Super Smash Bros. Tips

A few fun multiplayer games
So I've been playing SSB since it came out. These are a few fun game modes I've made up. Most of them need the item switch.

1: Hammerfest-Hyrule Castle, any characters. Set the damage to 200%, and change the items so only Hammers appear, Very High rate. Get 99 lives, or a bunch of time, and have fun smashing. This works great for racking up stats for characters. Play against anything below lvl 5 for a beat down, and 6 and up for a challenge. Works best with four characters.

2: Tag Team tournament. Any level, any characters, any type of match. The way this works is, get the SSB "Teams." The rules for a team are, the characters must be within from the same franchise, or have the same "Homeworld." Game franchises are Mario-DK, Mario-Luigi, Mario-Yoshi, Luigi-Yoshi, etc. Jigglypuff and pikachu,etc. Homeworld teams include Ness-Kirby, Samus-Falcon, etc. Just battle the teams elimination style. 2 on 2 till one team remains.

3: Get you @$$ kicked. Be any character, set the damage to 50%, set your handicap to 1, and face three lvl 9 opponents all on the same team. Turn off all items, and get only ONE life. Good luck!

4: Star Wars- This is just fun. Damage at 50%, and the only items allowed are blasters, and swords. At sector Z. You can be any character with a space affiliation, or psychic abilities. Samus, Ness, Falcon, Fox, Kirby (Maybe?). Let em fight it it star wars style.