game features many of the same mechanics as the
original Yoshi's Island, but also adds and removes a few as well. For
example, you can still flutter to gain that extra height you need in a
jump, the egg throw is still there, but now it is controlled analogy
for more precise shooting, and as well you can still eat things to have
Yoshi lay an egg to use as future ammunition. However, Yoshi's Story
adds a few things such as "!" Balls which Yoshi can lick to pull
himself up to higher ground. Also you can extend your tongue in any
direction through use of the analog stick. Another cool feature put
into this game is the ability for Yoshi to sniff. Through this ability
you can locate hidden treasures and secret locations. However, sadly
gone are the abilities to morph into vehicles, as well Yoshi's near
immortality is gone as well. Now you have a life gauge called a "Mood
Flower". If you get hit or eat something that disagrees with Yoshi, you
will lose petals off of the Mood Flower, but if you eat fruits, collect
special hearts, eat enemies that agree with your Yoshi, or eat a Power
Bee you can regain petals on the Mood Flower. Another thing is that
there is no set goal to a level, instead you must eat 30 fruits dropped
from the SUPER HAPPY TREE to clear a level. A cool thing about Yoshi's
Story though is the way that the levels are actually set up. Rather
than just going in a straight line, (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc.), Each of the
six worlds, or "Pages" as they're often known as, consists of four
levels, or "Chapters" as they go by, and when you play, you get to plot
the story in any way you want by choosing which chapters to go through
to finish the book. You may now be thinking, "This game is way too easy
to beat, you only play six fraggin'' levels!" Well, that's another neat
thing about Yoshi's Story, in a way you can set your own difficulty by
choosing how you want to complete the book and what fruits you want to
eat and such in each level. If you choose to eat all 30 Melons in a
level, you will probably be playing for a straight two hours to finish
the game at the least! Setting your own goals in Yoshi's Story is alot
of fun and really ups the already high replay value. All in all,
Yoshi's Story is a very good game which shouldn't be missed and a great
addition to any Yoshi fans collection.
Nintendo releases yet another title full of some of its old games from
back in the 80's. However, this time around it is enhanced by the Game
Boy COLOR and also features five games instead of the four which were
in the original Game and Watch Gallery. In this title you can find
Yoshi in both Chef and Vermin. In Vermin, your goal is to protect a
nest full of Yoshi eggs from Shy Guys and other such villains in a game
which very much resembles Whack-A-Mole. As for Chef, you take the role
of Princess Peach as she flips breakfast foods about in an attempt to
feed Yoshi. There is also said to be a secret game that can be opened
by getting enough high scores. This game, known as Classic Ball, starts
out in its original version. However, if you get a high enough score in
it you'll be able to play the modern version which also features Yoshi.
Mario Party is a twist from the usual puzzle or action game that you/ve
come to know Yoshi and friends to star in. This game, which seems
exclusively made for those multi-player events, is a combination of
both board game and mini-events. The main object of Mario Party is to
obtain the most stars of all the other 4 players to prove that you are
the SUPER STAR. On average a game can last between 40 minutes to a 2
hours and is great to play with all of your friends. Especially if you
are looking for something fun to do with your spare time. Another
interesting aspect is that there are multiple game boards which each
has its own special features and events. Also, through earning coins in
the game you can go and buy special items which you can use to enhance
the game play. Overall this game is a great buy, especially if you are
known for having friends over a lot; However, if you are an avid game
player which prefers skill over chance then this game may not be for
you. But, if you like games which anything can happen and that involve
all your friends then this game is sure to keep you happy for a very
long time.
Have you ever been caught in the debate where people argue over whether
Link or Mario would win a fight? Well, now this long argued contest can
finally be settled once and for all. In Super Smash Bros. you can
choose between 8 of Nintendo's finest mascots, (There are four hidden
ones), and battle it out to see who truly is the best. This game is
ideal for multiplier play and a great pak for parties. The one player
is okay, but unless you have the difficulty setting on Very Hard your
likely to find it too easy. An excellent choice for anyone who has
followed Nintendo or anybody who is looking for a fighting game that
truly is revolutionary.
Looking for a game of golf which won't put you to sleep or aggravate
you?  Then Mario Golf is definitely the game for you.  Mario Golf is
the next installment in Nintendo's porting of its trademark characters
over to different game genres and, like all the others, this one is a
sure hit.  Not only does Mario Golf feature colorful graphics and true
golf mechanics, but it also includes multiple game modes and the
enjoyable fun of Nintendo.  Oh, and it can't be neglected that there
are real human based characters in this game too.  This should make
Mario Golf pleasing to just about any gamer.  About the only downside
to this game is that you only start with four people to choose from in
the 1 player mode (Yoshi is unfortunately not one of em).  Though, this
can be fixed by playing the game's GET CHARACTER mode and within' a few
matches you should be able to retrieve at least one of your favs. 
Another downside, in my opinion, is the mini golf resembles a chess
board rather than a mini golf course.  The mini golf is also missing
out on all the fun little booby traps we all know common to mini golf
games.  However, the games SIX 18 Hole courses should make up for it.
These courses also each include a theme and therefore are a lot of fun
to play on.  One which is very enjoyable is Yoshi's Island.  Though,
DK's bablings in the background can get a bit annoying at times.  Now
if only Nintendo would give us another Yoshi game...
It is practically becoming tradition that Nintendo releases an
installment in its Game and Watch series every year. This time around
though it seems to have games that are a lot more familiar like Donkey
Kong Jr. and Mario Bros. Now, before you wonder if it is THE original
Mario Bros. game from the arcade I will tell you that it doesn't appear
to be. In it you must help them keep stuff on conveyor belts and it
appears Bowser is on top of the screen instead of ol' Donkey Kong.
Well, enough on that and now onto the Yo'ster. This time around, Yoshi
seems to have landed a role in two of the five games featured. In Egg,
(a fitting game for Yoshi eh?), you must help Yoshi catch eggs before
they fall upon the ground and in Turtle Bridge you must help Yoshi
deliver packages across a bridge by riding on the back of a turtle. Oh,
I would also like to mention a neat thing about the Game and Watch
Gallery packaging. If you look at the original's box you'll see the
classic Yoshi pictured. However, looking at the second G&W title's box
you'll notice a baby Yoshi from Yoshi's Story on it. Now look at the
last box which is pictured above. Notice how we once again are back to
the original Yoshi? Pretty nifty eh?
One of the most unique titles to hit the N64 makes a triumphant return
in Mario Party 2. However, this time around, the game board and
characters have greatly improved graphically. There is also the
insertion of brand new spaces such as Battle, Item, and the Bank. Not
to mention, a slew of new mini-games for the players to test their
skills. For the most part a very exciting game. Personally, I like the
idea of having themes behind each board where you wear costumes and, at
the end of the game, you see a little movie where the winner battles
Bowser. I also felt that the mini-games they kept were well updated.
About the only thing that may be bad is that the 1 VS 3 games seem to
be unfairly stacked against the 1 player. An example is Crane Game, in
it the person on the crane must get EVERYONE in the pipe or they lose.
It doesn't matter if you put two people in, you still lose and everyone
on the three person team gains 10 coins. Overall though, this is a fine
game for all of you that are looking for a good time with your friends
or family.
With the success of Mario Golf, it was only fitting that Mario and his
friends try to expand into other sports, which in this case is tennis.
And, just like with Mario Golf, this title proves to be yet another fun
and addictive game.  It even can link up with Mario Tennis for Game Boy
COLOR so you can open up special games and features.  Although I
haven't gotten the chance to play this game yet, I really would like
to.  When I do, I'll put up a more accurate description and synopsis of
the game.  :)
Discover a new colony of Yoshies in Nintendo's superb sequel to the hit
Super Mario RPG, which is Paper Mario!  This time around, Mario must
save Princess Peach from the clutches of King Bowser, who has made
himself invincible through use of the Star Rod that he stole from Star
Haven.  Throughout your quest to save the fair Princess and reclaim the
Star Rod, Mario will encounter many familiar faces and be accompanied
by a total of EIGHT party members.  Each colleague, once foes of Mario
in past games, brings a unique ability to the team which helps you
progress through the adventure.  Add to that the game's clever battle-
system and level-up methods and you have perhaps one of the finest
games to ever grace the N64.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly,
this game features one of the finest villains ever created in a video
game, Jr. Troopa!  Over the past fifteen years that I've been playing
video games, I've never bumped into a more hilarious or unique
character.  I greatly hope to see him re-appear in an upcoming Mario
game.  :)
Kirby, the little pink puffball of fun, has come all the way from
Dreamland to put his opponents to sleep with some nightmarish moves. He
has the ability to swallow his opponents and take on their attributes.
You can tell which persona Kirby has assumed by seeing which enemy's
hat he has stolen.
The pilot who put the Fox into Star Fox has landed his Arwing and is
ready to show the competition what kind of action a galactic warrior is
used to. Fox's weapons have a decidedly sci-fi flavor to them, and his
throw is sure to put his opponents in orbit. Fox is a nimble character,
but his attacks aren't very powerful.
He's appeared in games such as Star Fox and Star Fox 64.

It's hard to say who's the real star of the Pok駑on TV series, but
Pikachu is definitely a contender. An adorable electric-mouse Pok駑on,
Pikachu staunchly defends his friends Ash, Misty, and Brock and stands
up for all Pok駑on-kind. Like all other Pok駑on, Pikachu can only
communicate by repeating his name over and over with various
inflection. Pikachu is constantly pursued by the nefarious Team Rocket,
due to his superior strength.
Captain Falcon: BIOGRAPHY
The F-Zero driver races into the ring if you finish the one-player game
in under 20 minutes. Falcon is a strong fighter who is as quick on his
feet as he is on the track. He is particularly strong against slow
He has appeared in games like F-Zero.
Jigglypuff: BIOGRAPHY
These Pok駑on are rare and deceptive: Although they're cute and cuddly
in appearance, the Jigglypuff Sing attack will send even the toughest
Pok駑on to dreamland, rendering defenses useless.
TYPE: Normal
HEIGHT: .5 m
WEIGHT: 5.5 kg
EVOLUTION: Jigglypuff-Wigglytuff
See Mario...
There isn't too much to say about Ness, as he came from the strange
little game of Earthbound for the SNES
A: Punch (2%)

A, A, A: Two Punch, Kick Combo. (8% for the combo)

Up, A: Uppercut (8%)

Left\Right, A: Kick (10%)

Down, A: Low Kick (12%)

Up+A: Head Bash (15%)

Left\Right+A: Super Punch (14%)

Down+A: Trip Kick (14%)

Run+A: Sliding Kick (9%)

B: Bouncing Fireball (6%)

Down+B: Mario Tornado (1% per hit)

Up+B: Coin Punch (2% per hit)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z+Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Flip Kick (9%)

Down+A: Spin Kick (3% per hit)

Forward+A: Spin Kick (12%)

Backward+A: Reverse Kick (12%)

* * *Donkey Kong * * *

A: Punch (4%)

Up, A: Overhead Slap (10%)

Left\Right, A: Big Punch (10%)

Down, A: Low Slap (6%)

Up+A: Overhead Clap (16%)

Left\Right+A: Super Slap (16%)

Down+A: Spinning Low Kick (16%)

Run+A: Kick (10%)

B: Mega Punch(Once to charge, hit again to use) (uncharged, 11%,
charged 33%)

Up+B: Spinning Kong (6%)

Down+B: Ground Pound (8%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z+Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Overhead Slap (9%)

Forward+A: Roll (12%)

Backwards+A: Kick (12%)

Down+A: Drop Kick (10%)
Donkey Kong
A: Sword Slash (5%)

A,A,A: Three Hit Sword Combo (12% for the combo)

Up,A: Overhead Slash (8%)

Left\Right,A: Downward Slash (14%)

Down,A: Low Slash (10%)

Up+A: Overhead Sword Stabs Combo (18% for the combo)

Left\Right+A: Strong Slash (20%)

Down+A: Low Sword Swipes (14%)

Run+A: Sword Stab (11%)

B: Boomerang(can be directed after it is thrown) (8%)

Up+B: Spinning Sword Slash (12%)

Down+B: Bomb (A or B To throw) (7% whether hit by bomb in air or from

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z, Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Upward Stab (14%)

Down+A: Downward Stab (12%)

Forward+A: Sword Swipes (12%)

Backwards+A: Double Kick (8% Per hit)
A: Punch (3%)

Up,A:  Drop Kick (6%)

Down,A: Trip Kick (10%)

Left\Right,A: Kick (8%)

Up+A: Flamethrower (10% per hit)

Down+A: Sweep Kick (12%)

Left\Right+A: Super Punch (18%)

Run+A: Ram Attack (9%)

B: Charge Shot(Once to charge, again to fire) (3% uncharged, 25%

Down+B: Bomb Drop (7%)

Up+B: Screw Attack (2% per hit)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z,Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Spin Kick (2% per hit)

Down+A: Roll (11%)

Forward+A: Flamethrower (4% per hit)

Backwards+A: Drop Kick (11%)
A: Kick (3%)

Up,A: Upwards Head Butt (9%)

Down,A: Tail Kick (8%)

Left\Right,A: Kick (10%)

Up+A: Head Butt (14%)

Down+A: Horizontal Tail Sweep (11%)

Left\Right+A: Head Smash (14%)

Run+A: Ram (9%)

B: Egg Swallow (4% for swallow, plus whatever damage done while
opponent is in the egg)

Up+B: Egg Throw (11%)

Down+B: Butt Slam (14%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z,Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Tail Whip (12%)

Down+A: Head Bash (4% per hit)

Forward+A: Head Butt(14%)

Backward+A: Kick (12%)
A: Punch (3%)

A Repeatadly: Flurry Punch(1% Per Hit)

Up, A: High Kick (11%)

Down,A: Low Kick (7%)

Left\Right,A: Kick (8%)

Up+A: Flip Kick (12%)

Down+A: Split Kick (14%)

Left\Right+A: Roundhouse Kick (Are there ANY other moves Kirby does
besides kick?) (13%)

Run+A: Slide Attack (oh sliding...much different...) (8%)

B: Swallow (B again to take person's B attack, A to shoot them out as a
star) (5%, 30% If hit by star)

Up+B: Final Cuttter (15% if hit completely)

Down+B: Stone (15%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z,Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose\Get Rid Of B Power (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Cartwheel (8%)

Down+A: Spin Kick (2% per hit)

Forward+A: Sideway Spin Kick (2% per hit)

Backward+A: Reverse Kick (Way too many kick moves for one
character....) (12%)
Fox McCloud
A: Punch (4%)

A Repeatadly: Kick (Not more kicks....) (1% per hit)

Up,A: High Kick (7%)

Down,A: Tail Sweep (9%)

Left\Right, A: Kick (7%)

Up+A: Flip Kick (12%)

Down+A: Low Kick (11%)

Left\Right+A: Spin Kick(oooh...more kicks!) (12%)

Run+A: Super Kick(ahh, much better than all the other kicks!) (8%)

B: Blaser Shot (6%)

Up+B: Fire Fox (12%)

Down+B: Reflector (4% if opponent touches, or 2 X the damage of
whatever is reflected hits them)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z,Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Flip Kick (12%)

Down+A: Spin Kick (2% per hit)

Forward+A: Horizontal Spin Kick (9%)

Backward+A: Split Kick (Kirby Clone Perhaps?) (9%)

A: Head Butt (2%)

Up,A: Tail Slap (9%)

Down,A: Tail Sweep (9%)

Left\Right, A: Kick (8%)

Up+A: Tail Whip (14%)

Down+A: Low Kick (11%)

Left\Right+A: Thunder Shot (8%)

Run+A: Ram (9%)

B: Thunder Jolt (5%)

Up+B: Teleport (0%)

Up+B+Direction: Double Teleport(During first teleport oush control
stick in direction you want second warp to go) (0%)

Down+B: Thunder Bolt(Above Pikachu) (9%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z,Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Tail Spin (8%)

Down+A: Electric Dive (10%)

Forward+A: Head Butt (3% per hit)

Backward+A: Kick (12%)
Captain Falcon
A: Kick (3%)

Up,A: High Kick (11%)

Down,A: Low Kick (9%)

Left\Right,A: Kick (10%)

Up+A: Uppercut (12%)

Down+A: Sweep Move (12%)

Left\Right+A: Fire Kick (15%)

Run+A: Shoulder Ram (9%)

B: Falcon Punch (18%)

Up+B: Grab Attack\Front Flip (10%)

Down+B: Falcon Kick (12%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z+Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Flip Kick (12%)

Down+A: Downward Kick (11%)

Forward+A: Kick (8% per hit, up to 2 hits)

Backward+A: Reverse Punch (12%)
A: Punch (3%)

Up,A: High Kick (8%)

Down,A: Low Kick (8%)

Left\Right,A: Kick (6%)

Up+A: Head Bash (14%)

Down+A: Split Kick (12%)

Left\Right+A: Ram Attack (12%)

Run+A: Slide Attack (8%)

B: Super Punch (8%)

Up+B: Lullaby (0%)

Down+B: Rest (20%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z+Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Overhead Bash (4%)

Down+A: Spin Kick (3% per hit)

Forward+A: Double Kick (4% per hit)

Backward+A: Reverse Kick (10%)
A: Punch (2%)

A, A, A: Two Punch, Kick Combo. (8%)

Up, A: Uppercut (8%)

Left\Right, A: Kick (10%)

Down, A: Low Kick (12%)

Up+A: Head Bash (16%)

Left\Right+A: Super Punch (14%)

Down+A: Trip Kick (14%)

Run+A: Flurry Punch (2% per hit)

B: Fireball (7%)

Down+B: Luigi Tornado (12%)

Up+B: Flaming Coin Punch (1%, 20% If lit on fire)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z+Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (1%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Flip Kick (9%)

Down+A: Spin Kick (3% per hit)

Forward+A: Spin Kick (12%)

Backward+A: Reverse Kick (12%)
A: Kick (2%)

Up,A: Overhead Punch (6%)

Down,A: Low Kick (3%)

Left\Right,A: Kick (7%)

Up+A: Around-The-World Yo-Yo (14%)

Down+A: Horizontal Yo-Yo (15%)

Left\Right+A: Homerun Bat (Not the actual one) (18%)

Run+A: Running Ram Attack (12%)

B: Pk Fire (11%)

Up+B: Pk Thunder(After fired, control it's movement with control stick)
(6%, 30% if hit by ness)

Down+B: Pk Shield (0%)

R: Throw

R+Backwards: Reverse Throw

Z+Left\Right: Roll (0%)

L: Taunt\Finishing Pose (0%)

*Midair Attacks*

Up+A: Head Butt (12%)

Down+A: Low Kick (12%)

Forward+A: Slam Attack (9%)

Backward+A: Reverse Kick (12%)
Bonus 1
1- Throw a Fireball at the target to your right.
2- Throw a Fireball at the target to your left.
3&4- Super Jump Punch the two targets above you.
5- Jump on the platform and Super Jump Punch the target above and to
left of you.
6- Jump back on the platform and toss a Fireball at the target on your
7- Jump on the moving platform above you and break the target on it.
8- When the moving platform is at its highest point, jump to the left
and onto the platform. Hit the target to the left of you with a
9- Jump down the left side and Downward Drill Kick the target.
10- Jump off the left side of the platform and Super Jump Punch the
target underneath it.

Bonus 2
1&2- Step onto the two platforms on your right.
3- Jump down the right side and step on the platform.
4- Jump onto the platform to your left being careful not to fall on the
5&6- Jump onto the two platforms on your left the same way you did
number 4.
7- Jump down into the little alcove and make your way to the platform
your right.
8- Carefully jump to the next platform while avoiding the moving block,
and land on the platform.
9- Jump over the gap to the blue platform and hop up onto the little
platform above it.
10- Carefully maneuver across the three blue platforms a hop onto the
last platform.
Donkey Kong
Bonus 1
1- Punch the target to your right.
2- Punch the target to your left.
3- Jump onto the platform on your left and break the target.
4- Jump onto the moving platform beside you and break that target.
5- Jump onto the platform above and to the left of you and hit the
target through the wall.
6&7- Spinning Kong the two targets above you.
8- Carefully jump onto the yellow and black platform and hit the target
above you.
9- Jump onto the far right platform and hit the target above it.
10- Drop through the platform and Stomp the last target.

Bonus 2
1,2&3- Walk onto the three platforms on the right.
4- Jump onto the platform and when it rises jump onto the other one and
jump up to the platform.
5- Drop down back onto the platform and than up to the next one.
6- Jump down the shaft to your right and land on the small platform.
7- Do your longest jump and onto the platform on the left.
8- When the moving platform to your left is almost at its lowest point
jump down onto it.
9- When the moving platform is at its highest point jump up onto the
platform above it.
10- Jump back down to the moving platform and jump to the right onto
platform. Now do your longest jump to the right and land on the last
Bonus 1
1- Hit the target to the left of you.
2- Jump up to the platform on the left and throw a bomb down at the
3- Now run over to the very left side, and use the Spinning Sword Slash
to hit the target having your sword go through the wall.
4- Jump up the two moving platforms above you and break that target.
5- Now wait until the platform that you're on is at its highest point
and than jump up to the platform on the left and break that target.
6- Now jump up to the top right hand corner and use the Spinning Sword
7- Now run back over to the left side and began your climb up. Hit the
target that you see on the left side once you're up.
8&9- Jump the gap and throw a bomb down the shaft and it should hit two
targets on its way down.
10- Equip a bomb, then jump up twice and throw the bomb up making sure
that you don't do the Spinning Sword Slash.

Bonus 2
1,2,3&4- Jump onto the four platforms in the little chamber that you
start out in.
5- Jump up and board the platform that is in the middle of the four
moving platforms.
6- Jump on a moving platform and jump onto the platform to the far
7- Drop down and maneuver your way into the tiny alcove with a platform
in it.
8- Maneuver your way back out to the four moving platforms where you
first turned right and turn left and onto another moving platform.
9- Drop down and it will begin to look symmetrical of the right side
that will change when you come to the moving block on the platform.
inside the little opening and triple jump onto the moving platform.
10- Jump down and Spinning Sword Slash onto the last platform.
Bonus 1
1- Hit the target to the right of you.
2- Hit the target on the platform above you.
3- Screw Attack the target on the platform above that one.
4- Jump up and drop a Bomb onto the target to the left.
5- Screw Attack the target above you.
6- Jump onto the moving platform on the right and Charge Shot the
to the right of you.
7- Jump to the right and drop a bomb on the target below you.
8- Charge a Charge Shot, jump up and shoot the target to the right of
9- Jump down the right side and Downward Kick the target.
10- Shoot your Charge Shot at the target on the right.

Bonus 2
1- Hop down to the platform on the right.
2- Jump up to the platform above you.
3- Jump across to the platform on the right.
4- Jump down onto the moving platform below you.
5- When the moving platform is at the farthest left that it will go,
jump across to the platform.
6&7- On this column of falling platforms two of them are ones that you
need to step on, so climb up making sure to step on both of them.
8- Screw Attack your way up to the platform above and to the left of
9- Go down beside the Bumpers and roll through them and board the
10- Roll back out and charge your shot. Now climb up to the highest
platform and back flip twice in the right direction then fire your shot
backwards and Screw Attack onto the platform.
Bonus 1
1- Walk to the right side and smash your head through the wall and
the target.
2- Walk to the left side now and break the target.
3- Break the target directly above you.
4- Jump up the platforms above you and break the target near the top.
5- Drop down now underneath the moving platform to your left and break
the target.
6- Now jump onto the moving platform above you. When it is at its
highest point jump up and Egg Bomb the target.
7- Fall back down underneath the moving platform and do a big jump
Now use the Egg Bomb and angle it to hit the target.
8&9- Jump up and Egg Bomb the two targets above you.
10- Jump back once more underneath the moving platform and jump down to
another moving platform. Jump out to a little spot and Egg Bomb the

Bonus 2
1- Just jump up and board the platform.
2- Jump up again and board the next platform.
3,4&5- Jump over the pointed edge on your right and board the next
6- A bunch of falling platforms will be to your right. One of them will
be one that has to be boarded. When you see it come down, jump above it
and Butt Drop.
7- Now quickly jump onto the platform on your right.
8&9- Jump the gap and onto the platform on your left. You will see six
rotating platforms to your left two of which need to be boarded. Jump
the two.
10- Make your way to the last platform on the far left.
Bonus 1
1&2- Break the target to your left and than the target above you.
3- Jump onto the platform above you and break that target.
4- Jump onto the larger platform above you, jump to the right and hit
that target on your way back down.
5- Once you're back where you started jump below and onto the moving
platform with the target on it. Break it.
6- When the moving platform is at its farthest left, jump off of it and
into the alcove on the far left. Break the target on it.
7- Jump up to the very top of the chamber and Final Cutter the target.
8&9- Jump up to the very top right corner and jump down the shaft. Hit
two targets on your way down and Final Cutter yourself back onto the
platform to renew your jumps.
10- Jump back over the side and hit the last target.

Bonus 2
1,2&3- Board all three platforms in the little chamber.
4- Jump over the right side and board the platform.
5- Stone your way down to avoid the Bumpers. Now comes the tricky part.
Somehow get yourself onto the platform in between the two falling
platforms. My only tip is to note that the platforms fall faster than
6- When the moving platform is almost at the bottom, jump up into the
shaft and onto the platform. Take the rising platforms up to the top
jump onto the platform right when you see it.
7- Jump over to the right side and fall down the shaft. When you see a
split in the shaft, take the right side and avoid the Bumper by using
8- This next jump is hard. Jump all the way up to the top of the
and board the platform. It will take all of your jumps and the Final
Cutter to pull off.
9- Drop down the chamber and into the shaft that goes straight down.
the right wall and eventually you'll land on a platform. Use all of
jumps and the Final Cutter to get to the platform in the top left hand
corner of that chamber.
10- Drop down and hug the wall. Jump underneath it and onto the last
Fox McCloud
Bonus 1
1&2- Hit the target to the right and then the target above you.
3- Jump straight up and hit the high target above you.
4- Climb the stairs to the right and break the target.
5- Jump onto the moving platform above you and break the target.
6- Jump up to the platform above you. Now hit the target above and to
the left of you with a Blaster Shot.
7- Jump onto the platform in the bottom left hand corner and from there
use both jumps and the Firefox to hit the above target.
8- Once back on the platform, time your Blaster Shot to shoot through
the hole and at the target.
9- Now jump back up to wear you broke target number 6. From there
jump as far as you can to the left. Use the Firefox to hit the target
the alcove.
10- You'll probably fall onto the platform in the bottom left hand
corner so jump off the right side and hit the moving target with
anything, I prefer the Firefox but a Blaster Shot could get it too.

Bonus 2
1,2&3- Quickly jump onto the three platforms that you see and then jump
back where you started because that platform will rise.
4- Avoid the two moving Bumpers and stay on the platform. Avoid the
two Bumpers and land on the platform.
5- Jump back onto the moving platform and avoid the Bumpers along
way. Land on the platform at the bottom.
6- Jump back on the platform and follow it down to the very bottom.
Board the platform and jump right back on the moving platform.
7- Stay on the platform diagonally and board the platform before
right back on the moving platform.
8- On your second time around on the moving platform when you get to
top left corner drop onto the platform in the middle chamber.
9- Jump across to the platform at the end of the chamber. Wait for the
moving platform to come back and then jump on it.
10- Eventually when you get to the bottom left hand corner jump up into
the bottom of the shaft and use both jumps and the Firefox to reach the
last platform.

Bonus 1
1- Use Thunder to clear out the target in the shaft above you.
2,3&4- Use Thunderjolt once to the left side and twice to the right
to smash three more targets.
5- Now hit the platform above you.
6- Jump onto the moving platform on your right and break the target.
7- Jump up to the top and send a Thunderjolt in the air to hop to the
right and break the target.
8- Jump onto the platform on the top left hand corner and break the
9&10- Jump down the middle and when you touch the lowest target use
Thunder and it will hit both targets.

