Super Smash Bros. Unique Tips You Probably Forgot v2.4
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Super Smash Bros. Unique Tips You Probably Forgot

by RAB   Updated to v2.4 on
Super Smash Bros. Unique Tips You Probably Know But Forgot (confused yet? hehehe)

By Rabby

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Would somebody please fill in the missing one-player bonus spots? Thanks.
Apparently, Mew can cause damage if touched. If so, please tell me how much damage it causes.

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Version: v2.4 - 12/25/1999
       -New e-mail address:
       -No more e-mails on where the crate and things came from! Please!
       -Things new to this version denoted with a (!)
       -Best viewed ms wordpad.
       -Probably won't be any more updates, cuz there's no more new stuff!
       -Happy holidays!
       -New statistics added to the characters
       -A word on "secret" characters

First, this is no strategy guide. You're looking for strategy? Go somewhere else.
No, instead, this is a text file I decided to make to enhance your fun with Smash Bros.
Sure, it doesn't have all the glamour of those 90k files up above this one, but you'll find 
some stuff you probably didn't know. If you don't, sue me. Anyway, here's some various stuff
you might find useful. 

GENERAL CONTROLS        Skip this ifn' ya know how to play.
TERMS                   Abbrieviations and junk you need to know.
GAME TIPS               General stuff about your character.
ON THE GROUND AGAIN?    A quick section telling things you can do on the defensive.
CHARACTERS              Specific stuff that you might not know about a certain character.
DAMAGE                  A section telling damage for moves.
CHARACTER NOTES         More stuff that has to do with your character (suggestions here please).
PRIORITY                This deals with priority of attack. Interesting for new combos.
THE STAGES              Special tips on each stage.
CONTROLLER THEORY       How to plug your controller into the right port.
TEAM ATTACK             Two or more for multiple the fun!
ONE-PLAYER BONUSES      The bonuses you can get in one-player mode.
OTHER STUFF             Cheats and whatever.

CONTROL STICK-          All movement must be made with the control stick, not the digital pad.
                        The more you tilt it, the faster the character goes. Down is duck, Up
                        is jump.
(A) BUTTON-             This is your basis for attack. This performs all normal attacks. Use it
                        in conjunction with the control stick for different moves.
(B) BUTTON-             Use this for special moves. Three may be performed, with B in conjunction
                        with Up, Down, or just B. These moves are slower than A moves usually.
(C) BUTTONS-            These are also for jumping, I reccommend using them.
(R) BUTTON-             Tap it to initate your throw move. Hold it down to activate your shield.
                        I reccomend using R for throwing only. Also, if you cannot throw, R
                        will execute an A button move.
(Z) BUTTON-             Hold this button for your shield. While holding, press A to initate a
                        throw, or a direction to roll. I reccommend using it for shielding and
(L) BUTTON-             Use this to taunt. Wear it out ok?
DIRECTION PAD-          No use, though it coulda been nice.
START BUTTON-           Pause the game. You can then exit any battle by pressing A,B,R, and Start.
                        Rotate the camera while pausing to look around.

U,D,L,R                 Up, Down, Left, and Right on the joystick
A,B,C                   A button, B button, and any C Button
F/Ba                    Forward and Backward (of your characters direction)
Run                     Dash by pressing Forward twice.