Super Smash Bros. Tips

Kirby Domination
Kirby can beat anyone and everyone very easily if you follow these tips:

Beat three lvl. 9's.
When playing any computer players at any lvl. start off each round of multiplayer by flying up high over their heads. They will jump straight up every time. As soon as they start to jump use your Down-B move and block all of them. This works with 3 lvl. 9 enemies of any kind, although it is more difficult against people like fox and captain falcon since they can jump and up-kick very fast. It works great when you have all three lined up underneath you and WAM!

Level advantages:
Every level presents an advantage for Kirby. DK's level isn't the best but heres some things you can do: when coming back after dying you are straight above the two moving platforms. If someone is on the ground in the very middle crease of the platforms go into a block and you'll go straight between the platforms and hit them. They never see it coming. Also, a good way to tick someone off is to float over a barrel and right when someones going to fall into it, go in. they fall down and miss the barrel. Another easy kill is staying above someone underneath the ground level. Since they can jump through the floor just stay above them and hit them preferably with the down A move while on the ground as they try to jump through the floor and they will die.

Mario Air Kingdom:
Kirby has great advantages on mario kingdom. First off, he's the only character who can move straight through the bumper without being affected. So, if someone is directly underneath the bumper and kirby is directly above, they can't jump to hit him for fear of hitting the bumper. Hence, Kirby can easily go into block form with down B and go straight through the bumper and down on the opponent. Another good move is when on the moving platforms get someone just inside of the slanted floating columns. Then grab them push back, meaning the backward slam throw and they should go backward, hit the bottom of the column and go down to their death. (this works better when their health is fairly low.)

Kirby's Dreamland:
It's Kirby's dreamland! of course he has advantages. The best would be to wait by the edge and when someone gets close enough, jump up so you're far enough from the edge, suck them in, and as you sink below shoot them out so they are underneath the platform. Usually an instant kill. Another awesome kill method which is hard to come by is to plant three mines in certain locations. Similar to a game of pool, when one mine is just left of the the right platform on ground level and another mine is on the left side of the right platform and yet another is on the right side of the top platform something incredible happens. If an approaching enemy hits the ground level mine from the right side he should shoot up and hit the mine on the right platform and then hit the mine on the top platform and usually blasts off the map. More fun then a game of pinball.

Sektor Z:
Get close to either edge and jump off, just like on kirby's dreamland and suck someone in and shoot 'em underneath. Works like a charm.

Link's high tower:
Not a lot here but if someone gets sucked into the tornado, float above it and do your down-A move and it will shoot them down right back into the tornado. another good move is when your on either end and if your close to the two higher ledges that lead to the main long strip of walkway, hit an opponent against that wall and they will bounce off and allow you to continuously hit them.

Samus' place:
Not a lot here, same effects as DK's and such. Careful though. If you go into block form and you're above the plasma stuff you'll go straight through it and die.

Safron City: sword move on Helicopter platform.. Nuff said.

Yoshi's place:
Suck guys in beside ledge, shoot em underneath platform.