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Super Moves for all 8 Original Characters
Hey guys, do you know when you do a strong attack but it dosent do alot a damage to the opponent?! Well heres a couple attacks with nearly double the original power(without using cheat devices). These moves depend on your speed and luck so practice in Practice Mode before trying this on Com, Real-player or Story Mode(do not do the on the Master hand they will not work).

1.Mario-First, use the Tornado Attack(B+Down)(the opponent has to be in mid-air while you are done with the attack and you on the ground, use it on th ground). While on the ground use Coin Toss(or whatever it is called)(B+Up)to do nearly up to double the damage thrown(for more damage, use the Tornado Attack from start to finish on the opponenet)

2.Pikachu-First, use the Smash Attack in the upwards position(A+Up)(while he has about 20 or more damage on him)then use ThunderBolt(B+Down)to fling him higher into the air(make sure he/she is in your alignment to get him/her, not to far).

3.Link-First, get Link to hold his bomb using B+Down. Get your opponent infront of you while holding the bomb then press B to throw your boomerang at him/her. When the boomerang hits he/she, throw your bomb to inflict extra damage.

4.Kirby-Land a Brick Transformation(B+Down)on an opponent to hurl them in to the air(only do this move if your oponent has damage under 70% because they will fly to high into the air to reach them)then use your Sword Attack(B+Up)to give the opponent about over 40% atleast but it depends on how you use it.

5.Fox-First, get your opponents Damage Counter to atleast 40% then knock him/her in mid-air(A+Up) then kick him/her to the right or left(A+Left or A+Right)then use Fire Fox(B+Up) in the direction he/she is in then once you hit him he should be up to 65-90% damage and again it depends on how you use it.

6.Donkey Kong-Charge his Fist Attack to full power using the B button then use the Tornado Attack(B+Up)on the ground then use his Fist Attack against your oppenent to send him flying.

7.Yoshi-Get your opponents Damage Counter to 40% first. Then use Bodyslam(B+Down)to get your opponent in mid-air then use Egg Toss(B+Up) to get his Damage Counter to 60-85%.

8.Samus-Charge your Cannon to full power then get your opponents Damage Counter to 40-50%. Then use the Smash Attack Up(A+Up) then use her B+Up attack while he/she is in mid-air then use the Cannon while he/she is next to you.

Ok, thats all 8 characters with 8 powerful combo attacks and if you want more just message me, i have about anothe 1-3 moves for each character shown here. Seeya <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />