Super Smash Bros. Tips

Double Reflector With Fox
As fox play on mushroom kingdom and pick an opponent as u please, perferably samus, as the match starts make sure samus is a hmn player, take the controler for samus and place her in the middle of the map, grab the controler that controls fox and get in range for the deflector to push samus away, as samus is flying to the opposite direction of u press z and the direction towards samus then deflector again keep doin this for 3-4 times and there should be a deflector permanently on the other side of samus and u, the deflector affect will still work. Make sure damage percentage is 50% so samus wont move as much.

Ive been playing smash bros since it came out and since then ive played 3 hrs a day to master each character that is y i call myself the king, i have never been beaten and people still try, the only person who has beat me is my friend and that is because hes more nerd than i am.