Bonus 2
1,2&3- Walk across the three platforms on the right.
4- Jump the gap and land on the platform on the right side.
5&6- Maneuver across the snake like stairs and touch the two platforms
underneath it.
7- Jump down to the next level and make your way across being sure to
board the platform along this level.
8&9- Jump underneath and into the chamber with the two platforms that
need boarding.
10- Use two jumps and a Double Quick Attack to reach the last platform.
Captain Falcon
Bonus 1
1&2- Punch the target beside you and hit the target above you.
3- Jump up the right side and break the target.
4- Falcon Punch the target just to the right of the platform that
standing on.
5- Hop up the two gray platforms and Falcon Punch the target.
6- Jump to the only moving platform in the bottom left corner and break
that target.
7- Cross the gap to the left and jump up and hit the target above you.
8&9- Falcon Punch through the wall to hit the two targets on the other
10- Jump off the edge in the bottom right corner and jump into the
alcove with the target and hit it.

Bonus 2
1&2- Run along that level boarding both platforms.
3- Run along the level a drop onto the platform that comes in and out
the blue thing.
4- Jump up to the platform on the right and board the platform.
5- Drop down the shaft and board the small platform.
6- Run to the left and jump up to the platform.
7- Climb over the wall on the left. Run over to the right and fall down
the hole. Board the platform that comes in and out of the blue thing.
8- Go back to the spot right below where you started. Jump through the
gap on the right side and fall onto the moving platform.
9- Drop down onto another platform.
10- Jump underneath the wall on the left and up onto the last platform.
Bonus 1
1- Break the target above you.
2- Break the target on the right side of you.
3- Break the target on the left side of you.
4- Jump up onto the platform on the left and hit the target above it.
5- Jump over the left side, Pound the target, and jump back up.
6- Drop down the right side now and hit the target on the moving
7- Drop to the moving platform below you and hit that target.
8- Jump up to the stable platform and hit the target above and to the
right of it.
9- Jump onto the green moving platform and jump to the right and use
Pound after every jump to get extra distance. Break the target on the
10- Fly underneath the platform that you're on and jump up and hit the
last target.

Bonus 2
1&2- Board the two platforms on the left.
3&4- There are two platforms that need to be boarded on the escalator
stairs going up. Board them and drop down.
5- A platform will come in and out of the blue stuff and it might annoy
you if you keep missing it, but just stay in one spot that it might
up in and stay there and it will eventually come to you.
6,7&8- There are three platforms in this mess of Bumpers. You will
probably get knocked around in here a bit but don't worry, just board
the three platforms and drop down to the left.
9- Walk to the left and you'll see a platform that keeps falling. Just
board it and move on.
10- This is tricky, jump to the left and after every jump use Pound to
give you extra distance. It might take you a few tries.
Bonus 1
1&2- Punch the target next to you and Super Jump Punch the target above
3&4- Jump onto the yellow and black platform to your left and Super
Punch the two targets above it.
5- Super Jump Punch the target high above the starting point.
6- Jump onto the moving yellow and black platform to your right and
your way up to the very top and break the target.
7- Drop to the blue moving platform on the bottom and time your
to hit the target underneath the yellow and black platform on your
8- The platform to the left of you that is shaped like a 1 has a target
on the other side. Use your first jump to jump off the platform that
you're on, the second jump to position yourself underneath and a bit to
the left of the target, and use the Super Jump Punch to break the
plus land on the platform.
9&10- Jump on top of the yellow and black platform on the right hand
side. Jump off and Drill Kick the target and than Super Jump Punch the
last target over to the left.

Bonus 2
1,2,3&4- Board the four platforms in that chamber than jump down.
5- Jump under the block that comes in and out of the wall and land on
the target.
6- Jump under the block and then board the platform on the right.
7- Jump onto the above platform.
8- Drop down to the blue platform beside platform number 6. Use all of
your jumps to get to the platform in the little alcove above and to the
right of you.
9- Jump onto the platform above platform number 8. Now jump up onto the
platform that sways across the screen like a pendulum.
10- Hop up the red platforms up onto the last platform that needs
Bonus 1

1- It's right next to you, so pound it!
2- Hit the one above and to the right of you.
3- Jump to the platform on the left. Now use PK Thunder to hit the
target underneath it.
4- Jump up and hit the target above you.
5- Jump onto the moving platform and hit that one with a PK Thunder.
6- Press Start to bring you to the map. You'll see a hidden target
and to the left of you so hit it with a PK Thunder.
7- Now head over to the right side of the screen. Jump up the side and
you'll see a target, so hit it.
8&9- Jump onto the platform above you and enter the little maze thing.
Once you see a target right in front of your face, PK Fire it. The PK
Fire will drop down and hit the target below it as well.
10- Jump up out of the maze and follow the arrow down with a PK Thunder
or just go down there yourself and hit it with a Downward Kick.

Bonus 2

1- Step onto the platform on your left
2,3&4- Step down continually from one to another until they've all been
stepped on.
5- Drop down the hole, and triple jump yourself(via PK Thunder) up onto
the next platform.
6&7- Jump down and step onto the two platforms on the left.
8- Here is where it gets tricky. Triple jump through the diagonal path
on the left. Now maneuver through the moving platforms above it. Jump
over the two bumpers and land on the platform.
9- Now head over to the right side and triple jump onto the platform.
10- Triple jump up there from platform 9.
Peach's Castle
Located in the upper reaches of Princess Peach's castle, this is one
of the most compact battle zones in the game. Beware of the bumper
above the castle, because it can bruise even the biggest brawlers. A
small constantly moving platform at the base of the structure makes
this small arena even more treacherous. With four players fighting
simultaneously, things can quickly get too close for comfort.

Congo Jungle
This lush arena is a fertile spot for a friendly fight. A large wooden
deck serves as the base for battle, with two perilous platforms
rotating counterclockwise overhead. A barrel cannon constantly moves
back and forth beneath the arena, which can give unlucky players one
last chance to avoidfalling to their demise.

Hyrule Castle
It may seem like an unusual place for a fight, but the roof of Hyrule
Castle is one of the most exciting stages in Smash Bros. A platform
with a ladder towers above the center of the arena, and the wide roof
provides plenty of space for four players to get it on. Wind whipping
across Hyrule Field can cause miniature tornadoes to form on the roof
of the castle, so try throwing your opponents into these tiny

Planet Zebes
All the action takes place on an extremely unstable space station on
the remote planet Zebes. Three stationary platforms hover above the
planet's surface, with one moving platform on the right side of the
station. It's advisable to remain on these high platforms, because
huge pools of lava will flood the surface without warning. Your
character will take 16% damage each time you touch the fiery liquid,
so be sure that if someone falls in, it's one of your opponents.

Yoshi's Island
Straight out of Yoshi's Story, this level is just too darn cute for
fighting. How are you supposed to kick tail when a smiling heart is
showering everyone with joy? But if you manage to overcome the cute
music and work up some anger, the simple design of this level is
perfect for pummeling. Power-ups often appear on the clouds floating
to the left and right of the arena. Grab them quickly, because the
clouds will vanish after a few seconds.

Dream Land
Keep an eye on the Wispy Tree in the background of this deceptively
simple arena. Occasionally it will exhale a powerful gust of wind that
can send unsuspecting players into the abyss.

Sector Z
Players must dangerously balance on the outside of the Great Fox
spaceship in this outer-space arena. From the cockpit to the booster
engine, the entire vessel is open for fighting. The combatants aren't
affected by the lack of gravity or oxygen, but you should always be on
the lookout for low-flying Arwings. These miniature spaceships can be
used as platforms, but their stray laser beams can turn you into an
unwilling deep space explorer.

Saffron City
This Pok駑on city is extremely treacherous, so select a character with
excellent jumping skills. Narrow crevices positioned between small
platforms make it difficult to avoid falling. Random Pok駑on pop out
of the rooftop at timed intervals, and they will indiscriminately
attack anyone in their way. It's best to proceed cautiously in these
mean streets.

Mushroom Kingdom
Ah, this secret stage will bring back memories with its dead-on
representation of the classic Mario soundtrack, right down to the
tiny, 8-Bit Instructions.

This stage is longer than it looks, In fact, the camera does not pull
itself back far enough to reveal how far you can actually go.  You'll
sometimes find that you'll be fighting off-screen, trying to knock
your enemies past the "ring out" limit.  Just keep an eye on the icon
that tells you what you and the other guys are doing.

There are three pipes in this level, two of which are protected by
vicious piranha plants.  When the plant ducks down into the pipe, you
can stand on the surface.  Push Down to transport to one of the other
two pipes.  It's random, so watch it- one pipe dumps you down into the
gutter in the middle of the level.  It's good to use these pipes as an
easy escape route, but there is nothing completely safe in the game.

Cheap Combos

     Ahh, yes, the great items.  I personally don't use items often,
but when
you use them they sure can make or break you.  Or they can be extremely
so that you may just love them.  Whatever.  Thanks to Pokeytax, who
helped with this section.  There are some simple things I forgot to
add, and
some tricks I hadn't know.

     Once you get the timing down, just keep firing that dumb gun until
you're out of shots, then throw it at the unlucky opponent.  Computers
this one.

     If you can trap your opponent between a flower and a hard place
wall or the edge of a cliff) you can just keep burning them until the
dies.  A note from Pokeytax: If you think it's about to run out of
throw it.  You don't want them beating on you for your cheapness after
runs out.

     Just use a smash attack while holding the bat.  Good players will
dodge it, though.  This is an instant kill, with one exception (that I
found).  Giant DK will still be able to return when hit.  I hit him
about ten
times in a row before he finally was down.  I don't know about M.

     Trap your opponent in a corner with the beamsword.  Just keep
until they are at a high damage, and then go for a smash to likely
them off.

     Smash Attack someone while holding a fan.  Usually, an opponent
block.  Then this will daze them by breaking their shield (if not, use
attacks until it shatters).  Drop the fan and choose an appropriate
(Jigglypuff will instantly die if you manage to break its shield)

SHELL SHOCK ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
     Reflecting shells with fox increases the damage they do.  Also, if
thrown green shell is shot by a projectile roughly horizontally, it
will go
back the way from which it was thrown (If an opponent throws it at you
on the
right, and as Mario you shoot a fireball at it midair, it may turn
around and
nail your opponent in the face!).

MAJOR POKEMON SUPPORT ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
     "The Pok馼old: After you throw a Pok饕all down, GRAB your opponent
don't throw. (They can't escape from the pre-throw grab, I think, so
worry.) As the Pok駑on emerges, throw your opponent into it! Even
hold your opponent over the Pok饕all; if it's, say, Charizard, they're
in for
some pain. This strategy makes Meowth the king of Pok駑on, as you can
them deeper into the Pay Day field of attack. You can often do 75-200%
with a
Meowth. The Pok馼old also lets you get other useful effects; projectile
Pok駑on like Staryu, Onix, and Beedrill will get a free hit in addition
their normal shots.  Don't forget normal tactics; knock or throw your
opponent into and through the field of effect (Charizard's flame,
Onix's rock
slide, Koffing's gas). If the opponent is stunned by a Pok駑on effect,
inflict some pain. : )"  ~ Also, I've only seen it once, but it's
on Link's arena to see Meowth Play tug-o-war with a tornado for
possession of
the opponent.  The opponent in question took over 700% damage from
coins and then the tornado won: They shot up like a rocket.

MORE BEAMSWORD FUN ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
     "Don't be afraid to throw this. One of the most surprising things
can do is chuck that precious, precious saber straight up or straight
down at
your opponent. It has terrific range, impact, and damage as a missile,
makes a ridiculously evil edge-guarding weapon. Nothing's better than a
range lightsaber toss, watching your opponent blast off again, then
it again as it comes to rest and taunting."

VERY DEVIOUS FAN TRICK ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
     "Obviously, you want to break your opponent's shield. But an
player will avoid this at all costs.  Fortunately, the fan has a vacuum
effect as well. If you're playing as Luigi or Jigglypuff (or Fox, I
then hit them with the standing 2% swipes until they come in within
radius.'' (Bother your friends with Scorpion's ''come 'ere!'' clip for
or various comments about Jiggly's seductive geisha techniques.) Most
can't go against their fan training and block quickly enough to stop
Rest or
Flaming Coin Punch at that distance, and it's an easy way to connect
devastating moves. You can also do smash hits as you'd do Jiggly's
Dance''; first to one side, then the other, to do a bit of damage while
hope for a shield break. As an added bonus, if you throw the fan and
your opponent will pop straight up the air, which has obvious
advantages for
Pikachu, Jigglypuff, or Fox and is overall useful."

STAR ROD ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
     "Extremely underrated, the Star Rod is a good projectile weapon
those in need (*cough* Jigglypuff), a terrific smasher, and perhaps THE
throwing item. Why? It sends opponents horizontally and down in a
Beam arc when thrown, which is VERY effective. Hit someone coming back,
a Kirby and especially a Link, and they're toast. Plus it does plenty
damage and adds to your attack range."

LUIGI! ~ Submitted by Eah53
     "Get your apponet between you and a shell(not very far apart) Then
at them and press A to do the RUN N' PUNCH you should hit them 2/3
befor you get to the shell then they will go flying depending on their

SUPERCHEAP RED SHELL ~ Submitted by azdbackfan
     "Was glancing through item section and thought of probably the
cheapest cheap item move there is (second only to the fire-flower-
the-wall trick).  This works especially well in the second Mario
stage (with the old music), but has been found to work occasionally
     A red turtle shell can mean instant death if it can trap an enemy
in a
tight area and knock him off the level.  For a never fail (and I mean
it's been pulled on me a few times too...) trick, use the red turtle
shell in
the Mario Brothers stage in that corner in the bottom left, underneath
Piranha Plant that precariously pops periodically out of that
placed pipe. (aren't aliterations great?)
     If you hit them with it so it knocks them to the left, the turtle
will keep hitting the opponent until he eventually meets his doom at
stage's edge on the left.  THERE IS NO ESCAPE!  Because of the platform
overhead, it is impossible to jump over the shell, and since the stage
is not
mysteriously floating in the air, there isn't even a need to edge guard
because the opponent can not come back.
     DANGER:  Do NOT jump down into that area...sometimes the turtle
that you threw will come back and hit YOU, performing the same #@%#&@%
you just did to your opponent.  Unfortunately, with two other people
around, it is easy to get knocked down there by them (or knock THEM
down)"  ~
sounds right, I got trapped by something like that before, but I did
not test
     Though you can be trapped by this, it generally is escapable.  If
hold Z to get up when you hit the ground and block the shell, you can
over it or roll past it.  However, when you can't see yourself off the
of the screen, this can be very difficult. ~ tzwizard

     "I found a way to use the bats one hit kill, when kirby, pick up a
then suck someone in. Press down or B to spit em out, then quickly turn
around and do the instakill with the bat, Not many people expect it." ~
try this more than once...

     "if you have an item you're willing to sacrifice, throw it at him.
he's good he's bound to shield and it may push him back or not. either
make a dodge for the item and tap r very quickly to grab. if they
started to
roll behind you then pick up the item and use it. if they were grabbed,
them quickly, preferably to the closest ledge or towards a tornado. a
and effective way to clear the area when there's only one guy near it.
other is very devious. most people forget that simply tapping r will
drop an
item behind you. many people will try to roll or get behind you for
reasons just tap r or throw the item at a wall behind you. either way,
flip a bit and then hit the person. you can then throw them towards the
pick up the item, and then hit them with it again for a nice 3 hit
works well on the right side of hyrule castle."

YES, THE FAN CAN BE CHEAP ~ Submitted by
     "If you found a fan and you got it, try this combo on your friends
it will them for sure kill them even if they have 0% damage if you do
right. First, it is pretty simple how do you do this. Get next to the
opponent and quickly use a smash attack with the fan if they did not
and if they did shield, that's still fine. Once you do that, it will
them flying the other way so you have to quickly use another smash
attack hit
with the fan on the other way to send them flying back where they was
and hit
them again with the smash attack again. Keep doing this until you think
it is
the level where you can finish them off like at level 121%. Once you
use the
last smash attack with the fan, quickly use another smash attack on the
side to send then away like Up&A. Since I use Fox a lot, I would use
the flip
kick on the opponent to send them flying over the horizon with his
stance." ~ This is hard to do, but WOW is it good.

     I don't use items often.  If you have some cool item combos, send
in.  I'd really like some help for this section.

     Well, everyone has his or her favorite, but if fair play isn't you
favorite idea, then this section may change your mind somewhat.  A
percent combo might just change your mind about mocking out Jigglypuff.
course, King of Cheap Kirby may fit the bill as well.  My names for
moves are
under each character.  I will use this format:

B move
U&B move
D&B move
My ranking NOTE** This is my ratings as of when I started this.  My
have greatly fluctuated since then, so These really mean nothing.  For
example, my current favorite is Jigglypuff. (On November 15, 2000)

     Explanation of combo

     Explain finisher  (Finishers are to mock opponent on his final
many are suicidal, like Jigglypuff & Pikachu)

     Note that there is no all-purpose combo.  Most combos are made up,
situation specific, use what ever you think up combos.  Therefore, most
the combos shown are meant to work anywhere, but you may be able to
make them
different, better, easier, whatever by using your surroundings.
Juggling can
be helped or hindered by platforms over your head, walls are great ways
rack up damage, and pits you must jump over are great for super send
Et cetera.

B: Fireball
U&B: Flamin' Coin Punch, Ping Punch
D&B: Tornado
#ABSOLUTE LAST- I hate this guy, but I know he -anyone- can be good in
right hands.

     If there's anything I like about this guy, this would be it.
anything that puts you both on the ground together, use Up and B (you
must be
right next to them) to get the flames and pain.  A good thing to use to
be together is a downward drill kick (Down and A) to start it off.
Thanks to
a reminder from Pokeytax, if you "cancel" the drill kick it works much

LUIGI DOOM COMBO ~ Submitted by "Efrain Reyes" on the GameFAQs message
     Shoot a fireball from the right distance, and you can use a up and
smash attack.  Now use a tornado.  Follow up with a jumping drill kick,
either another tornado (in an attempt to continue the combo) or a
coin punch.

GOOD LUIGI JUGGLE~DEATH ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
     Single jump, up+A, double jump (or not, if you're already close
up+B. Against moderately damaged opponents with the right timing, this
hard to escape (i.e. I think it's impossible but don't know for sure)
often results in a quick Star Finish (for heaven's sakes, it's got a
START, as you're already in the air). Follow the up+A with a mashed-or-
down+B if you don't trust your Coin Punch skills.  Of course, you have
connect with the kick first. But if you're a Luigi player you're used
to that
story. : )

     "Down+A drill, up+A smash, jump and up+A (quickly >_
All Purpose Cheapness

     These are the cheap moves that can be used by every character
specified otherwise).  This isn't too big of a section, but I'm not
sure how
many tricks every single character can use. ... OK, there's quite a few,
of which are why say, Fox doesn't have many cheap moves by him- he's
good at
say, little taps, which more than compensates...and an expert at using
walls and juggles.

     Any character can use his or her A attack over and over in a
corner to
rack up tons of damage to their trapped opponent.  It works especially
with Link, C. Falcon, and Kirby, is pretty easy with Fox and Pikachu,
and is
rather difficult for all other characters.  This is sometimes known as
"Infinite Combo" but is usually possible to escape when you get to

COUNTER THE CORNER TRICK~ Submitted by tzwizard
     When you see someone setting you up for the aforementioned combo
light tapping you into a wall, there is a way that sometimes counters
Start simply tapping A yourself.  Often, you can have the moves counter
push your opponent back, giving you time to jump out of there and
escape the
terrible fate of the most unfair way of taking damage in the game.
it doesn't work on pikachu's little head-butt because he's too short

     NOTE: all of the strong attacks assume that the opponent is
between you
and the closest edge of the platform unless specified otherwise.
     There are many different options you have when your opponent is
Here are generally the best ones for each character:
LUIGI: Ping Punch the opponent at high or low damage.
MARIO: Try to start a Tornado Whirl or if the opponent has taken
damage, Use the game's most powerful upwards smash attack.
DK: Take the time to charge up that super punch, then let 'em have it!
LINK: Smash Attack the opponent away from you, preferably off the
SAMUS: Charge up the Super Charge Ball.  Fire the Super Charge Ball.
Hit the
opponent with the charge ball.  Laugh as the opponent goes flying or
and attack more.
C.FALCON: Falconnnnn Punch!
NESS: If you're feeling gutsy in a big arena, try to PK thunder
yourself into
the opponent.  If not, bat or throw them.
YOSHI:  Either try the RUN RUN RUN combo above or Smash attack or
Smash Attack or Stomp (The one way they can't block it on the ground)
KIRBY: If near the edge, try CHEEP #2.  If not, try stealing a power,
Downward Smashing, Rocking, or whatever you feel like doing to the
Use a move stolen from Samus, Falcon, or DK if you have it.
FOX: Either Downward Smash them away or Upward smash followed by Up and
midair juggling.
PIKACHU: Ah, choices, choices.  There's Smash Attack, Thunder, or throw
(backward, while facing away from the nearest edge).  Choose any of
JIGGLYPUFF: At a very low percentage, try to start the ULTIMATE CHEAP
If not, just use SLEEP on them.

     Jigglypuff is sleeping.  Let's not disturb it.  If Jigglypuff is
the edge and misses a sleep attack, slowly walk into it.  You will push
eventually off the edge.  You won't get a kill, but its death,
potentially at
0%, is good enough.  After the fact, the Jigglypuff will be much less
to use SLEEP on you again for a while, fearing suffering this fate
Note that if you try this on a dazed person, they will immediately wake
up as
they start falling.  I had a friend get 12% damage on my Jigglypuff and
me twice.  Not good.  If the Jigglypuff is not near the edge, treat the
like as if they are dazed and use the appropriate move.

     When an opponent is at a low percent damage, you can hold Up (not
to jump) and press A to do a light upwards hit.  This can be repeated
the opponent has a lot of damage.  I have a friend who does this
with Fox, and I did it with link and nailed an opponent.  I don't think
works with Samus or Falcon, because the way their kicks are.  With Fox
on his
stage, at the "fin" you can slowly move forward while doing this and
get an
opponent to well over 70% without fear of retaliation...until the combo
Note that with some characters (Fox, Link, maybe others) you must move
forward slightly between kicks, but these tiny touches can be

     The favorite word of a Fox or Jigglypuff.  The nightmare of all
stupid enough to waste that double jump.  Yes, every character can
And juggling is a great way to get lots of damage.  The best jugglers
in my
opinion are:
JIGGLYPUFF- Jump, juggle, repeat
FOX- Up and A midair counters nearly all and keeps them up
PIKACHU- Be sure to tack on a thunder after any combo
FALCON- Speed keeps 'em OFF their toes
NESS- Upward Yo-yo at a low percent, up and A while midair works.
LINK- Possibly best little tapper, plus the upward sword strike
DK- Low percent CLAP (Smash up and A)
MARIO- Tornadoes, anyone?
YOSHI- That upward tail swipe (U&A midair) is effective
KIRBY- Not all that good, but can rock escape
LUIGI- Ugh.  Not too bad, but not too good.
SAMUS- Can't juggle well, but can't BE juggled well.

     If you have a projectile with your character, by all means USE IT!
Projectiles should be used as screens for other attacks, for
annoyances, to
keep someone away from you...USE THEM!  You can be really cheap by
opponents with these!  The best (IMO) are in this order:
YOSHI EGG- one of the most powerful, great for edge guarding, it can go
or short...If it took less time to throw, it'd be perfect
MARIO FIREBALL- Fire these again and again as fast as you can.  Great
for getting back on, starting other attacks...not too powerful though.
the egg for most annoying.
SAMUS CHARGE SHOT- Enough said.  It takes #3 because it's so easy to
though so powerful.  Really fun to be Fox or Ness against someone who
LINK BOOMERANG- Everyone who knows me as Link knows I over-abuse this
Duh.  It goes really far (smash direction and B doubles distance) AND
back.  The key to hitting people with it?  Throw it again and again, at
people, above people, below people- you'd be surprised how often it
Another trick with it is to jump over it as it comes back. (After
pressing B
press up or down to set a trajectory)
FOX LASER- rapid fire, but weak.
PK FIRE- Short range, but stuns
PK THUNDER- Long range but leaves you vulnerable.
LINK BOMB- Way overrated, the bomb is useful to link almost only when
he has
thrown the boomerang or needs vertical throwing.  Not THAT bad though.
SAMUS BOMB- Weak, drops underneath, but can be useful...if used better
than I
can use it.
PIKACHU THUNDER BALL/HOP- Slow, weak, not all that good, but useful in
situations.  Like one that I mentioned in his section...
KIRBY SWORD SHOT- Waste of time, too slow, not very good
LUIGI FIREBALL- Belongs to Luigi.  Enough said.  Actually, I think it
even without the crap character.
YOSHI KICK-UP STARS- If you use the Stomp for this, there's something
with you.  Really, really weak, just meant to sometimes save the
Yoshi from extreme pain.
     Of course, most of these have the potential to be cheap if
overused, and
that goes generally from top to bottom in order of potential for
     From tzwizard- use projectiles around people to make them block
reflect as fox) and you can usually get a good hit in on them or a
before they can escape.

     If you have access to a wall, use it.  Throw opponents off it
again and
again.  Smash them into it again and again.  Beat the crap out of them
the wall.  In Saffron, you may get a little help from Pokemon as well.
walls are key in Saffron, Hyrule, & Sector Z.  If you get them, show no
mercy.  Unless your opponent is me, that is.  Then show lots of mercy.
Please. ;)
     I discovered something new with this.  If you use a hold down and
A against a wall while using Luigi, DK, Ness, or Pikachu, you can have
bounce off of it and you do the same move again and again to rack up
This is like the infinite combos but harder to do and they only last to
around 100%.  All but Ness's.  Ness's combo is EXACTLY like an infinite
combo, and the only one you don't have to be a little bit farther back
to pull off.  The other characters' light down hits won't work with

DRILL KICKS ~ Submitted by tzwizard
     Use these a lot.  At low damage, they can start combos (make sure
you z-
cancel to make sure you don't get stuck on the ground) and at high
they can be used as effective super send downs.  Mario, Luigi, Yoshi,
Fox, and Jigglypuff all have drills, but Fox's is generally less useful
Kirby's generally more useful than the others.

     If you have any cheap moves or combos that work with many
tell me what they are and I'll add them if they work.

     If your opponent is coming back from off the cliff, there is a
of different ways to hit him, and keep him from returning.  This does
include throwing, shooting, using, etc. with items.  I will not cover
how to
get on while you are off, because it usually means just hoping the
misses with one of these, or that you get through them with minimal
I will give a general tip, but not for escaping each character
*Note that Edge guarding to me means keeping them off, not letting them
back on and wailing on them before they can do anything.  That works,
but I
prefer to, as they say in MK, "FINISH HIM!"  There are also other ways
to do
these, but these are the ways I use.  Anyone can mail me tips on this,
if you
think there's something better.

     These can prevent Luigi from having a ghost of a chance to

     Fireballs.  If he comes above, try the up and A midair or on the
attack, or forward and A while midair.  If from below, downward smash,
with this match-up, you don't want to attack from above the cliff.

     Same as Luigi stopping Luigi, but fireballs go at angles so try
those if
he's coming from below.

     Try to jump out and use Forward and A or downward and a to send
down.  Beware the Flamin' coin punch.  Downward smash lasts a while, so
that if he comes from below.  If using midair forward and A, you need
not go
out over the cliff yourself.

     Boomerangs when he's far away.  SpinSlash when he's above you.
when he's coming at your level, and try a bomb downward from midair if
comes from below.

