Super Smash Bros. Tips

Cheap Kills
There are a few ways to get easy kills in Super Smash Bros:

- Play as Yoshi. Go near the edge of any level and wait for an opponent to confront you. Press B--> or B<-- (depending on where you are standing) and turn the opponent into an egg. The egg will fall off screen and kill your opponent before they have time to break out of the egg.

- Play as any character. When a homerun bat appears, grab it. Turn away from the opponent you want to kill. When they are close, hold A--> or A<-- (depending on where your opponent is standing) and they will automatically get KOed.

- Play as Jigglypuff or Kirby. When you have knocked an opponent off screen, wait until they have jumped twice and pressed B. Hit them before they can grab onto a ledge and they will fall and be unable to jump anymore.

- Play as Donkey Kong. When your opponent his high damage (more than 65%) pick them up and walk off an edge. Wait for a second or two and throw them. They will be too far away to jump back onto a platform.