Super Smash Bros. Tips

Tricks With D.K

1.Ok when playing with some friends chose to be D.K. In any level (except mushroom kindom) grab an oppnent(R button), pick them up, walk over to the edge and throw them off. They will jump to try and get back on but when they do meet them in the air and press over and the R button. This will send them shooting downwards off the edge and will be an easy knockout no matter how much damage they have.

2. If your in mushroom kingdom where there is no edge thats even better stand closer to the edge of the screen if you can and wait for and opponent to come to you. When they do, grab them (R button again) and start walking off the screen. Get as far as you can (3 or 4 steps before they break out of the grab) and throw them. Instant knockout. Ive done it 4 times in a row before haha lol

3. If you are facing an oppenent with less lives than you and you are D.K stand near the egde and wait for them to get close. when the do, grab them and jump off. Press the down button to speed up the falling. Its a suicide kill but if you have more lives and high damage then it can be helpful.