     Charge ball if he's far, Bombs if he's low, screw attack if he's
and Samus' extremely quick Smash if he comes at your level.

     If you think you can time it, Falcon Punch.  Flamin' Flip keeps
away from above, and if they come low or your range, you can always try
super send down finisher and get back up.

     PK thunder if he's far away, any A attack midair if he's high, bat
if on
cliff to attack, Super Send Down while midair is especially effective,
you can PK thunder yourself back up.

     From far or above the method is simple: EGGS.  From same level or
either Smash or tail swipe (Downward smash) respectively or try the
send down.

     Cheep #1.  Of course, #2 also works, or any midair attack at all
Kirby can get back from it.  If you stole a projectile, this may be a
time to use it.

     One word when he's far: Laser.  Fox can also jump pretty far to
try to
"FOX SPIKE" him.  If he comes from above, try starting a juggle.

     Below: Thunder ball or bounce.  Above: thunder or any midair A
(say, forward and A thunder drill?).  Forward: Simply use Pikachu's
length, long lasting Smash attack.

     Fly out and hit him with any A attack.  BEWARE OF HIS FLAMIN'COIN

     If at around ground level, shoot a few fireballs.  These may
prevent the
opponent from hitting you, but aren't very good.  Sorry, you have
chance against a good edge guarder, but you may be able to use the
coin punch to take them down (or is it up?) with you.  Of course,
Luigi, so you have little chance (YES, I AM BIASED AGAINST LUIGI!)

     This guy's nearly the same as Luigi, but can't use the Flamin'
punch to get even.  He has one chance though... and it's better than that

     Fireballs.  If he comes above, try the up and A midair or on the
attack, or forward and A while midair.  If from below, downward smash,
with this match-up, you don't want to attack from above the cliff.

     Same as Luigi stopping Luigi, but fireballs go at angles so try
those if
he's coming from below.

     Try to jump out and use Forward and A or downward and a to send
down. Downward smash lasts a while, so try that if he comes from below.
using midair forward and A, you need not go out over the cliff

     Boomerangs when he's far away.  SpinSlash when he's above you.
when he's coming at your level, and try a bomb downward from midair if
comes from below.

     Charge ball if he's far, Bombs if he's low, screw attack if he's
and Samus' extremely quick Smash if he comes at your level.

     If you think you can time it, Falcon Punch.  Flamin' Flip keeps
away from above, and if they come low or your range, you can always try
super send down finisher and get back up.

     From far or above the method is simple: EGGS.  From same level or
either Smash or tail swipe (Downward smash) respectively or try the
send down.

     Cheep #1.  Of course, #2 also works, or any midair attack at all
Kirby can get back from it.  If you stole a projectile, this may be a
time to use it.

     One word when he's far: Laser.  Fox can also jump pretty far to
try to
"FOX SPIKE" him.  If he comes from above, try starting a juggle.

     Below: Thunder ball or bounce.  Above: thunder or any midair A
Forward: Simply use Pikachu's long length, long lasting Smash attack.

     Fly out and hit him with any A attack.  Be careful not to go too
you aren't Kirby.

     Come in high, whenever possible.  Use a screen of fireballs
always.  If
forced to come from below, try to jump so you grab onto the edge.

     This old ape isn't too good at returning, and his Spinning Kong or
Tornado is weak and easy to hit.  This should not be too hard to kill,
but to
escape; there's the problem.

     Fireballs when he's far and he may not get a chance to use the
If he comes high, watch a downward smash (if he hasn't tornadoed) and
try a
Flame Coin Punch or forward and A midair.  If he's low, downward smash,
at your level, normal smash.

     Fireballs when low, then Smash Downward attack.  Medium, smash
and when he's high try an upward smash, THE most powerful upward smash.

     This would be a great time to get an easy Super Punch in.  Almost
all of
DK's power hits will stop the tornado, and if he's high jump and
Forward and
A for the best results.

     Boomerang far, smash attack when he's at your level or low, jump
SpinSlash if he comes from above.

     Fire the shot at him if you can.  If not, get above him and do the
Smash Down.  If he come high, screw attack or Upward smash flame-

     Punch shouldn't be too hard to time for low or medium height.  If
try the Smash attack.  Flamin' Flip if he comes high should fry this

     PK Fire should stop him dead in his tracks.  If he's low, you may
the smash attack bat.  If high, jump and any A attack, or you could try
Super Smash Down.

     Egg (edge) guard well.  Downward Smash, or tail swipes work good
he's low, Smash when medium, eggs everywhere else.  Super Smash down
can work
if he's in his tornado.

     Downward Smash if he's low.  Use a stolen move if possible (say
his own
punch?) if he's even, or Try a #2.  #2 works if he's high as well.

     Laser when far.  Down smash when low.  Perfect "Fox Spike"
When high, start a juggle.

     Jump out there and Forward and A to him!  If he's too high,
Thunder will
bring him down, and then thunder drill (aforementioned move)

     Down smash when low.  Drill-Sleep combo when medium.  When high,
your juggling!

     Not good.  If you can use a Super Smash Down to drag them with
you, or
Super punch as you fall (especially in Samus' world!)  Hope the
misses, and try to come low and grab the edge or very high, not at the
opponent's level!

     Uh-oh.  Oh no.  Here it comes.  Death to the green guy.  He can't
worth beans.  He can hardly even attack whoever threw him off.  This
shouldn't be necessary, but I am covering everyone.  The SpinSlash just
good enough to save our valiant hero (This is THE reason he isn't my
character- must...get...on...platform...)

     If you get him off, he won't get high.  Therefore, Smash attack
down or
sideways to get rid of him.

     Fireballs should stop him.  Smash forward or low if they don't

     Super punch, downward smash, either super smash down, it just

     Aww, let him live.  YEAH RIGHT.  Bombs, Smash attack, your own
SpinSlash- Just don't fall off yourself!

     Bombs, Shot if he's high enough, Super Smash down... seems a bit too

     Super Smash Down, Downward Smash, normal Smash- seems like a

     Super Smash Down, Bat, Yo-yo...yawn.

     Sniff...beating on another non-Luigi green guy!  Eggs, Down smash,
normal smash will do.

     #1, #2, Rock, Downward Smash, the works.  Like he has a chance.

     Good Fox Spike candidate (where would I be without PentaroX?) or
easy to
downward smash.

     Enough already!  Forward smash, midair forward drill...I feel sorry

     Finally, the last one!  Down smash, forward smash, it just doesn't
matter.  Poor green guy (I feel sorry for someone who can't jump, still
tries, and always gets knocked away...).

     Just go quickly and quietly.  Really, though, just SpinSlash and
for the best.  Pray Giant DK doesn't throw you off- he can actually
kill you
at 0% that way. (Hint hint-STAY AWAY FROM HIM)

     This is one of THE most difficult things - keeping a good Samus
When Samus Jumps, Drops bombs, and screw attacks, it often seems
to edge guard.  Here are my attempts.

     Fireball if far, Attempt Ping punch if high, Downward smash if
Smash if at your level.

     Fireballs low, Upward smash high, Smash at your level, et cetera.

     Either Super Smash Down works, but beware of the screw attack.  A
strategy is to try that forward if she's high (YES, SAMUS IS A WOMAN)
Super Charged punch if she's low or at your level.

     Smash attack at the edge, throw boomerangs when far, SpinSlash her
she comes from above... Seems a bit repetitive.

     Charge ball if far, Well-timed Smash attacks for low-mid height,
and Screw attack her if she tries to come over your head.

     Smash if you can at low or medium heights, Flamin' Flip if Samus
from above, If you feel gutsy try to time a Falcon Punch.

     Throw eggs, even to way in front of her, and use a smash attack if
low to mid height and throw an egg everywhere else.

     Take advantage of your floating power to go out and do a #1.  If
want to stay on the edge, try any Smash attack, and if she comes in
your up and A midair attack might just knock her back off the platform.

     Ok, low smash works wonders, Fox Spike if you feel lucky, Juggle
if she
comes high, and just Smash her if she comes at middle range.

     Jump out there and forward and A drill her!  You can teleport
back; she
can't.  If she comes high, Thunder, and your PikaSpit (forwards and A
stops her if she's too close to drill.

     Down smash works, Get above her and drill her if she's high (you
have 5
jumps, use them!) and Smash Attack if she is at your height.

     Shoot the charge ball if possible to hit opponents but impossible
to get
back.  Use Bombs to slow down and confuse the attacker.  Screw attack
if at
all possible.  Samus is one of the hardest to keep off the cliff.

     Second worst in terms of jumping only to Link, the F-Zero captain
is saved by his Flamin' Flip.  Like link and his Up and B, it is not
all that
good.  However, like link, he is hard to hit while doing the Up and B

     ~ Groan ~ This will take forever to finish... ~ sigh ~ here
if far, Smash attack low, ping punch high, DON'T get CAUGHT BY THE FLIP
your level.

     Fireballs low...Smash medium...Up Smash high...

     Try to super send him down.  If high, use the forward and A one,
or just
use that one no matter what.  Avoid his flip, it's devastating.

     Boomerang/bomb him if far, Smash attack or SpinSlash if he's near
level or below, and Jump and SpinSlash if he comes in from high.

     Try the charge ball at long distance, Jump and drop bombs/Super
down if he's at your level or low, and Screw Attack if he's high.

     Try a Falcon Punch for low or medium height.  If he's high, Use
Flamin' Flip to keep him that way.

     Super Smash Down, PK thunder if he's far, Smash attack up, down,
normal depending on whether he's high, low, or even with your height.

     One egg usually does it.  If not, try any Smash attack or his
Super Send

     Falcon: Look out for #1.  Other than that, if he comes high, use
midair A attack.  #2 if he's high and you think you can do it...

     Tough, but you can Fox Spike him.  If he's smart, he'll use his
early and try to catch you though.  Other than that, Smash or juggle at

     Smash or thunder at the edge, thunder only if he's high.  This is
guy you don't want to jump out and drill.  The thunder ball can also

     Down Smash, Normal Smash, or juggle for low, medium, and high

     Good Luck.  Use the Up and B to attack, and since it has a good
of hitting an edge guarder from below, use it again ASAP if you get a
Note that his Up and B attack GOES THROUGH SHIELDS of people guarding
edge, waiting for you to get back to nail you.

     He can come back amazing distances using PK thunder to hit himself
However, he's then easy to hit again, keep off, Et cetera.  You can
keep a
Ness off easily by jumping and attacking off of the cliff.  Just do it
as a lack of speed may mean suffering 30% damage as he uses his Thunder
THROUGH you.  Ouch.

     I'll say this once for the Ness sets (actually, I'll repeat
but...) If you take out the PK thunder, you take out the kid.  With that
mind, fireballs when far, Ping when close, and sacrifice yourself to PK
thunder if he uses it when near.  If he floats back, Smash attack him.
you're going to jump out and hit him when he uses PK thunder, do it

     Like Luigi, fireball when far, but jump first.  If he's low,
like there's no tomorrow- the angle of the fireball will likely take
thunder or the kid down.  If he's high, try the upward smash or a
tornado, and if at your level, smash him for good.

     Big Fat Monkey vs. Midget?  Super send down if at all possible,
the punch when he's far, jump high and forward and A to knock him down
the heights, Punch him if he floats to you.

     Boomerang when far, Smash attack when he's near, Jump and
SpinSlash when
he's high, and if he uses PK thunder from below, a well placed bomb
extinguish it.

     If he uses his absorber, he'll likely fall.  You can therefore
shoot the
crap out of him when he's far.  Otherwise, Super Smash Down, since
Samus can
recover, screw attack when he's high (backwards and A midair works
well too) and time the quick smash attack to prevent his return.

     No projectile for when he's far (That's bad) but if you feel
lucky, you
can Falcon Kick out there.  If he's high, Flamin' Flip him, and Low to
medium, Smash attack him.  This is one character you don't want to jump
and stop him with when he uses PK thunder.

     Use your floaty jumps to get him!  Or, use YOUR PK thunder (while
GROUND) to kill his PK thunder, Super Smash down, A attack midair, et

     Once again, Yoshi's eggs are the key to keeping an opponent off
platform.  If he gets close, single jump out there and attack, using
double jump to come back.  The little fat kid dies.

     (Yawn...need...sleep...) Um, Jump out and give him the old 1 (but not
Shoot him with a stolen shot, Smash him, it just makes very little

     PentaroX to my rescue again!  Fox Spike DEVASTATES Ness.  It's
clean, efficient... sort of like the mice I was forced to watch get
in my nature center volunteer work today...  anyway, if you don't use the
spike, Smash him or Down smash him, or if he's high juggle him (As of
today I
feel very sorry for all mice).

     I've really seen this one in action (I will never play as Ness
Dave again. ;) ).  Jump out and forward and A drill him.  Get back on.
can't.  You don't really need to do anything else, but aside from that,
he's high, Jump up and drill him; if at your level or below, a well
Smash attack does the job nicely too.

     Jump and kick him farther.  If not, then Smash medium or low at
cliff's edge or juggle him if he's high

     Most know that you can PK thunder yourself far.  However, if you
have to, DON'T!  You'll save lives that way.  If you have to use PK
do it from somewhat far away so you will be hard to hit out if it.
Pray you
grab the edge.  Beware someone trying to Fox Spike you, it is almost
fatal, because if it reflects you, you fall, and if it reflects the
you fall. (That is not what we like to call a win-win scenario for

     Yes, he only has two jumps.  No, he has no triple jump.  Yes, he
FRIGGIN INSANELY TOUGH to keep off.  For me, a Yoshi player, that's a
thing.  For everyone else, it may alter your edge guarding strategy.

     This section could get annoying, how to kill my favorite
character, but
here goes.  If he comes high, try to backwards and A kick him.  If he's
a downward smash should do wonders.  If medium, attack with a smash.
It is
likely that as you smash, he may hit you as he falls.  Then, he will
not grab
the edge, and you've taken maybe 12 % damage.

     Fireballs do little here.  You basically want to do the same as
so I'll skip that typing.

     The jumping Forward and A super send down will work wonders when
high.  When he isn't, try to time the super punch or smash attack.  The
downward smash is pretty useless in this situation.

     Once again, projectiles do little good.  If he comes in high, a
SpinSlash might finish him off.  If he comes low, Smash attack him at
edge, and do the same for medium height.

     Try to fire a fully charged charge ball at him.  If it hits, even
if it
doesn't stop him, you get a lot of extra damage.  If he's high, jump
backwards kick (Samus' back kick is really good).  If he's low or
medium, go
for the quick smash attack to stop him.

     Flamin' Flip him when he's high, Smash attack when he's low or
Falcon Punch can replace the Smash, but it's tougher to pull off.

     If you plan to jump out and stop him from coming that way, get
and do your super smash down.  If you get below him, he may take you
with him or smash you down and survive.  If you stay on the cliff, jump
backwards and A to kick him hard if he's high, or do the DOWNWARD smash
keep him off when low, and if he's medium a normal smash will do.  The
downward can be done faster facing away from the cliff.

     I hate mirror matches.  Well, same as Ness- get ABOVE him if you
try to
forward and A smash him down.  If you stay on the cliff, midair
kick works when high, and at medium or low, a normal smash attack gets
job done.

     You're better off smash attacking from on the cliff than trying #1
this case, since he can jump right through it (though he takes damage).
he's high, a backward kick ought to get rid of him if timed correctly.

     Shoot him if he's far, you may stop his jumping (if extremely
If you Fox Spike at the correct time, he'll be helpless.  If he's low,
great downward smash will work wonders.  At medium height, regular
Attack.  If he comes in high, juggle him up, up, and away!

     I am the world's expert on this one.  I've seen it 1000+ times.
attack if low or medium and bye-bye dinosaur.  If he comes in high,
jump out
and forward and A drill him.  If you feel like trying it, you can
thunder for either if you can time it right.  These seem the most
ways, but there are obviously others.

     Smash him low or medium.  If he's high, try to juggle, but watch
for the

     Use your only jump wisely.  You can attack as you come back, but
you're hit again, you're history.  In general, try to get over the
as grabbing the edge is usually suicidal.  As a last ditch effort,
with a Super Smash Down, an Eat 'em, or and egg throw to stop them from
taunting and get a bit of damage.  Stomping in front of the edge so you
it can sometimes throw off an edge guarding person's another
ditch effort to save your skin.  (Thank you Dave again)

     ARRGH! This annoyance has 5 jumps, PLUS his Final cutter.
Usually, if
you hit him far at a high %, he will die.  If not, try these not-quite-
foolproof strategies.  (If a Kirby really wants survival, it can steal
Jigglypuff puff punch to get distance and height)

     Hoo boy.  Edge guarding this guy means hitting him likely more
once, and hitting him out of the final cutter.  If he comes at you
high, try
to ping punch him into the stratosphere (AND DON'T MISS OR YOU'RE
he comes in medium to low, use a smash attack.  Smash attacks should
the final cutter if timed correctly.

     Ditto Luigi, but try just about any A attack instead of the ping
(you could try that with Luigi as well).  So sad to see Mario compared
to the
vastly inferior Luigi.

     You just might be able to end it with a forward and A if he's
high.  The
punch would make a good substitute for the smash attack if he uses the
or comes in low to medium because it's a bit faster when already

     The worst at jumping trying to stop the best?  It can be done, and
easily than expected.  Link can forward and A or Up and B at Kirby when
and Link's Smash attack is extremely adept at taking Kirby out of low
medium range.  If the cutter comes, Smash attacking again works.

     Hit him with a fully charged charge ball and it's likely to be
over.  If he comes in high, use the backward and A kick to keep him
off.  If
low or medium, Samus' quick smash attack does the job.  Smash attack
works to
stop the cutter as well.

     If you Falcon Punch him at the edge, he's dead meat.  That isn't
so use your up and B if he's high, or the up and A.  If you do the up
and A,
face away from him so that you can hit him horizontally with the end of
kick (it has insane reach).  Your Smash attack should stop all low,
and cutter using Kirbies for good.

     If you think you can get above him, try a super send down.  If you
realize that that's nearly impossible, backwards and A or just A in
work.  If he comes in low, Yo-yo.  Jump and hit him if he uses the

     Smash attack works perfectly when he's low to medium height.
Smash works 99% of the time when he uses the cutter.  When he comes in
Yoshi's backwards kick is great.

     Umm, get above him and try #1.  If he gets above you, expect the
If he comes in high, backwards and A or just A to kick him back out.
attack if he comes at you low to medium and the same if he uses the

     Juggle him if he comes high, Downward Smash if he comes in low,
smash if medium, and Smash attack his cutter, or reflect the shot
it does let him have all his jumps back though.)

     Smash attack if low or medium or cutter using.  Jump and forward
and A
drill him if he's high.

     Downward smash when low, smash when medium or using final cutter,
juggle him (watch the rock) if he comes at you high.

     Try to get as high as possible, and use the rock move to survive.
you come in low, you are very likely to get beaten.  Don't always use
rock when high, though, or the opponent will roll & grab.

     We all know he isn't too hard to keep off.  If he uses his
FireFox, it's
easy to stop.  Such distance, such futility.  Here goes.  If you can
make him
use the FireFox, you'll be able to do these.

     If he uses his FireFox perfectly horizontally, throw a fireball.
If he
uses FireFox from below, smash attack.  If he uses FireFox to get above
use the ping punch when he lands.

     For once Fireballs are worse than those belonging to Luigi are.
attack if he's low or high, and upward smash when he comes in high.

     Jump out early and forward and A him into oblivion if he comes low
medium.  If he's high, jump up and use the same move.  If he comes in
fast low or medium, a super punch will finish him.  Anyone with a send
move can kill him easily if they jump out early, so that won't be

     Smash attack if low, boomerang if far, smash attack if medium, and
with a SpinSlash if he comes in high.

     Shoot him if he is planning to FireFox horizontally.  If he's
high, jump
and backwards kick.  If he's low or medium, use a smash attack.

     Smash attack low to medium, Flamin' Flip when he goes high.

     Yo-yo is great for when he's low (down and A smash) or bat when
(forward and A smash).  If he's high, backwards kick through the flames
get him off.

     Eggs.  Besides that, smash attack or downward smash attack when
low or
medium, and upward smash attack when he's high.

     #1... Smash attack when low or medium, backward kick when he's high
or get
to his height and start #2.

     Fox spike really effective... Smash attack when medium, downward
when low, and juggle him or reflect him back off the cliff when he's

     Jump out and drill him with forward and A.  Smash attack.  Call
lightning.  No chance for Fox to survive...

     Smash attack when low to medium, and juggle him when he's high.

     Go to the FAQ about Fox made by PentaroX and within you will see
how to
survive anything as Fox.  You just plain don't need any information you
find there.  It is at if you want to read it.  What I
say, though, from experience is to vary how you use FireFox so that
opponent needs to keep guessing.

     GET THIS RAT OFF OF THAT CLIFF!  It's tough, but possible.  Timing
the key to hit him while he teleports.  Time your jump to hit be where
teleport, then try A while midair.  Smart ones will try to get over you
grab the edge (unless on the left side of Saffron, where they also have
platform as a choice, or Peach's caste, where there are two floors and
edges to grab).  This is basically using guesses to figure out where
go.  The jump and hit A strategy will not be discussed, and is the same
all characters.

     Pikachu stopping is nearly impossible.  Try to predict where he
plans to
land.  If possible, go there and use the ping punch if you can, if not
throw him off.  If you think he'll try to grab the edge, use a downward

     Ditto Luigi except the ping punch part.

     @#$%#@^$!  Throw him when he lands, or Smash attack to guard the

     Get where you think he'll go and do your smash attack (link's
throw is
too slow).  Guard the edge with a smash attack also.

     Shoot him if you can, and Smash him to guard the edge or catch
where he

     Smash guard the edge, use up and B, or Falcon Punch where you
he'll land.  Up and B can catch him and kill him, but its all luck.

     Throw where you think he'll go, or Bat at the edge.

     Egg him!  You can repeatedly foil his teleporting with eggs.  You
get one shot, though.  If you miss, he's almost guaranteed to get back
Aside from eggs, all smash attacks can keep him off or hit him where he

     Don't try #1, ever.  #2 can catch him if you're lucky.  If all
fails, downward smash at the edge or throw him from where he lands.

     Throw where he lands, or downward smash at the edge.

     Throw where he lands, or smash at the edge.

     Ditto Pikachu.

     Vary use of the teleport.  This is the key to success.  If you
grab the edge, sometimes go over the opponent's head, sometimes land
right on
top of the opponent (do that on rare occasions) you can keep him
guessing and
get on.  Don't double teleport to leave yourself wide open.  If you are
falling while way above the opponent, well, you sure SHOULD die!

     Jigglypuff has the best long-distance comeback in the game.  With
Jump, B move, Jump, B move, etc. it can go the distance even without an
and B attack.  Be careful when guarding, or you just may get hit with
puff punch.  If you get hit, Jigglypuff will have no trouble at all
back on.

     {I want to be done with the edge guarding crap...} He'll rarely go
for the
edge. Smash attack if low or medium, and jump and Ping punch him into
oblivion if he gets above you.

     Backwards kick him when high and smash when he's at low or medium

     Super send down when high (same as always, forward and A while
near but not over the edge) or Super Punch if the balloon comes in low

     Smash attack if low or medium, and Up and B or forward and A if
puffer comes in high.

     Smash attack low or medium, Jump and backwards kick if Jigglypuff

     Smash attack low or medium, up and B if it's is high.

     Ditto Samus.

     Eggs are great for high or far.  All 3 smash attacks are good for

     #1, #2, Smash attack if low or medium, backwards kick if high.

     Fox Spike is AWESOME here.  If not, Smash attack at the edge if
downward smash if low, and Juggle if high.

     Smash attack or jump and drill kick, lightning can actually help
Jigglypuff get back on because it knocks her higher.

     Smash attack if low or medium, and if high, backwards kick.  If
want, you can always engage in a midair war.

     Jump, Puff punch, Jump puff punch... if possible, just puff punch
back to
keep your jumps.  Watch out for super send downs, as they're lethal to
Jigglypuff.  If at all possible, go in high over the guard's head.

     This would be the ultimate fighter if you could control him (NO I
WANT GAMESHARK CODES.  I play cheaply, and I don't need to cheat.).
Giant DK
you can't really edge guard without tons of luck, but Metal Mario CAN
be edge
guarded with only a little luck.  He will never come in high or medium,
from below if you hit him right.

     Downward smash again and again.  Eventually, he'll fall too far.

     Ditto Luigi.

     Regular smash or super punch will finish him.

     Smash attack.

     Smash attack.  Charged shot might work.

     If timed well, Falcon Punch.  If that proves impossible, up and B
smash attack to get him.

     Downward Smash Attack while facing away from the edge.

     For once the egg is useless!  Smash attack or downward smash

     If you feel lucky, go for #2 (if he grabs the edge it won't work.)
not, downward Smash Attack.

     Either downward smash attack or if he's at over 300, a well-timed
reflector can Fox Spike him from on the edge.

     Smash attack to the rescue again.

     Downward smash is the best chance.


     By giving me ideas for any of the 156 possibilities...  I'll test
If I get requests, I guess I'll add giant DK (for a new total of 168
possibilities...), but you can't edge guard the hand and I'm not helping
with teams!  Play for yourself! (thus far there have been 0 requests
Giant DK edge guard help)

     A later edition to the FAQ, I'll have a section about tricks you
can do
on each particular stage.


     "-If damage is set at 200%, you can knock someone into the bumper
for an
instant death most of the time!  (All of the time against Kirby and
-With a platform fully extended, try knocking people into the bottom of
side ramps.  Effective, because they'll just be reflected downward
(example... try kicking someone with Falcon's backward throw right into
ramp thing... if they hit the bottom, rather than stopping short,
rebound DOWNWARD.  Very hard to recover from.
-Try throwing the Motion Sensor Bombs at the SIDES of the lower level.
really can't see they're there, and stupid people may walk into the
before jumping, not knowing the fiery surprise for them!" ~ Earthshaker

     "Bounce people off the underside of the floating ramps,
constantly. You
can do this with a normal smash hit at the very edge of the top
up+A smash hits from beneath, or just a keen sense of trajectory.
enemies have a difficult time recovering and usually fall to their
Projectiles are useful for edge-guarding here; stunning someone with a
shot, egg or fireball as the platform retracts is evil. >:) Resting
into the bumper with Jigglypuff is the pits. :(" ~ Pokeytax


     At 200% the barrel can become as deadly as the pit below it.  Not
much else, unless you use items.  Earthshaker likes using bumpers and
on the edges and moving platforms.

     Remember that you can go up through the platform and surprise your
~ "Smaug" on GameFAQs message boards

     As DK, follow the barrel when someone is inside.  If you do a
smash attack right as they shoot out of it, you can get some good
damage and
start a juggle ~ "MisterHand" on the GameFAQs message boards


     "-Use the walls to your advantage!  Stick someone there with a
flower.  Or, you could try repeatedly smashing people into the wall on
right, so they rebound off that wall, rebound off the tower, then come
down for more pain ::evil grin::
-Attack people while in tornadoes to increase the chance of them
becoming a
star.  Just make sure you don't get touched by one yourself!  (in other
words, attack people in SLOW MOVING tornadoes.)
-Throw/kick/boot people into tornadoes.  Whee." ~ Earthshaker

                 / \
       Y        /   \
     _____     /_____\
          |    (area you      
          | X  can walk)      

     This section of Hyrule (marked with the X) is the BEST combo spot
in the
entire game.  You can do repeated smash attacks ("pokimon86" on
message boards) or downward smash attacks, little juggles, all sorts of
stuff.  Beware that the opponent can do the same to you!  This is also
best place to go in this level when at a moderately high or very high
damage.  Despite the fact that you can be comboed constantly, it's
impossible to kill someone in this area with anything less than an
smash attack.

