Super Smash Bros. Tips

Give the crowd some excitement!
On Starfox's level you can accumulate decent damage by performing this move. I'd recommend using Pikachu and Jigglypuff. You should practice this in training mode before actually performing this in one player mode. Alright, once you've started the training mode and your standing around on the spaceship, start accumulating damage and make sure you are hitting your opponent towards the right. Once you get on the lower level of the ship where the flames exhaust out of the pipe, get in a position and start tailwhipping your opponent towards the wall. Remember the more damage you cause to your opponent the less gravity your opponent will have meaning your enemy will start flying faster and faster after every hit they receive. So if your enemy flies past you after hitting the wall, reposition your enemy and yourself until you get a good series of hits going. Doing this will make the crowd cheer and you will accumulate at least up to 250% before being KOed. To get the crowd to start cheering you need at least 140% damage given to your opponent.

Hopefully this will keep you from getting bored. Its really hilarious so you should try it. Most series of tailwhipps I got was 17.