     Also go to the aforementioned area if an opponent has a bat.  If
you DO
get hit by a smash attack with it, you will likely bounce off the walls
sometimes survive ~ Wicked Souls

     Also in the same area, if someone is in the area marked with the
X, and
you are above on the area marked with a Y, you can throw almost any
item to
the right so that it hits the wall and goes down.  Often people don't
that they can be hit by the item after it hits the wall.  This works
if 2 people are fighting down there, because if one blocks it will
bounce off
their shield and hit the other one.  This generally works best with
clobbering items. ~ tzwizard

     In the part with the ceiling, you can use the same trick with DK
as in
Mushroom kingdom- if you pound the ground, you can send them up and
repeatedly until they use the "greatest survival tactic" and roll out
of it.

     Don't forget to use super send downs on people who just came out
tornadoes!  You can either knock them back in or just get some extra
on them! ~ tzwizard


     "What's the most painful thing here? The acid. How do you win?
Keep your
opponent in the acid.  Often, the acid level will be well below the
when your opponent falls. That's your chance. If they bounce away from
platform, you can edge guard as normal. If they try to come straight
smash them as they come up to keep them in the drink. Characters like
Jigglypuff, Kirby, and Fox with lateral downsmashes should abuse them.
especially can abuse his drill kick and splits attacks to keep the
down and their damage up. Same trick works against the barrel in Congo
and the tornado in Hyrule Castle." ~ Pokeytax

     "-This is too obvious.  Use super send downs to knock people in
acid, then if they come back up to your level, kick 'em out of sight."

     When the lava is high, you can stand on the top platform and be
If you opponents are coming from below to get up, using the downwards
attack can get them hit and/or burned.  Also remember that you can go
the platform upwards and sometimes surprise your foes. ~ "Smaug" on the
GameFAQs message boards


     "-Knock someone on a cloud, get there, and hold the person in a
position.  Kick them towards the nearest side before the cloud melts,
move your butt back to the main area!" ~ Earthshaker

     Throw people toward the edge from the farthest clouds on left and
it's like a free kill.  Kirby cheep #3 works from the clouds too.


     "-Not much to do here.  Try knocking someone so they move with the
the tree blows for a little (and I do mean LITTLE) extra distance." ~


     "-Well... try knocking people into Arwing blasts.
-For the less obvious, kick someone into the raised area.  If at high
they will slide off the right edge... even jumping won't help too much!
sure you know what I mean :-)" ~ Earthshaker (I think he means bouncing
the fin of the ship and the ground so your character ends up shooting
straight off)

     If you play as pikachu and stand just below the wing, use thunder
if an
opponent tries to come at you from above.  Even if you miss, you
usually can
get out of it before they hit you. ~ "Smaug" on the GameFAQs message

     As fox, reflect the arwing blasts.  Sometimes you can get them to
opponents for major damage.  Also, this works with anyone but Yoshi,
and Samus. "When you are on the back of the ship in sector Z, at the
back, if you throw the opponent toward the wing or whatever that thing
can hang on is, you can throw them toward it, they bounce off.... When
hit the ground and come sliding toward you, you can throw them again,
they will bounce, crash, slide, and you just do it until there percent
high enough, and knock them off. You can't do it with Link, Yoshi or
because of there slow grabs." ~ LikeWhoa

     With kirby in Sector Z: "ok, this takes a bit of practice: isolate
opponent so that noone else will bother you. Start fighting on the tail
Great Fox. ideally, ur opponent should have around 60% damage,
depending on
the character. Now, hit them with Kirby's Fwd+A smash attack. This is
hardest part of the combo -- finding an opening.
 when you hit them with the smash attack, you should be standing about
1/3 of
the tail-length from the end of the tail (i.e. the right side of the
the edge of the arena). It's hard to say, in measurements, exactly
where, but
it comes with practice. ok, if you smash attack them, and you're in the
place, they should be hit down and right by the tail, right into you.
where it differs from other combos:
Instead of having the opponent bounce a bit ahead of you, so you do
Fwd+A smash attack, and again, for a short combo (I think someone
brought that one up), you want them to bounce very slightly ahead of
you, or
even fly a bit over your head. When they do, do a fwd+A smash attack
right, going away from the tail. Sometimes, if you time it wrong, the
opponent will actually be hit right, but if you execute it right,
they'll be
hit left by your smash attack. Wait for the bounce and hit them with
smash attack going left this time, and then after that bounce a smash
going right, and so on. So the whole time your position should be
stationary, but smashing leftwards and rightwards, alternately. Your
should be hit left, into the tail, each time, and what's good about
combo is that, if you have good timing and don't screw up, you can keep
in the air -- they'll never touch the ground. ok, well this was kinda
but I'm a terrible explainer. Trust me -- it's a good combo. i usually
them from 60 to 100-120 damage, or more (to 150% + damage is not too
and once you get them to that level, pause a little, and now smash them
right, this time making them actually go right off the arena." ~ Cyper
explained it better than I could have!


     "-Hold someone in a throw pose in front of the sliding door.
Tough to
do, but REALLY damaging.  If its Electrode that comes out though, ya
want to move, ya just might.
-If someone is struggling to get up from between two towers, throw a
(not straight down, normally, so it rebounds off the wall.  A sure hit,
and a
near sure death.  1 damage deaths are fun :-)" ~ Earthshaker

     "you can rack a lot of damage in Saffron if you can manage to
shove teh
other guy in the pok駑on box... if it's an elecrode that comes up, he
be able to excepe it, thought he'll rarely ever get blowed off the
~ "Raocow" on GameFAQs message boards

     As kirby, sometimes you can keep doing his final cutter in front
of the
door that the pokemon come out of.  If you get it right, it actually is
to escape, and all you do is just up and B, up and B, up and B... ~ Mega

     Stand on the helicopter pad.  When the opponent comes at you, use
upwards smash attack.  They sometimes can do nothing to hit you if you
when they use projectiles.  This is generally better if you have a team
both of you are there using the smash attacks. ~ Ness Master


     "-Another tough to do.  Break someone's shield, then rush to the
POW block.  Whee.
-Hold someone in throw pose on a platform, so it sinks.  Hey, you'll
suicide, but who cares?  Works also with Kirby's Cheep 3." ~

     Use projectiles while they are off the screen. They can't see
where they
are and have trouble dodging. ~ "Smaug" on the GameFAQs message boards

     As pikachu, use thunder if your opponent is on top of the
blocks.  You can hit them, but they can't hit you ~ LikeWhoa ~ note
that you
can also use Link's sword up and A midair to hit opponents from
and maybe some other characters up and A or up and B attacks.

     As DK in the mushroom kingdom, "Get them trapped under the lower
hand corner of the stage, and keep doing the ground smack. They wont be
to get out of it!" ~ Mega

     This late edition section can be added to easily.  E-mail me!  (As
probably can tell, this was mostly the "Earthshaker section." :)

     Let's see, there are some, not cheap, interesting things you can
do in
this game.  E-mail me any more you have, I'll likely print them...if they
(Yes, everything has to have a catch, doesn't it?)

     If Samus is hit by an electrical attack, you can see her outside
suit if you pause at the right time.  I've done it, I know.  It is
easier to
see (IMO) than using the training mode at 1/4 speed if you just pause
regular battle.

     If you try to use Down and B while midair with DK, nothing will
This is obvious, but interesting how it is the only B move that is like

     If two Fox use reflector to bounce a shot (from their own lasers)
and forth, the one who fired the shot will win.  The other will suffer
shield syndrome.

     No, you can' play as one, but if you go to bonus 3 (main game) you
beat the crap out of one for tons of fun...only for one minute, though.
heard that on high difficulty levels they can put YOU into some really
combos... Not that I've seen any of that.  I whoop on them.

    To enable it, beat all bonus practices 1 and 2.  I think voice 198
something like "Delta Stage" but I can't be sure.  It never once says
stage, just "break the targets" "board the platforms" or "race to the
finish."  It says nothing for the hand, I double-checked.  Is there a
mysterious new stage waiting to be discovered? (Something with transfer
to another game?  Like PKMN Stadium, Mario Golf, Perfect Dark {this one
be in the future- it says so to earn cheats}, there may be some special
feature with a link up.  If anyone finds something like this, let me

     Ordinarily, if you crack Jigglypuff's shield, Jiggly will fly into
sky and turn into a star.  However, you can change this.  One way is to
be in
the Bonus 2 practice and break it.  You will fly up, and be dazed as
you fall
down.  The other way is in the "old" mushroom kingdom stage, under the
blocks.  I think it also works in bonus 3.  Jigglypuff is the only one
can be dazed midair. (While falling...and in bonus practice 2 it can be a
way down, depending where you start.)

     Do you take pleasure taunting an opponent after killing him?  If
play as Luigi, use his taunt to kick someone for an amazing 1 % DAMAGE!
how great.  Really.  This is Luigi's biggest asset (Ok, fine, not

     Finally, revenge!  You can take out Chansey or Charmander (I don't
about Venusaur) with power hits when they come out of the door.  Works
on Charmander if you just came off the cloud.  I don't think it's
possible to
hurt Porygon or Electrode.  You can't touch Electrode, and Porygon just
impervious to everything.  Venusaur can be hurt but I've never taken
him out.
(Addition by azdbackfan) - "the hammer with any character is just as
effective).  If you stand on the paltform just above where the door is,
can use Kirby's Rock Slide to annihilate Chansey and Charmander.
other characters' attacks do work, most, even smash attacks, will take
than one hit.  The only danger with this is accidentally Rock Sliding
Electrode or, even worse, a Porygon...for even the Rock Slide cannot
damage from this."  He also pointed out that Venusaur is invincible, at
to one use of Kirby's rock.

     There is only one fair 2-on-1 match that I know of, without using
handicaps.  Have both members of the team of two be Luigi (the loser)
and the
other player as DK.  DK can win if he throws one, then the other, and
at it, since Luigi has a real hard time getting away.  DK can also use
Forward and A while midair to knock them down the cliff.  The Luigis
have a
chance only if they double team DK.  This match uses no items in
arena to make it fair.  It is preferable to play stock team, not time

     Yes, one of the best moves from Pokemon is here, but it's used by
Use his down and B rock move on a slope and it will slide down- use on
platforms (NOT TOP ONE) above Yoshi's storybook and see how effective
it is.
Egg bomb, by Yoshi, is better but much more obvious.  Moves used by
themselves are even more obvious.

ACIDIC COMPOUND (CaCO5 + 2HCl ... wait, that's a weak acid... - screw
     Kirby can rock through the acid and die in Samus' stage.

     Kirby and Pikachu can jump so well they can go around under
Yoshi's and
Kirby's main platforms.  These two and Ness can also go under peach's

     As Yoshi, stomp on top of a Meowth Pokemon that has come from an
opponent's pokeball.  If timed correctly, You will be sitting on top of
coins, taking no damage until Meowth disappears.  I only did this once.

     If you feel like a little fun, use Fire flowers against a wall to
someone's percent to 999.  You can also use Fox's reflector to knock
shells around and cause high damage.  For an EXTREME power hit, have
reflect 4 red shells at once (in training mode so you have them all in
exact same place) at an opponent.  All I can say is this: Ouch.  That
especially if they are all given two reflects to charge them up first.

     Using Jigglypuff or Kirby, press left and right on the control
back and forth really quickly to make your character appear to be
This is an odd form of taunting that looks hilarious, doesn't get rid
of your
power (Kirby) and doesn't leave you open if someone decides to attack
back.  A less funny but still insulting version can be performed by any
character.  With Kirby, it's funny to do this with someone in your

     I have heard rumors that Pikachu's teleport move can be redirected
twice, for an end result of a 3x teleport.  I have heard this from
sources, but have not seen it myself.  If I get more info, I'll add it.

FUNNY RED-SHELL TRICK IN TRAINING ~ Submitted by Perfect Light
     "You are Link and your opponent is Pikachu. The stage is Hyrule
Kill Pikachu. He will reapear on the top platform. Push him over and
lay red
shells until you can't lay anymore (this will be 4 shells). Jump off
stand under and to the left of the platform. Double-jump and then use
up-b move. You should slash the shells. Link will freeze, and Pikachu
will be
surrounded by white light. Then, ou will hear Pika-pikaaaa! as the
pokemon sails off the screen. Before he dies, check his damage. It's
465%! Massive!"

     By sending in your own fun things to do.

     I had to add this section.  Though some of the information in here
seem basic, these tactics may seem cheap to a few, but they are great
helping you survive in a few situations.

     Use the down C button to choose Samus in a battle.  Go to DK's
(against human opposition).  If you do not charge the shot up to
maximum, you
can jump and drop bombs all over the place, and be practically
impossible to
see (if you bounce from platform to platform).  This can also work in
Z but that big Z often gets in the way and makes you visible.  This
trick is
generally better used on a small TV with slightly lower contrast. :)

     A hammer is not a star.  It can be stopped.  As Kirby, use the
rock to
stop it.  As Link, Down and A while midair works fine about half the
Any upwards attack works from under a hammer man, but the best stop for
it is
to have Kirby suck the hammer person into his mouth.  He then can hold
them a
while before spitting them out away.  Or, if someone tries to attack
you when
you hold hammer-man, spit the hammer holder out at him/her/it!  Also,
tzwizard has pointed out that if you time it right, you CAN throw the
with a hammer, and it works best with Ness, Link, Samus, and Yoshi.

     If you fight M. Mario with a character with a fast throw (e.g. NOT
Yoshi, Samus, or Link) then if you get it right you can throw him (even
hard difficulties) back and forth to rack up damage.  This doesn't
work, but it can really pay off if it does.

     The hand can rejuvenate Ness with its bullets when Ness uses his
Shield/Magnet.  If you still can't beat him with Ness, then you got

     The Puff Punch is more than just a weapon; it's a survival tactic.
it after a jump to add some major distance.  This is the only way to
Jigglypuff's bonus 2 practice, and it can save you many jumps when
back on.  If someone guarding the edge then hits you off, you can then
have the jumps to make it back.

     Pikachu can use his teleport twice.  After hitting up and B, aim
direction you want the first teleport to be.  After you start moving in
direction (the teleport starts) change the control stick's direction to
again the same distance.  I heard rumors of someone doing a triple
but am yet to see that happen.  Yes, I think this is the simplest thing

     To get the most distance out of Samus' jumps, use your double jump
early.  When you reach the top of that jump, drop a bomb.  Continue to
toward the platform, dropping bombs as you go.  Doing this will
increase the
distance you go.  Use the screw attack to get back up, and you can
nearly any attack that sends you flying horizontally but not all the
way off
the side.  This isn't too useful when you aren't hit high and far.  Low
far, even Samus is dead.

     The Mario Brothers also can increase the distance and decrease the
height of their jumps.  Before or after using the double jump, Use a
attack and hold the direction toward the cliff.  This can get you that
little bit of distance you need.  You can get higher if you press B
repeatedly while doing the tornado (thanks to Pokeytax on GameFAQs
boards- I forgot to mention the tap B while using the tornado in V1.0)

     When jumping for distance to the platform, go as low as possible
using the double jump.  This gets you as close as possible, gets you
and usually (everything has exceptions) makes you harder to edge guard.

     If ever, rarely block against anyone other than Link or another
unless you are far and blocking a projectile.  Blocking in close makes
you an
easy target for a throw, because Samus has an insanely slow roll and
takes a
while to release the shield (at least it seems that way).  Link and
have throws that are slow, but Yoshi can use his Eat 'Em move to turn
into an egg for easy beating.

     Many characters can use their down and B moves to slow their
descent and
dodge a juggle.  The Mario Bros. Tornadoes can slow their fall a little
Samus' bombs do the same.  Ness's PK Shield slows his fall.  Yoshi's
can slow it, if he's right above the opponent and just out of upward
attack range, which works unless the opponent jumps and juggles.
rock doesn't slow him down much, but does stop juggles.  Fox's
slows him down.  When it hits him, Pikachu's thunder slows him.  DK's
and B does not work in midair.  Link's bombs do not slow him, and
does Falcon Kick (does aid in juggle dodging).  Do not try this with
Jigglypuff, though, because you are guaranteeing that you get your butt

     To speed up, tap down twice.  And to run, tap the direction twice...
simple.  Oh, and to turn around while running, press the opposite
on the control stick. :P

Z-CANCEL! ~ From Pokeytax
     If you come down from a downward midair attack and hit Z, you can
the time it takes for you to get up from that attack (best example:
sword won't get embedded after his down and A midair attack).  This
with the down and A while midair of Luigi, Mario, DK, Link, Kirby, and
I don't think it matters much with the others, but try it anyway.  This
be VERY useful in starting combos.

"TRAPDOOR" ~ From Earthshaker
     Don't know how I forgot about putting this in.  If you are about
to get
nailed from above, tap down to go through many platforms.  You cannot
through the main stage platform, though.  Things you can fall through
are the
top platform in peach's castle, all but the bottom platform in Congo
the three middle platforms in Hyrule Castle, All 3 stationary high
in Planet Zebes, all but the main platform in Yoshi Storybook and Kirby
dreamland, the arwings in Sector Z, the moving platforms on the left of
Saffron City, and the two see-saw platforms in Mushroom Kingdom.

LIGHT HIT BEHIND ~ Submitted by tzwizard
     Captain Falcon and others can use their light up and A hits to hit
opponents that are behind them.  This can be very useful for surviving
than one attacker or guarding an item.  Also, most downward smash
attacks hit
opponents behind you as well.

ESCAPE A FINAL CUTTER ~ Submitted by tzwizard
     As long as you're not on the edge of a cliff, you can dodge 2 of
the 4
hits of the final cutter if you get caught in it.  If you hit Z right
as you
hit the ground from it, you can avoid the blow where you hit the ground
the shot part of it.  You then can quickly punish kirby for using the
on you.

HANGIN' ON THE EDGE ~ Submitted by tzwizard
      "when hanging on, there's 4 things you can do. press a or b to
get up
and do an attack. press up on the stick to just get back up. press z to
up and roll. very useful to get behind an edge-guarder. press back to
let go
of the ledge. mix up how you get back up on the ledge. when the
expecting you to press a, press up and then throw them. there's many
you can use here." ~ I can't believe I forgot to put this in the FAQ
Also, when climbing back up at over 100% damage, you do a different
roll, or climb, which may surprise a foe who isn't ready for it.

SHIELD -> REFLECTOR ~ Submitted by tzwizard
     If you aim your shield away from the direction a projectile is
you can sometimes bounce the projectile off in a different direction
of having your shield absorb the blow.  This makes the shield last
especially if you reflect a bob-omb!  You can sometimes use this (more
accidental than purposeful) to reflect things into other people,
the arwing blasts from the ships in sector Z!

     This is the only chance I have against Dave.  Of course, it works
LEAST well against Pikachu, but if you hit Z when you land from an
that would normally land you on your back or face, you instantly get
up, and
be invincible while you get up.  Pressing Z and left or right will make
roll as you land and get up on your feet.  This just-hit-Z tactic will
you amazing amounts of health and lives if used often.  Practically the
move that this doesn't stop is Pikachu's cursed smash attack.  That
lasts so
long that it still can hit you.  If you can master this technique, you
last a whole lot longer.

     By adding your own general or character specific survival tactics

     I have been drawn to include some other information about SSB.
it did not fit into any other section of the guide, and certainly has
nothing to do with cheap moves.  This stuff in itself would not qualify
for a
FAQ itself, so I am posting it here.  Thus said, I hope you enjoy this

     I decided to use a chart for this.  This is my general opinion of
characters have an advantage or disadvantage against each other in a
battle.  Advantages go from left to right, x meaning an advantage and o
meaning a disadvantage.  A space means a general tie or incomplete, and
the \
shows where it is a mirror match.  These are simply my opinions and are
complete.  Across is the characters with the advantages against others.
is the first letter of the character they are good/bad/neutral against.
Anyone who would like to help this, would you please explain why
advantages are held by the characters you send in as advantageous
others.  Oh, and by the way, YES this chart will be a mirror image of
down the diagonal line... but x's and o's switch.

Character  | L | M | D | L | S | F | N | Y | K | F | P | J |
Luigi      | \ |   | o |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
Mario      |   | \ | o | x |   |   |   | x |   |   |   |   |
DK         | x | x | \ |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
Link       |   | o |   | \ |   |   |   | x |   |   |   |   |
Samus      |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   | x |   |   |   |   |
Falcon     |   |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   |   |   |   |   |
Ness       |   |   |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   | o |   |   |
Yoshi      |   | o |   | o | o |   |   | \ |   |   |   |   |
Kirby      |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   |   |
Fox        |   |   |   |   |   |   | x |   |   | \ | o | x |
Pikachu    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | x | \ |   |
Jigglypuff |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | o |   | \ |

     Some people want to know what makes Mario different from Luigi.
Compiled here is a complete list of the differences that I found.  I
admit that I am pro-Mario in the Mario-Luigi debate, but I tried to do
by simply looking at the facts, not my opinions on the matter.

     Taunt- the best two in the game. One can hurt a stupid opponent,
and the
other just looks cool.

     Up and B- Luigi's biggest asset. Unfortunately, good players are
WAY too
smart to fall for it. However, they rarely see Mario's coming, because
weaker. That fact makes Mario's almost as good as Luigi's.

     Down and B- tornadoes have one big difference- Mario's can combo.
contest there. They also can both use it as an extra jump if they pound
the B button during it- but try it more than once and you just go down.

     B- fireball- bouncing fireball of death or slow, weak, green thing
well... is the second worst projectile in the game (if you include the
Yoshi kicks up during the stomp)

     Running attack- sliding 12% or pathetic fists of fury, which do on
average 4% damage. Guess my preference.

     Jumping- Luigi jumps a tiny bit higher than mario- but not

     Colors- I have to admit, Luigi's classic wardrobe is better than
(I like green)

     Height- Luigi's taller. Things that would go over mario's head can

     Run- it may not be really significant, but the fact that Luigi
forwards when you stop running with him just annoys the heck out of me.

     Thus, Mario is my preferred plumber. I used to say stuff like
luigi is
terrible, and the like, but I don't. I beat the game stock 3 very hard
continues with him just like with every other character. I've played
enough to be extremely good with all his moves, including being able to
the flaming punch midair well over 75% of the time. I simply prefer
Mario to
his brother because Luigi's run, fireball, and tornado are terrible, as
as his comboing abilities. Since those are my main things I use as
Mario naturally comes as my preference. If there's anything else that's
different between them that I didn't mention, please tell me.

     My friend plays as pikachu so well that I, possibly one of the
best at
the game (I can pull a combo out of almost anything) have lost almost
game against him.

Let's see what I can say that I've noticed about his amazing

Moves used most frequently:
Forwards and A midair drill- (*&)%#)(*@%&)(#@*&%
Smash attack- amazing for edge guarding
Midair up and A- great for midair off the cliff edge-guarding
Throw- block and there is a 95% chance you will be thrown, no matter
HOW good
your roll is
Teleport- can use this impossibly well.

Moves used less frequently:
Thunder- only finishing off someone who is very high, from an upwards
attack or a tornado (in Hyrule)
Backwards and A midair- other midair way to keep me off
Upwards smash attack- set up for the thunder
B move- thunder bouncing thing is used in his most cruel combo-

Really rare:
A,A,A- only when backing someone against a wall
Light upwards attack- only to increase length of combos
Running attack- I never see it coming it's so rare
Down and A midair- prefers forward and A
A midair- "karate pik" is rare now

Pretty much never:
Downward smash attack- he prefers kirby's
Light downwards attack- never seen it
Light forwards and A- never seen it

Also, he makes all sorts of different combos that are pretty much
and involve any part of any stage he can find.  His most cruel combo
is one of the new ones mentioned in pikachu's section.  Hopefully, I
will be
able to create "ultimate" strategies for every character in the game,
don't hold you breath! :)

     This is the newest and smallest (aside from the intro, legal info,
contents and (I'm not sure) credits.  Anything that is useful in a
fight is
SSB can be submitted for this section.

  Me (X1372)! (I wrote it, didn't I?)  Any comments, ideas, etc. can be
to and I'll look at them.  I don't mind receiving e-
mail, in
fact I don't get enough comments on the FAQ.

  PentaroX ( - Fox Spike and Fox keeping Yoshi off are
and if you want to see a good character FAQ, look at his FOX on
I hope he writes another one; he's good at it.

  CjayC for posting this.  Also to all other people who host my FAQ.

  Dave (last name and e-mail address not disclosed at this time) - the
ultimate Pikachu and only person who can beat me (just about anything
the Pikachu section is derived from his actions in the game).

  "Sunflash" (message board name at GameFAQs) or -
gave me
some combos for Ness and Kirby, as well as a trick for Fox.

  Eah53 ( - gave me a ness combo and reminded me of a

  Pokeytax ( - many good ideas and combos, especially
the Z-
cancel or cancel trick.  Really helped V1.2 with item tricks.
Actually, his
contributions were the ONLY part added in version 1.2!  He also came up
some more REALLY sweet combos!  He came up with several 70% + combos!

  Rendar5 ( - gave me many great Jigglypuff ideas,
fleshed out my Jigglypuff section (now if I got some people to do
things with all the other characters...).

  Earthshaker ( - Most of the stage cheapness
section, as
well as some good combos and the reminder of the "trapdoor" idea.  He
wrote a
good FAQ for Falcon and Yoshi on GameFAQs, but might want to look over
Falcon one (a few moves still linger from the Yoshi FAQ that was copied

  Greg R. ( - Gave me a surprisingly good Kirby

  "Articuno64" on GameFAQs message boards (might be same as FAQ writer,
I'm not 100% sure) - Really sweet DK trick.

  "Efrain Reyes" on GameFAQs message boards ( - a
note on Kirby and some good but hard to pull off combos.

  "Raocow" on GameFAQs message boards (no known e-mail address) - a
help towards stage cheapness.

  Quixim ( - a nice Samus combo.

  Azdbackfan ( - a good pikachu combo and some
information on beating the pokemon in Saffron city. - a cute one-time kirby trick. - info on Link's bombs and a one-time
trick. - a nice Samus combo.

  "Pokimon86" on the GameFAQs message boards - a nice idea in Hyrule
and a good combo

  "Smaug" on the GameFAQs message boards - several nice stage ideas

  LikeWhoa ( - some good stage tricks

  Mega ( - a few good stage tricks

  Cyper ( - a really nice stage trick

  "MisterHand" on the GameFAQs message boards - nice stage trick

  Wicked Souls (I don't know his e-mail address) - info on bat survival

  "Atremis251" on the GameFAQs message boards - a neat Ness trick
  Ness Master ( - indirectly gave me a good

  Loch Carter a.k.a. Perfect Light ( - Something for
fun stuff section

  tzwizard ( - a lot of help in a lot of
categories.  Simply too many things to count.

  Flamer ( - a good samus combo - Info on Ness's bat reflector increasing
damage - A great fan combo - a nice Link trick

  -Anyone else who e-mails me about this game or whoever gives me tips,
will be specially recognized! -

  Nintendo and HAL, for making the only good fighting game (IMO), and
only one with strategy the biggest part!  Sorry, but I don't have the
patience to go through the credits and put all the names here!  Even I
am not
*That* obsessed.  Actually, I'm just too lazy.  Oh well.

  All the good characters in Smash Bros.  Of course, I mean everyone
Luigi.  Well, him too, but only for the bonus practices and as a
beating toy.
On second though, he's not too bad, but I just don't like his style, so
included in the thanks as well.


     Remember Peppy's saying if you think you're down:  "Never give up!
Trust your instincts!"

One-Player Mode
To uncover many of the games hidden secrets (including three of the
games hidden characters), you'll have to learn to master this mode.
That is, of course, unless you don't want to have the full roster of
characters that are in you're game pack.

The challenge of the One-Player mode isn't to just get to master hand
and beat him.  It's also to earn as many points as you can throughout
your climb up the ladder.  As you fight through the ranks, you'll be
awarded bonus points based on your performance and time left on the
clock.  But if you lose all your lives, continuing the game will
remove half your score.  So, if you're looking to rank high on the
scoreboard, the only way to do that is in one shot.  And that's not
exactly an easy task.

Vs. Link
-	He won't move at the start, so go for him immediately and try to
inflict tons of damage.
-	Try not to get over him, as he can poke his sword right straight
up at you, which can hurt
-	Try attacking him from behind, since he is a slow reactor.
-	Try to knock him off a lot because he falls very fast because of
his weight

Vs. Yoshi Team
-	Use hard hitting attacks to knock them off with one blow
-	Try to stay there in the middle without falling off and get
-	When they are in groups, go for them, you will get more kills at
one time, or something :P
-	Stand on the clouds, they will probably stay there and kill each
-	Try to avoid attacking, as it is very easy to get pacifist here.

Vs. Fox McCloud
-	Don't go over him and attack, because he has a upper kick that
can knock you pretty far.
-	Stay close if you have a character with no projectiles, because
he has one
-	Throw weapons at him often

Vs. Mario Team
-	If it's on easy mode, let your partner kill them both for
-	Try to beat Luigi first without touching Mario, because that
will give you an extra bonus
-	Attack Above them
-	Throw them often, because it will send them into the bumpers

Vs. Pikachu
-	Go over to the platform on the right and try to have Pikachu
kill himself.
-	Use quick attacks
-	Get him from behind

Vs. Giant Donkey Kong
-	If on easy mode, let your partners kill him
-	Try to attack giant dk without getting hit and not letting your
opponents get hit, you will be rewarded big
-	Use strong attacks
-	Use combos a lot

Vs. Kirby Team
-	Throw them a lot
-	Don't Get under them
-	Avoid Samus-Kirby and DK-Kirby's charge ups

Vs. Samus
-	Avoid the lava
-	Stay on the top platform
-	Spike him as often as possible
-	Get him from behind or from above

Vs. Metal Mario
-	Use Combos
-	Use Strong Attacks
-	Don't throw him
-	Get him to very high damage before attempting to knock him off

Vs. Fighting Polygon Team
-	Attack all you can very fast
-	Try to kill 2 or more at the same time
-	Get health power ups as often as possible
-	Throw them

Vs Master Hand
-	Use strong combos
-	Use strong attacks

Now here's a complete walkthrough for every character in the game.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     This fight is so easy. Just keep throwing Fireballs until Link
comes near you. Once he is close to you get him caught in a Mario
Tornado. Now give him a Super Jump Punch. Now throw Link to the side
use any moves that you want to knock him off. The tornado isn't too
of a threat here but if you can throw Link into it.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     This fight is even easier. Don't be intimidated by their numbers,
they go flying with one little hit. Super Jump Punches work best, as do
most A button attacks. Don't bother with Mario Tornadoes they take too
long to do.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     This is the first difficult fight. Be careful when using Fireballs
because on the higher difficulties he will reflect them back at you. If
the Arwing comes just throw him and hope he gets shot. Fox is good at
juggling so don't let him. Just get him caught in a Mario Tornado and
when he goes flying up make him fall right into another Mario Tornado
and he won't be able to escape if you keep doing that.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for you on this one. At the start
Super Jump Punch Luigi. Now just stand back using your Fireballs. If
follow this method, by the time your ally dies, Mario and/or Luigi will
be high in damage so you can just throw them off. If you prefer to bash
around with them than use the Mario Tornado followed by a Super Jump
Punch combo.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Stay under him so that he can't Thunder you. He tends to use
Thunderjolt a lot which can become annoying. He doesn't have a good
projectile so one trick is to hang back throwing Fireballs. Juggling
shouldn't be too hard because his Down+B move hits above him and not
below him. I suggest just using a lot of throws.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for this battle. This fight
will be easy if you just stick to one strategy. Hang back using
Fireballs. Giant DK's damage usually sores to the 200% range quickly so
don't be afraid to throw in a Mario Tornado or Super Jump Punch here
here and there. Your main weapon here should be the Fireballs.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     These air bags can get annoying using their copied projectile
attacks. Just throw these marshmallows away! They might not get
with one throw so be sure to damage them a bit first. On the higher
difficulties they are the most annoying cream puffs around.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     This is possibly the hardest 1 Player Mode fight. When going for
Ness this is always the one that I lose a life on. Try to throw her
the acid. Use the Mario Tornado followed by a Super Jump Punch combo
often. Stay on the top 3 platforms so that you have time to jump to the
top when the acid rises. Be very aggressive.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     At the beginning he will just be walking across the top platform
keep giving him Super Jump Punches. When he drops to the bottom keeping
throwing Fireballs from away. Items like the Fire Flower are very

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     When going for Ness they sometimes do a lot of damage to you
you can smash them off. Don't worry though, they go flying easily. Just
use the Super Jump Punch and you'll be fine. There are usually a couple
health items that come up on this stage and always at least one.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     While he is attacking you throw Fireballs if you can. Use a lot of
Mario Tornadoes because they combo a lot. You can block most attacks
some need to be dodged. Super Jump Punches are also a good choice. This
match is probably where the shield comes in handy the most. Some
need to be shielded against to avoid. This isn't as hard as it looks if
you play it smart.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Just keep charging your Giant Punch and hitting Link with it. He
shouldn't take very long to defeat if you just stick to Giant Punches
and throws. Watch out for the tornado although it shouldn't be too much
trouble. A very easy fight.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
      This is possibly the easiest fight in the game. Just keep using
Spinning Kongs and you'll be okay. The only problem is a very slight
one. If you're using Spinning Kongs around the edge you might
accidentally Spinning Kong yourself right off the edge because after
do one Spinning Kong you have to touch the ground before you can do
another jump.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     I find that the best way to keep Fox from hitting you is to
continuously use Spinning Kongs. Try to use throws a lot. If you throw
him off the edge than charge your Giant Punch and run to the edge. If
comes back just pound him right back off.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for this fight. Right of the bat
throw Mario. Then jump up and Spinning Kong Luigi. Run to the side and
charge your Giant Punch while your ally keeps them busy. Now run up to
one of them and give them your Giant Punch. Repeat until they're both
gone. Mixing a few Spinning Kongs or throws in is good. Try using the
Hand Slap when they're under the bumper and they might hit it and go
flying away.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Spinning Kongs work well here. Don't bother with Hand Slaps since
Pikachu is in the air most of the time anyway. Stay under him and don't
let his electric attacks hit you. Throwing a lot is probably the best
way to take care of this mouse.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for you this time. Charge
Giant Punch from far back and keep giving it to him. His damage should
go up fast and when it's high just finish him with a Giant Punch. Not
too hard if you stay back and move in with the Giant Punch.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     All I can say is one throw from Donkey Kong will finish each and
every Kirby that you'll face. Spinning Kongs are effective as well.
the Giant Punch there is no mercy! Be careful of their Final Cutter,
Stone, and copied attacks. Basically just stay on the offensive.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     Sometimes a very hard fight. The Giant Punch works great here.
Slaps are handy when you want to slow her down. Throwing her into the
acid is the easiest means of defeating her. Hand Slaps are also good
setting up an Overhead Hand Swat or a Drill Kick.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     At the start keep using Hand Claps or Overhead Hand Swats. Now
keep using the Giant Punch. Donkey Kong's ability to walk while he is
holding somebody is very useful here. If you're going for Captain
just walk off the edge with him to save you time. This method is
strongly not recommended for getting Ness though.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     You can get the Single Move bonus with Spinning Kongs here easily.
The Giant Punch isn't necessary for any of them. Throws will work just
as well as Spinning Kongs but I like to use Spinning Kongs better
because I can hit two or three with one Spinning Kong. A hard fight on
the later difficulties.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     The Giant Punch is the best tool here but if you're looking for a
quick move that you can pull of in seconds try Hand Claps or Overhead
Hand Swats. Use the shield for most attacks but a few need to be
Don't worry though because they're easy to avoid. This glove is way


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     He won't move for the first few seconds so you can throw a few
bombs at him to start. Once he starts moving use your Downward Sword
Stab a lot because it is a very powerful attack. Don't underestimate
Boomerang when trying to slow him down while you set up a Bomb. Throw
him off the edge after a few hits because he won't take long.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Just use anything but the Boomerang and Bombs. The Yoshis go
easily so don't even worry about them. These Yoshis are even worse then
a level 1 CPU Yoshi in multiplayer mode! Heck there is 18 of them! The
Upward Sword Stab is probably my most used attack here.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     This fight is probably the easiest with Link because the Downward
Sword Stab can penetrate Fox's juggles. If he tries to juggle you use
the Downward Sword Stab. One good tactic is to run to the side and set
up a bomb because Fox's Reflector doesn't work on Link's Bombs. If he
jumps in the air try to juggle him with the Upward Sword Stab. When he
is high in damage throw him off.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for you. Throw Mario right of the
bat. Now jump up and give Luigi your Upward Sword Stab. Keep juggling
Luigi with the Upward Sword Stab and hope that Mario doesn't interfere.
When Luigi is high in damage throw him. Now double team Mario. With one
brother gone the other shouldn't be too tough.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Just juggle this mouse like there is now tomorrow! Don't even
of using the Downward Sword Stab or he'll Thunder you. Throw a bomb at
him if he is far away. He should be easy to throw off at about 80%

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for you this time. Just stand
back throwing bombs and you'll be fine. The Downward Sword Stab also
works well because Giant DK is big. Throw him at about 200% damage.
Giant DK is way overrated.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Just throw them a few times each. You might want to get a little
damage on the first though because Link's throw won't kill a Kirby at
with one throw. Don't bother with Bomb's and the Boomerang here just
power hits. Link's Spinning Sword Slash is great for this level. Not
hard but these Kirbys use their copied attacks a lot and that can
bug you.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     The Downward Sword Stab is very handy here if it hits multiple
times. This is not a very good fight to be Link as. If Samus is on the
top platform than juggle her with the Upward Sword Stab. Throwing her
into the acid is your best bet for defeating her.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Right of the bat use the Upward Sword Stab. You won't want to use
that move very many times though because Metal Mario is virtually
impossible to juggle. Bombs are very useful as is the Boomerang. He is
slow so just stay away and you'll be fine.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     These guys go flying with everything except the Boomerang. Don't
use Bombs because they take too long to set up. Link's different sword
attacks will do just fine in this fight. Be sure not to let any of
guys get the Maxim Tomatoes before you because they are very handy

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     My first choice of weapon is the Upward Sword Stab. My second
choice is the Spinning Sword Slash. Most of his attacks can be shielded
against but a few need to be dodged. This fight is definitely not the
hardest fight, because half the time his is just floating harmlessly.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     As the match starts charge your Charge Shot and pump a fully
charged one into Link. Now run up to him and give him your Screw
Now run underneath the bottom platform in the center of the stage. If
Link jumps on the one above you then give him an Upward Flamethrower,
not then run to the side and start charging. When he comes to you throw
him off the edge when he tries to come back blast your shot into him.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     All I can say is Screw Attack, Screw Attack, Screw Attack! These
Yoshis will go flying even if the Screw Attack only hits them once or
twice. That is the only move you will need guaranteed!

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     Jump up to the top of the tail fin and drop bombs. They will roll
right down the fin and hit Fox. Now run to the side and charge your
Charge Shot. Run up to him and shoot it at him, but right after you do
that jump in the air in case he reflects it back at you. Now use the
Screw Attack a lot. Throw him off or into the Arwing when he is high in

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer gives you a random ally for this battle. Throw Mario
right away. Now go Screw Attack Luigi. Basically for this fight stay on
the bottom and Screw Attack those above you. The Charge Shot should be
used to blast them away when they are at high damage but if their
is really high, don't bother and just throw them.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     The Screw Attack will come in handy here because you want to stay
underneath Pikachu to avoid his Thunder attack. Samus can throw Pikachu
far so do that a lot. If he is falling down from above you after being
hit than do the Upward Flamethrower for big damage.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer will pick two random allies for this fight. This is
easy fight if you just stay away firing Charge Shots into him. When he
is at around 200% a Charge Shot will finish him. Projectiles are the
sure way to defeat Giant DK.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     The Screw Attack can often shake the stolen powers out of these
Kirbys if it doesn't kill them first. Throw to guarantee a kill for

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     This can be a hard fight unless you play it smart. Jump above her
dropping bombs so that the acid doesn't hit you. When she is at about
70% damage keep repeatedly throwing her into the acid and hope that she
gets roasted and toasted around.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Right off the start use a bunch of Upward Flamethrowers to get
Metal Mario high in damage. He should be easy to throw after about 5.
You could probably beat him in less than a minute using this method. I
just thought of that while I am writing this and I wonder why I hadn't
tried that before.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     The Screw Attack is a one hit KO here so try to get the Single
bonus. On the higher difficulties these guys can be very offensive and
it will be necessary to get the health items. It is mostly a test of
your endurance.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     One of the easiest fights if you just keep using the Upward
Flamethrower. This and Metal Mario are the easiest using that tactic.
Dodge or block his attacks are the key to defense here, and the Upward
Flamethrower provides the offense.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     First put Link into an egg and then do a Butt Drop on him. Repeat
that until he is about 65% damage and than keep throwing him. When he
trying to come back use the Egg Bomb attack. He should be easy to throw
Link because Yoshi has a good throw.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Use a lot of throws and they'll beat them easily. They go flying
easily so don't bother damaging them first. It may seem unfair at first
but you'll quickly find out that it's not.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     Use the Egg Lay followed by a Butt Drop combo a lot here to rack
damage. At about 55% damage keep throwing him to the left side. After a
few throws he will be finished. If he tries to come back hit him with
the Egg Bomb move.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for this match. Start by throwing
Mario. Now hit Luigi with an Egg Bomb. Keep staying on the bottom and
use Egg Bomb a lot. Use the Egg Lay, Butt Drop combo if you're having
trouble racking up damage. Throw them when they're high in damage.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Just keep throwing him over and over again to ensure his defeat.
Don't use the Butt Drop too much or he'll Thunder you. Try to get him
near the door where pok駑on come out and hope he gets tossed around.
Pikachu is in the air a lot so use the Egg Bomb.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for this fight. This fight is
hard as Yoshi because he has no good projectiles. Use the Egg Lay a lot
and Egg Bomb him from far away to get his damage up. You're really
to have to rely on your teammates a lot here.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Easy. Just throw them all and they'll go flying. Watch out for
their copied attacks because they get annoying fast. Avoid the Stone
Final Cutter by dashing away. They go flying easily so just stay on the

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     This is a very hard fight to be Yoshi on. Start off with an Egg
Bomb and try to aim it at her. Now trap her in an egg and use the Butt
Drop. Repeat until 80% damage. Then throw her into the acid. Watch out
for the acid yourself by staying on the top platform. The Butt Drop
comes in handy a lot here because it is best to stay high.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     I think the best way is to keep using the Butt Drop until he is
about 100% damage. You will probably get hit by a Super Jump Punch or
two if you use this method but it still works. Here is a good tactic
this stage. Wait by the edge facing Metal Mario. When he walks up to
use the Egg Lay and if you were close enough to the edge than the egg
will fall right down the hole!

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     3 moves work good here. Flying Flip Kicks, Butt Drops, and Flying
Head Butts. On the later difficulties you will need to pick up the
health items that pop up and they will pop up. This is a big test of

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Use a combination of all attacks like Butt Drops, Flying Head
and all sorts of strong power hits. You can shield against most things
but a few attacks must be dodged. No items appear here so don't rely on
them. Just smash him up until his 300 HP is gone.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Don't steal Link's Boomerang you won't need it. Get Link caught in
the Final Cutter combo that hits 4 times. Once Link is out in the open
with no platforms above him than use the Stone on him. If he ever lands
beside the arch than back him into the corner and tap A to do Kirby's
infinite combo. When he is 100% damage throw him off.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Just throw them or do Drill Kicks. Final Cutters work well too.
Don't bother to play defensively just stay on the offense the whole
and they'll be gone before you know it. Don't bother with the Stone
they'll die from almost any attack anyway. Don't steal their Egg Lay
attack it is useless anyway.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     First steal Fox's Blaster Shot. Now jump above him and use Stone.
Run to the side and fire Blaster Shots at him until he comes close.
throw him to the side. Shoot Blaster Shots at him while he is trying to
come back. If he does make it back then Stone him. Don't let him juggle
you because that is his main strength.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks random ally for this match. Steal Mario's
Fireball not Luigi's. Now use the Final Cutter and try to hit Luigi.
to the side where nobody is and launch Fireballs from there. Try to
Stone them while they are double teaming your ally. If one of them
after you throw him.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Just throw him and use power-hits. Pikachu is tricky but his
is awful so just pound down on him and throw him. On the lower
difficulties it is okay to use stone, but on the higher ones he will
Thunder you if you try.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for this battle. First steal
Giant DK's Giant Punch. Now keep charging your Giant Punch and run up
him and hit him. The Giant Punch can finish him easily if he is high in
damage. Try the Final Cutter combo if you want to keep him from hitting

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     If they are annoying you with their copied attacks then steal them
from them and use them yourself if you want to or just get rid of them.
Throws should do it, as should Stone. Power-hits will send them flying
so that's really all you need.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     Start off by stealing her Charge Shot. Now jump up to the top and
start charging your Charge Shot. Go back down and blast her. Now try to
stone her. Keep hitting her with Charged Shots to keep her away. The
Final Cutter combo works great her. Try to throw her into the acid.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     You can't steal his Fireballs so don't try. Keep using Stone
because it is Kirby's most damaging attack. Throw him off at about 200%
damage. Items come in handy here!

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Most A button attacks will kill them. The health items are
important here on the higher difficulties. They go flying easier than
the Kirbys and Yoshis so don't worry about their numbers. The Stone
guarantees their defeat, and so do throws.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Don't bother with the Stone, it does a lot of damage but it takes
too long to get out of. If you have time try to use Stone to block all
attacks instead of the shield. Wouldn't it be cool if you could steal
one of his attacks?! Use the Final Cutter on him, and try to make it
multiple times.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Keep firing Blaster Shots at the start until he starts moving.
he jumps in the air, juggle him like a bowling pin. When he is high in
damage kick him to the side. Try to throw him into the tornado if you

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Just use Upward and Downward Kicks for all of them. They go flying
so easily that you barely need to touch them. The B button moves are
unnecessary here because they aren't power hits. Throws work just as
well too.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     Reflect his Blaster Shots back at him, and don't let him reflect
yours. The easiest way to get rid of Fox is too keep throwing him. If
the Arwing comes try to throw him into the line of fire, and if you
succeed than his defeat is almost ensured.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for this match. Throw Mario at
start. Now give Luigi an Upward Kick. Run to the side and fire off as
many Blaster Shots as you can. Try to throw them at the ramp on the
of the level and they will fall back down beside you where you can
them again. Reflect their Fireballs back at them.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Just give him all the power hits and throws you can. You can
sometimes get the Pacifist award on this fight because Pikachu tends to
mess up the Double Quick Attack move. Don't bother for the bonus though
and just hit him as hard as you can.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for you in this fight. This
a good level to be Fox on. Just stand back firing Blaster Shots at him
and you'll be fine. Throw him when he is high in damage and he will get
high in damage fast too because he has two fighters to fend off with a
Fox shooting at him on the other side of the screen!

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Fox is one of the weaker characters and he isn't exactly the best
for fighting the teams but if you play it smart you can smash these
marshmallows into oblivion with moves like the Upward Kick and Downward
Kick. Don't let them use their projectiles on you. Also use a lot of

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     Reflect her Charge Shots back at her (heh heh) and use your
Shot a lot. Keep throwing her for best results. Watch out for the acid
and try to get Samus into it. The top platform is the only one that is
guaranteed not to get acid covering it. Watch out for Samus' Screw

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     The Blaster Shot is all you need here. It may take a while, but if
you use the Blaster Shot over and over again from far away, it will
ensure that you don't get hit very much. Throw him off at around 200%

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     This is perhaps the worst fight to be Fox as. Just hitting them
with aerial power-hits is the best way to get rid of them fast. The B
button attacks are useless here. Items like the Hammer are very handy
here, especially as Fox, Yoshi, or Jigglypuff.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Just keep using Blaster Shots and an occasional Firefox. Fox is
fast so most attacks can be dodged easily but some of them like when he
drills his finger into you from above need to be shielded because it is
way too fast. Shield against mostly everything because almost
won't break your shield.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Start with a barrage of Thunderjolts. When he finally walks over
you give him a Thunder. Now you should use Pikachu's shocking throw
to the left side of the stage. Give him the Electric Drill and then
throw him over the side again. Keep throwing until he's done.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Start off with a Thunder to kill the Yoshi on top. Electric Drills
and Downward Electric Drills will do great after that. Each Yoshi will
get launched with one each. Play totally offensive here and don't worry
about them attacking you because they really suck.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     Don't let Fox reflect your Thunderjolts back at you. Lure him near
the edge and use a lot of shocking throws. If he is high in the air
juggle him with Thunder. If the Arwing comes throw Fox in the line of
fire to kill him.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for this fight. Throw Mario and
then juggle Luigi with Thunder. The Thunders should get Luigi high in
damage but stop if Mario comes after you to throw him and then start
Thundering again. Luigi should die pretty quickly this way so that you
can concentrate on double teaming Mario.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Stay under him and juggle him with Thunder. If you see him setting
up a Thunder and it's too late to escape than shield. Throw Pikachu a
lot because he is a lightweight. If the pok駑on door opens than push
Pikachu into it and run for cover.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for this match. Easy, just
stay under him and Thunder him. His damage will skyrocket by using
Thunder over and over again. He should be at about 200% damage before
you can toss him for good. Just don't go near him because his Giant
Punch can kill you even at 0%!

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Use Thunder to kill the first one right off the bat. Pikachu's
shocking throws should kill these Kirby's after one or two of them. If
they are really starting to piss you off than just Thunder them and
they'll be gone if they've been damaged a bit.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     I hate this fight the most. Start of the fight with a barrage of
Thunderjolts. No matter who you are the best strategy is to try and
throw Samus into the acid once she is around 65%. As long as the acid
isn't too high you can drop to the bottom and Thunder her if she is on
the top.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     One word. THUNDER! Metal Mario's damage will go up pretty fast
this move. Use lots of shocking throws once his damage is around 200%
and hopefully he will go flying off sooner or later. He is even harder
to throw than Giant DK and even when you are on the edge you can
sometimes not throw him far enough to get him off.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Throws should guarantee a kill for each of these dummies. Thunder
will without question. Be sure to grab the health items and yes health
items will appear sometime in this fight. The hammer is especially
useful in this fight on the higher difficulties.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     You can easily get the Single Move bonus on this stage as Pikachu
with Thunder. Shield against almost everything except for a few attacks
that will break your shield. Dodging is a must have skill for this


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Bombard Link with Fireballs until he starts to move, than run to
the far side and throw even more Fireballs. His damage should be at
least at around 30% now so use the Super Jump Punch and catch it on
if you know how. Now kick him to the side and throw Fireballs to keep
him back off. This is an easy fight.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Super Jump Punches are great here whether they catch fire or not.
Use anything except Fireballs here and they will go flying. Don't be
intimidated by their numbers because this is probably an easier fight
than against Link.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     If Fox reflects your Fireballs than throw another one to cancel it
out. Try to catch a Super Jump Punch on fire when he is high in damage
to get a Star Finish. Throws come in very handy here. If the Arwing
comes along here just throw Fox up to get him shot into oblivion.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for this battle. Throw Mario
off the bat and than do a Super Jump Punch on Luigi(on fire if you
Now just hang back throwing Fireballs while your ally keeps Mario and
Luigi busy. Throw them when they get high in damage.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Just hit him with any kind of power hits to knock him away. If the
pok駑on door opens than push Pikachu into it and run for cover so that
the pok駑on don't hit you. When Electrode pops out of the door he can
usually kill Pikachu. Throws can make short work of Pikachu.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for this fight. If you know
how to catch your Super Jump Punches on fire than keep using those but
if you don't than hang back throwing Fireballs. Throw Giant DK when he
gets around 200% damage and he will get high in damage quickly.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Just throw each Kirby out of existence or you can smash them off
with your power hits. Their copied attacks can get rather annoying so
try to avoid them. Super Jump Punches work well here. I recommend just
throwing them though.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     Right off the beginning jump up and give Samus a Luigi Cyclone and
then a throw. Start launching off Fireballs now and if she gets near
jump to the top platform. Throw her into the acid at about 65%. It will
take a few tries but once she gets roasted and toasted you might get
Acid Clear bonus.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
      Super Jump Punches that catch on fire are the best weapon here.
Once he is down on the bottom platform give him your Fireballs. At
200% give him a lot of throws to get him off. If you stay away from him
this will be an easy fight.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Just use anything except for the Fireballs. Grab the health items
and hope for a hammer because they will be a lot quicker to defeat that
way. On the higher difficulties this can be one of the hardest fights.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Super Jump Punches that catch on fire are the best way to quickly
get rid of this glove. You should throw Fireballs at him while you are
running over to Super Jump Punch him because he will die faster that
way. Shield against most of his attacks and you'll be fine.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Try to land a couple of Falcon Punches at the start of the match.
Every time Link jumps in the air use the Falcon Grab. Throw him off
after a few Falcon Kicks. This fight shouldn't take very long at all.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Use any attack here and they'll will all go flying with one hit
each. Throws work just as good but it doesn't matter. One time through
this fight and their numbers won't scare you any longer. This is a lot
easier than the fight against Link.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     This is the battle of the fast guys but guess what? You're faster!
Use lots of Falcon Kicks and Flaming Kicks. Throw him every chance you
get. Take advantage of your speed and Falcon Grab every time Fox jumps.
This is the first challenging fight.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for you this time. Falcon Kick
Mario and then Falcon Grab Luigi. Keep Falcon Kicking across the screen
hitting everything in your path. The Falcon Grab is handy here because
Mario and Luigi jump a lot. Throw them when they're high in damage.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Don't try a Falcon Punch here or quick little Pikachu will kick
down. Throw him whenever you can and if Pikachu tries to come back on
the playing field after a throw than Falcon Grab him to push him back
out, just don't fall down the hole yourself.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     The computer picks two random allies for this match. If Giant DK
keeps getting stunned from your opponents constantly hitting him then
might be safe to set up a Falcon Punch. The Falcon Grab is easy to
connect here because Giant DK is such a big target. Falcon Kicks and
Flaming Kicks should be your main attacks.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     A Falcon Punch would finish these guys off as a one hit KO but
that's too risky so just use Falcon Kicks and Flaming Kicks. Falcon
Grabs can be useful if there is a Kirby on a platform above you. A few
power hits will finish them off.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     The Falcon Grab is useful for the many times that Samus is in the
air. When Samus is on the ground jump towards here and press B in the
air and by the time you land the Falcon Punch should hit. After that
stay on the top platforms using Falcon Kicks. Try to throw her into the

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
      On the lower difficulties you can usually easily lay a Falcon
Punch in Metal Mario's face, but on the higher ones he'll usually Super
Jump Punch you before you can fire it. When he is on the top platform
use Falcon Grabs and when he is on the bottom using Falcon Kicks and
Flaming Kicks. Throw him at about 225%.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Just hit these guys with any attack you want and they'll go
Throws are a guaranteed way to kill any of the annoying Polygons. One
two health items are bound to come up here. This is a big test of

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Falcon Punches work great if you can time them. If you're having
trouble connecting the Falcon Punch than Falcon Kicks and Flaming Kicks
work just as well. Falcon Grabs are useless because you can't throw the
Master Hand. Most of his attacks can be shielded against but some must
be dodged.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Start off by throwing a barrage of PK Fires. Then when his damage
is high, keep trying to throw him off the edge. PK Shield is useless in
this fight. Smacking yourself into him with PK Thunder is also very

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
      Just use a combination of all your A button attacks, because they
go flying easily. This is a very easy fight. If you lose this, then I
pity you.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     This can be a hard fight sometimes. Start off by smacking yourself
into him. Absorb his blaster shots with PK Shield. Don't let him juggle
you, because on the higher difficulties he can rack up your damage very
high. Don't use PK Fire too much or he will reflect it.

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     You get a random CPU ally for this fight against Mario and Luigi.
Start off by throwing a bunch of PK Fires at Mario, and when he gets
close throw him. Smack yourself into them with PK Thunder, while your
ally keeps them busy. On the higher difficulties, Mario and Luigi combo
you like crazy!

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Don't let him Thunder you from below! Keep using A button attacks
such as the Yo-Yo and the bat. Throwing him is also useful. He
messes up the Double Quick Attack move, and kills himself. Whatever you
do, don't under estimate this electric mouse!

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     You get two random allies for this fight. Mostly just let your
allies do the work while you use PK Thunder from far back. When Giant
is high in damage, just throw him a few times. Items are very handy

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Mostly just hit them as hard as you can with your A button
Don't bother with your PK Fire or PK Thunder, but PK Shield can come in
handy when they're using their copied attacks.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     Stay on the top most of the time to avoid the acid. PK Thunder is
useful. Absorb her charged shot with PK Shield. Juggle her with the
Vertical Yo-Yo. Try to knock her far out into the acid with your bat
she probably won't be able to make it back if her damage is high

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     If you're going to smack yourself into him with PK Thunder, than
make sure he is on the other side of the screen. The bat and Yo-Yo come
in handy here. Mostly use physical attacks with a few PK Fires in here
and there. Throw him off at around 175% damage.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     This is easy on the earlier difficulties. Just bash them around
with your bat, yo-yo, and Flying Punches. There will most likely be
Maxim Tomatoes in this battle.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Use PK Fire when on the attack. When he walks on two fingers, jump
over him. When his fingers are pointing at you diagonally and the tips
are sparkling, dodge it! If you put up your shield, he will poke you
twice, therefore breaking it. When his fingertips are sparkling, and
they're pointing at you horizontally, put up your PK Shield to regain
tons of damage when he shoots bullets at you! For every thing else, you
can just block.


Stage- Hyrule Castle
Hazards- A tornado sweeps across the stage now and then throwing
gets caught in it upward.
     Run up to Link and use Pound. Now run up to him and throw him
straight up, and than jump up and juggle him with the Overhead Clap.
When his damage his high use the Sing attack followed by a rest. If
still doesn't knock him out than just throw him.

Stage- Yoshi's Island
Hazards- None
     Just hit them all with aerial power-hits to get rid of them. This
is the easiest fight in the whole game so don't worry about this one.
The next one is more or a challenge.

Stage- Sector Z
Hazards- the Arwing comes in now and then and shoots the heck out of
whoever is standing in the line of fire.
     Try to grab Fox and throw him straight up. Now juggle him
with the Overhead Clap. When his damage is high kick him to the side.
he still needs a bit more damage done to him than put him to sleep and
use the Rest attack. If he makes it back to the edge than just throw

Stage- Peach's Castle
Hazards- the Bumper at the top of the stage can fling you to the side
but that isn't really much of a hazard.
     The computer picks a random ally for you this time. Throw Mario
right at the start and then jump up and Overhead Clap Luigi. Now back
away and keep using hit and run tactics with Pound. If Mario or Luigi
are under the bumper, throw them straight up and they might hit it.

Stage- Saffron City
Hazards- the pok駑on that come out of the door sometimes attack.
     Battle of the Pok駑on! Stay under Pikachu and don't let him
you. Juggle him by throwing him straight up and using the Overhead Clap
attack over and over touching the ground every time you run out of
puffs. Throw him into the pok駑on door whenever it's open.

Stage- Congo Jungle
Hazards- None but a barrel that floats along the bottom of the stage
save you if you fall off.
     This time you get two allies randomly picked by the computer.
Jigglypuff doesn't have very many strong attacks so just put Giant DK
sleep and let your allies pound down on him. When Giant DK is high in
damage throw him or use Rest if he is very high in damage.

Stage- Dreamland
Hazards- Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth across the
that can blow you off if you're not careful.
     Just use all of the power hits that you've got to send these
balloons to orbit(look whose talkin'). Throwing them is probably the
best way because Jigglypuff doesn't have too many power hits. You
be hoping for a hammer here.

Stage- Planet Zebes
Hazards- the acid that rises occasionally can roast and toast you. The
most annoying hazard in the game.
     This is possibly the hardest fight in the game especially being
Jigglypuff(no offense). The best way is probably to run up and throw
Samus straight up and then to keep juggling her so that she can't
you. Just watch out for the acid and jump up when you see it coming. Be
careful and don't let Samus attack you too much.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     It will take a long time to rack up Metal Mario's damage as
Jigglypuff so just put him to sleep, pound, put him to sleep, pound,
get the idea. You can also use other moves like the Overhead Clap, just
don't expect to juggle this hunk of metal! Throw him at about 225%

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Use Jigglypuff's aerial power-hits to knock away the Polygon team
members. There is bound to be a health item or two come up here so grab
them when you see them. Items like the hammer are very handy here.

Stage- ?
Hazards- None
     Just jump up and use the Overhead Clap again and again. It will
take a while but it is still the best way to do it. Dodge some attacks
but most can be shielded against. This is not as hard as many people
think because half the time the Master Hand is just floating

Bonus Awards
Acid Clear +1,500 Allow acid to finish off Samus
All Variation +15,000 Finish round using all of your character's moves
Arwing Clear +3,000 Mini Arwing on Sector Z defeats opponent
Booby Trap +12,000 Kill your opponent with a mine
Bros. Calamity +12,000 Defeat Luigi before attacking Mario
Bumper Clear +10,000 Enemy defeated with bumper item1
Butterfly +10,000 Knock opponent out of the ring while they try to
climb back on the stage
Cheap Shot -99 Use the same move for 35 percent damage
Comet Mystic +7,000 Clear a level when your character becomes a star
DK Defender +1,000  All allies alive after defeating Giant DK
DK Perfect +50,000 Defeat Giant DK without allies getting hit once
Fighter's Stance +100 Taunt opponent right before he/she loses
Full Power +5,000 Finish battle with 0% damage
Game Clear +70,000 x 1-5 (per difficulty)  Finish game on certain
difficulty level2
Hawk +18,000 Use only aerial moves
Heartthrob +8,000 Collect three or more heart containers in one level
Heavy Damage +10,000 Finish round after inflicting more than 200%
Item Pitcher +10,000 Kill opponent by throwing an item
Item Strike +20,000 Defeat opponent using only items in the team
games, excluding Mario Brothers; send all 8,18, or 30 opponents into
the sky
Jackpot +3,330 Have 33%, 55%, 99% etc. shield (double of same number)
Judo Warrior +4,000 Defeat opponent by throwing only them
Kirby Ranks +12,000 Defeat Kirbys in the order of their strength
Last Second +8,000 Defeat opponent in the last second
Lucky 3 +9,990 Finish round with 3:33 on timer
Mew Match +15,000 Mew appears out of a Pok饕all during match3
Mystic +7,000 Die immediately after your opponent dies, but before
"Game Set" appears.
No Damage +15,000 Take no damage though out battle (cannot use Maxim
Tomato or Heart)
No Damage Clear +300,000 Have "No Damage" bonus on after each battle
No Item +1,000 Finish the match without using an item
No Miss +5,000 Do not lose a life on a level
No Miss Clear +70,000 Have "No Miss" bonus on after each battle
Pacifist Award +60,000 Enemy died without your character hitting them4
Perfect +30,000 Break all targets or board all platforms
Pokemon Finish +11,000 Pokemon attack kills opponent
Shield Breaker +8,000  Break your opponent's shield during the battle
Shooter +12,000 Defeat opponent using projectile weapons (ray gun,
star rod)
Single Move +8,000 Only attack your opponent once
Smash Mania +3500 Only use smash attacks (Left + A, Right + A, Up + A,
Down + A)
Smash-Less +4000 Do not use smash attacks (Left + A, Right + A, Up +
A, Down + A)
Special Move +5,000 Use only B button moves to defeat opponents; only
works on team levels (Kirby, Polygon, and Yoshi)
Speed Demon +80,000 Beat the game in under 8 minutes
Speed King +40,000 Beat the game in under 12-15 minutes
Speedster +10,000 Defeat any opponent in 30 seconds or less
Star Finish +2,000 Hit all foes skyward to turn them into stars
Trickster +11,000 Send all 8 (Kirby Team), 18 (Yoshi Team), or 30
(Fighting Polygon Team) into the sky
True Friend +25,000 Fight as Mario and Luigi and do not let your
partner get hit.
Vegetarian +5,000 Eat 3 or more Maxim Tomatoes in one level
Yoshi Rainbow +50,000 Defeat Yoshi's in the order they appear

Alternate costumes:

Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down at the character selection
Information in this section was contributed by Lazzo.
Highlight Mario and press C-Right and Mario will wear Wario's costume.
Information in this section was contributed by Kyle and BRIAN J
Highlight Luigi and press C-Right and Luigi will wear his costume from
the original Super Mario Bros.
Information in this section was contributed by Kyle.
Highlight Mario and press C-Left and Mario will be wearing his costume
from the original Mario Bros.
Information in this section was contributed by Kyle.
Highlight Mario and press C-Right and Mario will resemble Wario.
Information in this section was contributed by Dennis Nguyen.
Highlight Link and press C-Left and Link will wear his original blue
tunic from the first Zelda game.
Information in this section was contributed by Justin Flynn.
Highlight Jigglypuff or Pikachu and press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-
Down to add a hat.
Information in this section was contributed by Sikosidd.
Highlight Captain Falcon and press C-Right to play as his enemy, Blood
Information in this section was contributed by Sikosidd.
Fight as Captain Falcon:
Complete the game in under twenty minutes under any difficulty
setting. Then, defeat Captain Falcon.

Note: For the Japanese version, successfully complete the game as any
character under any difficulty level and number of lives. Then, defeat
Captain Falcon.

Fight as Jigglypuff (Purin):
Complete the game using any character under any difficulty level and
number of lives. Then, defeat Purin.

Fight as Ness from Earthbound (Mother 2):
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty level and
three lives without continuing. Then, defeat Ness when he appears.

Fight as Luigi:
Successfully complete the Bonus 1 "Break The Target" with the eight
original characters and one bonus characters. This can be done during
Bonus 1 practice. Then, defeat Luigi. If you lose the match, complete
Bonus 1 again with any character for a rematch.

Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage:
Successfully complete the game with all eight original characters
under the normal difficulty setting and three lives. Continues may be
used. The Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage will be available under
versus mode.

Character preview:
Hold Z and press the Analog-stick at the character biography screen.

Alternate congratulations screen:
Begin game play in one player mode using any character, difficulty
setting, and number of lives. If you reach a total score of 1,000,000
points or more, an "Incredible" message will appear on the
congratulations screen.

Music test:
Successfully complete Bonus Games 1 and 2 with all characters,
including the secret ones. This can be done during Bonus 1 and 2
practice. A music test option will appear on the data screen.

Borrow a life:
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press Start if you lose a life to
take a life from your partner, if he or she has more than one
remaining. Alternatively, press A+ B + Z + Start.

Item switch:
Play the game in versus mode at least fifty times to unlock the item
switch option.

Note: For the Japanese version, use any character to record one
hundred kills to unlock an item switch menu. This menu allows various
weapons to be toggled and control the frequency in which they appear.

To get the "Item switch" option easier, use the following trick with
two controllers. Go to multi-player mode and set it on damage 200% and
stock 1. Have player one choose Kirby, and any character for player
two. Press R to have Kirby grab the player two, then press R. Player
two should die. Repeat this until you get the "Item switch" option.

Quick healing:
Go to the Silph Co. stage as any character. When Chansey pops out of
the building, run into it as fast as you can. If done correctly, you
will get 5 hit points taken away.

Extra points for each level:
The following trick may be used to get an extra 100 points in each
level. Defeat your opponent in one player mode. Press L to taunt just
before he dies. If your character is in a taunt when the camera zooms
in for the scores, 100 points will be awarded for the fighter's

Losing points:
You will lose points after losing all lives and continues.

Control credits screen:
Press one of the following buttons during the credits. Press Analog-
stick to change the angle and move the target. Press Start + A to
scroll faster, or to return to normal speed. Select a name with the
target and press A to view details about their work in the game. Press
B to pause or resume the scrolling.

Hold Z or R (block) until your character explodes.

Sudden Death:
Play a time limit battle. Make sure both of the characters have the
same amount of lives when the timer runs out.

Hint: Box and barrel attack:
Press Forward + A while holding a box or barrel. The item will move
faster and farther, and can also be used as a quick attack.

Hint: Spin attack:
Choose any character in any mode. Use C-Up 1CE or 2CE. Aim your
character towards your opponent. While you are in the air directly
above your opponent, press Down + B. You should do a spin right into
your opponent.

Hint: Best move:
The best move for all characters is Up + B.

Hint: Pokemon message:
Start a match in the Silph Co. stage. Allow your character to get hit
by the Pokeball billboard. Quickly pause game play and move the screen
so you can read the pole that holds up the billboard. The message
"gotta catch 'em all" written sideways can be seen.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Falcon Punch:
To actually see the Falcon Punch, pause game play while he punches.
You will be able to see that his punch is in the shape of a falcon.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Skeleton:
Select Captain Falcon and Fox. Go to the ship and have Captain Falcon
get close to Fox. Use Fox's blue shield. When Captain Falcon is
flashing, press Start. If done correctly, he will appear as a

Hint: Donkey Kong: Pokemon punch:
When playing as Donkey Kong, choose the Pokemon Silph Co. stage, then
press B button to make him wind up for a punch. When the door opens,
while the Pokemon is still inside, approach the door, but do not get
close enough to force it out. Press B again to throw the punch and the
Pokemon will go flying.

This can also be done with the hammer weapon. Approach the door when
it opens, but do not let the Pokemon out. Simply walk into the door
and the Pokemon should go flying. Note: This trick only works on some

Hint: Donkey Kong: Easy win
The following trick works best in vs mode, with two or more stocks.
Select Donkey Kong as a character and any level except for Samus'
stage. Defeat your opponent once, then get close to the edge when he
or she comes after your character. Grab him and press A to place him
on your back. Then, jump off the level before he can get loose. Repeat
this until you win as you can remain one life ahead of your opponent.
Go to Hercules Castle. Lure your opponent under the green castle. When
your opponent gets there, hold Down + B and until your opponent's % is
very high. You can now most likely take them out with one hit.
Begin game play in single player mode as Donkey Kong. When fighting
with Metal Mario, press B + Down to slap the ground. Use this
technique until he is heavily damaged. In a minute, you should have
damaged him up to 999%. You can also blow him up in the sky.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Combos:
Press Down + B to hit your opponent. Then jump after him and press Up
+ B to hit him again.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Get in the barrel:
You can get in the barrel on Donkey Kong's stage by simply jumping
towards it. Press A to get out. Note: The barrel sometimes moves
around -- be careful when you aim.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Move or jump with a barrel:
The only way to move or jump with a barrel is with Donkey Kong. When
you see a barrel, pick it up and you can move or jump around with it.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Quick KO:
Play as Donkey Kong. As soon as you see the player you want to defeat,
walk up to them and press R. Walk off the edge while still carrying
your opponent, and let go when you know he or she will not make it
back. You will get a point for knocking off your opponent, and lose a
point for falling. Your opponent will just lose a point. Although you
will not gain anything, your friend will lose something, thus giving
you the advantage. Note: This works best when playing one-on-one.

Select Donkey Kong in versus mode and character as the CPU opponent.
Go to the Mushroom Kingdom or Castle stage. At the Mushroom Kingdom
stage, knock your opponent left until you are under the large brick
that has a green tube on the top of it. Press B + Down to do the
Ground Pound. Since there is a brick in the way to stop your opponent
from flying up, he will bounce back and lay there. Repeatedly press B
+ Down to get his/her percentage to 999%. At the Castle stage, throw
your opponent to the left until he/she is under the small green tower.
Keep pressing B + Down to get their percentage to 999%. Note: This can
be done easily when in training mode and having the CPU just stand

Hint: Fox: More powerful lasers:
Select Fox and a character that uses a projectile as a weapon. Have
Fox use his Deflect move (Down + B) and have the other character shoot
Fox. He will deflect and the shot will do about twice as much damage.
If a match is played with two Foxes and on a level plane such as that
found on Hyrule Castle or The Great Fox stages, both can use the
deflect trick. The laser will deflect back and forth, and eventually
grow so powerful that it will destroy one of the Fox's deflection
shield. If a green turtle shell deflects back and forth, pick up the
same shell after it destroys one of the deflection shields. Throw it
at an opponent to see a big explosion. The targeted character will fly
into the wall in a split second. You can use it as much needed until
it disappears.

Hint: Fox: Powerful bumpers:
Begin a match on the Mushroom Kingdom stage with Fox and a lot of
bumpers. Bring them right next to the tube on the left. Have Fox throw
a bumper upwards and turn on his reflector. When it comes down, it
will continuously attack his reflector, break it, and bounce up. When
it comes down, you will see a large explosion about five to seven
times, with each hit doing over 100%. This works best in practice
mode. It will not work if more than one bumper is used.

Hint: Fox: Green shell charge-up:
Fox's reflector shield gives double damage to anything that can be
reflected back, but when the green shell gets reflected and then does
not vaporize, the power stays doubled.

Hint: Fox: Superman pose:
Play as Fox, jump, and do the corkscrew move. Pause game play during
the move. If done correctly, Fox will have a pose similar to Superman
when he is flying.

Hint: Fox: Spin Flip:
Play as Fox and hold onto a ledge. Press Z and rapidly pause and
resume the game. Fox will do a back flip and a twist in one motion if
timed correctly.

Hint: Fox: Unlimited Reflect move:
Press Down + B to do the Reflect move and hold it.

Hint: Fox: Surprise attack:
Note: This trick works best when when playing with three or four
players. Go to Congo Jungle. When no one is watching, fall off the
edge. Use your double jump to get under the stage, then press Up + B
and move the Analog-stick in the direction of any opponent on the
bottom floor of the stage. If done correctly, Fox will fly up through
the stage and hit your opponent without them knowing.

Hint: Fox: Defeating Master Hand:
Use the Reflector to deflect the shots that Master Hand fires at you.
Note: Do not use this tactic for his poking attack.

Hint: Fox: Lethal kill:
When playing as Fox in versus mode with a setting of 200% damage,
approach any opponent. If stuck next to him, press B + Down. Fox will
use Reflect. In the instance, the opponent touches the Reflector and
is blown away. If lucky he will be kicked out of the stage. Note:
Reflect attack is only valid within about half a second. For example,
if Reflect is used when an opponent runs, if the opponent reaches Fox
within a second he will be blown away. However, this will not happen
if an opponent touches you if you are using reflect.

Hint: Fox: Avoid falling off:
Do not use the Firefox sideways if you are near an edge. You might
fall off and have no way to get back up.

Hint: Fox: Separated head:
When performing Fox's Backwards Throw on another Fox, it appears that
the thrown Fox's head is not on his shoulders.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Combos:
When playing as Jigglypuff, press Up + B to put your opponent to
sleep. Then, get very close to your opponent, and press Down + B to
put yourself to sleep. Your opponent will go flying, and Jigglypuff
will remain asleep.

Press Up + A, then as your opponent is descending press Up + A to hit
him again. Stay under him and repeat until he is defeated.

Jump in the air, then press Down + A to spin attack your opponent.
When they hit the ground, press Down + B move to send them spiraling
into the air.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Suicidal:
Note: This trick requires a lot of patience. Start a vs. mode game
with 99 stock with you vs. the a CPU-controlled Jigglypuff. Fight in
the Mushroom Kingdom secret stage. Use a lot of weapons during the
match. When Jigglypuff's life is down to near 20, she will begin to
kill herself by walking straight off the stage. She will do this about
five to ten times -- it is interesting to watch because after she
walks off a few times she will begin to break her own shield by
holding it in very long. Let her to do so and she will damage and stun
herself, allowing you to take advantage.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Defeating him:
Use the following trick to kill for Jigglypuff easily. When Jigglypuff
blocks, use a super hit on him and it be a K.O.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Go long distances:
Use a jump then a punch (Up, B) repeatedly to travel far.

Hint: Jigglypuff with large arm:
Press Start to pause game play just when you punch. If timed
correctly, Jigglypuff's right arm will appear several times its normal

Hint: Jigglypuff doing a ballerina dance:
Select versus mode and choose Jigglypuff as your character with any
other players. When you begin the match, toss an opponent then pause
game play. If done correctly, it will appear as though Jigglypuff is
doing a ballerina dance.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Hear opponent snore:
Do the sleep attack, then pause game play to hear your opponent snore.

Hint: Kirby: Invincibility move:
When fighting as Kirby in the Sliph Co. stage, press B + Analog-stick
Down when a Pokemon comes out of the building. Kirby will become a
block and the fire, ram, and leaves will not harm him.

Hint: Kirby: Lose a power:
If you want to intentionally lose a power gained after eating another
character as Kirby, press L to execute his taunt.

Hint: Kirby: Spit Shot:
Play as Kirby and press B to swallow an enemy. Press A and Kirby will
spit the enemy as a star.

Hint: Kirby: Jump longer:
If you get hit badly, press Forward + A to jump longer.

Hint: Kirby: Combos:
Press Up + A, then as your opponent is descending press Up + A to hit
him again. Stay under him and repeat until he is defeated.

Get very close to your enemy then repeatedly press A.

Hint: Kirby: Large arm:
Press Start to pause game play just when you punch. If timed
correctly, Kirby's right arm will appear several times its normal

Hint: Kirby: Gain ability:
While playing as Kirby in single player mode, suck in another Kirby
from the Kirby team. That Kirby will lose its ability, and you will
gain it.

Hint: Link: Combos:
Press Up + A to hit your opponent. Then, jump up after him and press
Up + B to hit him again.

Hint: Special bonus in Link's stage:
For a special bonus, defeat Link using a tornado at Hyrule Castle.

Hint: Luigi: Taunt attack:
Luigi is unique because, he is the only character whose taunt hurts.
It may not hurt much, but when he kicks his foot on the ground, if
there is an opponent in the way, they will get kicked for various

Hint: Luigi: Super attack:
Although Luigi's super jump attack only does 1% damage normally, the
following trick will increase that amount. Get very close to an
opponent and perform the move. If done correctly, a loud noise and
fire will appear, doing about 20% damage. If your opponent is at about
65% damage it may even kill them.

Hint: Mario: Ninja:
While a player is on the floor have Mario get next to him or her. Jump
backwards and quickly pause game play. If done correctly, Mario will
look like a Ninja that beat up the person on the floor.

Hint: Mario: On fire while melting:
Start on the first stage with Mario and Link in two player mode. Have
Link throw a bomb at you. Walk in to it and quickly pause game play.
If done correctly, it will appear as if Mario's legs melted into the
ground while his head is on fire. Additionally, if you pause the game
just when he does a backflip to get upright after he is upside down,
it will appear as if a baby Mario is standing on his head.

Hint: Mario: Ultimate move:
This move can give your opponent 999% damage and 99 hits if done
correctly. In training mode, select Mario and any opponent, however
Donkey Kong is easier to hit. Go to any stage and get close to your
opponent. Put four green shells right between Mario and your opponent.
Then, press B + Down to execute the move. If done correctly, Mario and
the victim will freeze, while the victim keeps getting hit until the
shells wear off.

Hint: Mario: Cannonball:
Have Mario do a double back flip and pause game play. If done at the
right moment, it will appear as if Mario is doing a cannon ball.

Hint: Ness: Deflection:
Ness can deflect with his bat (Left or Right + A). He can deflect
Samus' ultimate shot, Mario and Luigi's fire ball, even a Ray Gun shot
(difficult to accomplish, but not impossible). It may be helpful good
to start with easy shots such as Mario's fireball to practice before
trying to deflect Fox's shot. It may not be possible to deflect Link's
boomerang. The homerun bat will not deflect.

Hint: Ness: Unlimited Regain move:
Press Down + B to do the Regain move and hold it.

Hint: Ness: PK Thunder at self:
With Ness, fire the PK Thunder at yourself. If you hit another
character, it will send them flying.

Hint: Ness: Disco dance:
Begin game play as Ness, toss someone, then press Start. Ness will
look like he is doing a disco dance.

Hint: Ness: Cheap move:
There are three positions to start this move. You can be "in" your
opponents, (or very close to them), below them, and jump up, or jump
onto them. Use the your Down + A attack to kick down. This will send
them into the air. Jump and kick them down again to shoot them to the
ground. Then, press Down, and when you are about to hit them, kick
them down again, and repeat the process. When their damage gets to
about 30, you will need to start varying, and perhaps double-jumping.
This is a very hard trick to do, and requires practice. Done properly,
you may be able to bring an opponent to about 100% damage before they

Knock an opponent off the arena and when they try to come back, jump
once towards them, then press Down + A. If your opponent's percent is
high enough, you should hit him/her for an instant kill.

Hint: Ness: Flips you off:
Choose versus mode and select Ness as one of the fighters. Complete
the R move, and immediately after you release, press Start. If timed
correctly, it will appear that Ness is giving you the finger.Please
feel free to edit what I wrote before you put this on your page.

Hint: Ness: Regain energy:
Start a game as Ness. If someone tires to shoot you, press Down + B.
When the bullet hits, Ness will regain some energy.

Hint: Ness: Skeleton:
Start a two player vs. game with Pikachu vs. Ness. During the game,
have Pikachu use its electric attack (where a bolt hops across the
platform) and hit Ness. Pause game play immediately when it hits Ness.
If done correctly, Ness will appear as a skeleton.

Hint: Ness: Long jumps:
When hit badly as Ness, use your jump, followed by PK Thunder. Make it
hit you on the side that is away from the ground. Ness will go flying
to the ground.

Hint: Ness: No string on yo-yo:
Start a game as Ness on any stage. Press Down + B, then press Start.
You will see that Ness has no string on his yo-yo.

Hint: Ness: Do a split:
Choose multi-player mode with any number of players. Have player one
be Ness. Go to to any stage. When you start with Ness, jump in the
air, then press B., Press Start when Ness almost hits the ground.

Hint: Pikachu: Jump higher:
After having only one platform left with Pikachu, use his quick attack
jump to get higher. Then before it is done, quickly press Analog-stick
Left to get below the last platform.

Hint: Pikachu: Fifth jump:
When you have been hurt and are pushed off screen, move in the
direction of the jump. When you are ready, press Jump, wait, then
jump. Then do his spinning attack a couple of times until you get
close to the edge of the stage. Next do his third jump, and hold the
Analog-stick diagonally in the direction of the jump. If done
correctly, Pikachu will do two third jumps instead of one. Note: This
may be very hard to accomplish at first but can be very useful when
done correctly.

Hint: Pikachu: Appear flat:
Use PK agility (fifth jump), and pause game play while Pikachu is in
the air. If timed correctly, Pikachu will appear flat.

Hint: Defeating Pikachu:
An easy way to defeat Pikachu in one player mode is to just keep
jumping around the right-hand side. Eventually Pikachu will use Quick
Attack and jump off the edge.

Hint: Samus: No suit:
Select versus mode and choose Samus as your only opponent. This trick
is easier if Samus is set as a human controlled player, so she stands
still. Next, go to any place (preferably the ship) and fire the PK
Thunder at yourself, so Ness slides into Samus. Pause game play right
as Ness hits her. If done correctly, Samus will no longer be wearing
her suit.

Select versus mode with two players and choose Samus as the second
character. Start fighting and wait for the blaster to appear. Grab it
and shoot Samus. Have player two pause shortly after hitting Samus. If
timed correctly, Samus will appear without her suit. Note: This can be
done to any other character to see their skeletons.

Unlock Ness, then select the versus mode. Choose Samus as your only
opponent (human). While playing as Ness during the match, attack
yourself with a PK Thunder when standing next to Samus. This will
cause Ness to slide into Samus. Pause game play during the impact
using Samus' controller. If done correctly, Samus will appear without
her suit.

Any attack/weapon that electrocutes Samus, such as Ness' PK Thunder
will remove her suit.

Hint: Samus: Super Smash Attack:
Press Down + A, when playing as Samus to send your opponent straight

Hint: Samus: Charge Ball and Grab:
When on level ground and facing any opponent except for Fox or Ness,
fire a Charge Ball at the opponent. Immediately press R to throw them
if they block. Either way, you will win.

Hint: Samus: Combo trick:
Use the Super Smash Attack while they are on the ground at a low
percent, then press Up + A to do a flame-thrower attack, or just use a
screw attack. If you use the flame-thrower, you can jump and add a
backwards kick or any other mid-air attack.

Hint: Samus: Keep charging shot:
If you charging up a big shot and your opponent approaches, press
Analog-stick Left or Analog-stick Right to roll away. Turn back to
normal after you get away, so you can finish charging the shot.

Hint: Yoshi: Combos:
Press Up + B to hit your opponent. When he lands from the fall, press
A to run into him.

Yoshi's Million Kicks (Jump + Down + A) is weak, but there is a way to
make it the most powerful attack in the game. When your opponent jumps
at you, jump with him, but just a little higher. Then, press A to
execute the Million Kicks. If you hold A, the attack can do up to 56%

Begin game play in versus mode as Yoshi in Sector Z. Move all the way
to the left tip and face to the right. When your opponent approaches,
press B to put him in an egg. Since the egg always goes behind Yoshi,
the player will fall down in an egg and it will be useless to try to
escape. Note: This can also be done with some other levels.

Hint: Yoshi: Old age:
Play versus mode as Yoshi and start a fight with a human controlled
player. Press B to use Yoshi's "Eat" attack. Pause the game at the
right moment to see Yoshi with a beard, and his eyes rolled back into
his head.

Hint: Yoshi: Egg of a cliff:
When playing as Yoshi, go to the edge of a cliff. Press B when a
human-controlled player approaches to put him in an egg and send him
off the cliff.

Hint: Yoshi: Egg attack:
Use the B attack and your opponent will be turned into an egg. While
an egg, they will still take normal damage. Note: This works best if
you use smash attacks while they are an egg.

Hint: Yoshi: Egg roll:
Use Yoshi's shield and you can move left or right to do an egg roll.

Hint: Easy win in Yoshi's stage:
Set the game on versus mode with you against a CPU player. Jump on the
floating clouds and use the raygun item. The CPU players cannot go on
the floating clouds. Just keep shooting them to win.

Hint: Rope walking in Yoshi's stage:
Press Start and press Analog-stick Down to make a character appear as
if he/she is walking a rope when on top.

Hint: Defeating the teams:
An easy way to defeat the teams (Yoshi's, Kirby's, Fighting Polygon)
is to simply grab and throw them.

Use Ness's PK Thunder to defeat the Yoshi or the Polygon Team easily.
It will send them flying.

The easiest way to defeat any of the teams (Yoshi, Kirby, or Fighting
Polygon) with Mario is to use his Tornado attack. This will also work
with Luigi.

This strategy works well against Yoshi's, Kirby's, or Fighting Polygon
teams. Select one player mode and choose Fox any difficulty and any
amount of lives. Aim Fox at your opponent, it is best to wait until
you get all two or three in one place, and press C-Up + B. This should
make your opponents die by a star ending, or make them fly into the
back ground. Sometimes this puts them in front of you.

Hint: Hover higher as Luigi or Mario:
Repeatedly press B during Luigi or Mario's Down + B attack to hover
slightly higher.

Hint: Mario, Luigi, and Kirby's fourth jump:
While doing the spin attack (Down + B) with Mario or Luigi, rapidly
press B to hover. You can use this move as a fourth jump. However,
this move is only good for getting farther not higher. Luigi goes
higher than Mario with that hovering spin tactic. Use this tactic
before the third jump (Up + B). Kirby has a kind of fourth jump. Suck
up Jigglypuff's power so you can use its puff attack. Using the puff
attack makes you hover in the air for a second. This can be used to
your advantage. Like the spin tactic for Mario and Luigi, this move is
good for getting farther not higher.

Hint: Mario and Luigi Tornado:
If you are teaming with Mario and Luigi, let Mario first do the Mario
tornado on an opponent. Then do the Luigi tornado with Luigi. When
both tornado's are finished, Luigi will knock the enemy farther
because his punches in his tornado hurts more than Mario's punches.

Hint: Easy knockouts in multi-player mode:
The following moves require 200% Damage (set in the multi-player
options). Useful items include: Hammer, Pokeball, Beam Sword, and
anything you can throw that will result in heavy damage. Here are
variations of characters to use and how to get easy knockouts:

Captain Falcon: Use either Falcon Punch (B) or a forward throw. The
forward throw is preferable.
Donkey Kong: His B punch is useful, as well as throwing your opponent
backwards. If you are lucky, also use the Hand Slap (Down + B).
Ness: Not altogether effective, but on small arenas (such as Donkey
Kong's Jungle), use his PK Thunder (Up + B). You have to hit yourself
so that you run into another opponent.
Luigi: His Tornado (Down + B) is highly effective, as is his Super
Jump Punch (Up +B) when done correctly, doing 19-25 damage.
Mario: For some weak opponents (especially Jigglypuff), one good Super
Jump Punch (Up + B) does the trick. But, if you are very high in the
air, even tough characters can be careened into the background. Also
use his Cyclone (Down + B) if you are lucky.
Jigglypuff: Her forward and backward throw can work wonders.
Kirby: Since he can imitate other characters, he has an advantage. By
himself, the Stone (Down + B) and forward and backward throw are good.
If done right, also use his Final Cutter (Up + B).
Fox: His Reflector is effective.
Pikachu: If you can get close enough, his Thunder (Down + B) is
devastating; or just keep doing it when the opponent is in the air
above you.
Hint: Ultimate K.O:
Start a multi-player game with Fox and Pikachu. Corner an opponent
between those players and do a back flip kick simutaneously. If done
correctly, your opponent should fly into the background.

Hint: Silph Co. stage secrets:
Begin game play as Captain Falcon on the Silph Co. stage. When
Chansey, Charmander or others pop out the door, use the Falcon Punch
to knock them spiraling away.

Running towards Chansey when it comes out of the elevator will result
in your strength to go down by5%.

Hint: Mew in Pokeballs:
Unlock at least one secret characters to have Mew appear randomly in
the Pokeballs.

To have Mew appear more frequently, unlock at least one of the secret
characters, play versus mode, and use the item switch. Switch to only
Pokeballs and play in the Sector Z stage. Note: Mew or Clefairy doing
Mew's attack does not cause any damage.

Hint: Flying Chancy:

Hint: Pokemon in the Pokeballs:
The Pokemon in the Pokeballs have the following powers.

Flies off to get the rest of its hive to attack the opponent.
Blasts opponent with water spray.
Pops out and give you an item. In a second appearance, it just throws
Chansey eggs.
Starts to breath fire in each direction.
Arrives and mimics one of the other available Pokemon's attacks.
Flops around trying to hurt opponent.
Comes out and flies at the opponent doing a kick attack.
Arrives and starts blasting foul smoke in the air.
Pops out and showers out coins that hurt opponent.
The special secret 151st Pokemon makes his appearance... and flies
Shows up, flies up top, and then boulders drop from the ceiling.
Pops out, flies up, and then comes down huge, hurting your opponent.
Finds opponent and blasts them with rays.
Just blows fire in one direction (only in Silph Co. stage).
Razor Leaf attack; leaves from this Pokemon fly at opponents (only in
Silph Co. stage).
Rams you or the opponent (only in Silph Co. stage).

Hint: Ultimate Pokemon battle:
Unlocked the "Item Switch" option. Go to it and set "Appearance" to
"Very High" and turn everything off except "Poke ball". Start a battle
with two to four players. Select any of the characters and infinite
time. Select a level and start game play.

Hint: Tubes in Mushroom Kingdom:
Jump on a tube in the Mushroom Kingdom stage and press Analog-stick
Down. Note: You might land in the tube in the hole in the middle.

Hint: Easy win:
Throw your opponent off in one player, free-for-all, team mode, or two
player mode. Attack your opponent after the second jump that they

Hint: Homerun bat:
For an easy kill, get the Homerun bat, quickly do a smash attack, and
press A to send your opponent flying of the screen.

You can hit a homerun by presing B + Forward. The bat will charge up
for a second before sending your opponent flying off the screen.

Hint: Big ray gun:
Go to the item switch screen and set it it so that only ray guns will
appear. Select two characters. Have one character get a ray gun. When
you see a box, have the character with the gun stand close and shoot
it. While the character with the gun shoots the box, have the other
character attack the character with the gun. Have the player
controlling the character with the gun pause the game. If done
correctly, the ray gun should be big.

Hint: Defeating someone who has the hammer:
Throw a projectile, bomb, or mine which will either slow the person
with the hammer down, or blow them off a cliff or the screen.

An easy way to not be bothered by a player that has the hammer is to
use Kirby against them. Immediately after they grab the hammer, suck
the person in to normally take their power. This will sometimes allow
the hammer to run out without anyone getting slammed.

When the hammer is behind your opponent, if you are quick enough you
can grab the person and throw them off the edge.

Hint: Restore shield:
When your shield is shrinking, move around with it and it will grow
back to normal size. The more you move around, the more your shield
will grow.

Hint: Temporary invincibility:
When you are in the cloud platform after losing a life, come down and
you will have a brief moment of invincibility. This is a good time to
use your smash attack.

Hint: Keeping your opponent off the platforms:
Use the following moves when playing as the indicated character to
knock your opponent off the platforms.

Mario and Luigi
Press B to throw a fireball when they try to come back.
Press B for the PK Fire if they come near your character in the air.
Your opponent will be pulled down and paralyzed once it hits.
If you are near the end of the platform, wait for your opponent to
approach. Then, press B to turn them into an egg. If you are close
enough to the edge, the egg will make them fall and they will not be
able to get back up.
Donkey Kong
After knocking an opponent off, press B to charge up the punch. Use
the punch when they are close enough while in the air.
Press Up + B near the edge when your opponent approaches.
Press B to throw the boomerang after knocking them off the platform
and they try to get close again.
Press B to keep firing the blaster.
Press B to charge up the gun, then shoot it when a knocked off
opponent returns.
Jump and press B to shoot a little ball of electricity. If it hits a
returning opponent, they will be paralyzed.
Captain Falcon:
Press B to use the Falcon Punch when your opponent tries to return.
Press B to use the lunging punch when a returning opponent is close
Hint: Getting back in the game:
Repeatedly tap Z while knocked through the air until your character
reaches the ground. This will allow your character to quickly begin
fighting again.

Hint: Use secret jumps to recover from bad hits:
The following trick works if you are using a character that has a
third jump. If you are hit badly and fly off the screen, execute the
first jump and wait approximately two seconds. Then, do the second
part of the double jump. Do a move (such as Pikachu's Side Spinning
Attack), then do the third jump. This requires good timing, and works
most of the time.

Hint: Toggle free for all and team modes:
You can toggle free for all and team type play in versus mode. Move
the hand pointer to the top left corner and press A on team battle or
free for all.

Hint: Change CPU color in free for all or training modes:
After selecting a character, go to the character the CPU player is
playing, which is marked with a gray chip with "CP". Move the hand
pointer over the character and press one of the C buttons.

Hint: Regain energy in Silph Co. stage:
Touch Chansey when it appears to regain a small amount of energy.

Hint: Home Run Derby:
Note: You must have item switch bonus unlocked. Go to item switch menu
and set the appearance level to "Very High". Turn everything off
except "Home Run Bat". Select Kirby or Jigglypuff for your character
and Jiggypuff or Kirby for the CPU. Make four different teams. Make
sure the game is set for free-for-all and infinite time. Select any
stage. The game will begin with four characters that look alike and a
lot of Home Run Bats.

Hint: Kamikaze challenge:
Get a total of four human players and have everyone either get DK
teams or not. Use the carry on back move (throw then A) and jump off
the edge as much as possible. The player with the lowest score is the
Kamakazi champ.

Hint: Star Wars challenge:
Select two characters in versus mode. Set the time to be unlimited and
only choose beam swords as weapons. Set the characters to have three
lives each. Then, you may attack your opponent even if they drop their
beam sword.

Hint: Funny sounds sequence:
Unlock the music test option. Set the music to "6" and sound to "3",
then enter the following pattern.
Music "6"
Voice "105"
Voice "104"
Voice "103" multiple times
Voice "106"
Sound "3"

Hint: Bonus Practice #1, Break The Targets:
When playing as Yoshi, to get the target on the far right, use the
Mega Headbutt (Left or Right + A) next to the side of the target hill.

When breaking the target in the upper left of the screen, stand under
it and press Analog-stick Down + B to take out a bomb. Then press C-
Up(2) and when you are at the peak of your jump, press Analog-stick Up
+ A. If done correctly, the bomb should hit the target.

To break the targets as Link, you have to get up to the hovering
platform over all the way to the left. Throw a boomerang, and before
it returns, press C-Up(2), Analog-stick Up, to get below the target.
If done correctly, the boomerang will hit the last target.

In the break the targets mode, many players think it is very hard to
hit the very high target on the top-left of the screen. You can break
it easily by using the following steps: Press Down + B to bring out a
bomb. Double jump directly under the target and press Up + R to throw
the bomb high in the air and destroy the target.

Hint: Bonus Practice #2, Board The Platforms:
Use the following strategy when playing as Jigglypuff/Purin on the
last platform. Since Jigglypuff does not have an extra jump (Up + B),
run and jump from the edge then press B. Repeat this until reaching
the platform. Pace your jumps so he can go farther. Practice this on
the "walk on water platform".

Glitch: Freeze the game:
Start a multi-player game on a large stage, such as Hyrule or Sector Z
with two Foxes and one Ness. Have Ness shoot a PK Thunder horizontally
into a Fox. Have that Fox bounce it off to the other Fox. Note: Ness
has to be out of the way. The other Fox should bounce it back. If done
correctly the game will freeze.

Glitch: Falling Beam Swords:
Go to training mode and choose Kirby. Go to Hyrule Castle. There is a
tiny green castle in the stage. Stand below it. Press Start to display
the menu, then go through the items until you see the Beam Sword item.
Get as many as possible on the fighting screen (by pressing A). Then,
press Start to exit the menu. Go to the edge of where you are
standing. You will see Beam Swords spinning and falling down the side
of the wall.

Glitch: Walk through fighters:
You can use any character to walk through another character. For
example, play as Kirby on the Sector Z stage and stand on top of the
big incline. Make sure another fighter is on the incline. Use the
stone move to slide right through the other fighter.

Glitch: Floating character:
Begin a match on the Sector Z stage (Star Fox's level) and get on the
lower level. Go left and run as far as possible into the wall. Pause
game play when against the wall. Hold Down/Left and you should see
your character floating in the air. This is also a good trick to try
while using a B attack or a taunt (especially with Link).

Choose any character in versus mode and go to the Dreamland stage
(Kirby's level). Stand on the ground (not any platform). Pause game
play and press Analog-stick Down. If done correctly, your character
will be standing in midair.

Glitch: Invisible box:
Destroy a crate or barrel at the same time that your teammate picks it
up. The contents of the container will pop out and your teammate will
be holding an invisible box. The invisible box will contain the same
object that just popped out of the other box.

Custom menu (Japanese version):
Battle 100 times with Yoshi vs. Kirby for multi-player options.

Sound Test
1- Game Intro
2- Tutor
3- Data
4- Menu
5- Peach's Castle theme
6- Congo Jungle theme
7- Hyrule Castle theme
8- Planet Zebes theme
9- Yoshi's Island theme
10- Dreamland theme
11- Sector Z theme
12- Saffron City theme
13- Mushroom Kingdom theme
14- Mushroom Kingdom "Time is running out!" sequence
15- Mario/Luigi Wins
16- Donkey Kong Wins
17- Link Wins
18- Samus Wins
19- Yoshi Wins
20- Kirby Wins
21- Fox Wins
22- Pikachu/Jigglypuff Wins
23- Captain Falcon Wins
24- Ness Wins
25- After VS Mode battle
26- Hammer
27- Star
28- Training Mode
29- Before 1 Player Mode battle
30- Before Master Hand battle
31- Master Hand entering arena
32- Master Hand battle
33- Bonus Stages
34- After 1 Player Mode battle
35- After Master Hand battle
36- Bonus Stage Clear
37- Bonus Stage Failure
38- Fighting Polygon Team battle
39- Metal Mario battle
40- Similar to #30 but not in the game
41- After unlocking a character/stage/option
42- Kid dropping you on desk after Master Hand battle
43- Kid
44- Game Over
45- Credits

1- Mario "Wah"
2- Mario "Wah haaa"
3- Mario "Yah"
4- Mario "Yah hooo"
5- Mario Dying
6- Mario "Hoo"
7- Mario "Hoo hooo"
8- Mario "Mmm muh"
9- Mario "Doh"
10- Mario "Oof"
11- Mario "Here we go"
12- Donkey Kong "Beh uhh"
13- Donkey Kong growling
14- Donkey Kong "Or vah"
15- Donkey Kong "Bark"
16- Donkey Kong dying
17- Donkey Kong "Rawr"
18- Donkey Kong "Arf"
19- Donkey Kong snorts
20- Donkey Kong snorts
21- Donkey Kong "Rowr"
22- Link "Hut"
23- Link "Tut"
24- Link "Tiya"
25- Link "Set"
26- Link dying
27- Link "Iahh"
28- Link "Yuut"
29- Link "Yoo"
30- Link "Gu hu"
31- Link "Eyaah"
32- Link "Eh heh"
33- Yoshi "Yoshi"
34- Yoshi "Hu"
35- Yoshi "Wow"
36- Yoshi "Eyum"
37- Yoshi dying
38- Yoshi "Waah"
39- Yoshi "Hu"
40- Yoshi "Uhhhhh"
41- Yoshi sleeping
42- Yoshi "Gring"
43- Yoshi "Ha"
44- Yoshi "Yoey"
45- Yoshi "Bum"
46- Yoshi "Yoshi"
47- Kirby "Hii"
48- Kirby "Ayy"
49- Kirby "Huh"
50- Kirby "Hu"
51- Kirby "Ehh"
52- Kirby "Pikachu"
53- Kirby "Eyaah"
54- Kirby "Huncle"
55- Kirby "Punch"
56- Kirby "Go"
57- Kirby "Poo"
58- Kirby dying
59- Kirby in pain
60- Kirby "Eyoh"
61- Kirby "Eekah"
62- Kirby "Squirtle"
63- Kirby "PK Fire"
64- Kirby "Wah"
65- Kirby sleeping
66- Kirby "Yootoe"
67- Fox dying
68- Fox "Hwayah"
69- Fox "Euh huh"
70- Fox "Hah"
71- Fox "Heh"
72- Fox "Idiot"
73- Fox "Euh huh"
74- Fox dying
75- Fox "Hee"
76- Fox "Dum yuck"
77- Fox "Geh ah"
78- Fox "Eeh uh"
79- Fox in pain
80- Pikachu "Pika Pika"
81- Pikachu "Pika"
82- Pikachu "Piika"
83- Pikachu "Chu"
84- Pikachu "Pikachu"
85- Pikachu using Thunder
86- Pikachu dying
87- Pikachu "Pikahh"
88- Pikachu "Pee"
89- Pikachu "Pee ki"
90- Pikachu "Pee kaw kaw"
91- Pikachu "Pikow"
92- Pikachu "Cha"
93- Luigi "Woo"
94- Luigi "Wah hah"
95- Luigi "Hoo"
96- Luigi "Yahoo"
97- Luigi dying
98- Luigi "Hoo ha"
99- Luigi "Whoa"
100- Luigi "Yuh"
101- Luigi "Ha ha"
102- Luigi "Mmm muh"
103- Luigi "Uhh"
104- Luigi "Here we go"
105- Captain Falcon "Show me your moves"
106- Captain Falcon "Yes"
107- Captain Falcon "Piuh"
108- Captain Falcon "Pyuh"
109- Captain Falcon "Hele"
110- Captain Falcon "Kwa"
111- Captain Falcon "Eeyah"
112- Captain Falcon "Falcon Kick"
113- Captain Falcon "Falcon"
114- Captain Falcon "Punch"
115- Captain Falcon dying
116- Captain Falcon "No"
117- Captain Falcon "Mwa"
118- Captain Falcon "Hu"
119- Captain Falcon "Neeya"
120- Captain Falcon "Forawa"
121- Captain Falcon sleeping
122- Captain Falcon "Woops"
123- Ness "Okay"
124- Ness "Huut"
125- Ness "Taw"
126- Ness "Yah"
127- Ness "Eh Eh"
128- Ness dying
129- Ness in pain
130- Ness "Uh ah"
131- Ness "Uh uh heh"
132- Ness "Uh hoo"
133- Ness "PK Fire"
134- Ness "PK Thunder"
135- Ness "Owday"
136- Ness sleeping
137- Jigglypuff "Jeeglypuff"
138- Jigglypuff "Puff"
139- Jigglypuff "Jiggly"
140- Jigglypuff "Puff"
141- Jigglypuff "Puff"
142- Jigglypuff dying
143- Jigglypuff in pain
144- Jigglypuff "Puff"
145- Jigglypuff "Jigglow"
146- Jigglypuff "Ee uh"
147- Jigglypuff "Jiggalow"
148- Jigglypuff sleeping
149- Jigglypuff Rest attack
150- Jigglypuff end of Rest attack
151- Jigglypuff singing
152- Master Hand laughing
153- Master Hand dying
154- Narrator "Super Smash Brothers"
155- Narrator "Mario"
156- Narrator "Donkey Kong"
157- Narrator "Samus"
158- Narrator "Fox"
159- Narrator "Yoshi"
160- Narrator "Link"
161- Narrator "Pikachu"
162- Narrator "Kirby"
163- Narrator "Luigi"
164- Narrator "Captain Falcon"
165- Narrator "Ness"
166- Narrator "Jigglypuff"
167- Narrator "Red Team"
168- Narrator "Blue Team"
169- Narrator "Green Team"
170- Narrator "Free for all"
171- Narrator "Team Battle"
172- Narrator "Choose your character"
173- Narrator "Continue"
174- Narrator "Game over"
175- Narrator "Go"
176- Narrator "5"
177- Narrator "4"
178- Narrator "3"
179- Narrator "2"
180- Narrator "1"
181- Narrator "Sudden death"
182- Narrator "Time up"
183- Narrator "Game set"
184- Narrator "This game's winner is..."
185- Narrator "No contest"
186- Narrator "Player 1"
187- Narrator "Player 2"
188- Narrator "Player 3"
189- Narrator "Player 4"
190- Narrator "Computer player"
191- Narrator "Versus"
192- Narrator "Yoshi Team"
193- Narrator "Kirby Team"
194- Narrator "Giant Donkey Kong"
195- Narrator "Mario Brothers"
196- Narrator "Metal Mario"
197- Narrator "Fighting Polygon Team"
198- Narrator "Bonus Stage"
199- Narrator "Break the Targets"
200- Narrator "Board the Platforms"
201- Narrator "Complete"
202- Narrator "Failure"
203- Narrator "A new record"
204- Narrator "Training mode"
205- Narrator "How to play"
206- Koffing "Koffing"
207- Onix roaring
208- Snorlax "ZZZZZ lax"
209- Snorlax "Snorlax"
210- Blastoise "Blastoise"
211- Chansey "Chansey"
212- Mew "Meew"
213- Clefairy "Clefairy"
214- Charizard "Buh don"
215- Hitmonlee "Psyduck"
216- Hitmonlee "Psy psy psy psy"
217- Beedrill "Buzz"
218- Beedrills "Buzz"
219- Starmie "Huuh"
220- Goldeen "Goldeen Goldeen, Goldeen Goldeen"
221- Venusaur "Venusaur"
222- Charmander "Charmander"
223- Chansey "Chansey"
224- Porygon "Klickey"
225- Crowd "Donkey Kong"
226- Crowd "Falcon"
227- Crowd "Go Fox"
228- Crowd "Kirby"
229- Crowd "Go Link"
230- Crowd "Luigi"
231- Crowd "Mario"
232- Crowd "Go Ness"
233- Crowd "Pikachu"
234- Crowd "Jigglypuff"
235- Crowd "Samus"
236- Crowd "Yoshi"
237- Crowd "Ohhh"
238- Crowd "Oohhh"
239- Crowd applauses
240- Crowd "Oh" Claps
241- Crowd "Ohhh"
242- Crowd "Ohh"
243- Crowd applauses
244- Crowd Claps

Gameshark Codes
Full Charge Codes

1P Mode 
1 VS Link 1 80268B0F 0007
2 VS Yoshi Team  80268E4F 0007
3 VS Fox McCloud  802710A7 0007
4 VS Mario Bros  80263D4F 0007
5 VS Pikachu  80273A47 0007
6 VS Giant DK  80270A7F 0007
7 VS Kirby Team  8026DAEF 0007
8 VS Samus Aran  8026FF57 0007
9 VS Metal Mario  80263597 0007
10 VS Fighting Polygon Team  8026271F 0007
  VS Mode 
  Peach's Castle 
11 P1  8025EC2F 0007
12 P2  8025F77F 0007
13 P3  802602CF 0007
14 P4  80260E1F 0007
  Yoshi's Island 
15 P1  8026E2B7 0007
16 P2  8026EE07 0007
17 P3  8026F957 0007
18 P4  802704A7 0007
  Congo Jungle 
19 P1  8026B95F 0007
20 P2  8026C4AF 0007
21 P3  8026CFFF 0007
22 P4  8026DB4F 0007
  Dream Land 
23 P1  802689CF 0007
24 P2  8026951F 0007
25 P3  8026A06F 0007
26 P4  8026ABBF 0007
  Hyrule Castle 
27 P1  802639EF 0007
28 P2  8026453F 0007
29 P3  8026508F 0007
30 P4  80265BDF 0007
  Sector Z 
31 P1  8026BF87 0007
32 P2  8026CAD7 0007
33 P3  8026D627 0007
34 P4  8026E177 0007
  Planet Zebes 
35 P1  8026AE37 0007
36 P2  8026B987 0007
37 P3  8026C4D7 0007
38 P4  8026D027 0007
  Saffron City 
39 P1  8026E927 0007
40 P2  8026F477 0007
41 P3  8026FFC7 0007
42 P4  80270B17 0007
  Mushroom Kingdom 
43 P1  802637FF 0007
44 P2  8026434F 0007
45 P3  80264E9F 0007
46 P4  802659EF 0007
  Training Mode 
  Yoshi's Island 
47 P1 Infinite Charge  80284D17 0007
  Saffron City 
48 P1 Infinite Charge  80285347 0007
  Mushroom Kingdom 
49 P1 Infinite Charge  8027A2FF 0007
  Planet Zebes 
50 P1 Infinite Charge  80281887 0007
  Hyrule Castle 
51 P1 Infinite Charge  8027A4FF 0007
  Sector Z 
52 P1 Infinite Charge  802829BF 0007
  Dream Land 
53 P1 Infinite Charge  8027F407 0007
  Congo Jungle 
54 P1 Infinite Charge  802823AF 0007
  Peach's Castle 
55 P1 Infinite Charge  80275677 0007

Number Comments
1 These codes make it so that Samus Aran & DK don't need to charge for
their moves. Only use one level's codes at a time, otherwise the game
will freeze.

Hat Modifiers

VS Mode 
  Peach's Castle 
1 P1 1 8025EAD0 00??
2 P2  8025F620 00??
3 P3  80260170 00??
4 P4  80260CC0 00??
  Congo Jungle 
5 P1  8026B800 00??
6 P2  8026C350 00??
7 P3  8026CEA0 00??
8 P4  8026D9F0 00??
  Hyrule Castle 
9 P1  80263890 00??
10 P2  802643E0 00??
11 P3  80264F30 00??
12 P4  80265A80 00??
  Planet Zebes 
13 P1  8026ACD8 00??
14 P2  8026B829 00??
15 P3  8026C378 00??
16 P4  8026CEC8 00??
  Yoshi's Island 
17 P1  8026E158 00??
18 P2  8026ECA8 00??
19 P3  8026F7F8 00??
20 P4  80270348 00??
  Dream Land 
21 P1  80268870 00??
22 P2  802693C0 00??
23 P3  80269F10 00??
24 P4  8026AA60 00??
  Sector Z 
25 P1  8026BE28 00??
26 P2  8026C978 00??
27 P3  8026D4C8 00??
28 P4  8026E018 00??
  Saffron City 
29 P1  8026E7C8 00??
30 P2  8026F318 00??
31 P3  8026FE68 00??
32 P4  802709B8 00??
  Mushroom Kingdom 
33 P1  802636A0 00??
34 P2  802641F0 00??
35 P3  80264D40 00??
36 P4  80265890 00??

Number Comments
1 After putting in a code, go to a stage and do Kirby's Rock move or
Vacuum and Kirby will get his hat for the code you put in. After
getting your hat you can still copy other people's power but you will
have the other person's hat. To change the Hat but keep the power do
the rock move again. (Kirby looks cute with Jigglypuff Ears doing
Captain Falcon's Punch!)

The Yoshi Island's Hat Modifier is a little glitchy and sometimes
doesn't work.

00 - Kirby
01 - Faceless Kirby
02 - Kirby Always Rock Shield Form
03 - Jigglypuff Hat
04 - DK Body
05 - Yoshi Hat
06 - Pikachu Hat
07 - Fox Hat
08 - Samus Aran Suit
09 - Captain Falcon Helmet
0A - Link Hat
0B - Luigi Hat
0C - Mario Hat
0D - Ness Hat
0E - Yoshi Hat and Faceless
0F - Rubber Kirby
10 - Invisible Kirby
11 - Invisible Kirby With Yoshi Tounge

Infinite Jumps Codes


Peach's Castle 
1 P1 Infinite Jumps  8025E298 0001
2 P2 Infinite Jumps  8025EDE8 0001
3 P3 Infinite Jumps  8025F938 0001
4 P4 Infinite Jumps  80260488 0001
  Congo Jungle 
5 P1 Infinite Jumps  8026AFC8 0001
6 P2 Infinite Jumps  8026BB18 0001
7 P3 Infinite Jumps  8026C668 0001
8 P4 Infinite Jumps  8026D1B8 0001
  Hyrule Castle 
9 P1 Infinite Jumps  80263058 0001
10 P2 Infinite Jumps  80263BA8 0001
11 P3 Infinite Jumps  802646F8 0001
12 P4 Infinite Jumps  80265248 0001
  Planet Zebes 
13 P1 Infinite Jumps  8026A4A0 0001
14 P2 Infinite Jumps  8026AFF0 0001
15 P3 Infinite Jumps  8026BB40 0001
16 P4 Infinite Jumps  8026C690 0001
  Mushroom Kingdom 
17 P1 Infinite Jumps  80262E68 0001
18 P2 Infinite Jumps  802639B8 0001
19 P3 Infinite Jumps  80264508 0001
20 P4 Infinite Jumps  80265058 0001
  Yoshi's Island 
21 P1 Infinite Jumps  8026D920 0001
22 P2 Infinite Jumps  8026E470 0001
23 P3 Infinite Jumps  8026EFC0 0001
24 P4 Infinite Jumps  8026FB10 0001
  Dream Land 
25 P1 Infinite Jumps  80268038 0001
26 P2 Infinite Jumps  80268B88 0001
27 P3 Infinite Jumps  802696D8 0001
28 P4 Infinite Jumps  8026A228 0001
  Saffron City 
29 P1 Infinite Jumps  8026DF90 0001
30 P2 Infinite Jumps  8026EAE0 0001
31 P3 Infinite Jumps  8026F630 0001
32 P4 Infinite Jumps  80270180 0001
  Sector Z 
33 P1 Infinite Jumps  8026B5F0 0001
34 P2 Infinite Jumps  8026C140 0001
35 P3 Infinite Jumps  8026CC90 0001
36 P4 Infinite Jumps  8026D7E0 0001
  Metal Mario's 
37 P1 Infinite Jumps  8025DAE0 0001
38 P2 Infinite Jumps  8025E630 0001
39 P3 Infinite Jumps  8025F180 0001
40 P4 Infinite Jumps  8025FCD0 0001
  Polygon Team's 
41 P1 Infinite Jumps  8025CC68 0001
42 P2 Infinite Jumps  8025D7B8 0001
43 P3 Infinite Jumps  8025E308 0001
44 P4 Infinite Jumps  8025EE58 0001
  Bonus 3 
45 P1 Infinite Jumps  8023B150 0001
46 P2 Infinite Jumps  8023BCA0 0001
47 P3 Infinite Jumps  8023C7F0 0001
48 P4 Infinite Jumps  8023D340 0001
  "How To Play" 
49 P1 Infinite Jumps  8025CBA0 0001
50 P2 Infinite Jumps  8025D6F0 0001
51 P3 Infinite Jumps  8025E240 0001
52 P4 Infinite Jumps  8025ED90 0001
  Beta Kirby 1 
53 P1 Infinite Jumps  8025D210 0001
54 P2 Infinite Jumps  8025DD60 0001
55 P3 Infinite Jumps  8025E8B0 0001
56 P4 Infinite Jumps  8025F400 0001
  Beta Kirby 2 
57 P1 Infinite Jumps  8025E9C0 0001
58 P2 Infinite Jumps  8025F510 0001
59 P3 Infinite Jumps  80260060 0001
60 P4 Infinite Jumps  80260BB0 0001
  Yoshi's island (Alternate) 
61 P1 Infinite Jumps  80263398 0001
62 P2 Infinite Jumps  80263EE8 0001
63 P3 Infinite Jumps  80264A38 0001
64 P4 Infinite Jumps  80265588 0001
  Boarding The Platforms Round 
65 Luigi  80269518 0001
66 Mario  80268E18 0001
67 Link  8026A678 0001
68 Captain Falcon  8026A398 0001
69 Yoshi  80268A58 0001
70 Kirby  8026A018 0001
71 Fox McCloud  80277AF8 0001
72 Pikachu  8026A088 0001
73 Jigglypuff  8026BE88 0001
74 Donkey Kong  80268828 0001
75 Samus  80267F18 0001
76 Ness  80269DC8 0001

Main Codes
1 Enable Code (Must Be On)  F10396B0 2400
DE000400 0000
2 CodeMaster's Activator 1 P1  D009EFA4 00??
3 CodeMaster's Activator 2 P1  D009EFA5 00??
4 CodeMaster's Dual Activator P1  D109EFA4 00??
5 Viper666 16-bit Activator P1  D1045188 ??00
6 Viper666 16-Bit Activator P2  D109EFAC ????
7 Viper666 16-Bit Activator P3  D109EFB4 ????
8 Viper666 16-Bit Activator P4  D109EFBC ????
  Training Mode 
9 Weird Pokeballs 1 80265A1B 0006
10 1P Character Modifier  801385A3 00??
11 2P Character Modifier  8013865B 00??
12 Bonus Stage Character Modifier  8018F1D3 00??
13 Bonus Stage Modifier  800A4B09 00??
  Both Modes 
14 Enable All Hidden Characters  810A4938 0FF0
15 Enable All Prizes  800A4937 00FF
16 Item Switch Menu 2 891348E2 0004
17 Camera Zooms Out Farther When You Press Start  800A4D08 0002
18 Music Modifier 3 80099113 00??
19 Music Modifier Quantity Digits (1/2) 4 N/A
20 Music Modifier Quantity Digits (2/2) 5 N/A
21 Turn Music Modifier Off  81099110 FFFF
81099112 FFFF
  1-Player Mode Only Codes 
22 Weak Enemies 6 800A4BAD 000A
800A4C21 000A
800A4C95 000A
800A4BAB 00AE
800A4C1F 00AE
800A4C93 00AE
23 Super Strong  800A4B39 001E
800A4B37 0000
24 Always Get Pacifist (60,000 points)  810A4B6E 0000
25 Millions Of Points  810A4B6E FFFF
800A4B6D 00FF
26 Press Down On Control Pad To Make Items Appear In Random Spots
D109EFA4 0400
8118D0A2 0001
27 1 Death Mode 7 80192FA1 0001
801938C8 0001
28 Training Mode Level Modifier 8 880A4ADF 000?
29 Skip Straight To Master Hand 9 800A4AE7 000D
30 Press GS Button For 1 Target Left In Bonus 1 10 881313FC 0001
31 Press GS Button For 1 Target Left In Bonus 2  88131400 0001
32 Infinite Time 11 810A4B2E 43CB
33 Infinite Lives P1  800A4B43 0004
34 Infinite Lives P2  800A4BB7 0004
35 Infinite Lives P3  800A4C2B 0004
36 Infinite Lives P4  800A4C9F 0004
37 FAKE High % Health P1  810A4B86 0500
38 FAKE High % Health P2  810A4BFA 0500
39 FAKE High % Health P3  810A4C6E 0500
40 FAKE High % Health P4  810A4CE2 0500
41 FAKE Low % Health P1  810A4B86 0000
42 FAKE Low % Health P2  810A4BFA 0000
43 FAKE Low % Health P3  810A4C6E 0000
44 FAKE Low % Health P4  810A4CE2 0000
45 Character Modifier P1 12 800A4B3B 00??
46 Character Modifier P2  800A4BAF 00??
47 Character Modifier P3  800A4C23 00??
48 Character Modifier P4  800A4C97 00??
  Kirby B Button Move Modifiers 
49 Hyrule Castle P1 13 80268B0F 000?
50 Yoshi's Island P1  80268E4F 000?
51 Sector Z P1  802710F7 000?
52 Peach's Castle P1  80263D9F 000?
53 Saffron City P1  80273A97 000?
54 Congo Jungle P1  80270ACF 000?
55 Dreamland P1  8026DB3F 000?
56 Planet Zebes P1  8026FFA7 000?
57 Metal Mario Stage P1  80263597 000?
58 Fighting Polygon Team P1  8026271F 000?
59 Master Hand Stage P1  80271C4F 000?

Number Comments
1 Pick anyone (Ness?). Go to Yoshi's Island and give yourself ONE
Pokeball. Pick it up and throw it. It goes off the stage! If you can
get it to land and stay, the Pokemon inside won't come out... weird!
2 Go to Vs. Options. Press and hold the GS Button, then hit A to get
the menu.
3 It doesn't work everywhere. It sometimes works in the Menu,
sometimes doesn't. It does work during battle and at Choose your
Character, and if you go into Sound Test and play any music, the music
you chose will play instead.

4 00: Kirby's Dream Land
01: Planet Zebes
02: Classic SMB Music
03: Classic SMB Music (Running Out Of Time)
04: Sector Z
05: Congo Jungle
06: Peach's Castle
07: Pok駑on Theme
08: Yoshi's Island
09: Hyrule Castle
0A: Choose Your Character
0B: Odd Beta Fanfare! It's not much, but it's worth a listen!
0C: Mario/Luigi Wins
0D: Samus Wins
0E: DK Wins
0F: Kirby Wins
10: Fox Wins
11: Ness Wins
12: Yoshi Wins
13: C. Falcon Wins
14: Pikachu/Jigglypuff Wins
15: Link Wins
16: Post VS. Battle
17: Pre-Master Hand
18: Pre-Master Hand #2
19: Master Hand Battle
1A: Bonus Stage
1B: Stage Clear
1C: Bonus Stage Clear
1D: Master Hand Clear
1E: Bonus Stage Failure
1F: Continue?
20: Game Over
21: Intro
22: How to Play
23: Pre-1P Battle
24: Polygon Team Stage
25: Metal Mario Stage
26: Beat the Game
5 28: Found a Secret!
27: Credits Roll
29: Fight the Hidden Character
2A: Training Mode
2B: Data
2C: Menu Screen
2D: Hammer
2E: Invincibility
6 With this code, send your enimies sky high. 1st player only.
7 With this code, you only need to kill one Yoshi, Mario Brother,
Fighting Polygon, or Kirby to get a match set.
8 This is a GS Button code. You must start holding the Gameshark
Button down on the level select screen until the match begins. The
Beta Kirby levels are glitchy and freeze when someone dies, including
the "How to play" level. The "How to play" level can only be accessed
with 2 players!
9 This code takes you to the final battle. It can be useful in helping
you unlock secret characters and the mushroom stage.
10 Only put one on at a time. Do not put the code generator on. With
one of these codes on go to the stage you want to beat then after it
says `go' press the GS Button. Then hit 1 target or board one platform
and it will say complete and you have beaten it. Both of these codes
work with all characters.
11 With these codes, do not use both mode codes at the same time.
12 00 - Mario
01 - Fox
02 - DK
03 - Samus
04 - Luigi
05 - Link
06 - Yoshi
07 - C. Falcon
08 - Kirby
09 - Pikachu
0A - Jigglypuff
0B - Ness
0C - Master Hand
0D - Metal Mario
0E - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #1
0F - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #2
10 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #3
11 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #4
12 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #5
13 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #6
14 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #7
15 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #8
16 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #9
17 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #10
18 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #11
19 - One of the Fighting Polygon Team Members #12
1A - Giant Donkey Kong
13 These are the only quantity digits that you can use. The others
freeze the game.

2 - D.K. Wind-up Punch
A - Jigglypuff Puff Punch

Main Codes 2
1 Item Appearance Modifier 1 800A4B34 000?
2 Item Switch Modifier 1 2 800A4B25 00F?
3 Item Switch Modifier 2  800A4B26 00??
4 Item Switch Modifier 2 Quantity Digit #1 3 N/A
5 Item Switch Modifier 2 Quantity Digit #2 4 N/A
6 Item Switch Modifier 3 5 800A4B27 00?F
7 Level Select  800A4B19 00??
8 CPU Controls Player 1 On Controller 1  800A4B3A 0001
9 Control Player 2 On Controller 2  800A4BAE 0000
10 Control Player 3 On Controller 3 6 800A4C22 0000
11 Control Player 4 On Controller 4 7 800A4C96 0000
12 No Miss Bonus  810A4B6D 0000
13 Sometimes Get Pacifist & No Miss  810A4B6B 0000
14 Become Your First Ally  800A4AE8 0000
15 Become Your Second Ally  800A4AE9 0000
16 Computer Intelligence Level Modifier Player 1  800A4B38 000?
17 Computer Intelligence Level Modifier Player 2  800A4BAC 000?
18 Computer Intelligence Level Modifier Player 3  800A4C20 000?
19 Computer Intelligence Level Modifier Player 4  800A4C94 000?
20 Character Color Modifier P1 8 800A4B3E 000?
21 Character Color Modifier P2  800A4BB2 000?
22 Character Color Modifier P3  800A4C26 000?
23 Character Color Modifier P4  800A4C9A 000?
24 Bonus Stage Character Modifier 9 8018F1D3 000?
25 Bonus Stage Modifier  800A4B09 000?
  VS. Mode Only Codes 
26 Press Up On Control Pad To Open Saffron City Tower Door  D109EFA4
81131410 0001
27 Press Down On Control Pad To Force Pok駑on To Come Out Of Saffron
City Tower 10 D109EFA4 0400
8113140E 0001
28 Saffron City Tower Pok駑on & Anti-Modifier 11 80131412 000?
29 Press Left On Control Pad To Make Tornado In Hyrule Castle Appear
Or Disappear  D109EFA4 0200
81131410 0001
30 Press Right On Control Pad To Make The POW Block Appear In Mushroom
Kingdom  D109EFA4 0100
81131434 0001
31 Stand On Clouds In Yoshi's Island Forever 12 8013140E 0000
8013142E 0000
8013144E 0000
32 Give Kirby A Weird Blow-Up Move (Peach's Castle)  8025E158 000A
33 Light Always Pours Out SilphCo Door In Saffron City  8026DB6C 0000
34 No Light Comes Out Of SilphCo Door In Saffron City  8026DB6C 0001
35 Level Modifier 13 800A4D09 00??
36 Infinite Time  810A4D1E 43CB
37 Infinite Lives P1  800A4D33 0004
38 FAKE High % Health P1  810A4D76 0500
39 FAKE High % Health P2  810A4DEA 0500
40 FAKE High % Health P3  810A4E5E 0500
41 FAKE High % Health P4  810A4ED2 0500
42 FAKE Low % Health P1  810A4D76 0000
43 FAKE Low % Health P2  810A4DEA 0000
44 FAKE Low % Health P3  810A4E5E 0000
45 FAKE Low % Health P4  810A4ED2 0000
46 Item Appearance Modifier 14 800A4D24 000?
47 Item Switch Modifier 1  800A4D15 00F?
48 Item Switch Modifier 2  800A4D16 00??
49 Item Switch Modifier 3  800A4D17 00?F
50 Character Modifier P1  800A4D2B 00??
51 Character Modifier P2  800A4D9F 00??
52 Character Modifier P3  800A4E13 00??
53 Character Modifier P4  800A4E87 00??
54 Character Color Modifier P1  800A4D2E 000?
55 Character Color Modifier P2  800A4DA2 000?
56 Character Color Modifier P3  800A4E16 000?
57 Character Color Modifier P4  800A4E8A 000?
58 Infinite Bullets On RayGun  8025D437 0008
  Kirby B Button Move Modifiers 
59 Hyrule Castle P1 15 802639EF 000?
60 Yoshi's Island P1  8026E2B7 000?
61 Sector Z P1  8026BF87 000?

Number Comments
1 0 - None
1 - Very Low
2 - Low
3 - Middle
4 - High
5 - Very High
2 Bumper/Shell/Pok顳all

0 - Off, Off, Off
1 - On, Off, Off
6 - Off, On, Off
7 - On, On, Off
8 - Off, Off, On
9 - On, Off, On
E - Off, On, On
F - On, On, On
3 Digit 1


0? - Off, Off, Off, Off
1? - Off, Off, Off, On
2? - On, Off, Off, Off
3? - On, Off, Off, On
4? - Off, On, Off, Off
5? - Off, On, Off, On
6? - On, On, Off, Off
7? - On, On, Off, On
8? - Off, Off, On, Off
9? - Off, Off, On, On
A? - On, Off, On, Off
B? - On, Off, On, On
C? - Off, On, On, Off
D? - Off, On, On, On
E? - On, On, On, Off
F? - On, On, On, On
4 Digit 2


?0 - Off, Off, Off, Off
?1 - On, Off, Off, Off
?2 - Off, On, Off, Off
?3 - On, On, Off, Off
?4 - Off, Off, Off, On
?5 - On, Off, Off, On
?6 - Off, On, Off, On
?7 - On, On, Off, On
?8 - Off, Off, On, Off
?9 - On, Off, On, Off
?A - Off, On, On, Off
?B - On, On, On, Off
?C - Off, Off, On, On
?D - On, Off, On, On
?E - Off, On, On, On
?F - On, On, On, On
5 Tomato/Heart/BeamSword/Star

0 - Off, Off, Off, Off
1 - On, Off, Off, Off
2 - Off, On, Off, Off
3 - On, On, Off, Off
4 - Off, Off, Off, On
5 - On, Off, Off, On
6 - Off, On, Off, On
7 - On, On, Off, On
8 - Off, Off, On, Off
9 - On, Off, On, Off
A - Off, On, On, Off
B - On, On, On, Off
C - Off, Off, On, On
D - On, Off, On, On
E - Off, On, On, On
F - On, On, On, On
6 Will lock up if P3 is not present in the battle, use only in Yoshi
Team/Giant DK/Kirby Team/Polygon Team battles.
7 Will lock up if P4 is not present in the battle, use only in Yoshi
Team/Giant DK/Kirby Team/Polygon Team battles. Using these, you can
get bonuses like "Pacifist" easily and speed through the game. You
need an Activator to use the P3 and P4 codes or else they will freeze
the game when you try to fight Link because there is no third or
fourth player in the battle with Link.
8 4 - Yoshi is pink and most of the other characters are green
5 - Yoshi is dark blue
9 00 - Mario
01 - Fox
02 - DK
03 - Samus
04 - Luigi
05 - Link
06 - Yoshi
07 - Falcon
08 - Kirby
09 - Pikachu
0A - Jigglypuff
0B - Ness
10 Remove the D1-activator and Pok駑on will come out of the tower non-
11 Putting a number here will cause that Pok駑on to NEVER come out of
the tower. Good for getting rid of Chansey or Electrode.

0 - Chansey
1 - Electrode
2 - Charmander
3 - Venusaur
4 - Porygon
12 The cloud will still disappear, but you won't fall off. This is fun
against the CPU players! Watch as they go nuts trying to reach you,
and eventually fall off!
13 00 - 07 Normal Stages
08 - Classic Mushroom Kingdom
09 - 0A - Kirby Beta Levels
0B - Level From "How To Play SSB Demo"
0D - Metal Mario Level
0E - Fighting Polygon Team Level
0F - Bonus 3 Level
10 - Master Hand's Level
14 The VS. mode codes use the same digits as the 1 player mode item
switch codes.
15 These are the only quantity digits that you can use. The others
freeze the game.

2 - D.K. Wind-up Punch
A - Jigglypuff Puff Punch

Sheild Size Modifier

 Peach's Castle 
1 Player 1  8025E187 00??
2 Player 2  8025ECD7 00??
3 Player 3  8025F827 00??
4 Player 4  80260377 00??
  Congo Jungle 
5 Player 1  8026AEB7 00??
6 Player 2  8026BA07 00??
7 Player 3  8026C557 00??
8 Player 4  8026D0A7 00??
  Hyrule Castle 
9 Player 1  80262F47 00??
10 Player 2  80263A97 00??
11 Player 3  802645E7 00??
12 Player 4  80265137 00??
  Planet Zebes 
13 Player 1  8026A38F 00??
14 Player 2  8026AEDF 00??
15 Player 3  8026BA2F 00??
16 Player 4  8026C57F 00??
  Yoshi's Island 
17 Player 1  8026D80F 00??
18 Player 2  8026E35F 00??
19 Player 3  8026EEAF 00??
20 Player 4  8026F9FF 00??
  Dream Land 
21 Player 1  80267F27 00??
22 Player 2  80268A77 00??
23 Player 3  802695C7 00??
24 Player 4  8026A117 00??
  Sector Z 
25 Player 1  8026B4DF 00??
26 Player 2  8026C02F 00??
27 Player 3  8026CB7F 00??
28 Player 4  8026D6CF 00??
  Saffron City 
29 Player 1  8026DE7F 00??
30 Player 2  8026E9CF 00??
31 Player 3  8026F51F 00??
32 Player 4  8027006F 00??

Infinite Lives Codes

1-Player Mode 
  STAGE 1: VS. Link  
1 You 1 8126805E ????
2 Link  81268BAE ????
  STAGE 2: VS. Yoshi Team  
3 You  8126839E ????
4 Yoshi #1  81268EEE ????
5 Yoshi #2  81269A3E ????
6 Yoshi #3  8126A58E ????
  STAGE 3: VS. Fox McCloud  
7 You  812705F6 ????
8 Fox  81271146 ????
  STAGE 4: VS. Mario Bros.  
9 You  8126329E ????
10 Ally  81263DEE ????
11 Mario  8126493E ????
12 Luigi  8126548E ????
  STAGE 5: VS. Pikachu  
13 You  81272F96 ????
14 Pikachu  81273AE6 ????
  STAGE 6: VS. Giant DK  
15 You  8126FFCE ????
16 Ally #1  81270B1E ????
17 Ally #2  8127166E ????
18 Giant DK  812721BE ????
  STAGE 7: VS. Kirby Team  
19 You  8126D03E ????
20 Kirby #1  8126DB8E ????
21 Kirby #2  8126E6DE ????
  STAGE 8: VS. Samus Aran  
22 You  8126F4A6 ????
23 Samus  8126FFF6 ????
  STAGE 9: VS. Metal Mario  
24 You  81262AE6 ????
25 Metal Mario  81263636 ????
  BONUS STAGE 3: Race to the Finish  
26 You  81240156 ????
27 Polygon #1  81240CA6 ????
28 Polygon #2  812417F6 ????
29 Polygon #3  81242346 ????
  STAGE 10: VS. Fighting Polygon Team  
30 You  81261C6E ????
31 Polygon #1  812627BE ????
32 Polygon #2  8126330E ????
33 Polygon #3  81263E5E ????
  FINAL STAGE: VS. Master Hand  
34 You  8127119E ????
35 Master Hand  81271CEE ????
  VS. Mode Codes 
36 VS Damage Mod % 2 811348F2 ????
  ARENA: Peach's Castle  
37 1P  8125E17E ????
38 2P  8125ECCE ????
39 3P  8125F81E ????
40 4P  8126036E ????
  ARENA: Congo Jungle  
41 1P  8126AEAE ????
42 2P  8126B9FE ????
43 3P  8126C54E ????
44 4P  8126D09E ????
  ARENA: Hyrule Castle  
45 1P  81262F3E ????
46 2P  81263A8E ????
47 3P  812645DE ????
48 4P  8126512E ????
  ARENA: Planet Zebes  
49 1P  8126A386 ????
50 2P  8126AED6 ????
51 3P  8126BA26 ????
52 4P  8126C576 ????
  ARENA: Mushroom Kingdom  
53 1P  81262D4E ????
54 2P  8126389E ????
55 3P  812643EE ????
56 4P  81264F4E ????
  ARENA: Yoshi's Island  
57 1P  8126D806 ????
58 2P  8126E356 ????
59 3P  8126EEA6 ????
60 4P  8126F9F6 ????
  ARENA: Dream Land  
61 1P  81267F1E ????
62 2P  81268A6E ????
63 3P  812695BE ????
64 4P  8126A10E ????
  ARENA: Sector Z  
65 1P  8126B4D6 ????
66 2P  8126C026 ????
67 3P  8126CB76 ????
68 4P  8126D6C6 ????
  ARENA: Saffron City  
69 1P  8126DE76 ????
70 2P  8126E9C6 ????
71 3P  8126F516 ????
72 4P  81270066 ????

Number Comments
1 Just add a 0000 at the end and there's your code for infinite
health, 03E7 for 999% damage. (Fun in Bonus 3!) The damage % display
won't show the correct value until you get hit once. Only use the
codes for the stage that you need help on! I highly recommend using a
`Level Modifier' code, otherwise if you use a code for a level that
you're not on, the game will freeze when you hit your enemy!
2 This changes the damage % modifier for VS Mode. I don't know if you
can actually use 999% or 1%...try it and see.

Yoshi- For Writing This FAQ/Walkthrough 
x1372- Cheap Combos

AIM- Aethocyn

Total Time Working on FAQ: 9 Days, 6 Hours, 43 Minutes, 18 Seconds.
Thanks to my handy dandy stopwatch. :D

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